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  • Mohamed Akoud
    Mohamed Akoud Prije 4 sati

    My dad has this same exact car, except I think it is the GLC

  • Lu Tello
    Lu Tello Prije 4 sati

    Are the walkman and walkie talkies in there?

  • CRF/VFR/KTM/G35 Adventures

    More of these types of vehicle vids!! Please!!!!

  • GustavoBeta
    GustavoBeta Prije 4 sati

    My fiesta from 1996 has the same type of key

  • Ryan VIncenec
    Ryan VIncenec Prije 4 sati

    Yes!!!!!!!! So excited!!

  • Treizez34
    Treizez34 Prije 4 sati


  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson Prije 4 sati

    Fast Masters!

  • separator94
    separator94 Prije 4 sati

    I'd really like to see Jaguar re-release the XJ-220 with everything it was originally supposed to have as well as an updated design, more power, a higher top speed and modern technology all around. For the early 90's it's design was way ahead of it's time and it wouldn't need to be changed too drastically to look amazing by todays standards. That being said it would need to be redesigned from the ground up while still maintaining a lot of it's original look. They could do so much with making a new generation of it. It would obviously need a new XJ number to reflect the higher top speed. Maybe XJ-250 or something. It'd be great to shoot for the moon with an XJ-300 but that may be pushing it for Jaguar currently. I mean they've been out of the hypercar game for a long time. If they did do it however, I think it would mean great things for their company. More recognition globally, a much stronger engineering department as well as the ability to do more high end projects like this with the inflow of revenue a million dollar plus hypercar would make.

  • Give It A Rub
    Give It A Rub Prije 4 sati

    I've never seen the headlights in this car before and I kinda wish I hadn't

  • Jesus  Ortiz
    Jesus Ortiz Prije 4 sati

    From 33:00 forward, you're driving passed the trees and its nothing but a strobe light show because of the glass..oh jaguar you crumbling car company

  • Commenter Guy
    Commenter Guy Prije 4 sati

    This was like the Ford gt from that time period Ish

  • Tim Donais
    Tim Donais Prije 4 sati


  • Trey DeJesus
    Trey DeJesus Prije 4 sati


  • alexander1485
    alexander1485 Prije 4 sati

    The Jaguar XJR15 is crazier

  • quack man
    quack man Prije 4 sati

    find a bugatti EB110!

  • Goat Man
    Goat Man Prije 4 sati

    I remember the video game on my Sega!

  • DareToBeDeviant
    DareToBeDeviant Prije 4 sati

    Engine was swapped, no awd as promised, rear wheel steering removed, no shade/tint on 'sunroof', window goes too high up but not down enough, oval key bit, asymmetrical mirrors. My OCD is going haywire.

  • CzarRobberFly
    CzarRobberFly Prije 4 sati

    Wait they had a race series in the US for a car that was never sold their?

  • Matt Sivert
    Matt Sivert Prije 4 sati

    Should've put shoes on your knees in the beginning.

  • PA Squared
    PA Squared Prije 4 sati

    "It really was...the engine that drove this car's poor sales numbers". This is pretty much why I hate the majority of modern cars, and don't care about most modern performance/super/hyper cars. Damn near everything has a 3.0L TT V6 or 4.0L TT V8 and none of them sound unique or interesting, certainly not compared to the unique NA engines of even a few years ago. We have 3 senses to experience cars, having a boring sound turns a great car into a disappointing one.

  • skylinegtr32
    skylinegtr32 Prije 4 sati

    I'm surprised you didn't say anything about it being designed to compete in group b rally racing

  • Daniel O.
    Daniel O. Prije 4 sati

    Been waiting for this

  • Josh Chavers
    Josh Chavers Prije 4 sati

    Doug Demuro the kind of guy to say "The XJ220" only 217 times in this video.

  • kyle mustang
    kyle mustang Prije 4 sati

    Drinking game. Take a shot whenever you hear Doug say xj220

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips Prije 4 sati

    this video would be half it's length if not for the hundreds of times you say "XJ220".

  • simonriddick
    simonriddick Prije 4 sati

    Wow what a shape :).

  • Shannon Stjulien
    Shannon Stjulien Prije 4 sati

    sequels with delight!!! i want one so bad!

  • Luchas Dannenberg
    Luchas Dannenberg Prije 4 sati

    I've been waiting for this video ever since I started watching Doug

  • Jon
    Jon Prije 4 sati

    He cites the font of the owners manual at 12:49. That is fantastic.

  • Random videos
    Random videos Prije 4 sati

    Love that dail pad

  • Ron A.
    Ron A. Prije 4 sati

    I went to a very old middle school (im only 19) The ceiling tiles had been individually painted by students of past graduating classes. (it used to be a high school) All the ceiling tiles had been painted YEARS ago, this school was over a hundred years old. The paintings ranged from about 1980-1995. Most of the tiles were random things that were popular at the time. Lots of simpsons, hair bands, boy bands, scholastic things. However, TWO stuck out to a young aspiring car dork. One was a tile which was a student-painted hyperrealistic ‘85 Ferrari Testarossa actually from 1985. The other was a painting in similar fashion but it was the Jaguar XJ220 with “Jaguar XJ-220” scripted across the tile, in the most 90s font ever. Since walking under those two tiles every day for three years, i became obsessed with 80-90s supercars. (Cars in general) This is one of the many things that got me hooked on cars. Would really want to meet the guys (or gals) that made those paintings when they were 18 in the 80s/90s, unfortunately the school was closed and the tiles were removed due to fire hazard (i think the paint dissolved the fire retardant layer of resin that is sprayed on them)

  • justin turner
    justin turner Prije 4 sati

    I was in 3rd grade in 1993 and I had one of these as a matchbox car. It was pearl white and I thought it was so cool. Finally at 35, I get to learn about it. Thanks Doug🤙

  • redlawTV
    redlawTV Prije 4 sati

    I was very lucky to drive this car many years ago... in Need for Speed 2 xD

  • Calvin Wu
    Calvin Wu Prije 4 sati

    the star light costs 40$ in china lmao

  • Gacha_ Bunnyyy
    Gacha_ Bunnyyy Prije 4 sati

    He is joking, right?

  • Jon
    Jon Prije 4 sati

    Fantastic video, Douglas, thank you!

  • Gacha_ Bunnyyy
    Gacha_ Bunnyyy Prije 4 sati

    This dude is phyco

  • John Smith
    John Smith Prije 4 sati

    the side air vents direct air flow at the tires to cool them off

  • Raghav Bhatnagar
    Raghav Bhatnagar Prije 4 sati

    3 million sub treat

  • Nestor Garcia
    Nestor Garcia Prije 4 sati

    Her: How big....?? Me: 20:22

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson Prije 4 sati

    the he lights could of had a glass cover anyone agree with me

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 Prije 4 sati

    Pretty awesome... Very unique car.

  • AceOfSpades2398
    AceOfSpades2398 Prije 4 sati

    I no this car as the ocelot penetrator

  • Fabian_ H
    Fabian_ H Prije 4 sati


  • Gacha_ Bunnyyy
    Gacha_ Bunnyyy Prije 4 sati

    This dud is so dumb 😡👿

  • James Kann
    James Kann Prije 4 sati

    Mmmmm, sweet , old good days of NFS 2SE...

  • My Faded Sanity
    My Faded Sanity Prije 4 sati

    Doug the kind of guy who buys blinker fluid

  • Nator Malette87
    Nator Malette87 Prije 4 sati

    Why are you wearing a sea dogs shirt?

  • Rodrigo Terré
    Rodrigo Terré Prije 4 sati

    This car is a mess

  • Sir Yogi Rocks
    Sir Yogi Rocks Prije 4 sati

    Doug the type to wear knee pads during his reviews

  • Make SPQR Great Again
    Make SPQR Great Again Prije 4 sati

    0:59 that Facel is gorgeous

  • Kliman Khmeron
    Kliman Khmeron Prije 4 sati

    Its a visual illusion masterpiece looks like a 2d paper cut

  • Semir-LA
    Semir-LA Prije 4 sati

    I agree ... but I will buy it. It is ancient

  • steven hanna
    steven hanna Prije 4 sati

    Lexus cars are ugly with the Darth Vader face

  • Chicharito IsGoat
    Chicharito IsGoat Prije 4 sati

    The car is like me. I do great things but after a while people forgot me... jk😂

  • Earthguy88
    Earthguy88 Prije 5 sati

    Looka like a saleen

  • BBrandonBMusic
    BBrandonBMusic Prije 5 sati

    Doug the type of guy to read instructions on how to use toilet paper.

  • Marcelo Corniel
    Marcelo Corniel Prije 5 sati

    the mach 5

  • acer4139
    acer4139 Prije 5 sati

    32:30 did doug say damn? 🤣

  • Evan Turnau
    Evan Turnau Prije 5 sati

    Oh yes! Now this is Getting good!

  • Boll von Boll
    Boll von Boll Prije 5 sati

    I remember seeing that car in one of the early need for speed games in mid nineties, havent seen it since xd... Today I also learned that UK doesnt have hot sunny days haha

  • unstablebobgable
    unstablebobgable Prije 5 sati

    I would like to roll up the fat Woolford with Doug DeMuros and get all schmoked up

  • iwanta69rs
    iwanta69rs Prije 5 sati

    14:49 thought i was looking at a challenger interior lol

  • Daniel Purdy
    Daniel Purdy Prije 5 sati

    One of my favorite Die Cast cars I had when I was a kid. Never knew it was a v6 lol

  • hobbiesaremyhobby
    hobbiesaremyhobby Prije 5 sati

    What was there like 18' of radiator hose?

  • PrivateEyeYiYi
    PrivateEyeYiYi Prije 5 sati

    How come so many had left hand drive if they weren't able to sell them in the US?

  • hassan ahmadi
    hassan ahmadi Prije 5 sati

    You’re voice is as annoying as your delivery

  • Original Name 123
    Original Name 123 Prije 5 sati

    Loved this car in the Need for Speed II games back in the 90’s. Played it through my early childhood, what good times :)

  • Kalle Voutilainen
    Kalle Voutilainen Prije 5 sati

    Doug is cargay

  • Jon Lincoln
    Jon Lincoln Prije 5 sati

    The Key and door locks are from 1990’s UK Ford Models they were standard across all ford escort, orions Sierra and fiestas of the time !! Just happened to be built when ford owned Jag as well

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis Prije 5 sati

    I have always loved that car I see in that dealership they have a Ferrari 288 GTO you should review that car too

  • more bounce to the ounce


  • BBrandonBMusic
    BBrandonBMusic Prije 5 sati

    Doug the type of guy to put hot sauce on his food when it gets cold.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith Prije 5 sati

    Couldn't watch the driving part. The flashing gave me a really bad headache. 😣

  • Zack Magruder
    Zack Magruder Prije 5 sati

    Can you Daly drive a Land Rover defender

    KATDADDYG Prije 5 sati

    How many all time favorites do u have?

  • Chase Hiltz
    Chase Hiltz Prije 5 sati

    You should try to get your hands on the CLK GTR Mercedes

  • BH Paradox
    BH Paradox Prije 5 sati

    You got ripped off 53 thousand !!!! I saw a 2019 Ford Mustang gt500 for 32k

  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison Prije 5 sati

    It was supposed to be a freaking race car that was made for the street in the late eighties.

  • LouisChiron 1500
    LouisChiron 1500 Prije 5 sati


  • Keith Fletcher
    Keith Fletcher Prije 5 sati

    That car is a boat

  • sidefx996
    sidefx996 Prije 5 sati

    XJR-15 was crazier, no?

  • BBrandonBMusic
    BBrandonBMusic Prije 5 sati

    Doug the type of guy to keep an extra t-shirt in the car because sometimes wearing 2 just doesn't cut it.

    1 STOPWATCH Prije 5 sati

    Great review Doug, one of my favs as well One of the most under rated super cars of its era! in my opinion ... I love this car!!

  • Jay C
    Jay C Prije 5 sati

    Drink every time Doug says the letter ‘ J ‘

  • BBrandonBMusic
    BBrandonBMusic Prije 5 sati

    Doug the type of guy to eat a bowl of Wheaties before a car review so he can perform better.

  • Alex Scene
    Alex Scene Prije 5 sati

    That's a fugly ass car.

  • dips set
    dips set Prije 5 sati

    I'm 35. When I was 7-10 years old I had a toy model of this car. Such a unicorn

  • iwanta69rs
    iwanta69rs Prije 5 sati

    and those are the bout its got a slot for a 4 pt harness but no harness bar or harness for said slot

  • Muzaffar Krylov
    Muzaffar Krylov Prije 5 sati

    The driving portion of this video gave me an acid flashback... cool! 😨

  • fuzzzymaine2
    fuzzzymaine2 Prije 5 sati

    If sex had wheels.....

  • Mike Burley
    Mike Burley Prije 5 sati

    Shoot some b-roll so you don't notice the jump cuts. Just some detail shots and lace it over the interview. Next level.

  • 27walker27
    27walker27 Prije 5 sati

    dougs like the sheldon cooper of cars

  • Daniel Saint
    Daniel Saint Prije 5 sati

    It always amuses me how Americans call them 'Jagwar' rather than 'Jaguar' (Jag-U-Ar). You know... how it is spelt!?!

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich Prije 5 sati

    With so few cars, is that the gone in 60 seconds car?

  • BBrandonBMusic
    BBrandonBMusic Prije 5 sati

    Doug the type of guy to do Mentos commercials so he can be a freshmaker.

  • Ez
    Ez Prije 5 sati

    I remember seeing this in Weird Science

    • Ez
      Ez Prije 5 sati

      right?? or was it Ferris Bueller

  • britshell
    britshell Prije 5 sati

    Nice Ford....

  • gameplayer502
    gameplayer502 Prije 5 sati

    Damn that car is dust af inside

  • Jaden Adams
    Jaden Adams Prije 5 sati

    Instead of saying “jag-war”, just say jaaag