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Meta Report - Mages in the Bot Lane
Pregleda 2,3 tis.Prije 17 sati
The Review | TL vs IG
Pregleda 35 tis.Prije 4 dana
The Review | SKT vs RNG
Pregleda 51 tis.Prije 4 dana
The Review | GRF vs G2
Pregleda 50 tis.Prije 5 dana
Let's Go NA: Team Liquid
Pregleda 79 tis.Prije 14 dana
This is LEC - Cut Scene: The Gauntlet
Pregleda 33 tis.Prije 11 dana
2019 Worlds Top 20 with Jatt & Vedius
Pregleda 290 tis.Prije 13 dana
Let's Go NA: Cloud9
Pregleda 73 tis.Prije 15 dana
This or That | Worlds Is So Hot Right Now
Pregleda 365 tis.Prije 14 dana
This is LEC: The Contenders of Europe
Pregleda 132 tis.Prije 13 dana
The Penta | 2019 Worlds Play-In Stage
Pregleda 151 tis.Prije 14 dana
Ready for Worlds | Kobe
Pregleda 106 tis.Prije 22 dana
Ready for Worlds | Phreak
Pregleda 77 tis.Prije 23 dana
Let's Go NA: Clutch Gaming
Pregleda 62 tis.Prije 25 dana
Phreak Show | The Worlds Patch
Pregleda 163 tis.Prije 23 dana
Ready for Worlds | Jatt's Chair
Pregleda 127 tis.Prije 26 dana
Ready for Worlds | Flowers
Pregleda 175 tis.Prije 25 dana
Ready for Worlds | Dash
Pregleda 193 tis.Prije 27 dana
Good Luck at Worlds: #LCS
Pregleda 101 tis.Prije 26 dana
This or That | Trash Talk Backfire
Pregleda 290 tis.Prije 27 dana
#EUMasters The Penta | Quarterfinals
Pregleda 89 tis.Prije 26 dana
Worlds 2019 - Format Summary
Pregleda 430 tis.Prije mjesec
#EUMasters The Penta | Play-ins
Pregleda 113 tis.Prije mjesec
Moments & Memories | #LEC Summer 2019
Pregleda 94 tis.Prije mjesec
The Penta | Who's Ganking Who?
Pregleda 190 tis.Prije mjesec
Meta Report - Garen & Yuumi Bot Lane
Pregleda 127 tis.Prije mjesec
The Perfect Intro | #LEC & Kia Motors
Pregleda 41 tis.Prije mjesec
G2 Jankos | 2019 #LEC Summer MVP
Pregleda 170 tis.Prije mjesec
LEC Athens: Finals Tease
Pregleda 103 tis.Prije mjesec
#LEC Legends: Rekkles
Pregleda 186 tis.Prije mjesec
#EUMasters - Solo Queue Montage
Pregleda 41 tis.Prije mjesec
#LEC Semifinals Tease
Pregleda 72 tis.Prije mjesec
This or That | Go to Worlds in Style
Pregleda 271 tis.Prije mjesec
2019 #LEC Summer Final Athens: Teaser
Pregleda 136 tis.Prije mjesec
The Penta | Can't Touch Caps
Pregleda 258 tis.Prije mjesec
#LEC's Sandstorm in Athens - Making of
Pregleda 64 tis.Prije mjesec
#LEC's Sandstorm in Athens!
Pregleda 283 tis.Prije mjesec
#LEC Summer Playoffs - Round 2 Tease
Pregleda 104 tis.Prije mjesec
Level Up: Setting up Baron
Pregleda 138 tis.Prije mjesec
The Penta | A Garen-teed Baron
Pregleda 231 tis.Prije mjesec
EAT LIKE A PRO with Pirean
Pregleda 23 tis.Prije mjesec
EAT LIKE A PRO with Kasing
Pregleda 33 tis.Prije mjesec
EAT LIKE A PRO with Cabochard
Pregleda 30 tis.Prije mjesec
EAT LIKE A PRO with Upset
Pregleda 40 tis.Prije mjesec
Pregleda 18 tis.Prije mjesec
This or That | Live from Detroit
Pregleda 125 tis.Prije mjesec
The Queue | Doublelift & Svenskeren
Pregleda 176 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
2019 LCS Summer Split MVP: Svenskeren
Pregleda 87 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
#LEC Summer Playoffs - Opening Tease
Pregleda 99 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
EU Rising: Splyce
Pregleda 30 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci
Patch 9.16 | Vedius' Picks to Watch
Pregleda 98 tis.Prije 2 mjeseci


  • body mohamed
    body mohamed Prije sat

    Guys i really miss ashe and jhin 😢😢😢 I hate this cancer meta

  • pvp979gaming
    pvp979gaming Prije sat

    boringgggggggggggggggg laneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Squeakyevil
    Squeakyevil Prije sat

    Adcs just need slightly better defensive options, but those might not get picked up anyway since the whole role is built around maximizing dps.

  • msonix
    msonix Prije sat

    This is the content I subscribed for. Ty Rito and Mr Shakarez.

  • Anthony Chu
    Anthony Chu Prije sat

    HKA let's go

  • ISAAC Lalnunzira
    ISAAC Lalnunzira Prije sat

    summary Mages can poke easier Mages can wave clear easier Lane control

  • Pedro Alves
    Pedro Alves Prije sat

    Please Rito, bring back the force of ad carries. We're all a bit tired of just Kai'Sa and Xayah. Where's Varus, Ashe, Kalista, Jhin, Kog, Jinx and all the others ad carries we were taught to love through the years? I hope the changes in this next season could happen the carries to have more relevance in the games.

  • MudTube
    MudTube Prije sat

    The play I was most excites about was Xmithies Jarvan gank down bottom. I have no idea where it is on this top 5. Sincerely, an LEC fan.

  • Yaboku
    Yaboku Prije sat

    I really want this format to change. Riv's weird style doesn't fit at all and really annoys me. In addition with the old red-blue touches it is way too LCS-focused wich is most of the time a negative.

  • Elisha James
    Elisha James Prije sat

    Riot: Lets make a new video about mages in bot. *a FeW mOmeNts lATeR* Mages: *get smashed in lane and carried by their teammates*

  • A Cool Name
    A Cool Name Prije sat

    so are you nerfing mages soon? you go over how strong Lost Chapter is you go over how easy it is to get 33 magic pen (which will put most champions at under 10 magic resist, and reduce the first MR item they buy to basically 0, at max 22 MR from a 55 MR item) you go over how they have earlier power spikes then they have bigger kill threat at level 6 most games are decided pretty early you also go over how mages get easy waveclear and how they have cheaper and stronger items EDIT: and please dont go ''hi Hashinshin'' on me, im a mage main whenever i want to win

  • Dominik Tyrna
    Dominik Tyrna Prije sat

    The first point with the gold efficiency shows clearly that ADC items NEED to be buffed! ADC's scale way slower and thus have a lesser impact in the game.

  • Junpaul Gaculla
    Junpaul Gaculla Prije sat


  • LoL Esports
    LoL Esports Prije sat

    Worth mentioning some stats (that didn't make it in because the video was written and planned after play-ins and while groups were underway). Bot Lane Mage win rate: Play-ins - 5-2 (excluding the mage vs mage game) Groups - 1-13 (1-14 if Sona is included as a mage) Win rate vs Marksmen lanes: 5-14

    • Andrey Lap
      Andrey Lap Prije sat

      Well, hope it doesn't get "ballanced" - in the end diversity is gUd.

    • Teemo SSGSS
      Teemo SSGSS Prije sat

      So, only works in low Elo q:

  • Snoii
    Snoii Prije sat

    as an adc main - i dont like this - sorry mages but I love my ADC's

    • Roses and Roses
      Roses and Roses Prije sat

      @Pedro Alves it's not like adc are not strong enough. Like Yannick said, they are very strong in late game, they can even become monster in the good hands. Deal with it lol.

    • Yannick
      Yannick Prije sat

      @Pedro Alves God no pls don't, these games that are decided by late game teamfights at 45 minutes by some adc crit duels are so fckn boring

    • Pedro Alves
      Pedro Alves Prije sat

      I just would like that Riot could see that and tell us why they don't bring the ad carries back to their excellence.

  • Trust Thresh
    Trust Thresh Prije sat

    We are VCS

  • Paul Weird
    Paul Weird Prije sat

    nemesis is playing very good, he is a great mid laner, keep rocking dude

  • Fingering Things
    Fingering Things Prije sat

    “Mage bot lane is the new meta” *gets destroyed every match in Worlds*

  • Mike Gew
    Mike Gew Prije sat

    mage's bot lane isn't so good (in my opinion) cause mage's depends on leveling and upgrade skills unlike adc's that depend mostly on gold and items... bot role has less xp from mid but the same gold so mage's are better at mid :)

  • Thị Kim Hoa Nguyễn

    From Việt Nam with love

    • Jayrick Quijano
      Jayrick Quijano Prije sat

      Got my hopes up cause of levi and zerod for nothing lul

  • Fracote
    Fracote Prije sat


  • Steven
    Steven Prije sat

    Good Luck NA in the quarterfinals. :D

  • Deeo
    Deeo Prije sat


  • Notickar
    Notickar Prije sat

    Prepare for velkoz bot boys

  • Michał J
    Michał J Prije sat


  • My New Account
    My New Account Prije sat

    Botlane mages going 1-13 in Worlds LUL

    • Andrey Lap
      Andrey Lap Prije sat

      @Tr Dat OR maybe teams themselfs was warse then the opponent and opt for mage botlane to add some varianse and have at least SOME chanse of winning (c9..?)

    • Tr Dat
      Tr Dat Prije sat

      True. Any team that picked mage bot lane didn't have any chance to win. Mage should just go mid. Or at least pick an ADC for the mid lane to deal damage in late game.

    • Osathi Jantrasri
      Osathi Jantrasri Prije sat

      the thruth has been spoken

    • Milf Hunter Kakyoin
      Milf Hunter Kakyoin Prije sat


  • Immo Rtallis
    Immo Rtallis Prije sat

    first xd

  • William Nalley
    William Nalley Prije sat

    good vid, but you need a screen for your mic. You're hitting some really hard consonants, especially at the start of the vid.

  • Carlo Sansait
    Carlo Sansait Prije sat


  • Maro and Salt
    Maro and Salt Prije sat

    Where is DWG VS IG in Baron play?

  • Đức Đoàn Đồng

    Kiaya của Việt Nam

  • よしなつ
    よしなつ Prije sat

    sure a cancer team could win any match up thanks DWG for testify that

  • Maysjl Jack
    Maysjl Jack Prije sat

    IG NB

  • David Daimari
    David Daimari Prije sat

    I always thought penta was about penta kills.

  • Roy Roon
    Roy Roon Prije sat

    Vcs no.1

  • Albert Vogel
    Albert Vogel Prije sat

    When is the post-group stage Divephoria?

  • carlo fasfafafds
    carlo fasfafafds Prije sat

    No damwon baron play vs ig?

  • Code Master
    Code Master Prije sat

    how is tarzans qiyana eing some1 and then redircting the ult with flash to knock 3 other enemies not even featured

  • optionsss
    optionsss Prije sat

    the shy's akali?

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus Prije sat

    wtf? bad plays like number 2 was just lucky and wow what are these choices xD

  • Christian Neil Anthony Wico

    How in the Worlds does that backdoor by SKT on RNG not in there???

  • Kirigaya Kazuto
    Kirigaya Kazuto Prije sat

    Vietnam :))

  • Muffe Master
    Muffe Master Prije 2 sati

    If these plays is the 5 best plays in groups, the quality of this year is low

  • Pit g
    Pit g Prije 2 sati

    3. Is so bad played. Cancelling his autoattack twice

  • Interesting Things
    Interesting Things Prije 2 sati

    Fact: Vcs thumbnail will get more views

  • fhh
    fhh Prije 2 sati


  • Arkadiusz Kielar
    Arkadiusz Kielar Prije 2 sati

    Yea, I knew 3Z will be first

  • SurnBide
    SurnBide Prije 2 sati

    The last gift from the LMS. Rip S2 winner region.

  • Adam Neradilek
    Adam Neradilek Prije 2 sati

    Honestly, this list is a joke

    MINH WJSN Prije 2 sati

    3Gà teamview cho 3Z?

  • Adam Neradilek
    Adam Neradilek Prije 2 sati

    Where is Splyce destroying GAM in the baron pit while being few thousand gold behind?!

  • Eira Yu
    Eira Yu Prije 2 sati

    The IG Damwon Baron fight should’ve been in there. Nuclear, Showmaker and Canyon played that fight like beasts.

  • natu kono
    natu kono Prije 2 sati

    Imagine TheShy's Akali vs DWG not on this list. Did Riv choose these himself?

  • Blaise9228
    Blaise9228 Prije 2 sati

    Nemesis' Veigar outplay against Faker's Akali deserves an honorable mention. Akali literally Vanished it was hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Omixam
    Omixam Prije 2 sati

    Faker just ran away..

  • Zurugashi
    Zurugashi Prije 2 sati


  • sơn phạm
    sơn phạm Prije 2 sati

    Biết ngay pha của kiaya sẽ lọt top the pen ta ma

  • 小星
    小星 Prije 2 sati

    We are LMS the last year…

  • Khai Phanquang
    Khai Phanquang Prije 2 sati


  • Nguyễn Trọng
    Nguyễn Trọng Prije 2 sati

    Kiaya <3

  • KUDO Kim
    KUDO Kim Prije 2 sati

    where is showmaker's triple kill with akali?

  • Magnus T
    Magnus T Prije 2 sati

    Legit made for the representation of dog regions what a fkn joke

  • Rantoni Macaroni
    Rantoni Macaroni Prije 2 sati

    After Impact bodied these guys on Renekton like that Riot had to remove Shojin from the game:D

  • Max Cormier
    Max Cormier Prije 2 sati

    lol clip number 5 is just TF running XD

    • Gocthor
      Gocthor Prije sat

      @Bennett Foddy I think its just in this video because it is Faker, if lets say Humanoid did the exact same thing it wouldn't have been here

    • Bennett Foddy
      Bennett Foddy Prije 2 sati

      You try to run escaping lee q with flash + mord on 2% of your health while checking the map with having minion damage with all your teammates dead... Yeah TF Running XD...

  • 鱗靚蔯
    鱗靚蔯 Prije 2 sati


  • Korbinian Seibold
    Korbinian Seibold Prije 2 sati

    When does the next Episode of Divephoria come out ?

  • benni4451
    benni4451 Prije 2 sati

    2:33 that guy in the crowd man I just love seeing those hype guys

    • MiloufromSaigon
      MiloufromSaigon Prije sat

      Meanwhile the Korean fan: * cover faces and hide behind the signs *

  • MrBeanForLife
    MrBeanForLife Prije 2 sati

    K I A Y A

  • MrBoogie92
    MrBoogie92 Prije 2 sati

    Lol, where is ShowMaker triple kill on Akali vs IG?

  • Jamar Montehermoso
    Jamar Montehermoso Prije 2 sati

    This should be a Top 10, even 20, we have a lot of amazing plays in the Group Stage.

  • Llen Lee
    Llen Lee Prije 2 sati

    1:47 yaya 😂

  • CLG Skrypt
    CLG Skrypt Prije 2 sati

    Come on, the one thing u have to give to na was damonte's bait when he flashed into his jg That was so hype when u saw it live

  • Jungyoon Seo
    Jungyoon Seo Prije 2 sati

    Sigh once again Riot being extremely biased against LCK - LCK teams had so many good moments that were better than that #5 pick. All 3 LCK representatives made it out of group stage as 1st seeds and this is the ONE play you pick from them?? DWG's baron steal? SKT backdoor against RNG? Hello?

    • Austyn Melcher
      Austyn Melcher Prije 2 sati

      We have the rest of the tournament for their plays to make it on the penta, VCS and LMS are gone so it's fair to give them some now since they can't get more later.

  • bảo nguyễn
    bảo nguyễn Prije 2 sati

    Kiaya is suffering from an evil disease but wins it to go to the world championship 💪💪 P/s : I am using Google Translate to translate it

  • Phong Lương
    Phong Lương Prije 2 sati

    GAM Kiaya♥️🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • 와이파이
    와이파이 Prije 2 sati

    2:29 실회냐 클리드

  • TiktokAS Channel
    TiktokAS Channel Prije 2 sati

    Ayaya 😲😲😲😎

  • istahran corp
    istahran corp Prije 2 sati

    report riot from racism ! last 3 years they ignore korea and china its so obvious. yeah lady luck take cares him right . talentless challenger wannabe

    • Kahwin Lol
      Kahwin Lol Prije 2 sati

      Show some respect and love to theshy pls

    • Kahwin Lol
      Kahwin Lol Prije 2 sati

      Riot nvr show theshy outplay even theshy outplay so hard

  • tan duy
    tan duy Prije 2 sati


  • Inchek 2
    Inchek 2 Prije 2 sati

    The girls voice is cracking lol bad performance

  • Hadjie Esteves
    Hadjie Esteves Prije 2 sati

    the backdoor in SKT vs RNG is better!

  • Elisha James
    Elisha James Prije 2 sati

    Casters: *TL is the last hope of NA and they will overcome their demons this year* Fans: *not gonna lie, they had us on the first half*

  • lewiox 32
    lewiox 32 Prije 3 sati

    where was perkz escape as zoe?

  • Ming Tong
    Ming Tong Prije 3 sati

    Where is the : 1.Theshy jayce solo kill nuguri ? 2.Theshy vladimir outply doublelift ? 3.Theshy akali outplay dwg with sick ply and kill

  • Code Euna
    Code Euna Prije 3 sati

    Where's the IG vs DWG Baron play? That one is just pure art.

  • cúc cu
    cúc cu Prije 3 sati


  • Ollie
    Ollie Prije 3 sati

    Always FNATIC❤️

  • R SpecTrE
    R SpecTrE Prije 3 sati

    From VCS with pride <3

    • R SpecTrE
      R SpecTrE Prije 2 sati

      @lake spring win if you look at the results, it doesn't mean anything. GAM could do it better then could made it out of group. Our young boys tried hard to prepare for Worlds, now it's time for them to enjoy. Btw, be in Worlds 2019 were a huge pride

    • lake spring win
      lake spring win Prije 2 sati

      people expect MUCH MORE when mentioning Gam

    • lake spring win
      lake spring win Prije 2 sati

      how is that pride when you got 1-5?

  • Gaming Unknow
    Gaming Unknow Prije 3 sati

    VCS top 3 We will return Stronger than ever We are VCS

  • Maik Overmars
    Maik Overmars Prije 3 sati

    2 EZ 4 3Z

  • Ming Tong
    Ming Tong Prije 3 sati

    Where is theshy outply lolz

  • Carli
    Carli Prije 3 sati

    Just saying. The 1v1 was pure luck.

  • Zeke's Convergence
    Zeke's Convergence Prije 3 sati

    1:36 how is this in the penta??? that was really not so well played by Kiaya, he even canceled his second autoattack, otherwise the fight would have been less close. That was mainly just Fofo misscalculating and not kiting.

  • Shane Jacob
    Shane Jacob Prije 3 sati

    I cannot believe these clowns putting that Faker play at 5 LMAO!!!!!! Sucking faker off for karsa missplaying and Faker just auto him and walknig away..

    • KUDO Kim
      KUDO Kim Prije 2 sati

      faker had better plays in the groups than that #5 walking away

  • George Parsons
    George Parsons Prije 3 sati

    Sword played that 2v1 so poorly towards the end, missed autos, poor pathing and taking those tower shots.

    • Twizz ted
      Twizz ted Prije 2 sati

      yeah was quite the int there hahah

    • KUDO Kim
      KUDO Kim Prije 2 sati

      worst toplaner ever sword

  • Shocker
    Shocker Prije 3 sati

    NA = Not Advance

  • Narayanan Raman
    Narayanan Raman Prije 3 sati

    Showmaker? Tarzan? Skt backdoor? 😂 All missing

  • Long Hoàng
    Long Hoàng Prije 3 sati

    Ki yayayayayaya 😆😆😆

  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs Prije 3 sati

    Before worlds: NA has a real shot at making it through the tournament After groups: _Hello darkness my old friend_

    • Broderick
      Broderick Prije sat

      we're right back where we started boys. maybe now we'll realize that there has to be some fundamental changes to the region

    • Marco Ferreira
      Marco Ferreira Prije 2 sati

      Nobody ever said NA had a shot, u less they were delusional. NA is trash, specially this year