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  • luna the killer
    luna the killer Prije 4 sati

    So much pics of jb on your wall 😵😵😵

  • Kapilesh Kale
    Kapilesh Kale Prije 4 sati

    2:33 rip spider number 23

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S Prije 4 sati

    another excellent song... would be an amazing EDM song if processed right <333 Please make more of THIS

  • Lazarus Á. Ivánov Kitsune Hinata

    I heared this and now, I have cancer

  • Eduardo Ramos
    Eduardo Ramos Prije 5 sati

    Esta canción me gusta mucho 😃

  • 트럼프옆구리살
    트럼프옆구리살 Prije 5 sati

    아이 시발 개사끼야 거미가 좋녀?? 그러다 뒤져야 알지

  • MrDoggo boi
    MrDoggo boi Prije 5 sati

    Billie's edgy 😬

    EL TIO ALIEN ET Prije 5 sati

    Please see how the collaboration of a friend in this song remains, all in my channel VEAN MI ULTIMO VIDEO EN MI CANAL, EL CUAL TRATA DE UNA COLABORACIÓN DE MI AMIGO EN ESTA CANCION

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia Prije 5 sati

    Did you really have a spider in your mouth????

  • luz do mundo
    luz do mundo Prije 5 sati

    Alguém em brasil?😂❤👀

  • I love Oppa
    I love Oppa Prije 5 sati

    Its me or im enjoying this video

  • King Chopzx
    King Chopzx Prije 5 sati

    Me:spider !!!!! Billie:....... Spider:.......w....t...f...

  • Dorothy Roper
    Dorothy Roper Prije 5 sati

    Find the different emoji!!!! Good luck 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😡😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    • Dorothy Roper
      Dorothy Roper Prije 5 sati

      Reply which is the different one . If you get it right, I will subscribe to your chanle!!!!☺☺☺

  • Maria Segura
    Maria Segura Prije 5 sati

    She really is a queen i wanna go to her consert so bad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Matthew Gamez246
    Matthew Gamez246 Prije 5 sati

    I want to die how good ur voice is

  • Guy McElhany
    Guy McElhany Prije 5 sati

    can't stop wondering where you got you're awesome singing voice

  • Guy McElhany
    Guy McElhany Prije 5 sati

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she 17 btw

  • layer jing
    layer jing Prije 6 sati

    Verse 1] Bite my tongue, bide my time Wearing a warning sign Wait 'til the world is mine Visions I vandalize Cold in my kingdom size Fell for these ocean eyes [Chorus] You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by You should see me in a crown Your silence is my favorite sound Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by one [Verse 2] Count my cards, watch them fall Blood on a marble wall I like the way they all scream Tell me which one is worse Living or dying first Sleeping inside a hearse (I don't dream) [Bridge] You say, "Come over, baby I think you're pretty" I'm okay, I'm not your baby If you think I'm pretty [Chorus] You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by You should see me in a crown Your silence is my favorite sound Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by one [Instrumental Break] [Chorus] Crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by You should see me in a crown (You should see me, see me) Your silence is my favorite sound (You should see me, see me) Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by one

  • Mark Gaber
    Mark Gaber Prije 6 sati

    I’m the bald guy

  • Ana Pessoa
    Ana Pessoa Prije 6 sati

    Algum br?? Quem prefere sem o justin bieber comenta Quem prefere só a Billie da like Me:like óbvio ✧༺♥༻✧ Edit;to famosaaa

  • Payton Cole
    Payton Cole Prije 6 sati

    Hi Billy my name is Peyton and I'm 10 I wish I could sing just like you I'm still trying though♡

  • Shaztiik
    Shaztiik Prije 6 sati

    she was literally 13

  • Dora Alarcon-Connor
    Dora Alarcon-Connor Prije 6 sati

    Billie eilish Is that real spiders

  • Queinnie Queinneth Wijaya

    I felt likw when i watched this video, i feel there is a spider behind me

  • Riley Buffalo
    Riley Buffalo Prije 6 sati

    Facts bout billie ellish:not scared of nothing.

  • JR R
    JR R Prije 7 sati

    I wish I had a pinkie amount of her talent. I would be so happy.

  • Dustin Machat
    Dustin Machat Prije 7 sati


  • #UnicornSquad
    #UnicornSquad Prije 7 sati

    Oh my God I love her 😋😋

  • Diego Moen
    Diego Moen Prije 7 sati


  • Trash panda
    Trash panda Prije 7 sati

    Its nice seeing Billie as a regular looking human instead of..uh..what she is in her music videos

  • K S
    K S Prije 7 sati


  • Kwills
    Kwills Prije 7 sati

    So many fucking climate change deniers, you’re all so fucking stupid

  • Evelin Abigail Guerrero Ortiz

    Like si esta hermosa💖

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts Prije 7 sati

    Wanna fuq

  • Rodrigo Flor
    Rodrigo Flor Prije 7 sati


  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez Prije 8 sati

    Omg billie your a dare devil you are my FAVORITE singer

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts Prije 8 sati

    😐😐😐😐😐😐 she sound just like me no joke

  • Ai
    Ai Prije 8 sati

    Ей надо на форт байард к паспарту)

  • May Decio
    May Decio Prije 8 sati

    So Good

  • JayJay Squad
    JayJay Squad Prije 8 sati

    im scared of spiders

    LES_ OURSONS Prije 8 sati

    Billie i love the compassion you are sooo strong end kind;-; end i am gonna com to ur concert in paris

  • JayJay Squad
    JayJay Squad Prije 8 sati

    OMG i had to scratch my back while watching this

  • JayJay Squad
    JayJay Squad Prije 8 sati

    Im creeped out with spiders

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Prije 8 sati

    Muito meu amor❤

  • Ceeviklein Playz
    Ceeviklein Playz Prije 8 sati

    This video killed my arachnophobia

  • ypow1987
    ypow1987 Prije 8 sati

    People, this is just not right! Say no to vertical video! :D

  • Carlee ALDC
    Carlee ALDC Prije 8 sati

    2:30 oNe SpIcY gO-pRo

  • Luccl
    Luccl Prije 8 sati


  • Ani Avila
    Ani Avila Prije 8 sati

    Billie Eilish at 14 me at 14 mom were is my juice box

  • Keith Herrera
    Keith Herrera Prije 8 sati

    Climate change has been GOOD for the planet according to real scientists. MEANING ITS NOT A PROBLEM. Democrats gets there climate science reports from the IPCC which is a political ORGINIZATION whereas the NIPCC is a real scientific body composed of scholars from more than two dozen countries that mostly donate there time. Democrats have always ran on fake problems. They say they are the only solution to a fake problem. Probably the BIGGEST SCAM coming from Democrats is the issue of climate change. They always refer to the IPCC reports. They rely on these as if the IPCC can be trusted. There are actually 2 groups that study climate change, the NIPCC, and the IPCC. The NIPCC is a group of real scientists. They get no corporate or government funding. The IPCC is a political organization, not a scientific body. They are funded by corporations and government funding. The IPCC does not study what an actual climate scientist studies like examining solar cycles, changes in ocean currents, the sensitivity of climate to greenhouse gases, or the planet's carbon cycle. The NIPCC scientists study all of these things, the. The authors of and contributors to the IPCC's false reports have few or no credentials in these fields. The NIPCC reports, finds that while climate change is occurring and a human impact on climate is possible, but still unkown, there is no consensus on the size of that impact relative to natural variability, the net benefits or costs of the impacts of climate change, or whether future climate trends can be predicted with sufficient confidence to guide public policies today. Consequently, there is no scientific basis for anything that the IPCC reports say. The IPCC is what every Democrat relies on when pushing there climate change policies. The IPCC is funded by government grants and guess what, if global warming isnt happening then they lose all of their funding. Nasa scientists also disagree. 25 Nasa scientists refute climate change hoax. The idea that 97% of scientists agree has been debunked many many times. Here are 97 articles that DEBUNK the 97% theory. More and more scientists are arguing that increased levels of Co2 are not causing an increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The UN report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has a big list of scientists names, and they reported that they all agreed Co2 had an effect on the earth's climate, but a lot of those scientists came out, and said they disagreed. Lawsuits were filed or threatened against them by some of the scientists. There is no scientifically valid mechanism for CO2 causing global warming. Global temperatures have fluctuated throughout history despite Co2 increases. Co2 does not hold in heat! Oceans regulate the amount of CO2 in the air through absorption equilibrium. Global warming is based on computer modelling and has had no empirical confirmation. CO2 is a heavy gas. When Earth warms up, other planets in the Solar system warm up as well. They've been saying we have 10 years left since 1920. There is no proof CO2 changes the climate, many scientists say the climate warming has been a good thing, and the ocean levels actually rising was proven to be wrong based on the shifting ground, and placement of measurement markers. Climate change is a hoax do research for yourself but don't use Google as your search engine.

  • Kimi Senpai
    Kimi Senpai Prije 8 sati

    amo esta canción

  • T WILL
    T WILL Prije 8 sati

    She sangs beautiful

  • Victoria canul
    Victoria canul Prije 8 sati

    Quinn and spider👌🐜🐜

  • Deedee Osborne
    Deedee Osborne Prije 8 sati

    Still a banging song would love to meet Billie 😄

  • Rashya Greer
    Rashya Greer Prije 8 sati

    she no what she talking about thow?

  • Danielle Touchstone
    Danielle Touchstone Prije 9 sati

    Ok does anyone else think this. I just imagine Simone just hates billie and Simone is the cool girl in school. BUT at that moment she did not know that girl she hated would be a world sensation....

  • Dr. Antlers
    Dr. Antlers Prije 9 sati

    There should be a billie eilish anime.

  • Muntaz Abdulkadir
    Muntaz Abdulkadir Prije 9 sati

    *i would be proud if i have the job to touch billies face* stan billie- but i wont make it sound creepy lmao- i swear im not crazy ahaha :>

  • Succulent Grape
    Succulent Grape Prije 9 sati

    It’s hard to believe she was 13 when she recorded this song...

  • QD Rox
    QD Rox Prije 9 sati

    How is she so good at literally everything?!? A Child Prodigy in the making here.

  • Faye Perryman
    Faye Perryman Prije 9 sati

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m going 🤭🤯

  • cowboys fan
    cowboys fan Prije 9 sati

    The song is the radio

  • Kristoffe Brodeur
    Kristoffe Brodeur Prije 9 sati

    somebody bought their thumbs up, no... couldn't be...

  • Astrid;愛と人生
    Astrid;愛と人生 Prije 9 sati

    Como matar a un aracnofobico:

  • QD Rox
    QD Rox Prije 9 sati

    Wow there's hardly anyone like her left anymore. a true artist in the industry. very rare.

  • nianai-chan
    nianai-chan Prije 9 sati

    NETA THE VIDEO IS SATIFACTORY BUT I LOVE IT! I hope you upload more videos like that! ^^

  • Nazlie Luyt
    Nazlie Luyt Prije 9 sati


  • NicolasUzumakiPvP
    NicolasUzumakiPvP Prije 9 sati

    Octobe4??? 14 eys impossible

  • Jacqueline Cotto
    Jacqueline Cotto Prije 10 sati

    I ain’t no Bieber fiever

  • Kenanao Thuthunyane
    Kenanao Thuthunyane Prije 10 sati

    I am really scared of spiders

  • Zara Kent
    Zara Kent Prije 10 sati

    Great job 😃

  • nicol romo
    nicol romo Prije 10 sati

    Que chido tu video

  • Letícia Gamer
    Letícia Gamer Prije 10 sati


  • ♡𝙄𝙘𝙚𝙙 𝙆𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙚♡

    *billie eilish:I'm a baaaad guy* *justin bieber:I'm a bAaAaaAAaAaAAaad gUy wOaAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaH*

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Prije 10 sati

    Vertical videos new terrible please don't make any more in this format

  • lil miasto KICIUSI
    lil miasto KICIUSI Prije 10 sati

    To była tarantula

  • Joe Zamora
    Joe Zamora Prije 10 sati

    Billie 2016=I’m scared Billie 2019= why aren’t you scared of me

  • Maia Luna
    Maia Luna Prije 10 sati

    Billi se que seguro no puedes leer esto por que esta escrito en español pero te amo me encantas tus canciones y te escucho desde tu primer cancion Me encantan tus ojos y tu manera de ser tu ropa tu todo Y eres perfecta tal y como eres No importa ese "defecto" que tienes y a la p#t# gente que no entiende la enfermedad que tienes te amo like si amas a billi

  • a small microwave tank
    a small microwave tank Prije 10 sati

    Ocean eyes more like rolling heights

  • 산케이
    산케이 Prije 10 sati

    الي عربي لايك

  • headofwb 's
    headofwb 's Prije 10 sati

    Dogs: woof Cats: Meow Billie: Duh *Justin: wHOOOuuUuUu-*

  • Jammed Toe
    Jammed Toe Prije 10 sati

    Well this is very different compared to her today. I like this much better, but don't get me wrong she has a very pleasant voice.

  • Shawn Mendes
    Shawn Mendes Prije 10 sati

    0:33 Ocean Eyes

  • Dev Horn
    Dev Horn Prije 11 sati


  • harley queen
    harley queen Prije 11 sati

    No entiendo nada de lo que dice

  • no one.
    no one. Prije 11 sati

    just my opinion but bieber ruined it 😭😭

  • Gabriel D.r
    Gabriel D.r Prije 11 sati

    Espero que nadie sepa español te amo billie 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰eres la mejor🥰🥰🥰

  • Itz Abigail
    Itz Abigail Prije 11 sati

    Billie: "No just let spiders crawl all over me its fine" Me: Scared of any movement I see

  • Ksi Kivi
    Ksi Kivi Prije 11 sati

    Русские!! Вы здесь???

  • Krizz López
    Krizz López Prije 11 sati

    Ojos marinos 👀

  • Sarah P
    Sarah P Prije 11 sati

    What oh no is this true

  • Isabella Rieks
    Isabella Rieks Prije 11 sati

    Billie, you are the ONLY person in the WHOLE world, that can make siders seem cool!

    ANGEL Prije 11 sati

    Русские привет!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Bobbinson
    Bobby Bobbinson Prije 11 sati

    You see the things is Woodie, we have made changes. The US’s emissions have actually declined since the early 2000’s meanwhile China and India’s have exponentially grown. You said it takes all of us right?

  • Lynn Clay
    Lynn Clay Prije 11 sati

    No one: Literally no one: Spider: hey guess what mom I got to crawl in Billie Eilish’s mouth

  • Zoe Sizemore
    Zoe Sizemore Prije 11 sati

    Did anyone else cry watching this?😭 like when she started crying I started to😭😭

  • Pau Vidales
    Pau Vidales Prije 11 sati

    You should see me in a crown! 👑💁🔥

  • Erika Noemí
    Erika Noemí Prije 11 sati

    Alguien en español?😍

  • Jnoh D
    Jnoh D Prije 11 sati

    Oasis in my heart

    PADRE PIO Prije 11 sati