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JAGMAC | "Like Me" Live Performance
Pregleda 1,6 tis.Prije godine
Rayla | "Boys Like You" Performance
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  • ARMY titirat
    ARMY titirat Prije 3 sati

    Suga can see the future guys!!!!

  • Jiro kygen
    Jiro kygen Prije 5 sati

    y yo aquí pensando que había pasado por alto alguna escena épica de Jack Black tocando we're not gonna take it en su pelicula School of Rock, que defecada monumental en la pelicula, maldito asco Nickelodeon

  • Lexi Lambert
    Lexi Lambert Prije 10 sati

    Ross Butler Didn’t Get Replaced He Left The Show For 13 reasons why

  • VscoShook
    VscoShook Prije 15 sati

    Me: scrolling through the comments and only sees *about how Frankie got the Sam and cat theme song wrong* 😐

  • Nia Namin
    Nia Namin Prije 15 sati

    I did know how they go but Not always the Real lyrics because when i watched them i didn't knew english so i just made up words because i'm german

  • Isobella Vlogs
    Isobella Vlogs Prije 16 sati

    I finished all the Victorious seasons

  • ii
    ii Prije 17 sati

    I cried :’)

  • Ely G
    Ely G Prije 19 sati

    Their english got so much better

  • iiTrendyz
    iiTrendyz Prije 22 sati

    did they record this seperately and edit it together?

  • adam adam
    adam adam Prije 22 sati

    I love cami😍

  • Laura Warren
    Laura Warren Prije dan

    I think they were both pre recorded and edited together but its still very cute

  • Adinda Kusuma
    Adinda Kusuma Prije dan

    I love brandon sfm 😭😭😭😭

  • Moonchild 959
    Moonchild 959 Prije dan

    Kai: Rabbit Soobin: Rabbit? (insert Kendrick Lamar meme) Taehyun: Not you

  • Fernanda Sivincha

    Our wise old man with wise words Cole Sprouse

  • I'm Your #1 Fan Baconfatt

    I knew gabi got kylie immediately. Kylie has such a low soft voice. Also gabi is for sure Ariana and kylie's love child 😂💖💖

  • Jackie
    Jackie Prije dan

    their english is getting so much better!!!!

  • Jay Charice
    Jay Charice Prije dan

    I'm crying!!! Soobin's accent is everything!!! I love him so much!!!

  • hunter cunningham


  • shay
    shay Prije dan

    lol the way theyre obviously not actually talking to each other 😂😂 😂😂😂

  • Misha Akhtar
    Misha Akhtar Prije dan

    Nia talks about dance moms, so does chole, so does Cameron, so does Brynn, so does brooke, but when will maddie and kenz talk about it?

  • Paola Souza
    Paola Souza Prije dan

    “not you” BHAHAHAHA

  • David Stefan Buraga

    He is souch a cheater !

  • Julia Castro
    Julia Castro Prije dan

    I love this

  • panda
    panda Prije dan

    Left to Right: Soobin, Taehyun, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Huening Kai :) I love TXT so muchhhhh ❤️ MOA forever :)

  • 90sBaby
    90sBaby Prije dan

    Niki and gabi and frankie 😍😍😍

  • panda
    panda Prije dan

    They are all so cuteeeeeee

  • Hypa-Gemie
    Hypa-Gemie Prije dan

    Yay! Hehe you got to talk with TXT again! :D Txt are so sweet! Love them! ❤️ thank you for the nice interview!

  • tam
    tam Prije dan

    such babies🥺🥺🥺

  • Nour Atef
    Nour Atef Prije dan


  • lmao wow
    lmao wow Prije dan

    give Liam a raise

  • hafsa MOARMY 4ever

    at 4:33 Subin : rabbit ??? TXT : 👀👀👀👀 Taehyun : not you Other members : yeah not you Subin : 😅😅😅 okay

  • Keisha Batts
    Keisha Batts Prije dan

    My cute boys💛💚💙

  • Lea Johnson
    Lea Johnson Prije dan

    Are y you guys sister and brother

  • Triziana Tàrräyø

    taehyun: rabbits~ kai: yeah rabbits soobin: rabbits?✌😊✌ :NOT YOU soobin: okay, okay im sorry ok ok ok *that was cute*🥺

  • crazy little aia
    crazy little aia Prije dan

    The cutest TT

  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    So gorgeous! 🐱🐾

  • Aliesha Whyte
    Aliesha Whyte Prije 2 dana

    Do you still put fake feet in the trunk of your car.. XD I LOVE YOU

  • Diamond Winx BackUp Account

    Plz do more impressions

  • Tusjin N
    Tusjin N Prije 2 dana

    Taehyun savage af 🤣🤣

  • Kenzie Kellogg
    Kenzie Kellogg Prije 2 dana

    Kai: Rabbit Soobin: Rabbit!! Everyone: NOT YoU

  • Kenzie Kellogg
    Kenzie Kellogg Prije 2 dana

    Taehyun: march 13 Beomgyu: Noooo. Taehyun: o_O

  • Angie 207
    Angie 207 Prije 2 dana

    Everyone , give her a break she does a lot she has no time to sit down and wach TV like we all do so stop hating ok😊aka this is not to be rude to anyone ! I love u all!💖💖💖

  • Kitty Claus
    Kitty Claus Prije 2 dana

    I love Liam

  • Abdullah Irfan
    Abdullah Irfan Prije 2 dana

    Finally one interview which did not emphasis on BTS. Liam ur besttt

  • Kat Moise
    Kat Moise Prije 2 dana

    I never met someone who has the same bday as me, December 5

  • Camilla Snake
    Camilla Snake Prije 2 dana

    this gave me anxiety not because i don’t like snakes, but i was scared for them 🥺

  • Mint Ruto
    Mint Ruto Prije 2 dana

    jade and sam are going to be a awesome duo ^U^

  • lazy bones anims
    lazy bones anims Prije 2 dana

    Am I your cousin 😂 I am your cousin 😐.......yay

  • Gucci Tae
    Gucci Tae Prije 2 dana


  • Leanne Dearing
    Leanne Dearing Prije 2 dana

    This is my FAVOURITE show ever!

  • Kawaii ._.
    Kawaii ._. Prije 2 dana

    Where is Kai growing to????!!!!!!

  • jtothehooope
    jtothehooope Prije 2 dana

    The editing is so obvious😂😂 don’t get me wrong I love it

  • laylaraees
    laylaraees Prije 2 dana

    Bighit: How many dictionaries?? Txt: YES

  • Helena Bräuer
    Helena Bräuer Prije 2 dana

    I’m living for this interviewer. I feel like he is one of the best ever

  • Tyra Campbell
    Tyra Campbell Prije 2 dana

    who forgot that she was on DANCE MOMS

  • Tyra Campbell
    Tyra Campbell Prije 2 dana

    who forgot that she was on DANCE MOMS

  • Quintet Liter
    Quintet Liter Prije 2 dana

    4:34 UP THE TUBE AGHHHH MY BOOT HA He got it wrong

    HULL GRAFFITI Prije 2 dana

    I don't see the outside I only see somebodies inside.....lol...Yeah yeah pretty boy I bet you would change your tune if a big fat wobbly greasy ugly chick covered in acne come puffing and wheezing at you expecting to pull her tampon out and sit on your face but she was 'bubbly ' on the inside ....

  • bentata karima
    bentata karima Prije 2 dana

    Ma bias SOOBIN so cute.

  • Мари Корнелива

    какой-то странный человек-ведущий..немного напугал,и вопрос хрен пойми какие

  • Taehyung? Tea, hyung.
    Taehyung? Tea, hyung. Prije 2 dana

    I love New Rules too fabsdkjfbakjsdbf;ds

  • Bethany haralu
    Bethany haralu Prije 2 dana

    I love you TXT sunbaenin I love you soobin and yeonjun I love you soobin you are my bias Best group I am so proud to be a MOA I really want to meet you guys Love you

  • Giana
    Giana Prije 3 dana

    soobin: 🐰 rabbit?? taehyun: ANYWAYS CHILE

  • dO U kNoW wAtErMElOn
    dO U kNoW wAtErMElOn Prije 3 dana


  • roxana quntanilla
    roxana quntanilla Prije 3 dana

    Sooo cute

  • Bxby Ari Arianator
    Bxby Ari Arianator Prije 3 dana

    4:07. I knew it automatically

  • CCP 101
    CCP 101 Prije 3 dana

    This video made me cringe like a billion times

  • silvuh skull
    silvuh skull Prije 3 dana

    My Goddess, this is so scary to hear about.

  • Keatina Blakeney
    Keatina Blakeney Prije 3 dana

    Awwwwwww he’s too young for me...... but very handsome

  • Pineapple Steak is god

    When was says the one with says schoolwork do you like Krabby Patties it's a mean I mean to means it's funny in there just Anime that drawing like with the teeth of pushing biting his teeth SpongeBob it's real funny you should check it out it's on HRclip

  • I Sued Min Yoongi
    I Sued Min Yoongi Prije 3 dana

    Okay but can we talk about their English getting much more better

  • The life Of Emily
    The life Of Emily Prije 3 dana

    Wow JoJo was quite 😧😧

  • I Purple BTS!!!
    I Purple BTS!!! Prije 3 dana

    Txt pretending to say their own answers for the questions Liam is asking is so cute. Cuz the staff is there behind the camera holding the answers in a board. They tried so freaking much to avoid staring at that place! So cuteeeeee 💜💜

  • MADesigns
    MADesigns Prije 3 dana

    I’m always impressed with Liams research on the people he interviews...like this guy is amazing!! Breathe if you agree 💕

  • Banana-milk
    Banana-milk Prije 3 dana

    I feel like this was pre filmed , because of the way Liam said “ oh Soobin you like new rules too “ that just looks and sound pre filmed 😂 But one thing I did notice is their English improved a lot ✊🏻♥️

  • Gillene
    Gillene Prije 3 dana

    Just noticed in English interviews seokjin rarely talks but when he does it's always comedy gold 😂

  • jimins thighs
    jimins thighs Prije 3 dana

    alright but their english is improving so fast i can’t process that

  • Summer Baby
    Summer Baby Prije 3 dana


  • dita’s pumpkin-spice-latte

    who else ships Luke and Sabrina?

  • Gwen Starr
    Gwen Starr Prije 3 dana

    6:19 can I have a loop of this. For science.

  • Nairobi
    Nairobi Prije 3 dana


  • Maggie Blevins
    Maggie Blevins Prije 3 dana

    4:26 For me just me

    FATIMA Prije 3 dana

    Liza is the cutest😭😻❤️❤️

  • Baphy
    Baphy Prije 3 dana

    Liam is the best

  • princess gabari
    princess gabari Prije 3 dana

    New Lightsticks?

  • Satenik Tovmasyan
    Satenik Tovmasyan Prije 3 dana

    Liam is the best interviewer, I am glad he gets to interviewer them even in the long distance ^^

  • Patricia Diaz
    Patricia Diaz Prije 3 dana

    Liam is one of the best interviewer out there ㅜㅜ appreciate the guy!

  • Sonya Stefan
    Sonya Stefan Prije 3 dana

    this is my favourite interview that they've done it was so funny and theyre my favourite of the cast and they were all having the best time uughgh I LOVE YALL

  • Hope Borgmann
    Hope Borgmann Prije 3 dana

    Their English is so cute...it shows their soft side

  • Y
    Y Prije 3 dana

    They were so cute in this interview aww!! Yoongi saying “give me a chance” when talking about performing at BBMAs, and look at them now they’ve performed there twice!!!!!!!!!

  • Cleo Jey Jey
    Cleo Jey Jey Prije 3 dana

    She was called a praying mantis in the ALDC.

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M Prije 3 dana

    Is Kai fluent in English?

  • Gwyne Chan
    Gwyne Chan Prije 3 dana

    Hueningkai: rabbit Soobin: rabbit?🐰 Savage Taehyun: Not you 😂😂😂

  • Dale Ramnath
    Dale Ramnath Prije 3 dana

    Awesome, the next punk rock star

  • Diana 🌸
    Diana 🌸 Prije 3 dana

    The only interviewer we trust

  • cristina calderon miguel

    1:36 nope, it's not "surf's up", it's " surf crazy"

  • Jung Gukie
    Jung Gukie Prije 3 dana

    lol at the angel questions i was expecting them to always point at themselves

  • Jung Gukie
    Jung Gukie Prije 3 dana

    hueningkai: widE musiCaL spEctRum

  • Simran Kausar
    Simran Kausar Prije 3 dana

    Ariana I thought you were my brother

  • Mariann Olivieri
    Mariann Olivieri Prije 3 dana

    I luv this guy