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  • InfiniteTrosek
    InfiniteTrosek Prije 4 sati

    Any fifa clans out there?

  • InfiniteTrosek
    InfiniteTrosek Prije 5 sati

    Any fifa clan out there?

  • Filipe Marcondes Domingues

    *real football is not a fifa street all the time* EA 👎

  • muhammad atar
    muhammad atar Prije 5 sati

    Song name?

  • Mitchell Phillips
    Mitchell Phillips Prije 6 sati

    Why am I seeing this

  • ZK Youtube Channel
    ZK Youtube Channel Prije 7 sati

    So.. I think i know why EA messed up the ratings cause Joao Felix broke it so yeah😂 (Kidding)

  • hercjulio
    hercjulio Prije 7 sati

    easportsfifa Richarlison 79 why. Richarlison last season 51 appearances 20 goal 5 assists 1 x COPA AMERICA Mad stats for a winger.

  • hercjulio
    hercjulio Prije 7 sati

    easportsfifa Richarlison 79 why. Richarlison last season 51 appearances 20 goal 5 assists 1 x COPA AMERICA Mad stats for a winger.

  • Santiago Durand
    Santiago Durand Prije 8 sati

    Whats the name of the song??

  • ThatPixelaterGamer
    ThatPixelaterGamer Prije 8 sati

    Literally what's the difference with all the fifa games except from better graphics and gameplay

  • Melvin Hans
    Melvin Hans Prije 9 sati

    Music name

  • Daniel Mendy
    Daniel Mendy Prije 11 sati

    Please let's make ea make a partnership with barcelona please

  • Vadim Zavorotov
    Vadim Zavorotov Prije 13 sati

    Фифа ГОВНО, автор - мудак.

  • au ao
    au ao Prije 13 sati


  • Ariel Cóceres
    Ariel Cóceres Prije 13 sati

    Están locos que yo voy a ir a comprar una consola PS4 porque no sale este juego para PS3. Están locos y enfermos

  • pa Brate
    pa Brate Prije 14 sati

    Ea ein reiner fantasie producent der meint, sie entwickeln reale games.. nur noch lächerlich was für leute bei euch das entwicklet und testet..einfach nur noch peinlich

  • pa Brate
    pa Brate Prije 14 sati

    The game is for kids.. ea is fantasy producent

  • _ Cezarpower _
    _ Cezarpower _ Prije 15 sati

    Why is this a trailer for FIFA 17?

  • SanJuniperoTV
    SanJuniperoTV Prije 15 sati

    Uzmanlar için haftasonu ligi taktikleri ve oyuncu taktikleri, Yeni başlayanlar için olmazsa olmazlar, Yapılması gereken sbc'ler, Olası marqueematchups (lig ve ucl) maçları, Gelebilecek lig sbc'leri, İkon incelemeleri , Coin kazandıracak yatırımlar ve Ultimate Team hakkında aklınıza gelen her soruyu 24 saat çekinmeden sorabileceğiniz Türkiye'deki güzel oluşumlardan birisi... Discord : discord.gg/FevjpQu Twitter : twitter.com/sanjuniperotv Twitch : twitch.tv/sanjuniperotv

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Prije 16 sati


  • neoray maymon neorsy 2007

    The gaymplay in fifa 20 demo not good

  • Jai Malila
    Jai Malila Prije 17 sati

    Any one can do that messi

  • Singoller
    Singoller Prije 18 sati

    Just don't buy fifa buy pes

  • Dorin B
    Dorin B Prije 19 sati

    this video... convinced me to get fifa!

  • Nisko 77
    Nisko 77 Prije 21 sat

    Best trailer everr 😍

  • hercjulio
    hercjulio Prije 21 sat

    FIFA Richarlison 79 why? PLEASE fix this @easportsfifa.

  • Arush
    Arush Prije 21 sat

    It looked like Kaka was looking at a younger version of himself.

  • Wert Hamilton
    Wert Hamilton Prije 21 sat

    Ah! The good ol' days ! When CR7 was still in RMCF and things went uphill for Madrid

  • Arush
    Arush Prije 21 sat

    There's no chance in hell they make player ratings like this.

  • Mahibul Nabil
    Mahibul Nabil Prije 22 sati

    2:12 i scored this kind of goal but in begginer

  • Pablo Orellana
    Pablo Orellana Prije 22 sati

    No boludo, lo mismo del año pasado pero con maa graficos

  • Safwaan Cassim
    Safwaan Cassim Prije 22 sati

    Did anyone see the f2. I did

  • Safwaan Cassim
    Safwaan Cassim Prije 22 sati

    Did anyone see jezz

  • 晓薇
    晓薇 Prije dan

    FIFA 19 copy and paste PES is the best

  • pranav moudgalya
    pranav moudgalya Prije dan

    We needed this boys.

  • Rohan Vignesh
    Rohan Vignesh Prije dan

    Wow!!! 11 months ago!

  • Vardan Chaudhary
    Vardan Chaudhary Prije dan

    Best trailer ever I have seen

  • Felipe Olivares
    Felipe Olivares Prije dan

    What a good dlc for fifa 16 very similar to fifa 18

  • Didier Gordillo
    Didier Gordillo Prije dan

    Who's here after the Fifa 20 demo got released?

  • Brandon Palmer
    Brandon Palmer Prije dan


  • peppe_ rizzello
    peppe_ rizzello Prije dan

    I think Buffon icon card should be 94/95 He was the most consistent and one of the best goalkeepers for many years

  • cronaldoczv
    cronaldoczv Prije dan

    Why wouldnt you include Red Star Belgrade in the game for the second year in a row?. all teams are there except for Red Star in the champions league.

  • Jovan Vilimonovic

    Red star???

  • Valerio Astolfi
    Valerio Astolfi Prije dan

    Pes is better Now! Sure!

  • gaganpreet Singh
    gaganpreet Singh Prije dan

    What’s this music reference (name of the song)?

    • Rory Tuke
      Rory Tuke Prije dan

      gaganpreet Singh numbers on the board - pusha T

  • Rauf Suleymanov
    Rauf Suleymanov Prije dan

    Роналду 100 Месси 96 Неймар 98 Дибала 97 Мбаппе 91 Манджуки 99 Буффон 98

  • Марк Воронцов

    Когда трейлер снимали в в сто метрах от тебя))

  • Alex Ward
    Alex Ward Prije dan

    No one: Not a single soul: Literally not a single person: EA: *WHAT WAS THAT, YOU WANT FIFA 15 IN YOUR RECCOMENDED*

  • Rauf Suleymanov
    Rauf Suleymanov Prije dan

    Роналду 100 атака 100 зашита

  • juan ribeiro
    juan ribeiro Prije dan

    fifa 18 2.0

  • Stark Starkast
    Stark Starkast Prije dan

    "AOAAAOAAAHHHH ITS IN THERE!!! A REBORNER TO MAKE A ONION CRY" hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha

  • Naam Silva
    Naam Silva Prije dan

    Trash handicap

  • Khalid elhaskouri

    2020 anyone ???

  • Flaming Finnster
    Flaming Finnster Prije dan

    1:52 0.25 speed is amazing

  • Miljan Ristic
    Miljan Ristic Prije dan

    No Red Star, who cares...

  • TheGodZ ZZ
    TheGodZ ZZ Prije dan

    the journey??

  • DragonLoreİster DL

    Are u ready for the same game !?

  • Hidrozx X
    Hidrozx X Prije dan

    El fifa 20 saquenlo para el ps3

  • Hl
    Hl Prije dan


  • Titten Tei
    Titten Tei Prije dan

    Kan dere fikse spillet slik at eg kan selge Ronaldinho? Gjør det innen kl 19. Eller så kansellerer eg pre order på fifa 20! Dette er en skam!

  • AbcdE
    AbcdE Prije dan

    we need de gea to model the goalkeeper move in FIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't read my profile picture

    1:31 This should be :"For The Money".

  • kc
    kc Prije dan

    아 노래좋은대 제목아시는분?

  • Osman OTLU
    Osman OTLU Prije dan

    Türk İkon istiyoruz sayın EA FIFA

  • 3rick 824
    3rick 824 Prije dan

    4 years

  • Beyonder TV
    Beyonder TV Prije dan


  • se donde vives come mielda

    Estará la copa del rey....? He visto en alguna imagen x ay q en él marcados de un gane play pone “copa de españa” y huele a q no estará, xo muchos artículos q leo hablan de q esta confirmada..., esta o no esta?

  • Gonzalo ZJ
    Gonzalo ZJ Prije dan

    Disappointing, last fifa street from 2012 had more skills and better animations.

  • Nrzplayz
    Nrzplayz Prije dan

    2020 is gonna be fifa year

  • Pranay Kant
    Pranay Kant Prije dan

    1:15 which button did he use its defenatly not circle

  • muhammad waqas
    muhammad waqas Prije dan


  • Citizen of the world
    Citizen of the world Prije 2 dana

    I’ll stick to fifa 15

    • Citizen of the world
      Citizen of the world Prije dan

      I would be playing fifa 12. unfortunately I don’t own an Xbox 360 anymore

    • Saltysplatoon
      Saltysplatoon Prije dan

      bro you should be sticking to fifa 12

  • crazy
    crazy Prije 2 dana

    What is this music?

  • Artur Cc
    Artur Cc Prije 2 dana

    Con los narradores enrique perro bermudez


    music plis

  • Norman Stansfield
    Norman Stansfield Prije 2 dana

    People saying its the same as all previous fifas obviously have no clue. Fifas haven't had to change a lot down the line because the game is nearly always perfect. The changes needed are subtle. Just to tidy things up. Pes will forever be in Fifas shadow

  • Lucas Advanced 2009
    Lucas Advanced 2009 Prije 2 dana

    EA, please port the normal version to Nintendo Switch

  • Joshua Bongiorno
    Joshua Bongiorno Prije 2 dana

    EA did Bayern so dirty this year. The fact that Harry Kane has better shooting than Lewandowski just makes me wanna buy PES instead.

  • Joshua Bongiorno
    Joshua Bongiorno Prije 2 dana

    Here’s a few of the ratings I think EA got wrong this year... I put my ratings in brackets. - Lewandowski (91) - Thiago (89) - Kimmich (87) - Süle (86) - Gnabry (85) - Coman (85) - Neymar (91) - Suarez (88) - Harry Kane (88) - Sergio Ramos (88) - Luca Modric (88) - Raheem Sterling (89) - James Rodríguez (86) These are just a FEW of them. And also, stats on some of the players I mentioned need to be boosted as well. Like, James Rodríguez should have much more than 55 pace, and Lewandowski should have at least 91 shooting.

  • Joshua Bongiorno
    Joshua Bongiorno Prije 2 dana

    Riddle me this: How on Earth is Lewandowski only 89 rated!?

  • Diego garcia
    Diego garcia Prije 2 dana

    Resume of the video: AAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Leo Smid
    Leo Smid Prije 2 dana

    That song😩nostaglie

  • Comandante Antrax57
    Comandante Antrax57 Prije 2 dana

    Mira que mi equipo favorito en europa es Bayern, pero me gustaría que algún otro equipo diera batalla y no que nos deje ganar tan fácil como ha sucedido desde hace mucho

    COVER OF AFK Prije 2 dana

    They should be careful before pes takes all from this shitty game😑....anyways now its time to leave fifa

  • aidiey mizi
    aidiey mizi Prije 2 dana

    Please get improve in player career mode .. nothing change just same🙄

  • Abdullah Alazmi
    Abdullah Alazmi Prije 2 dana


  • karan negi
    karan negi Prije 2 dana

    Screw you EA. PES Nation!!!!!

  • Hamod The fun kid
    Hamod The fun kid Prije 2 dana

    What happened to the wold cup mode ?

  • Tushar Bhardwaj
    Tushar Bhardwaj Prije 2 dana

    Fans: Fix the servers EA. EA: Lag in the air.

  • Bruhh
    Bruhh Prije 2 dana

    I just came here to say *Leg in de Air*

  • VATA
    VATA Prije 2 dana

    Why now?

  • R0NA1D0 7
    R0NA1D0 7 Prije 2 dana

    Honestly the best trailer ever!!!

  • X_Danny2606_X
    X_Danny2606_X Prije 2 dana

    Best Fifa!!!

  • Exe Rees
    Exe Rees Prije 2 dana

    2015 nah 2016 naahhh 2017 nahhhhhhhhh 2018 nahhhhhhhhhhhhh 2019 yeahhhhhhhh

  • Finn Fraser
    Finn Fraser Prije 2 dana


  • Clo Sustan
    Clo Sustan Prije 2 dana

    Pes still beta

  • Clo Sustan
    Clo Sustan Prije 2 dana

    Pes still beta

  • Edmonf The Animal Eyes

    I got the FIFA 15 on the PS Vita and FIFA 17 on the PS3. Well the former is better overall, and it's on a handheld console consider that. Meanwhile FIFA Mobile is awesome, too.

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan Prije 2 dana

    This isn't worth buying the game. I expect EA is turning profit on all the advertising in Volta tbh

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan Prije 2 dana

    Outrageous that they still haven't designed all the stadiums. What do they do all year?