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The 2019 BMW Z4 Is a Fun Luxury Roadster
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The Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Should Be Better
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  • 2FAB4U
    2FAB4U Prije 4 sati

    How to start a holy war: "Is this... a hatchback?"

  • That I.O Gamer
    That I.O Gamer Prije 4 sati

    Brawadis should have waited

  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn Prije 4 sati

    The grill evokes an ugly Lexus. Next car, please.

  • Decon
    Decon Prije 4 sati


  • gasper gwanchele
    gasper gwanchele Prije 4 sati

    I panicked when the golf clubs started moving

  • Bob808
    Bob808 Prije 4 sati

    I feel like the McLaren GT is the answer to a question that nobody asked. This thing will depreciate almost as quick as it will break down or catch on fire. I'd rather have an Aston Martin DB11 or DBS SL (so I can break down in style), or the sensible (LOL) choice, a Ferrari 812 SF. The Ferrari has 7 years of free servicing and a bigger/better dealer network.

  • simkid5614
    simkid5614 Prije 4 sati

    doug is very wet.

  • D Fitz
    D Fitz Prije 4 sati

    Now they put there oh so reliable engine under a bunch of covers should be easy to work on.

  • EssJee
    EssJee Prije 4 sati

    isnt that the corner where michaels garage is in gta 5?

  • J K
    J K Prije 4 sati

    Everybody roasting him for sweating, but the man’s wearing 2 shirts.

  • At the Galleria '94
    At the Galleria '94 Prije 4 sati

    I think you forgot to turn off the heated seats.

  • LordRaze
    LordRaze Prije 4 sati

    the boot space is 420 litres...... I know what car I'm getting if I suddenly got a lot of money

  • AxelBitz
    AxelBitz Prije 4 sati

    Now we'll have to wait and see if it lights up in flames in fanfare or not

  • Tyler Wisz
    Tyler Wisz Prije 4 sati

    Mercedes B-Wagon (partnered with Brinks)

  • Thai Vu
    Thai Vu Prije 4 sati

    Those lil Red Bull cans are secured now :)

  • The K Man
    The K Man Prije 4 sati

    22:06 - LOL it *almost* slapped you in the face.

  • Broken Quad
    Broken Quad Prije 4 sati

    it looks like a late 80's escort gt

  • Babayega X
    Babayega X Prije 4 sati

    Doug: "I like cars that are not too showy" Also Doug: "I own a Ford GT, and a Defender".

  • derrick damewood
    derrick damewood Prije 4 sati

    I miss the days when car editors would measure Cargo Space by number of bodies. 😂

  • Kouji Himura
    Kouji Himura Prije 4 sati

    Was anyone else waiting for the club to fly out a break the camera or infotainment screen. 😂🤣

  • human person
    human person Prije 4 sati

    it'll catch on fiero

  • Bloodylistic
    Bloodylistic Prije 4 sati

    Doug: "If it doesn't slap you in the face..." That golf club was about to do that in place of the car.

  • The K Man
    The K Man Prije 4 sati

    12:16 - Doug's the kind of guy to dump water out of both sides of his mouth when he drinks. :)

  • Papa Janky
    Papa Janky Prije 4 sati

    looks like a Ferrari 360

  • tenterrali
    tenterrali Prije 4 sati

    For all the Tesla MX lovers and owners, watch until the end of the video, you will be pleasantly surprised. I'm glad this video was a joke!! Good job on the click bait.

  • NewGuyOnTheBlock Avalon

    Test drove it for two days, but found it stiff with too much road-feel. Shook up my body, was exhausted from sitting there. Weigh 180 lbs. they said model S has adjustable suspension. Is that true? Usually bigger wheels will take care of it, but if the tire then gets smaller, you still have this bumpy or bouncy feeling. Not cool. Maybe Tesla could look into this?

  • Fahad Vakarian
    Fahad Vakarian Prije 4 sati

    I'm a simple person. I see McLaren, i hit like

  • Damon Fryer's Nose
    Damon Fryer's Nose Prije 4 sati

    Doug probably reviews family dinners

  • Phly Blunt
    Phly Blunt Prije 4 sati

    It looks like the new Corvette

    • Infovest
      Infovest Prije 4 sati

      No it's not. More like aston martin.

  • Penrose
    Penrose Prije 4 sati

    “Thieves probably won’t know how to start the car, so I’m going to teach them” - Doug

  • Infovest
    Infovest Prije 4 sati

    Many instances of Mclarens alighting itself on fire. McLaren has crappy ass customer service. 2 points not factored in his Doug score. *welp*

  • Adam J
    Adam J Prije 4 sati

    Why does dough wear 2 shirts

    • Infovest
      Infovest Prije 4 sati

      Makes up for the 2 pairs of shorts.

  • Paul P
    Paul P Prije 4 sati

    Jesus... the paint is already swirled.

  • Ben Ische
    Ben Ische Prije 4 sati

    The clubs had me rolling

  • Dashrr
    Dashrr Prije 4 sati

    doug is the type of guy to put golf clubs in his super car and only drive the car

  • Ben
    Ben Prije 4 sati

    So a 3:45:. Is that back wheel already curb rashed?

  • b m
    b m Prije 4 sati

    Only golfers would know how much that set of clubs cost!

  • Zypher iOS
    Zypher iOS Prije 4 sati

    Doug is type of guy to roll the window down two times in 10 seconds


    What’s with the rear seats not being included then being in the back during the drive?

  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin Prije 4 sati

    Was waiting to see if one of those golf clubs flew out towards the front.

  • John Leeper
    John Leeper Prije 4 sati

    I love the frameless look of the windshields top edge

  • aftli
    aftli Prije 4 sati

    Leaving the golf clubs in the back of that car is probably the funniest thing you've done.

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan Carlson Prije 4 sati

    I see ~Someone~ got a new set of golf clubs.🏌⛳

  • William
    William Prije 4 sati

    Those rims are gross

  • Gazzah
    Gazzah Prije 4 sati

    the fronts nice, the backs nice, but side on...

  • BrovarianMotorWorks
    BrovarianMotorWorks Prije 4 sati

    Tail gate or rear hatch

  • anubhav baghel
    anubhav baghel Prije 4 sati

    Doug never made a thumbnail by itself

  • Zypher iOS
    Zypher iOS Prije 4 sati

    glad i preordered mine

  • Infovest
    Infovest Prije 4 sati

    Looks too much like an Aston Martin db11...

  • Don Reese
    Don Reese Prije 4 sati

    Uhhh tailgates go down like a truck. Not up like a HATCHBACK 😂😂

  • Joe
    Joe Prije 4 sati

    Talks about clubs hitting him in the head during hard breaking. Goes out for drive that way anyway.

  • Megaton
    Megaton Prije 4 sati

    Why would I want that extra shit when I can just throw sum tint on the window. They adding extra shit when you can add simple shit yourself and save money. I mean if you want to spend the money go ahead

  • Nick Qwertyuiop
    Nick Qwertyuiop Prije 4 sati

    Doug *sweating intensifies*

  • Lil Bathtub
    Lil Bathtub Prije 4 sati

    Is that a Senator’s truck?

  • Saltiest Duck
    Saltiest Duck Prije 4 sati

    y u so sweaty

  • Infovest
    Infovest Prije 4 sati

    The engine is 4L V8, 620HP @465 foot-lb torque. Not too shabby for a daily driver.

  • Ming Perlman
    Ming Perlman Prije 4 sati

    It's like a horror movie watching the golf clubs get closer and closer to killing him.

  • D.T. Baker
    D.T. Baker Prije 4 sati

    Alcantara is the Astroturf® of the automobile interior world. Blechhhh....

  • 9walker
    9walker Prije 4 sati

    I wouldn't be very happy if I see you sweating on my $10000 leather seats quarter million ultra luxury Mclaren lol

  • C Moore
    C Moore Prije 4 sati

    I don't like anything about this car boss. For quarter million, I would look elsewhere.

  • John Mullins
    John Mullins Prije 4 sati

    "For most people this would do."

  • Pman D
    Pman D Prije 4 sati

    Fck gulf clubs lol can it take my 50lbs luggage bag to the airport

  • Hannibal Hendrix
    Hannibal Hendrix Prije 4 sati

    Doug da kind of guy that has no shame when buying expensive a$$ lingerie for his real life doll

  • Tyron Johnson
    Tyron Johnson Prije 4 sati

    Damn nigga, you sweating like crazy in that nice car.

  • Theresa Gann
    Theresa Gann Prije 4 sati

    PLEASE STOP WIPING YOUR SWEATY FOREHEAD WITH THE SLEEVES OF YOUR SHIRT! Fold a paper towel & keep it in your pocket.

  • Dog Tooth
    Dog Tooth Prije 4 sati

    If I got 1$ for every time he said "luxury", I cud have afford the car

  • Alex Hemmerlein
    Alex Hemmerlein Prije 4 sati

    Another testament to how far ahead Tesla is.

  • Erin Freize
    Erin Freize Prije 4 sati

    For someone who's probably the last human who uses turn signals, I'm getting even more frustrated how tiny designers are making them.

  • very big boy
    very big boy Prije 4 sati

    Car: Has air inside Doug: *_shoves in golf clubs_*

  • IA_777
    IA_777 Prije 4 sati

    is it me, or does it look a bit like a C8 Corvette?

  • ConservativeMiddleEastern

    Forget the McClaren, I need new Golf clubs! I lost my Callaway irons :(

  • D.T. Baker
    D.T. Baker Prije 4 sati

    But will it hold a Black Friday big screen television from Walmart? Nope...I'm OUT.

  • Sell Limit
    Sell Limit Prije 4 sati

    If it's 2020, P1 is 2025

  • Robert Blair
    Robert Blair Prije 4 sati

    A hybrid vehicle for cursing through the hood

  • Dick Long
    Dick Long Prije 4 sati

    Looks like a ford GT

  • a lil panda
    a lil panda Prije 4 sati

    13:54 hey guys dougs recording with his stove from the Apple factory in san diego

  • Oxolotleman
    Oxolotleman Prije 5 sati

    Looks good and if I wanted a luxury car that flies under the radar I think it would be cool, to me it just looks like a Lexus and I kinda like that.

  • Jeremy Stig
    Jeremy Stig Prije 5 sati

    Who at McLaren thought that using white leather for the trunk was a good idea?

    MUFENG LI Prije 5 sati

    5:30 Doug the type of guy who mentions Toyota Camry in every his video

    RICHARD MILLER Prije 5 sati

    A supercar that you can't even see the engine! That's ridiculous..

  • hector andrade
    hector andrade Prije 5 sati

    Have you ever gotten a ticket while making a review?

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson Prije 5 sati

    Does anyone know if this car came equipped with park assist and blind spot monitor?

  • Babayega X
    Babayega X Prije 5 sati

    Suzuki Sidekick? Pretty close. I was thinking Isuzu Amigo the entire time till you said that. 🤣😂

  • Monroe Riddell
    Monroe Riddell Prije 5 sati

    Finally, I can take a trip to Wal-Mart in a supercar!!

  • marshall jacobs
    marshall jacobs Prije 5 sati

    13:40 your hand makes that sun visor look like it's the size of a small smartphone

  • Kenzo Toledo
    Kenzo Toledo Prije 5 sati

    When Aston Martin and corvette got married this is their child

  • Aj Wukawitz
    Aj Wukawitz Prije 5 sati

    Doug please do us all a favor and get yourself a headband or a microfiber towel to wipe your sweat. None of us blame you for sweatin balls, not like you can be running the 250k car the whole 3 hours you’re doing the review blasting the ac but common man buy 4 of the same shirt so you can swap shirts every 45 minutes and bring a cooler with some gatorades and orange slices, this is your career now. Time to take it to the next level my dude. It’s gettin hard to watch when you have sweat marks all over your sleeves my dude. I love your life buddy just some helpful recommendations. You’re more then welcome to tell me to stick it up my @$$

  • Michael Lam
    Michael Lam Prije 5 sati

    The car is a cheap plastic American car. What's so surprising? American cars are cheaply made for decades.....They overcharge for a $2 car. That's how American car companies make a profit. And they complain about Chinese quality! Hypocrites.

  • js77
    js77 Prije 5 sati

    760 HP thats 43 HP more than a hellcat Well, actually no

  • Dante McCloud
    Dante McCloud Prije 5 sati

    Doug has the upper body of a 140 lb high school center and the lower body of Howard Stern.

  • Tomas Di prinzio
    Tomas Di prinzio Prije 5 sati

    It reminds me from an Aston Martin so much, the shape and the lines of it

  • Ryan Boyd
    Ryan Boyd Prije 5 sati

    4:18 Doug is your fly down?

  • CrimsonNova
    CrimsonNova Prije 5 sati

    3:08 horizontal black AirPods

  • Alex Gilbert
    Alex Gilbert Prije 5 sati

    I love how he's worried about advertizing any valuables in the car, but the car itself is an advertizement for your wealth.

  • hector andrade
    hector andrade Prije 5 sati

    I love this dude's sarcastic tone

  • Rob Logan
    Rob Logan Prije 5 sati

    Those golf clubs are such a missile hazard. I'd definitely strap that down!

  • Amazing A-Bear
    Amazing A-Bear Prije 5 sati

    Looks like a ford gt

  • ArcticPoise
    ArcticPoise Prije 5 sati

    Good god, how many times has he said luxury in this video.

  • nismo510
    nismo510 Prije 5 sati

    Doug is dripping with sweat and still wearing two shirts. What a savage.

  • William Fussell
    William Fussell Prije 5 sati

    Seems like it should cost about 70k less to be competitive