🏆MAN CITY CHAMPIONS!🏆 Who Won the League? City! City! 2018-2019

  • Datum objavljivanja: 13. Svi 2019.
  • Manchester City are Premier League Champions, 2019!
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Komentari • 4 540

  • steven pugh541
    steven pugh541 Prije 2 sati

    Vinny is leaving 😭😭😭

  • Zsolt Kocsis
    Zsolt Kocsis Prije 2 sati

    You won the champions league? Not city not city

  • sergio bellon gutierrez

    What's this song name?

    SAIB NACER Prije 4 sati


  • Johnathan Quigg
    Johnathan Quigg Prije 5 sati

    Dude u should be kind of ashamed of the Aryton Senna joke. It flopped and it wasn't funny at all just disgraceful

  • Adnan Aden
    Adnan Aden Prije 5 sati

    This is trash

  • Lewis Williams
    Lewis Williams Prije 5 sati

    Who won the league shi*ty

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 Prije 6 sati

    Ffs ynwa

  • johny noob
    johny noob Prije 6 sati

    I disliked video because I love Liverpool

  • Hossam Badrawi
    Hossam Badrawi Prije 6 sati

    Shity shity

  • Minecraft Master 08
    Minecraft Master 08 Prije 7 sati +1


  • Unstoppable ninja
    Unstoppable ninja Prije 7 sati

    What team does Dean support

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown Prije 7 sati

    Right so arsenal finished above Man Utd and there here but we aren’t makes sense

  • Ava Mcmenamin
    Ava Mcmenamin Prije 7 sati

    “Bernardo” doesn’t look anything like him

  • Jamesk Pettit
    Jamesk Pettit Prije 7 sati +1

    Who stole the league...

  • james millar
    james millar Prije 8 sati

    Man City have won the full English what a fry up!

  • Osvaldo Fernández
    Osvaldo Fernández Prije 8 sati

    The ucl trophy has won spurs

  • Jay mills
    Jay mills Prije 8 sati


  • Anna Rosa
    Anna Rosa Prije 8 sati +1

    Whos going to win

    Liverpool like
    Spurs comment

  • Tima 2018
    Tima 2018 Prije 9 sati +1

    Where Zinchenko?

  • rab smith
    rab smith Prije 9 sati

    I love Manchester unt

  • Rocio Montalván Garay
    Rocio Montalván Garay Prije 10 sati

    You Made bad videos because the Players no are envidious

  • Marshall Kairupan
    Marshall Kairupan Prije 11 sati

    Who won the UCL... Liverpool, Liverpool
    Who won the UCL... Liverpool, Liverpool
    Who won the UCL... Liverpool, Liverpool
    Who won the UCL... Liverpool at last!

  • Apostrophe FiveFiveThree
    Apostrophe FiveFiveThree Prije 12 sati

    Don't forget Man United not only lost Cardiff, but by 2 goals, at their own home

  • BigTproPlays_YT
    BigTproPlays_YT Prije 15 sati

    This is sickening, as a man united fan this pisses me off, we used to be the REAL Manchester when we had giggs, Ferdinand, scholes, Neville, the old Ronaldo, and SAF, now we have an overpaid de gea, a god awful defense (not lindelof), and a useless offense, OGS AND WOODWARD OUT!!!!!!!

  • KIGGZ ,
    KIGGZ , Prije 15 sati

    For chelsea not a two-year transfer ban its a two window transfer ban

  • Muhammad Fadhlu
    Muhammad Fadhlu Prije 15 sati

    Where's Arsenal??

  • Barry Michael
    Barry Michael Prije 17 sati

    Dean also know City will win the treble 🏆🏆🏆.

  • The Zero Mortal Plan
    The Zero Mortal Plan Prije 17 sati

    MAN FUCK this guys wtf I hope they all their bus gets bomb WHO GOT BOMBED CITY CITY

  • driton fejzulla
    driton fejzulla Prije 17 sati +1

    Tottenham:i will win the champions league
    liverpool:no way! i will win
    man city: 6 finals and 0 wins liverpool now 7 finals and 0 wins

  • AlphA
    AlphA Prije 18 sati

    who won the league? oil rig oil rig

  • Maks Kukurowski
    Maks Kukurowski Prije 18 sati

    First to like

  • JF Pulse
    JF Pulse Prije 19 sati

    Who is here after Manchester City won the domestic treble

  • Uzma Rahim
    Uzma Rahim Prije 19 sati

    Thanks I'm a city fan

  • Fabian Hikade
    Fabian Hikade Prije 19 sati

    And now the same video for Bayern.

    ÆRIEL Prije 20 sati +1

    Watching this again...
    And I realized at 3:37 where a player always get thrown out of the bus but not this time but there was blood after a few seconds.

  • Gamer Glitter
    Gamer Glitter Prije 20 sati +1


  • Emilturbo5GamesBGHD
    Emilturbo5GamesBGHD Prije 20 sati

    Who's here after Man City beated Watford 6-0 and won the treble?

    COOKIE ETA PIZZA Prije 21 sat

    Who won the treble? CITY! CITY!

  • Dominik Witkiewicz
    Dominik Witkiewicz Prije 21 sat

    Not better than last year

  • Issam Mabrek
    Issam Mabrek Prije 21 sat

    Where is arsenal

  • Dxvid
    Dxvid Prije 21 sat +1

    Who won the fa cup
    City city

  • callaghan728
    callaghan728 Prije 22 sati

    Steady!! LFC

  • Oliver Morales
    Oliver Morales Prije 22 sati +30

    Who is here after the FA Cup Final ?
    Man City 6:0 Watford

    • Adamusowaty
      Adamusowaty Prije 6 sati

      +Albert Hofmann savage that i like 😂

    • Albert Hofmann
      Albert Hofmann Prije 6 sati

      Congratulations! Now, when you play Champions League?

  • Codrut Stanciu
    Codrut Stanciu Prije 23 sati

    Boooooo what about Chelsea and Liverpool

  • Codrut Stanciu
    Codrut Stanciu Prije 23 sati

    FFP FOR CITY🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Katie Laws
    Katie Laws Prije 23 sati

    Make one about Manchester city winning the treble

  • Arivalaky Jeevathasan
    Arivalaky Jeevathasan Prije 23 sati +1

    Don’t tease ayrton senna

  • Arivalaky Jeevathasan
    Arivalaky Jeevathasan Prije 23 sati +1

    Not Madrid

  • Niels Mulder
    Niels Mulder Prije dan

    Could you also do the Dutch League

  • jacob raldon
    jacob raldon Prije dan +1

    If Liverpool win the league u should do 'who won the league lfc'

  • Red Panda48
    Red Panda48 Prije dan

    By 1 POINT


    Where is kloop going?

  • VipEd Phantom
    VipEd Phantom Prije dan

    Sub 2 me if u hate school

  • Rahil
    Rahil Prije dan

    The senna joke was a bit too far

  • Neil Floyd
    Neil Floyd Prije dan +1

    He should do this with the champions league for spurs or Liverpool

  • Neil Floyd
    Neil Floyd Prije dan

    He said to pochettino you can't win champions league and he said to klopp that he couldn't win the champions league

  • Nyibol Buoi
    Nyibol Buoi Prije dan


  • Nyibol Buoi
    Nyibol Buoi Prije dan


  • Gamerz Hub
    Gamerz Hub Prije dan

    Lol. They didn't even go to Arsenal and The Emirates. Not good enough for a top six club.

  • Nunes Show
    Nunes Show Prije dan

    Não gostei da referência do ayrton senna

  • Lunetik
    Lunetik Prije dan


  • Gabriel batista
    Gabriel batista Prije dan


  • Gabriel batista
    Gabriel batista Prije dan


  • Legend killer
    Legend killer Prije dan

    Why is Arsenal not here i hate 442oons.Hala The champions

  • AK Game
    AK Game Prije dan +1

    2:21 pep has the same Voice like Sterling

  • Rajeep Thapa
    Rajeep Thapa Prije dan

    Huddersfield would have won the league with 1 billion dollar

  • kyle lloyd rogers
    kyle lloyd rogers Prije dan

    Can’t wait to see your face when you lose to Watford

  • Fábioalex gamer
    Fábioalex gamer Prije dan

    😭😭😭😭m.city campeao

  • tujay doesntrecords

    wheres arsenal

  • maxxeltje
    maxxeltje Prije dan +1

    Pep says to sarri “We SMOKED you in the carraboa” really underrated line

    • RohanRobot
      RohanRobot Prije 23 sati

      maxxeltje huh didn’t notice

  • Flame Skull
    Flame Skull Prije dan

    Explain what was Pickford doing on Man City's bus

  • Dom Whitehouse
    Dom Whitehouse Prije dan

    Why do you never include wolves in your vids?

  • Peace No More
    Peace No More Prije dan

    And also...man utd..

  • nick rich as in spirit

    Damn you 🗣city 😤

  • el prince
    el prince Prije dan +1

    Congratulations Manchester city fans

  • Paul Towner-Dunn
    Paul Towner-Dunn Prije dan

    Who will win the champions league? Not Tottenham, not Tottenham.

  • Not Callum
    Not Callum Prije dan

    1 point😂

  • Jørn Larsen
    Jørn Larsen Prije dan +1

    Little respect

    Rip Ayrton senna

  • Benjamin Plut
    Benjamin Plut Prije dan

    The Senna joke crossed all the lines, it's really uncool to joke about a legend in such a way, it's like somebody joking about your dead relative and the joke doesn't even make any sense as Ayrton was one of a kind behind the wheel, you should have put Maldonado there at least it would have made sense, the Senna family deserves an apology

  • Rabia Limami
    Rabia Limami Prije dan

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i'm a united fan

  • josip tito
    josip tito Prije dan

    The OLD song is better

  • Aled D
    Aled D Prije dan +7

    Did anyone notice pep opened his mouth even though Sterling was meant to. Sterling didn't open his mouth

  • Angelė Slavinskienė


  • Sharon Blatchford
    Sharon Blatchford Prije dan


  • Chris Tshilunga
    Chris Tshilunga Prije dan

    And arsenal 😂

  • Mayna K
    Mayna K Prije dan

    There are 2 jesus in the bus

  • Seth Harries
    Seth Harries Prije dan

    Where was arsenal

    SCFC FOR LUFE Prije dan

    I wish klopp had trashed peps bus

  • mightyman EXTRA
    mightyman EXTRA Prije dan

    Where was an Arsenal clip

  • Hans Ceuppens
    Hans Ceuppens Prije dan

    Where is Arsenal
    Oh i know they are ready bad

  • Wasim Chowdhury
    Wasim Chowdhury Prije dan +2

    Pep: Your fans hate your guts
    Sarri: True

    Wow 😂 great lines

  • Dion T.
    Dion T. Prije dan

    442oons, Make videos about the Dutch League. (The Eredivision.)

  • urbi YT
    urbi YT Prije dan

    Liverpool is beter city is p***

  • Leena Cabral
    Leena Cabral Prije dan +1

    Am I the only one hearing shitty 😅

  • Aled D
    Aled D Prije 2 dana

    Why is Salah wearing the 17/18 shirt?
    Did anyone notice it?

  • Mark Parise
    Mark Parise Prije 2 dana


  • Zach Ali
    Zach Ali Prije 2 dana

    What about Arsenal?
    Even though they are irrelevant

  • Sinead Rose
    Sinead Rose Prije 2 dana

    Ufea ban

  • Hannah Conroy
    Hannah Conroy Prije 2 dana

    Sorry I support Liverpool bitches