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You Haha, You Lose!
Pregleda 4 mil.Prije dan
Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China
Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 2 dana
This needs to stop.. LWIAY #0095
Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 6 dana
Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
Pregleda 4,7 mil.Prije 8 dana
stop the reddit drama LWIAY #0094
Pregleda 5 mil.Prije 14 dana
I play a forbidden Amnesia mod
Pregleda 3,2 mil.Prije 16 dana
Minecraft New Thanos update is CRAZY
Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 17 dana
You Laugh You Bad YLYL #0065
Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 19 dana
Minecraft VR is A NIGHTMARE!
Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 24 dana
Untitled Goose Game. is epic
Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 26 dana
I went Creative Mode in Minecraft..
Pregleda 8 mil.Prije 26 dana
Why I stopped. 📰PEW NEWS 📰
Pregleda 8 mil.Prije mjesec
Forbidden memes - YLYL #0065
Pregleda 9 mil.Prije mjesec
My 100 Mil Award BROKE! - LWIAY #0091
Pregleda 15 mil.Prije mjesec
Unboxing 100 MIL YouTube AWARD!!
Pregleda 37 mil.Prije mjesec
It's time to STOP! - LWIAY #0090
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
Pregleda 13 mil.Prije mjesec
Best Week Ever. LWIAY #0089
Pregleda 17 mil.Prije mjesec
Marzia & Felix - Wedding 19.08.2019
Pregleda 29 mil.Prije mjesec
Married in Minecraft Epicly - Part 29
Pregleda 19 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
Adressing the Rumours..
Pregleda 11 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA
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100 000 000 Subs - LWIAY #0087
Pregleda 15 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
I did an Oopsie in Minecraft - Part 21
Pregleda 15 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
Minecraft Big Brain - Skyblocks #2
Pregleda 11 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
Goodbye my Minecraft horse.. - Part 19
Pregleda 16 mil.Prije 2 mjeseci
I found the END of Minecraft! - Part 18
Pregleda 18 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
FaceApp Review
Pregleda 12 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
Epic Minecraft Memes - LWIAY #0084
Pregleda 12 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles
Pregleda 12 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
Minecraft Skyblock #1
Pregleda 17 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
My Minecraft Sheep is Cancelled - Part 14
Pregleda 16 mil.Prije 3 mjeseci
I have a BIG Announcement! LWIAY #0083
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  • AidanF06
    AidanF06 Prije 3 sati

    indeed that is a very nice pen you have

  • nobody
    nobody Prije 3 sati

    Make a Le Monkey Montage

  • HeartySquid
    HeartySquid Prije 3 sati

    I wanna see a long furby

  • Waffler 101
    Waffler 101 Prije 3 sati

    I have a theory: Felix is currently, or is about to start filming HRclip rewind. They must’ve started making it by now or will start very soon, maybe those ‘5 days’ are him filming HRclip rewind

  • Zara Majumder
    Zara Majumder Prije 3 sati

    7:55 "that's how you get mad pus- that's how you get a gamer girlfriend right there"

  • Rachie Adeline
    Rachie Adeline Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie opens tab and its automatically incognito... What are you hiding, pewds??

  • randy garbarini
    randy garbarini Prije 3 sati

    Marzia wants to be fricked by long furby while Felix wants to frick a creeper

  • Aladin
    Aladin Prije 3 sati

    1:56 a historical moment

  • ZebraShinobi
    ZebraShinobi Prije 3 sati

    is my birthday just got razer krakens

  • maya loves joonie
    maya loves joonie Prije 3 sati

    wait can we actually get the video to 1billion

  • Panda Lovett
    Panda Lovett Prije 3 sati

    Yoooo purple ketchup was lit

  • Gina Shim
    Gina Shim Prije 3 sati

    At 10:27 the guy has blue eyes in the first pic and brown for the rest

  • VoHanxZ
    VoHanxZ Prije 3 sati

    Felix: on his way to be banned in asia

  • Bass BoostedYT
    Bass BoostedYT Prije 3 sati

    Banana in pizza is actually pretty good

  • Tony50oz
    Tony50oz Prije 3 sati

    When pewds was telling that story all I could do was think what the hell is that face on your screen


    50M Indian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. Crusty
    Mr. Crusty Prije 3 sati


  • TheIronAntelope
    TheIronAntelope Prije 3 sati

    13:20 Holy fuck, I looked away from the screen and Pewds nearly gave me a heart attack.

  • Günter Gurk
    Günter Gurk Prije 3 sati

    If your ass hurt Koine Schweche zegigem

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes Prije 3 sati

    13:35 HELP

  • J_kill06
    J_kill06 Prije 3 sati

    So I was looking through my grandmas food because I was hungry and found a pack of 20 EZ SQUIZ blue I want to eat them but there expired

  • DJ HK
    DJ HK Prije 3 sati


  • CringleToung
    CringleToung Prije 3 sati


  • SparkESM
    SparkESM Prije 3 sati

    Pewds: 10 thousand likes I’ll do a montonge 200 thousand likes 😅

  • DadonOps
    DadonOps Prije 3 sati

    enter coollll xD

  • Wyn Mathias
    Wyn Mathias Prije 3 sati

    13:40 I'm dead

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander Prije 3 sati

    Whoever gets model 000,042,069 wins! Good luck gamers.

  • That Man Was The Ryback

    REMEMBER 10,000 likes for le monke montage

  • Tenseî著
    Tenseî著 Prije 3 sati

    Can this comment get 2000 likes?

  • Alien from area 51
    Alien from area 51 Prije 3 sati

    Lets raid china they can't ban us all

  • Neighborhood of Memes
    Neighborhood of Memes Prije 3 sati

    Judge: you’re looking at 50 years of hard time 6ix 9ine: you know Joe

  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli Prije 3 sati

    It's not a moose!! lol

  • Skinny Animus
    Skinny Animus Prije 3 sati

    13:10 wait how does he know that

  • Zenosan
    Zenosan Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie watching fat animals in incognito

  • James Frey
    James Frey Prije 3 sati

    the fungus has moved from ants to spiders. cordyceps will be the last of us.....

  • SeekTheAlien
    SeekTheAlien Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie I came back from school

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia Prije 3 sati

    My sister hates your GFUEL flavor, I censored her

  • Kelyan
    Kelyan Prije 3 sati

    "Qu'est ce que c'est que ça" means "what is this" in french

  • Thais Massenet
    Thais Massenet Prije 3 sati

    He looks like 2014 pewds

  • Karmel
    Karmel Prije 3 sati

    where's the monkey montage?

  • taru shi
    taru shi Prije 3 sati

    Overacting huh!!

  • Giulio Caputo
    Giulio Caputo Prije 3 sati

    No one: PewDiePie: 13:19

  • Rifat Dursun
    Rifat Dursun Prije 3 sati

    kneie Shcwäche Zegne

  • Kyan Gamer
    Kyan Gamer Prije 3 sati

    13:25 i had the dame fricking reaction

  • Luke Malizzo
    Luke Malizzo Prije 3 sati


  • ivy ivy
    ivy ivy Prije 3 sati

    this was hard to watch

  • imabot tv
    imabot tv Prije 3 sati

    Great now we need to say no homo when we eat avocados and guacamole

  • •-{Starlight Studios}-•

    i’m broke asf so i can’t buy a figurine :,(

  • Gomi Kuzu
    Gomi Kuzu Prije 3 sati

    I like how pewds say UwU

  • Ezequiel Mejia
    Ezequiel Mejia Prije 3 sati

    Mr beast sent us

  • Neighborhood of Memes
    Neighborhood of Memes Prije 3 sati

    Pewds: im leaving for five days Gloria borger:: allow me to introduce myself

  • Sarper Kaan Bekmez
    Sarper Kaan Bekmez Prije 3 sati

    İ m from Turkey but i love this song. You are the best PewDiePie!

  • Impressive Tree
    Impressive Tree Prije 3 sati

    Eggs aren't fertilized, you're not eating children, when you eat eggs.

  • Michał Zakrzewski
    Michał Zakrzewski Prije 3 sati

    13:19 this man is 30 btw

  • Doge dog
    Doge dog Prije 3 sati

    11:22 Is it just me or does that kinda look like Kim Jong Um?

  • Tr- Ey
    Tr- Ey Prije 3 sati

    Am i supposed to get a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video

  • Thomas Callahan
    Thomas Callahan Prije 3 sati

    Eggs taste better then they smell. Felix has the palate of a 5 year old. I guess he is in his I hate my success phase again.

  • John Hutchinson
    John Hutchinson Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie: 10k likes and ill mmake a lamonkey comp Likes: 203k Pewdiepie: ...

    ECHOhdGAMEZ Prije 3 sati

    I fucking hate HRclip comments how

  • So Zh
    So Zh Prije 3 sati

    Timestamp for me 4:59

  • Benski
    Benski Prije 3 sati

    Another egg hater I see

  • Spoo-k-ermit
    Spoo-k-ermit Prije 3 sati

    If sprite was a feeling it would be busting a nut

  • Lonzy
    Lonzy Prije 3 sati

    Pewds is a 30-year 5-year-old and Gfuel is his sippy cup.

  • hanakukana :3
    hanakukana :3 Prije 3 sati

    when americans aren't getting the meme sie sollten kxine schwaeche zxigxn🤪

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    11:55 me when the clock hits 12:00 am and everyone in my house is asleep

  • Tyler Osborne
    Tyler Osborne Prije 3 sati

    Wombat created Minecraft

  • Codester
    Codester Prije 3 sati

    3:05 That's from "May I please enter?"! God that video is... pretty cool.

  • Nicole Rios
    Nicole Rios Prije 3 sati

    I got an ad for the pewdiepie figurine while watching this

  • Noodles 57
    Noodles 57 Prije 3 sati

    Did anyone else get a pewdiepie add while watching this video

  • Trumpet_Boi YT
    Trumpet_Boi YT Prije 3 sati

    student: *is getting bullied teacher: student: *has headphones in teacher: 13:20

  • Tronche2Cake
    Tronche2Cake Prije 3 sati

    Next episode is69!

  • Ster Lily
    Ster Lily Prije 3 sati


  • Jemz
    Jemz Prije 3 sati

    I created a poll at my school to find the truth about milk, and it is overwhelmingly appreciated as a drink which I injest 7 times a day and will not be personally attacked like this for

  • Chicken Fights
    Chicken Fights Prije 3 sati

    Waiting for le moke montage

  • Nira Riva
    Nira Riva Prije 3 sati

    love how everyone automatically assumes pewdiepie did it

  • Kevin Vance
    Kevin Vance Prije 3 sati

    5:12 it’s like he has never heard of the story “green eggs and ham”

  • Gh2210
    Gh2210 Prije 3 sati

    3:54 hey why in incognito pewdiepie what you doing?

  • McKenna Wangen
    McKenna Wangen Prije 3 sati

    36:45 flapjack?..

  • Alone PL
    Alone PL Prije 3 sati

    Poland after 2 years: No, we still respect you Pewds, we love you after watching this video China after the Pewds showing meme about them: BAAAAN!

  • Monica ha
    Monica ha Prije 3 sati


  • Brody7807
    Brody7807 Prije 3 sati

    Damn jon marstan has nice legs

  • Victor Rijnoveanu
    Victor Rijnoveanu Prije 3 sati

    Everyone after 2 hours of fricking: 11:48

  • Dane MacFadden
    Dane MacFadden Prije 3 sati

    4:05 is that Kylie Jenner

  • doggo677
    doggo677 Prije 3 sati

    The dislikes are from the chinese goverment

  • The Lonely Hunter
    The Lonely Hunter Prije 3 sati

    Day 1 of me wanting pewds to play Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Juan Penagos
    Juan Penagos Prije 3 sati

    For Pepee Popoo :c

  • Alomgir Hossain
    Alomgir Hossain Prije 3 sati

    Just Awesome 👌👌👌🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭👌👌👌👌👌🤭👈❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋love you

  • DrewH2
    DrewH2 Prije 3 sati

    11:39 Nani!? Fineas and Ferb??

  • p4nd4 c4ke
    p4nd4 c4ke Prije 3 sati

    wow i just got a pewdiepie add on a pewdiepie video this guy really knows what hes doing

  • Jade Dragon
    Jade Dragon Prije 3 sati

    Felix you good my guy?!

  • Banana Plays
    Banana Plays Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie: thinks that it will never get to 1 billion likes. Also pewdiepie: checks the video 2 days later. 38272713828282 likes

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G Prije 3 sati

    Got the pewdiepie figurine ad after the video ended. Very epic

  • Jacob Ruzich
    Jacob Ruzich Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie is a millenial.... us nine yearolds are not....

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby Prije 3 sati


  • Mert Bro
    Mert Bro Prije 3 sati

    Sinan G Army

  • Devin 2003
    Devin 2003 Prije 3 sati

    A dream for all gd players

  • Matth 1277
    Matth 1277 Prije 3 sati

    nobody: french people at 18:31: that's deep, it's my new favorite verb now

  • Rob I
    Rob I Prije 3 sati

    Like for Chinese diss track

  • R2
    R2 Prije 3 sati

    Ok red alerd pewds is turning 30 in 3 days

  • b n s
    b n s Prije 3 sati

    Most people will have a heart attack and a mental breakdown at the same time watching this video.