Audi RS3 vs VW Golf R... vs Golf R with £1,200 tune - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE AND BRAKE TEST

  • Datum objavljivanja: 8. Lis 2019.
  • How much extra performance can you get for £1,200? With the Mountune Volkswagen Golf R that's enough for an ECU remap and an induction kit which increase power by 60hp to 360hp. So is this enough to beat a standard Audi RS3, which has 400hp? To find out we decided to drag race them. And we shoved in a standard Golf R too so you can see the difference between tuned and stock. BTW the Mountune Golf R also had upgraded brakes so you can see the effect of those in the brake test too.
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Komentari • 1 758

  • Stuart New
    Stuart New Prije sat

    They dont have the same gearboxes!

  • Hashali Philemon Asher
    Hashali Philemon Asher Prije 22 sati +1

    My favorite Audi RS3 doesn't disappoint... No body will ever be able to understand how I love RS3... ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍Greetings and lots of love from Namibia 🇳🇦🇳🇦

  • Enzo Cathala
    Enzo Cathala Prije 22 sati

    And RS3 with 1200£ ?

  • Juno _10
    Juno _10 Prije 2 dana

    i think driver of RS3 sleeping on start as on rolling start :D

  • Don Diablo
    Don Diablo Prije 2 dana

    Not fare 👎the golf was tuned, why not tune the rs3 then he will shitt on the rest of the cars

  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian Prije 2 dana

    I saw Mat run the RS3 with the RS4. 12.1 RS4. 12.2 RS3. The RS4 has been raced a zillion times and basically always does in in 12.1.

  • Lamborghini Bill
    Lamborghini Bill Prije 2 dana

    where can I rent such an airfield for a day?

  • Spherify
    Spherify Prije 2 dana +1

    I totally love golf R MK7

  • Hulu Bulu
    Hulu Bulu Prije 3 dana

    You are so self absorbed into these races, we cant even see the rest of em from an aerial view you livid jackass.

  • Vektor.
    Vektor. Prije 3 dana

    finally text on the screen! thank you matt

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname Prije 3 dana

    Audi is just a clever way to sell vw but for more money

  • João Paulo Lemos
    João Paulo Lemos Prije 3 dana

    I really don’t understand what happens during your drag races.. about a year ago you managed to pull a 12.2 sec quarter mile from the rs3.. how is now 12.7? Is this to make the drag race interesting? Because the rs3 should absolutely spank those cars..

  • Paul M
    Paul M Prije 3 dana

    “Out broke” ?

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green Prije 4 dana

    It would be a dream if that 2 door Golf R came to the USA

  • Stuart Simpson
    Stuart Simpson Prije 4 dana

    Stock MK7.5R has 310bhp and RS3 and R don't have the same gearbox

  • Telmo Graca
    Telmo Graca Prije 4 dana

    We want to see a bmw m235i stage 2 tuned vs m4 👀👀👀👀

  • i get Money
    i get Money Prije 5 dana

    do more tuner videos like this one.

  • Łukasz Luk
    Łukasz Luk Prije 5 dana

    Świetny program 👍

  • jamiecivic
    jamiecivic Prije 5 dana +1

    Stock golf r my ass, it has an exhaust system

  • koaschten
    koaschten Prije 5 dana

    I am confused at 3:17 is he implying RS3 and Golf R have the same gearbox? because last time I checked, the RS3 got a DQ500 and the Golf R a DQ381?

  • Gašper Mihelič
    Gašper Mihelič Prije 5 dana

    But that Akrapovic on golf though😲

  • Jon Mckeown
    Jon Mckeown Prije 5 dana

    It only costs xxxxx
    12 grand cheaper than the rs
    Mount tune this and that
    Save 4 grand if you get it with us!
    Its so much better.
    This is not a sales pitch

    Knew it was before you did the race. It was obvious which was going to win when you were trying to sell it from the start.

  • sp royals
    sp royals Prije 6 dana

    So the stock golf r was slightly ahead after first few hundred meters which proves how fake this test was. I have an s3, friend has a golf r, I have an rs3. The rs3 spanks both massively .

  • Harry Zachariou
    Harry Zachariou Prije 6 dana

    I think we need the new Golf GTI TCR in this line-up too!

  • Youssef Serrat
    Youssef Serrat Prije 6 dana

    If u want value for money get a 10k civic and swap in a k20c + a 25k tune itll smoke every new hot hatch u know

  • jeremiah white
    jeremiah white Prije 6 dana

    Just get the regular golf r for that difference.

  • 666nataS
    666nataS Prije 6 dana

    Golf RS3 vs Golf R vs Golf R tune lawl

  • Neo Polorie
    Neo Polorie Prije 6 dana

    Now that floating text is being added to these videos I can subscribe again.

  • Regard VMT Vermooten
    Regard VMT Vermooten Prije 6 dana

    You mean DSG gearboxes, I know it’s technically still an auto but it’s very very very different

  • carlos correia
    carlos correia Prije 7 dana

    Im shocked what happened with rs3?

  • Donato Anastasia
    Donato Anastasia Prije 7 dana

    You can keep your awful boring DSG gearbox's. Yes I know they're technically superior but where's the fun in them? I'll keep my Up! GTI thanks.

  • Real Racing 2020
    Real Racing 2020 Prije 7 dana



  • matthewruss
    matthewruss Prije 7 dana

    So car wow prooves that a 1200 tune beats the audi by a hair..... so where the 1200 go? Lol seems a waste of money

  • Eilir Williams
    Eilir Williams Prije 7 dana

    I think the winner was the standard Golf R. Value for money

  • TheJirator
    TheJirator Prije 7 dana

    And the winner is... I30 N :-)

  • Russell Sames
    Russell Sames Prije 7 dana

    My dad works at Mountune

  • nokiagol1
    nokiagol1 Prije 7 dana

    why are you comparing a rs3 between a golf r? it should be a s3 between a golf r, both have 300 hp

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf Prije 8 dana

    Wow that was a bloody slow run for the rs3. It should have ran low 12s. Should have ran then again.
    Edit:. Apparently Audi killed the 19 model cause of emissions standards smh

  • Johann Foo
    Johann Foo Prije 8 dana

    Waste of £2.2k. Not much difference for that kind of money.

  • NyeZ
    NyeZ Prije 8 dana

    Rs3 has dq500 dsg. Not the same as a golf r

    HASKI Prije 9 dana

    Русские есть???

  • George Bizzle
    George Bizzle Prije 9 dana

    Audi-12.7 seconds
    Volkswagen-12.7 seconds

  • Dan vernon
    Dan vernon Prije 9 dana

    Mountune should be jailed for robbery... £1200 for a £200 remap and a £100 induction kit😂😂

  • Va B
    Va B Prije 9 dana

    The base Golf R has been 310hp for 2 years. Read your sheets.
    Also, why don’t you start the rolling race with cruise control on? If not it’s too random, one might be 2mph slower or decelerating from 51mph to 49mph at the start.

  • Adam Tomlinson
    Adam Tomlinson Prije 9 dana

    Montune golf r vs rs3 vs a45 s

  • giotzou axb
    giotzou axb Prije 9 dana

    Jdm only

  • hi tech
    hi tech Prije 9 dana

    Quick pickup car is best

  • Lehan Breytenbach
    Lehan Breytenbach Prije 9 dana

    VW sucks

  • The Dutch Texan
    The Dutch Texan Prije 9 dana

    The Audi still has that great exhaust note...

  • Mr Jones
    Mr Jones Prije 9 dana

    Now get a stage 1 Audi rs3 Vs that stage one golf r

  • lllllillllllllillll
    lllllillllllllillll Prije 9 dana

    £1k spent on brake upgrades. 1 car length between the upgrade & standard. Not worth it IMO.

  • merlin parviz
    merlin parviz Prije 10 dana

    You are wearing blue why took a white instead of blue!

  • Sam Durling
    Sam Durling Prije 10 dana

    So the rs3 is now 0.5 second slower than it used to be and the standard golf r is 0.6 seconds quicker compared to a drag race carwow did a few years ago. Come on audi!!! Stop this madness

  • jaxjdhd Ingrid
    jaxjdhd Ingrid Prije 10 dana


  • Luis Russo
    Luis Russo Prije 10 dana

    Era bom que tivesse legendas em português obrigado

  • TechTube
    TechTube Prije 10 dana

    For me AUDI is always the go

  • s0m3cunt
    s0m3cunt Prije 10 dana

    Needs water/meth and higher boost.

  • Malimbo
    Malimbo Prije 10 dana

    Wow a tuned car beat a stock car In a drag race.... not surprising at all

  • Phrangdesharai Sohkhlet
    Phrangdesharai Sohkhlet Prije 10 dana

    Audi is good at all

  • Phrangdesharai Sohkhlet
    Phrangdesharai Sohkhlet Prije 10 dana

    Timing bro u are the set to race so u get better timing