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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
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    LAVA ....0o much lava

  • Positive People PREVAIL

    can not wait to see the music in YOU,, CASH lmfao o tay

  • Ceo founder
    Ceo founder Prije 2 sati

    John Oliver and the Dalai Lama: Human awesomeness!

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    i got go funum yout tatded delf

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    omg PPP

  • El Samuel
    El Samuel Prije 2 sati

    "The rwandan stuff"? who the fuck is this dumbass?

  • Alex Gilpin
    Alex Gilpin Prije 2 sati

    Why does Hong Kong want autonomy? *Show this video* Oh. That's why.

  • Shu Meister
    Shu Meister Prije 2 sati

    It's time to go gay.

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren Prije 3 sati

    it's nice to see that the united states has their own version of hugo chavez, who replace the ministers of Venezuela with bottom of the bucket morons so he could siphon funds without anyone noticing and to make the poorest dumbest of his population think he wanted the little guys to hold high office... imagine putting a fisherman who in venezuela use powerboats and nets to dredge the sea in charge of the office whose main job is to make sure they don't over do it... oh that's right you don't have to trump did similar things.

  • cravinbob
    cravinbob Prije 3 sati

    Oliver is not a copsucker for one episode. Maybe he will understand our Bill of Rights that he has helped destroy with his influence over people who watch television non-stop and think gay twits are funny.

  • Ricky Zhao
    Ricky Zhao Prije 3 sati

    When the average white American family has 0.8 kid and average Mexican American family has 7 kids, who is working so hard to reverse the foreseeable social structure change in 10 years? Population crisis is everywhere, so good luck thinking that it will go away just like periodic economic crisis without strict, painful, but necessary reforms.

  • Lucas Cottica Silveira

    Why the hell is it possible to do all these things with just that one immutable number? Who came up with this colossally stupid system?

  • The Tito Truth Totem
    The Tito Truth Totem Prije 3 sati

    8:10 - 8:52: That analogy needs therapy.

  • Michael Heide
    Michael Heide Prije 3 sati

    May he rest in peace. Taylor, not Hitler. Obviously.

  • Shaun Welch
    Shaun Welch Prije 3 sati

    Is it sad that i dont care if i get called a man, get forced to use the improper bathroom, and have m on my licence as long as i can get hormones and stop the subtle little masculine traits i have that cause me pain. So many people outside of this and within forget that its actually for our selves not for society approval. You guys dont have to live our life but its with us the whole time so we should be able to decide our life. Ive never understood wanting to influence someone elses life. Someone thousands of miles away could vote to make you sadder and never see a tear they cause. They just shouldnt be allowed to affect other peoples lives like that because its not their business he's right. People are selfish and only care if they are comfortable and happy. Whos the true snowflake.

  • Shariananda Adamz
    Shariananda Adamz Prije 3 sati

    See my discussion of lucky pennies and heavenly guidance on You Tube channel with my name Shariananda KEEP THE PENNIES

  • gubberfuck
    gubberfuck Prije 3 sati

    The weight lifting portion is disturbingly Trumpian. I imagine he would love that image, with a fake barbell of course.

  • Shariananda Adamz
    Shariananda Adamz Prije 4 sati

    I am surprised that Turks can send out email or posts about this country under that dictator.

  • Vanessa Guadiana
    Vanessa Guadiana Prije 4 sati

    I am studying Meteorology right now, year and a half shy of my degree. I’m always using NOAA for learning. Makes me sick to think how much can be ruined by one greedy mother fucker. Holy hell I hate this world.

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison Prije 4 sati

    the last 4 minutes make me desperate to learn french

  • Denyze
    Denyze Prije 4 sati

    October 2019. We learned about Trump’s foreign policy.

  • thebookgeek
    thebookgeek Prije 4 sati

    Did he just refer to a croc as a plastic clog?

  • o
    o Prije 4 sati

    Low bar, indeed. lol the white house and air force one would need to be fumigated before a real president takes up residence.

  • Declan O’Donovan
    Declan O’Donovan Prije 4 sati

    Prawn cocktail crisps are amazing, stfu

  • Eddie De Leon
    Eddie De Leon Prije 4 sati

    Daaaamn... Someone let China know they suck 😔

  • Samatex Naiks
    Samatex Naiks Prije 4 sati

    The American host is gay too

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 Prije 4 sati

    A piece of shit donkey got in first. WTF. USA needs to get a brain

  • Daathaan
    Daathaan Prije 4 sati

    And here I thought the NRA couldn't get any more fucking insane.

  • minitwink16
    minitwink16 Prije 5 sati

    😂 Why is Russia like this?

  • Ace Montoya
    Ace Montoya Prije 5 sati

    So true but talk show need to keep after these mega preachers they are the worst of the worst soo sad if there is a God he apparently abandoned earth thousands of years ago guess we cant blame him so sad😔

  • Vanessa Guadiana
    Vanessa Guadiana Prije 5 sati

    This is exactly what Village Farms in Austin is. Stay away from them!!!!!! Taking advantage of young folks who think they’re doing something good when really they’re just buying into a corporate scam.

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr.
    Harry. B. Renner. jr. Prije 5 sati

    I heard of this from from Lawyer. where cops can take your money or property. and it won't be returned.this is completely appalling. this video funny but actually not funny. this country is FUCKED UP.

  • Cromañón Estudio Audiovisual

    Please talk about Chile (The country) and the crisis in your next show

  • Brett Carter
    Brett Carter Prije 5 sati

    I love John Oliver but this was a wasted opportunity. He had a real chance to ask some real questions but blew it in his Snowden interview.

  • Anne H
    Anne H Prije 5 sati

    M 🍑 the bastard!

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison Prije 5 sati

    I love that the "Pizza Hat" logo is just Red Hat Linux's logo verbatim, zero shame lmao

  • Timothy Barnes
    Timothy Barnes Prije 5 sati

    I love some of your humor but honestly your way off on this one chief. I've actually worked in the immigration system and you have no idea what your talking about its honestly basically a gigantic mess where I personally was told to approve citizenship on a felon serving a triple life sentence because the immigration system is so behind that workers are told to approve everyone and let the system catch it later. Honestly the truth is even more sad than the totally wrong shit your mad about.

  • jrg973
    jrg973 Prije 5 sati

    Did anyone notice that Trump referred to MBS as "King" Salman??????? <(0..0)>

  • Tom S
    Tom S Prije 5 sati

    You forgot to add details for how I sign up to distribute the video!

  • Wesley Brehm
    Wesley Brehm Prije 5 sati

    What politicians mean when they say, "... small businesses are the backbone of America," is small businesses pay the majority of business taxes in America, because they don't have armies of lawyers and accountants setting up their books and bribing legislators via 'campaign contributions'. Furthermore, remember that many corporations most people think of as large businesses are technically classified as small businesses. Take McDonald's, for example. Most people think McDonald's is a large company, but it is actually a modest sized corporation made up of thousands of small business franchises. McDonalds' (MCD) does not own the vast majority of stores around the world. Most McDonald's restaurants are owned by people who only own a handful of stores.

  • Sergei Lenkov
    Sergei Lenkov Prije 5 sati

    What a marvelous job John does, indeed!

  • jrg973
    jrg973 Prije 5 sati

    Bloomberg : 2020 <0..0)>

  • shrimp19921
    shrimp19921 Prije 6 sati

    It isn’t our job to “care.” We vote for politicians to do that for us, because it’s their job.

  • Florian Luo
    Florian Luo Prije 6 sati

    Not usually one to defend such regimes and of course mistakes have been made, and antiquated perceptions of gender still prevail in many parts, but controlling population growth has benefits. What please is the benefit of constantly churning out more and more people, ruining the planet and threatening the future of the human race? Again, not defending the CCP per se, but also BS statements like " a measure to increasing the country's wealth so they (the CCP) can hold on to power" like there's many things to criticise the CCP about but now they're the bad ones for raising standards of living, too?

  • ThumperDelta Resistance

    To make things worse, Carlson Well Service, as of right now, has a "A+" rating with the BBB, with 0 complaints! Seriously? Wow.....

  • Master of the Sun
    Master of the Sun Prije 6 sati

    Who is watching this in 2019 and hopes like hell it won't happen in 20202

  • jrg973
    jrg973 Prije 6 sati

    Bloomberg in 2020 <(0..0)>

  • Jon L
    Jon L Prije 6 sati

    Disturbing as fuck. Fuck those bad apples. They should never have any safe harbor.

  • nathan murphy
    nathan murphy Prije 6 sati

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  • Berkeley Pickell
    Berkeley Pickell Prije 6 sati

    Corporations: People who don't pay us deserve to die. @9:48 Right wing: Corporations will self-regulate for the public's best interest. Give them more freedoms and less oversight.

  • Koujoung
    Koujoung Prije 6 sati

    No wonder Game of Thrones was shit this year. HBO blew its entire budget on that fucking cake. :0:) Totally worth it though.

  • Fantoonstic
    Fantoonstic Prije 6 sati

    I don’t think many people are talking about how much he was shitting on Eddie Vedder because honestly that was pretty accurate

  • fav cocaboycola
    fav cocaboycola Prije 6 sati

    17:01 white guy telling a black guy bullshit to cover for cops that are abusing civilians provoking incarceration on people citizens of the USA

  • janji j Nilsen
    janji j Nilsen Prije 6 sati

    I understand that not good but you can't make another country look fool🙄 👎👎👎

  • H2H
    H2H Prije 6 sati

    And these crooks pay $0 taxes

  • Matthew John Vu
    Matthew John Vu Prije 6 sati

    We stayed in Thailand for 3 weeks and didn’t notice one Hitler reference. I should have paid more attention there, but seriously I would have recognized a Hitler image.

  • Amadeus Winqvist
    Amadeus Winqvist Prije 6 sati

    Ahh, this made me remember John Oliver can actually be damn funny.

  • kevin coutcher jr
    kevin coutcher jr Prije 6 sati

    This episode was the best thing to ever happen to me rofl.... sorry kids and wife...j\k :P

  • ThumperDelta Resistance

    We already had that TV show. In the 90's it was called Nasty Boys. It was about the North Las Vegas Narc Squad that survived on asset forfeiture. Great show, sleazy ethics.

  • LW Riker
    LW Riker Prije 7 sati

    #MeinFuhrerTwit is a prosperity believer.... That explains his 7 bankruptcies.

  • Mr Me
    Mr Me Prije 7 sati

    Simply laying the ground work to bully anyone who chooses their faith over modern social constructs.

  • C Preston
    C Preston Prije 7 sati

    Some of the biggest fucking con artists and bullshitters in western society. Tax those fraudsters.

  • Okabe Rintarou
    Okabe Rintarou Prije 7 sati

    1:05 “Zero”

  • Jon L
    Jon L Prije 7 sati

    Careful whatcha wish for. You guys know who the VP is, right?

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez Prije 7 sati

    A few things. But the birds work for the bourgeoisie. But Bolivia exists, we are the poorest country, we’re like Colombia but we don’t have any drugs to sell

  • Ichijo Festival
    Ichijo Festival Prije 7 sati

    The first time I saw a video on this was a decade ago. And still, nothing. Proof-positive that Congress is so incompetent they can't even get rid of something that's literally worthless.

  • gypsieladie
    gypsieladie Prije 7 sati

    Welp. Its Oct 2019 and this is somehow even more relevant today. #SadTimes

  • Ja Ich
    Ja Ich Prije 7 sati

    Jesus doesn't like rich people.

  • Zach Meyn
    Zach Meyn Prije 7 sati

    How do people find him funny? All he does is say fuck and take shit out of context

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez Prije 7 sati

    Bitch please, Putin would walk up to a bear and the bear would try to fuck him

  • Jon L
    Jon L Prije 7 sati

    Mark Hyman. That guy is retarded.

  • Emma SpAce
    Emma SpAce Prije 7 sati

    I thought he was going to offer Charlie Chaplin, I mean, if they want the mustache without the genocide... He's your guy.

  • emmess 95
    emmess 95 Prije 7 sati

    It made me cry. What a sweet story👬🌈❤️❤️

  • Kenji Ye
    Kenji Ye Prije 7 sati

    I think people are just stupid to believe in televangelist or preachers in general

  • Jon L
    Jon L Prije 7 sati

    Too much bullshit in this country based on dumb people's fucking feelings. Get over yourselves and accept fact and truth. Fuck your feelings. Have a good day and fuck off ya dumb fuckers.

  • Ez3k1e7
    Ez3k1e7 Prije 7 sati

    Donald Trump pushing for that weather douche , brett kavanah justice creep and Ajit pai ( that fucking monster ) should have been an eye opener for the USA yet there is still a bunch of people rooting for him. This have made me lose respect for my american neighbor , sorry bout that.

  • Nalianna
    Nalianna Prije 8 sati

  • Zaraki Kon
    Zaraki Kon Prije 8 sati

    Dunno how much me money you guys spent on these adds but sofar it's been a total waste imo. Because Drumpf's behaviour hasn't changed at all and he seems to be getting dumber almost every day. I'm not suprised by this though 😒😒.

  • Brian OSullivan
    Brian OSullivan Prije 8 sati

    And Republicans have the audacity to call California and New York liberal hellholes. Then they should visit North Dakota once in a while, because it’s an oil-filled, cancer-ridden cesspool.

  • John long
    John long Prije 8 sati

    He won bo ho

  • Rikki Johnston
    Rikki Johnston Prije 8 sati

    American english teapot

  • string1414
    string1414 Prije 8 sati

    Am I the only one that thought of OG Sonic music during that AccuWeather promo? Just me? ok

  • midnighthaven
    midnighthaven Prije 8 sati

    Muscles on beagles! ,I'm down. Just kidding, animals can't consent, I'm for things that help disease or disability all day long. And I'm cool with people doing editing if they want/consent. But leave our canine and animal companions alone

  • The Shamanite
    The Shamanite Prije 8 sati

    One problem about that Google: A ton of memes popped up for Thailand users, I'm sure.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez Prije 8 sati

    Go watch a HRclip show call nobullshit you will get mad .. Where he praises Thailand for their media advertising....

  • Handsome White Man
    Handsome White Man Prije 8 sati


  • Joseph LaFrance
    Joseph LaFrance Prije 8 sati


  • Prije 8 sati

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 4 more years of liberals years ❄️ ☕️ 😋

  • Mauricio Graham
    Mauricio Graham Prije 8 sati

    These arguments against transpeople is just as dumb and baseless as the crap these mostly same people have against black people.

  • Prije 8 sati

    Libtardism is a disease! Find a cure! 👉CNN The most trusted source in Fake News 🤣😂😭

  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer Prije 8 sati

    I mean what would you chose, the 1 child policy, or Thanos snapping everyone out of existence.

  • Wheelie Kings
    Wheelie Kings Prije 8 sati

    To bad he won't do a piece on real Christianity now...

  • Joseph LaFrance
    Joseph LaFrance Prije 9 sati

    yea its called kickbacks asshole fat fuck

  • Must love sailing
    Must love sailing Prije 9 sati

    Sadly overpopulation is an actual huge problem!

  • icyfyer
    icyfyer Prije 9 sati

    Best episode yet! FUCK!

  • Sunny Kay
    Sunny Kay Prije 9 sati

    The Apple Warehouse i work at is literally heaven compared to Amazon Warehouse. Lol.

  • Unlawful Z
    Unlawful Z Prije 9 sati

    Ugh hearing stuff like this makes me want to go back to throwing Christians to the lions

  • 420 Friendly
    420 Friendly Prije 9 sati

    Keep us updated on your non-smoking milestones, people! As a non-smoker for over a year now, I wish you and any future non-smoker the best!

  • Raptor 3698
    Raptor 3698 Prije 9 sati

    John Oliver: please do a piece on corruption in the video game industry