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If Relationships Were Like The NBA...
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  • Kevin Bertalotto
    Kevin Bertalotto Prije 3 minuta

    We gonna make the semis, watch

  • Jaleel Ferguson
    Jaleel Ferguson Prije 5 minuta

    We did dis a football practice

  • The Darkfrost
    The Darkfrost Prije 14 minuta

    1:11 has two fouls that should’ve been called smh

  • Humbert Coloso
    Humbert Coloso Prije 17 minuta

    who likes stephen curry like this comment

  • Kamikaz Mbaya
    Kamikaz Mbaya Prije 21 minute

    С другой ю

  • Lisa Alley
    Lisa Alley Prije 22 minuta

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Stephen Curry Sworn In: Definition of the word justice.

  • Cyber Legal
    Cyber Legal Prije 26 minuta

    I miss you so much Kobe : ' (

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man Prije 40 minuta

    Homie them sneakers are horrible

  • Carlos Paige
    Carlos Paige Prije 41 minute

    Did his asshole finally heal from all that dick......they ripped your boy a New asshole for real for real,glad he's back walking 🤣🥳🤗

  • cory Pick
    cory Pick Prije 43 minuta

    Oh so so sweet her face.

  • C h a r l s i
    C h a r l s i Prije 47 minuta

    Dwight looking younger

  • jay36171
    jay36171 Prije 49 minuta

    The Clippers getting Kawhi & PG is makes Jerry West being the NBA logo make sense

  • The Jezebel Resistance
    The Jezebel Resistance Prije 51 minute

    White chocolate!!! Dude looks as cool and down to earth as he is crazy talented... Man, he was fun to watch!!!

  • iiPuffxr
    iiPuffxr Prije 51 minute

    Am I crazy or was that an offensive foul on the raptors 0:21 (look at curry)

  • hmm hmm
    hmm hmm Prije 52 minuta

    D. Jones Jr must be in preview

  • Jim Toft
    Jim Toft Prije 52 minuta

    Looks like an injury waiting to happen. Who's the trainor responsible for this?

  • Anton Villarina
    Anton Villarina Prije 55 minuta

    He’s just a IQ..

  • Alexander C. M
    Alexander C. M Prije 57 minuta

    I’ve watched a ton of Melo’s highlight vids throughout the years and through his hopefully brief exile but by far the greatest collection of his offensive prowess I’ve seen. Really impressed by the unfamiliar footage of his moves you showcased. Bravo bruv.

  • Jessie Norton
    Jessie Norton Prije 58 minuta


  • Derick Anok
    Derick Anok Prije 58 minuta

    I’m not gonna lie but that game what stolen 🤬

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete Prije 59 minuta

    16?? These athletes are evolving

  • James Sikes
    James Sikes Prije sat

    When shot the ball he had a defender in his face and its was 0.5 when he made it. He didn't have more time to walk it up and shoot.

  • typicaleric04
    typicaleric04 Prije sat

    dude 60 % of this vid is rudy dunking lmao

  • Slaizi
    Slaizi Prije sat


  • gtasd wagaw
    gtasd wagaw Prije sat

    its ridiculous how deep their lineup is, murray, harris, MPJ, millsap, jokic starting with morris, grant, barton, craig, plumlee, bol bol off the bench

  • Lisa Alley
    Lisa Alley Prije sat

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Stephen Curry Sworn In: Lisa Alley Royal Brief and Increase In Knowledge.

  • Malachi 2kking
    Malachi 2kking Prije sat

    Everybody talking bout Klay being a legend and shit cause he came back from a ACL tear to shoot free throws. YET ZACH LAVINE TORE HIS AND PLAYED 6!!!! MINUTES

  • Anthony Peralta
    Anthony Peralta Prije sat

    Am I the only who can’t stand Omar and his vibe ?

  • babyblack716
    babyblack716 Prije sat

    1. So many Vonleh highlights, why'd we let him go? 2. Our young core/bench is gonna be PROBLEMS! The French Price, Iso Zo, Kev, Mitch, and RJ.🏳️🏳️🏳️

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans Prije sat

    Shout out to pop legend

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Prije sat

    Kevin showed no emotion whatsoever. I thought he was just gonna walk it off.

  • xlJACOBxD YTlx
    xlJACOBxD YTlx Prije sat

    Every time I see something like this I get the chills! 😢😂😢

  • Lisa Alley
    Lisa Alley Prije sat

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Lisa Alley and Seattle Army Sworn In: The Historical Execution Of The KKK.

  • 3Summanus3 *
    3Summanus3 * Prije sat


  • Denver Plaza
    Denver Plaza Prije sat

    Gay Howard

  • Nudia Kibangou
    Nudia Kibangou Prije sat

    Fans always think they know everything, the media too .. and stupid (human) fans swallow everything the media tells them. He was right to leave when we see that he has become today and this is just the beginning. What I like about this guy is that he does not speak .. He will not say like KD (on OKC fans) that fans of spurs are bad. He will endure and live his life and just show how good he is on a basketball court.

  • Smush Parker
    Smush Parker Prije sat

    yall should bring on guests who played high level basketball no offense but Im not gonna watch a bunch of people Id bust up in real life when I listen to a basketball podcast I like to be learning something when I watch it Im not learning anything if its from dudes who havent played high level ball

  • Sony Cabral
    Sony Cabral Prije sat

    This ain't it chief , we need more minutes .

  • kim nguyen
    kim nguyen Prije sat

    #83 how Moto Moto came out the water

  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson Prije sat

    7 minutes? If that's the case, then those niggas on the Cavs should get 90 seconds. Wizards get 2 minutes

  • kim nguyen
    kim nguyen Prije sat

    #86 when you don’t have a winter coat

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Prije sat

    This is why I don't want Kyle Kuzma starting at the 4-spot. 😞😞😞 At least if Kuzma gets be OFF-THE-DRIBBLE defending a Small Forward, you still got Anthony Davis & JaVale McGee Twin Shot-blockers as the Last Wall of Defense.

  • The TruthHurts
    The TruthHurts Prije sat

    Great interview. I remember Jason Williams. He doesn't get enough credit IMO.

    ROSENDO FLORES Prije sat

    Spurs are a great team I think they could have a very slim chance of winning it all this year *look at nets , clippers , rockets , and Lakers rosters* well we're f*****

  • Willie Baker
    Willie Baker Prije sat

    Big D (Big Dummy) seen his best basketball days in ORLANDO. FACT

  • y u k i k o c h a n 一番下の人

    Patty mills and demar’s face on the thumbnail

  • domkennedy6
    domkennedy6 Prije sat

    This the workout you do if you really trying to make the cheeks clap

    JIMMY CLEMENTS Prije sat

    Why would people dislike

  • Jerry Wilkinson
    Jerry Wilkinson Prije sat

    All I remember is the yearly playoff chokes from #13. One time he didn't take a shot in the 1st half of a lose and go home game. They lost.

  • Meidita Heliana Tangari

    Anyone maybe you guys know social media of the 1st man ??? Pleass let me know Its look like my old friend But we didn't talk for a long time. Thanks

  • atoyz abulac
    atoyz abulac Prije sat

    can I do your challenge? couz I dont have X-box omg

  • quiizus
    quiizus Prije sat

    man's cut his hair for a shit box

  • The Josh O Show
    The Josh O Show Prije sat

    Basketball is the greatest sport in the world. Who else agrees (and supports my HRclip hussle)?

    SYRE & ERYS Prije sat

    That hairline though

  • Str8Killa
    Str8Killa Prije sat

    thats cheating, cheat code are not allowed in real life

  • Jerry Wilkinson
    Jerry Wilkinson Prije sat

    Beard needs to stop with the pussy ass gimmick moves and just attack the fucking rim. How do you dance so well with your purse??

  • The Josh O Show
    The Josh O Show Prije sat

    If ur reading this your dreams will come true. Keep pushing !!

  • mrzack888
    mrzack888 Prije sat

    9:49 Jason got fined by the NBA for shouting racial slurs to a GSW fan when he was on the grizzlies.

    GIANIS BASKET Prije sat

    queria mas minutos para los highligts de san antonio spurs pero igual agradezco el esfuerzo!

  • Jerry Wilkinson
    Jerry Wilkinson Prije sat

    Oubre lookin like Cam Newton with that shit on his head...

  • nukeman444
    nukeman444 Prije sat

    At 16:52 was a Spike Lee moment.

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark Prije sat

    He's gonna fall apart when he returns to the garden the boos will all be well deserved. Would surprise me if he makes up a injury on ehh he can't play

  • BKB
    BKB Prije 2 sati

    we need ai on this asap

  • Cameron Clark
    Cameron Clark Prije 2 sati

    He just doing it for the publicity

  • Dribble God
    Dribble God Prije 2 sati

    Are you stupid? Xbox 😂😂😂 PS4 all the way

  • Americus DeVille
    Americus DeVille Prije 2 sati

    Not a hater at all, Zion is a talent, but much more athletic players back in the 80s and 90s. Check out Shawn Kemp for example. Jordan. So many athletic players. This to me is more a hype machine to promote Nike/Jordan brand--that's my honest opinion from someone who has watched basketball from the 70s until today. The sport is too commercialized and these heroes are just mega marketing campaigns to make multinational corporations rich. We will see how it unfolds, but this is not impressive to me.

  • Max johnson
    Max johnson Prije 2 sati

    Nah man u know my main man jungkook is the best

  • BigSi 2017
    BigSi 2017 Prije 2 sati

    It's amazing how ripped even older nba players be. This is the year that's going to be the verdict on Dwights legacy. Hope he have a bitchin year!

  • Darnell Alexander
    Darnell Alexander Prije 2 sati

    I want to do a challenge for an Xbox ASAP!!! @Houseofhighlights

  • jake stevens
    jake stevens Prije 2 sati


  • Ceasr Cabrera
    Ceasr Cabrera Prije 2 sati

    If you see my comment I will shave my whole head for a year supply of taxis

  • Ceasr Cabrera
    Ceasr Cabrera Prije 2 sati

    I want to do this challenge but not for an Xbox

  • erick johnson
    erick johnson Prije 2 sati

    He look ready to redeem himself...lets hope so.

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos Prije 2 sati

    Nah that shit ain't worth it

  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva Prije 2 sati

    Nothing impresses me more than seeing a washed up seven footer dunk said no one ever.

    DANNY BLVCK Prije 2 sati

    One of my fav players of all time when he came to Miami I was hyped and knew Heat was getting one.

  • Joel C
    Joel C Prije 2 sati

    This interviewer is as sharp as Williams' handles. On a side playing ball: Me: *White Chocolate - Jason Williams* Actual me: *White Chocolate - Phillip Seymour Hoffman*

  • LambSanity
    LambSanity Prije 2 sati

    1:44 pop got hype 😂😂

  • Pflug TX
    Pflug TX Prije 2 sati

    Rodman said David Robinson was soft!

  • later yeti
    later yeti Prije 2 sati

    Am I the only one that loved when he said :” that’s the way the cookie crumbles “ 😂😂😂

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J Prije 2 sati

    Jeffrey Bruce Atkins 😆

  • Subbickbe Channel
    Subbickbe Channel Prije 2 sati

    There Is A 100% Chance KD Will Miss Next Season With The Nets!

  • i came in like a wrecking ball

    Lol why you have pop like he the starting point guard lmao

  • Ricky
    Ricky Prije 3 sati


  • Russell Wresbrook
    Russell Wresbrook Prije 3 sati

    Booty 🍑

  • Daivun Baldwin
    Daivun Baldwin Prije 3 sati

    Damn I love my people

  • KING Swxsh
    KING Swxsh Prije 3 sati

    Before 1k

  • Kahir Jackson
    Kahir Jackson Prije 3 sati

    If kobe was in his prime in this generation. Kobe would dominate this players! And his last year in the league he proves it!

  • drmuffin1080
    drmuffin1080 Prije 3 sati

    Everything about him was true. I was born in 98 so I’ve grown up with Lebron. He is my generation’s goat. I get why people say Jordan is the goat. The things he’s achieved; the clips I’ve seen. Jordan makes sense as the goat. But idk, this is the guy who I grew up with, whose greatness I witnessed. Gonna be a big hole when he retires, just like Jordan.

  • Cole Mires
    Cole Mires Prije 3 sati

    KD + Rudy Gobert = literally impossible to guard

  • John VanDyke-Mensah
    John VanDyke-Mensah Prije 3 sati

    I wish I had my childhood back

  • Robert Kaighn
    Robert Kaighn Prije 3 sati

    he like spaces out at 17:00 it looks like haha

  • Ray Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Ray Prije 3 sati

    What a cool humble dude. Wish all NBA players were this humble, most of them act like cocky fools.

  • GrXpe Jelly
    GrXpe Jelly Prije 3 sati

    Good Day to you passing through the comments Pls Sub to my channel I need it

  • Derrick kennedy
    Derrick kennedy Prije 3 sati

    Rudy gay was supposed to be a super star

  • DeVi LL
    DeVi LL Prije 3 sati

    I would have done all of that x6 for a ps4

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell Prije 3 sati

    You guys are soo random

  • Username 1
    Username 1 Prije 3 sati

    Damn, no kawhi highlights. Shows how good Popovich is he can't win 60 games without Kawhi even though he has 2 All-Nba players on his roster.

    • Username 1
      Username 1 Prije 2 sati

      @CarrotSocks they won 73 and 67 when the spurs had Kawhi. They were tougher back then. This was when Lamarcus and such a bum he couldn't make an allstar team. Kawhi made them relevant

    • CarrotSocks
      CarrotSocks Prije 2 sati

      warriors didn't win 60 games either lmao

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura Prije 3 sati

    I just knew popovich was going to be on the portrait with the other players lol

  • KT 664
    KT 664 Prije 3 sati

    Imagine doing all that for an Xbox