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  • filippance
    filippance Prije 13 sekundi

    jeep is the most capable out of all...

  • pim1234
    pim1234 Prije minute

    well done Jimny !!

  • Yuvaez
    Yuvaez Prije 2 minuta

    Jeep didn't fail the hill challenge, you did. You gunned it in both others and went in slow and stupid as to not offend any of the three brands. Totally not a fixed result ;) EDIT: I know its a diesel which don't have the same throttle response etc. but go back and watch, that's not the sound of a Jeep being floored.

  • Elton Vinyu
    Elton Vinyu Prije 6 minuta

    "Come on my g" 🤣🤣

  • stepaman
    stepaman Prije 7 minuta

    Thats not a S6.

  • Brian Woods
    Brian Woods Prije 9 minuta

    Kia/Hyundai with an ugly grill. Truly awful looking thing.

  • Leonardo David Alcala Carrillo

    peugeot please come to USA

  • M. zkrz
    M. zkrz Prije 12 minuta

    Senin cekecegin videonun mk. Bmw 8 kasayla audi 8 kasa ne alaka amk. Mercedesi hic demiyorum zaten. Bmw 8 kasaya mercedes cl serisi denk gelir ancak. Embesil, bildigin embesil

  • J
    J Prije 12 minuta

    Who would have guessed BMW copying Kia design cues..... And failing miserably. This one is particularly poorly styled but they could sell a turd if it came with that badge because people tend to believe the hype and hysteria that comes with it

  • tallll70
    tallll70 Prije 16 minuta

    Haha nooo, Jimmy has open diffs with brake vectoring only...VS locking diffs and much better tires. Absolutely no brainer what will get you further. But maybe the half curb weight did some magic there

  • Sarthak Suman
    Sarthak Suman Prije 16 minuta

    I am thinking what would happen if the Jimny would have G63's 4.0 V8! May be Jimny would obliterate every off-roader!

  • Вячеслав Сидоров

    you need same tires ....that is bad when wrangler offroad tires vs jimny and G on road tires

  • Jamie Kilmurray
    Jamie Kilmurray Prije 17 minuta

    That 911 turbo S would have been quicker in sports mode rather than sports plus

  • Martijn Vv
    Martijn Vv Prije 18 minuta

    Question, why are the license plates white/black in front and yellow/black at the back ?? Is that a new rule in the UK ??

  • D
    D Prije 23 minuta

    That is grotesque. You will be able to spot the brand snob wankers when you see anyone who chooses this thing. An i30 Fastback is a much better looking car and much better value. And the N version will be better to drive too.

  • scoobygms210
    scoobygms210 Prije 26 minuta

    Why the fuck would u floor it up a hill off road is about slow and traction ?

  • nemanja georgievski
    nemanja georgievski Prije 26 minuta

    Dream Car

  • Scion_Fighter
    Scion_Fighter Prije 29 minuta

    go a way

  • Mosa Lechesa
    Mosa Lechesa Prije 30 minuta

    Oh gosh the back is worse

  • Brian Hodges
    Brian Hodges Prije 30 minuta

    First carwow video that left me shaking my head a bit.

  • Alexander Besliu-Surkic
    Alexander Besliu-Surkic Prije 32 minuta

    really appreciated carwow till now. this comparison was pure bullshit from the beginning till the end! a wrangler rubicon with mt tiers would win every single test in this comparison. it is sad. i really thought about Mat as an onest guy. but this was too much... it is like telling someone that the carwow logo is red and not blue. i dont own a jeep but it is just frustraiting to watch. PITTY!!!

  • Mosa Lechesa
    Mosa Lechesa Prije 34 minuta

    No man this front is ugly

  • Mark Rhoden
    Mark Rhoden Prije 36 minuta

    Fully loaded with all the toys.... how much we looking at?

  • 0121 DO 1
    0121 DO 1 Prije 37 minuta

    Dead up

  • Michael Hovsep
    Michael Hovsep Prije 38 minuta

    Very sad to see BMW design going down the drain.

  • RandomItaliano
    RandomItaliano Prije 39 minuta

    Better than any ugly cheap crossover.

  • Poppy Neese
    Poppy Neese Prije 39 minuta

    Go Jimny Go!!! We can’t get the lil poor man’s G Wagen made by Suzuki in the States, but a long tine ago wife and I has a Suzuki Sidekick we dearly loved, it was our lil Donkey. All you needed and nothing more!

  • julian0757
    julian0757 Prije 40 minuta

    When you're paying 50 to 80 Grand for a car, you want it to look Great, I like the interior, But the Exterior look's Cheap & Nasty, And is as ugly as Fkn Diane Abbott. I don't even think a Dog would even piss on it's horrible steel wheels. Sorry, But I Hate It.

  • joshua francois
    joshua francois Prije 40 minuta

    the right side of the car is indeed the right side...lmaooooo

  • giurcas
    giurcas Prije 40 minuta

    You should of gave the 720s in sport mode not in comfort mode and that will be a fair race

  • Drive Faster Simulation & Livery

    BS BS BS I call BS. After dissecting your video, y'all need to put the same tires!!!! CARWOW performs crap tests.

  • i love to drive
    i love to drive Prije 42 minuta

    Jimmy is best price and Merc is luxurious

  • MrTry
    MrTry Prije 42 minuta

    Jimny won... all our hearts.

  • Francis' videogames
    Francis' videogames Prije 44 minuta

    Hi, I’m Francesco, from Italy and from an Italian man, I said: “You forgot to put on test, with all of them, the Panda 4x4 😂” Great video, anyway. Cheers from Italy 🇮🇹

  • adeel ahmed
    adeel ahmed Prije 45 minuta

    8:40 30 meter 🤔

  • 10.5.75
    10.5.75 Prije 46 minuta

    v good

  • irspecialer
    irspecialer Prije 49 minuta

    Ummmm, the results are bullshit. You skewed the results to get a tie on purpose. The jeep should have won by a long shot.

  • i love to drive
    i love to drive Prije 52 minuta

    I hope that jeep flip over and burst into flames as a usual jeep habits

  • Mario Passendorf
    Mario Passendorf Prije 53 minuta

    A good car for the money but a little bit too noisy inside .

  • Georgios Diakonitakis
    Georgios Diakonitakis Prije 53 minuta

    The car is almost 10 years old. What did you expect? Can't compare it to the new mercedes interior. Yet the design is timeless and stunning... I want to drive it and the SLS electric drive

  • ShotPie
    ShotPie Prije 53 minuta

    Completely no sense video

  • D R
    D R Prije 59 minuta

    I want a Jimny in Canada

  • below me
    below me Prije 59 minuta


  • Charlton Williams

    Would like to see a Landcruiser "pick up" and also the new Navara? Sometimes

  • Valentin corbu
    Valentin corbu Prije sat


  • torres de coninck

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Model 3 is just plain ugly (Tesla’s in general are not the best looking cars in my opinion, definitely not on the inside, although the Model S looks alright)

  • adeel ahmed
    adeel ahmed Prije sat

    Seriously 3 cylinder like wtf after 40k mileage u loose 25 bhp

  • MAX Percentage
    MAX Percentage Prije sat

    The color of the benz is just too awesome!

  • Motlatsi Raolane
    Motlatsi Raolane Prije sat

    BMW is disappointing

  • robert hingston
    robert hingston Prije sat

    So I should go for a Peugeot or Vauxhall cheap and reliable

  • Clous von
    Clous von Prije sat

    This isn't even close to a CLA , and it doesn't look like a coupe , its got the profile of a Hyundai Elantra or a Corolla

  • Sarpe
    Sarpe Prije sat

    last test was the wost hill climb I ever saw. who drives a hill in the rev limiter and with spinning tires?

  • Kieran Kershaw
    Kieran Kershaw Prije sat

    you kiss your dad on the lips if you think the range rover is better

  • mdsea 79
    mdsea 79 Prije sat

    to me it looks like hyundai not bmw. 👎👎👎👎

  • maverick mamafa
    maverick mamafa Prije sat

    When are you reviewing the bmw m2 competition?

  • legionofwarriors
    legionofwarriors Prije sat

    Jimny all the way

  • Hayder Al-Khafaji

    the 720S is the fastest car you ever raced so far, are you going to get a faster car into your drag races, I'll be waiting for that

  • Nice Shot
    Nice Shot Prije sat

    Wowwww that's a lot of room in the trunk of that Prius.

  • Survival 4 ZA
    Survival 4 ZA Prije sat

    If you’re scoring on value for your money, the Jimny has to be the out right winner, that’s a lot of fun for the least amount of money.


    Last test.... the jeep had much less momentum, seemed to be in first gear in low range which = no speed/momentum.. The other 2 had more speed.... Can't have the American jeep win.....lmao Park them on an incline side by side, then start fair and equal.. Would take away any advantages of brand loyalty..

  • Hector Goodhope
    Hector Goodhope Prije sat

    Why do Audi not make a Rs6 Saloon version? Or a recent Rs4 sedan??

  • junior minott
    junior minott Prije sat

    you said it!!!speed is not everything ....thats why i would not choose it because it lacks comfort

    ES TI IMPEX EOOD Prije sat

    The suitcase has definitely seen better seems like it has been bitten by angry and hungry dogs

  • extreme off-roader

    Hey Matt I won't say you TFLoffroad take a reaction video to this video and they say isn't egual compartion, and bla bla

  • Diego Barrera
    Diego Barrera Prije sat

    Matt you should check those guys from tfl off road where they are complaining about you judged

  • Man like Jerry
    Man like Jerry Prije sat

    Both look like shit mate

  • Heasyn Moodley
    Heasyn Moodley Prije sat

    Doesn’t look like the jimny has off road tires on ?

  • Robin Stolk
    Robin Stolk Prije sat

    the bmw e30 is just a copue of a audi ur quattro

  • V V
    V V Prije sat

    So glad I got my hands on e46 330ci with all optional extras. One of the last true BMWs!

  • Joe Gaffney
    Joe Gaffney Prije sat

    What a shitfest.

  • aaa Add
    aaa Add Prije sat

    respect for chi a for that

  • Nicholas Tonella
    Nicholas Tonella Prije sat

    that jeep 100% coulda made it up that hill.

  • Jeremy Mast
    Jeremy Mast Prije sat

    Take the tune out of the 3.5 or put a tune in all of the that crap was stupid

  • NorCal Explorer
    NorCal Explorer Prije sat


  • Kevin Rupe
    Kevin Rupe Prije sat

    I feel like that last test, Matt didn’t gun it in the Jeep like he did in the other two. Jeep should have won. But man that Jimny!

  • Tanveer Ahmed
    Tanveer Ahmed Prije sat

    Not a fair comparison. Jeep and G are far more better than Jimny. But considering the price anyone would vote for a Jimny. If you are serious about the tests, then I bet G wagon can beat anything out there.

  • allnighter2011
    allnighter2011 Prije sat

    The range rover seem to have its own segment somehow... so if i compare it to the X7 or the GLS, they look like bulky family car or mom's car, even if they have good a way you can get away driving a range rover as a family or individual driver...i can't get away driving a GLS or X7 if iam not a dad ... at the same time, i can't compare it to the X5, GLE, Q7, because those look like midsize SUVs that are, let's say, in the middle when it comes to luxury... the range rover is for SUVs what the 7 series or S class are for sedans, the ultimate top of the line choice... reliability wise, that's another story... but again let's say i am someone who drives a 7 series or an S class and want the equivalent but in SUV form, there's just no choice but the range rover

  • Va B
    Va B Prije sat

    Crazy how nowadays a new screen to set a/c or use nav makes a car a “new car”. Back then a new car was quite something. Now...

  • E-man
    E-man Prije sat

    Mercedes is better then jimny

  • yuashin sewsunker


  • Xmaster Pokeduster

    My expectations where that the Porsche would do much better than it did perhaps a photo finish with theGT63s and the bmw right next to both of them

  • G Newman
    G Newman Prije sat

    I have my fingers cross Mazda or Toyota bring a re-badged Jimny to the USA. Hell I'd take a Kia or Hyundai copy.

  • Nidsid364
    Nidsid364 Prije sat

    This video seems washed out. I thought this was a 720p video but it says 4k. compression is so bad on this video

  • F.R. S.T
    F.R. S.T Prije sat

    Steering wheel with the "flat bottom" 😄

  • Ugly-051
    Ugly-051 Prije sat

    This is a sexual looking car

  • Xmaster Pokeduster

    The m5 was definitely cheated off the podium.

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh Prije 2 sati

    Rubicon with 4:1 and mud terrains couldnt get up a slope but a g wagon could? Notice how the jeep didnt spin tires. Was it in 4 low? Were difs locked like they were in the g wagon?

  • Manu Lukusa
    Manu Lukusa Prije 2 sati

    Finally the rival of the Mercedes CLA!

  • Lost in Iowa
    Lost in Iowa Prije 2 sati

    Well this is a complete bullshit video. The first contest the jeeps wheels didnt spin. Do you think we are stupid? You are a fake and a fraud. On the hill climb the jeep gets no momentum while the others he floors it at first. What a damn joke.

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Prije 2 sati

    im not watching more of your videos, your so fucking boring

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos Prije 2 sati

    Only you could do a "Race" like that Matt, AWESOME!!

  • Raptor 101
    Raptor 101 Prije 2 sati

    This guy is a very bad promoter of anything.

  • Pure Life
    Pure Life Prije 2 sati

    I laughed when Matt drove up with jimny

  • System South
    System South Prije 2 sati

    Jimny wins with 101hp on the hill climb. Yay!

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Prije 2 sati

    what a waste of time, no drifting? this is a track car not a town car

  • Corey [James] Haims
    Corey [James] Haims Prije 2 sati

    14.05 Matts face & reaction is the embodiment of why the Jimmy has such a cult following 💪

  • Sean Fenwick
    Sean Fenwick Prije 2 sati

    Never again will I own a G wagon. Useless pos.

  • C31M33B64
    C31M33B64 Prije 2 sati

    Das ist der 2019 nicht der 2020.. ihr doofen Engländer...

  • ChopStickZero
    ChopStickZero Prije 2 sati

    Oh my.... what have they done... Somebody got their designer job through daddy connections or they give a hell of a BJ. And whoever approved this should not only be kicked to the curb,they should probabily hire help to pick clothes to wear if this is their sense of aesthetics.

  • Koketso Baholo
    Koketso Baholo Prije 2 sati

    Jesus Loves you fam, even if you don't want him. He has never left you.