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Komentari • 3 976

  • Connor Vance
    Connor Vance Prije 2 minuta

    JJ has me dead lmfao

  • Dylan Michael
    Dylan Michael Prije sat

    Vik likes kids like if u agree

  • Cpt Horriku
    Cpt Horriku Prije 2 sati

    When the sidemen are making a joke out of "ITS DAX" you know you done fked up lmfao

  • premuf
    premuf Prije 3 sati

    How can you get the "until i got high" wrong you uncultured swines

  • SoFocused
    SoFocused Prije 7 sati

    harry said n#gga

  • Loli Makeup Party
    Loli Makeup Party Prije 12 sati +1

    20:58 KSI had me dead💀😂

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy Prije 15 sati

    Summa lumma dumma lumma u assuming I'm a human what I gotta do to get it through to u imma super human innovative and I'm made of rubber so that anything u say will ricochet off of me and glue back onto u, and I'm devastating more than ever demonstrating how to give a mutherfucking audience and feel like its levitating never fading and I know the haters will be forever waiting for the day that they can say that I fell off they'll b celebrated cuz I know the way to get them motivated they make elevator music, u make elevator music?

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy Prije 15 sati

    I clicked on the video because I saw eminem in the thumbnail

  • Jeffrey Skids
    Jeffrey Skids Prije 17 sati

    ksi really got what is love wrong

  • BlackCloud NoYx
    BlackCloud NoYx Prije 20 sati +1

    Watching this while jerking off to porn and still beat you guys.. fucksake..

  • Treysyn Beadle
    Treysyn Beadle Prije 23 sati

    Why did they swap teams in the beginning? It was literally the same teams when the intro started

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob Prije dan +1

    You silence another cuss word KSI says but you alow him to say nigga

  • DR dimwit
    DR dimwit Prije dan

    The first team of jj ethan and harry is the funniest in the sidemen like bruh

  • Twister_T _35
    Twister_T _35 Prije dan

    I watch sidemen for the plot

  • Mitch Henningsen
    Mitch Henningsen Prije dan +1

    What are all the songs/ can you put the songs in the description

  • jpug
    jpug Prije dan

    Yo ksi was deadass mad at ethan in the beginning 😳

  • Lilli-jaye Lawson
    Lilli-jaye Lawson Prije dan +1


  • Nishant Dey
    Nishant Dey Prije dan

    Simon is a jackass

  • da baby
    da baby Prije 2 dana

    simons a dickhead and a prick

  • Alexis Hatfield
    Alexis Hatfield Prije 2 dana

    You guys should've done:
    Or, so that no one would guess it:
    "He day dreamed away to a sky so gray. Everything's simple. It's driving him mental."

  • TheArbiGJOMAK15PRO
    TheArbiGJOMAK15PRO Prije 2 dana

    7:38 7:39 and 7:40 they sound retarded

  • Aliza H
    Aliza H Prije 2 dana

    Can anyone explain the points to me???

  • James C
    James C Prije 2 dana +1

    Have jj host. Simon sucks.

  • Itzz Delgado
    Itzz Delgado Prije 2 dana +1

    4:35 Harry says N****😂😂😂

  • Tyler J
    Tyler J Prije 2 dana

    Harry says the n word at 4:37 right before jj

  • Anas S
    Anas S Prije 2 dana

    Ethan: Tcheh (or whatever the sound)
    Ethn pointing at JJ: say it say it
    JJ: *WOrD*

  • Chaolence Draendow
    Chaolence Draendow Prije 2 dana

    Suka means bitch in polish don’t know wether that’s the correct spelling

  • epictrollerguy
    epictrollerguy Prije 3 dana +1

    Harry: im sticking with the boys
    *Immediately after*
    JJ: **Starts being extremely toxic**
    This had me dying.

  • Ishan Malhotra
    Ishan Malhotra Prije 3 dana

    i thought it was la lamborghini la lamborghini has anybody jj’s lamborghini no he crashed it a year ago you incompetent fuck just learn to drive slow

  • Sugerdaddy Ggg
    Sugerdaddy Ggg Prije 3 dana +2

    Ethan: we have got hundreds of points

  • Equilox Alaby
    Equilox Alaby Prije 3 dana

    At 20:58 it looked like JJ was gonna sneeze 😂

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez Prije 3 dana

    12:23 when you get high before the show “AYYYYYY”

  • Jake fromStateFarm
    Jake fromStateFarm Prije 3 dana

    roller coaster of emotions, lol

  • LukasPlayzzz YT
    LukasPlayzzz YT Prije 3 dana

    It’s ya yet lil brother Jamey try to roast me what lil bro standin on his own to feet not for long

  • L.W YT
    L.W YT Prije 3 dana

    Ethan acts like a year 7 roadman hes so cocky

  • Kyklops
    Kyklops Prije 3 dana

    *tobi in the background slurping tears*

  • Xander Heselden
    Xander Heselden Prije 3 dana


  • Fred Kool
    Fred Kool Prije 3 dana +1

    Simon was planning from the begging for JJ to lose, like fuck him

  • Yeesack Films
    Yeesack Films Prije 3 dana +1

    It makes me upset when it’s not a fare game like they started at fucking negative

  • Kathleen Gammer
    Kathleen Gammer Prije 3 dana

    I think JJ is crying 😢

  • BL Crude 360 Bls
    BL Crude 360 Bls Prije 3 dana

    I think jj high

  • Dj Franklin
    Dj Franklin Prije 3 dana


  • Sinys YouTube channel
    Sinys YouTube channel Prije 3 dana +1

    4:32 you welcome

  • Can't Touch Dis
    Can't Touch Dis Prije 4 dana

    Harry is actually me
    *Throws shoe at smug assholes*

  • Angelina Moe
    Angelina Moe Prije 4 dana

    Fuck Simon

  • Toxic Beauty41
    Toxic Beauty41 Prije 4 dana +1

    Vic “cause Katy perry slaps hard”

  • Thomas Alborough
    Thomas Alborough Prije 4 dana +1

    KSI is so fucking cringy

  • Angelo Pangelo
    Angelo Pangelo Prije 4 dana

    I dab

  • Thabisa Mangena
    Thabisa Mangena Prije 4 dana


  • FT Gaming
    FT Gaming Prije 4 dana

    Y does josh look like a giant

  • Michaela Ramirez
    Michaela Ramirez Prije 4 dana

    Yall mf are funny as hell 🤣

  • josebruh1
    josebruh1 Prije 4 dana +1

    So no ones jus not going to recognize that Harry said the N WORD 😂😂😂 @4:34

  • Lane Messer
    Lane Messer Prije 4 dana

    Rèêēėęéëeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fuck it all my favorite sidemen got fucking screwed over fuck it 🤬

  • ashleigh longue
    ashleigh longue Prije 4 dana

    18:56 inserts twice's what is love

  • ashleigh longue
    ashleigh longue Prije 4 dana

    16:51 YA YEET lil brother jakey try to roast me?

  • IPWP
    IPWP Prije 4 dana

    When JJ went off on Ethan's team had me dying

  • William Orkus
    William Orkus Prije 4 dana +1

    they need a n-word pass😂

  • Micah_abagial
    Micah_abagial Prije 4 dana

    Bro jj is actually high af 😂😂

  • Aadi Gupta
    Aadi Gupta Prije 4 dana

    lol ksi does nothing but lose 9000 points and he thinks he is so cool

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones Prije 4 dana

    Are these real?

  • Nils Andersson
    Nils Andersson Prije 4 dana

    The line was jj fad Tobi is right

  • Youtube_Chrones
    Youtube_Chrones Prije 4 dana

    6:23 it’s shut up

  • Jason Mendoza
    Jason Mendoza Prije 5 dana

    Harry looks huge

  • Jake Coufal
    Jake Coufal Prije 5 dana

    I like everybody except KSI because he’s just obnoxious

  • Subtosherdy
    Subtosherdy Prije 5 dana

    4:38 did harry say nigga (ps im black)

  • RealilCanadian
    RealilCanadian Prije 5 dana


  • _.m.L1
    _.m.L1 Prije 5 dana

    fuck simon

  • Annis Maynard
    Annis Maynard Prije 5 dana

    21:53 - i love jj so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christa Elizabeth
    Christa Elizabeth Prije 5 dana +1

    My Favorite Sidemen Are Simon, Harry, And Josh Who's Urs?

    • Madisyn Lucy
      Madisyn Lucy Prije 3 dana +1

      Christa Elizabeth Tobi simon and harry

  • Vilgot Lundgren
    Vilgot Lundgren Prije 5 dana

    finish the lyrics
    started from the bottom now my whole team here…

  • Ryan
    Ryan Prije 5 dana +1

    Me and harry farted at the same time

  • Tricky
    Tricky Prije 5 dana +1

    If vik did the other teams buzzer

  • FluffyFoxYT
    FluffyFoxYT Prije 5 dana +3

    23:12 I lowkey thought it was Uno by Ambjaay for a moment xD

  • LuckyGamer151
    LuckyGamer151 Prije 5 dana

    FUCK you simon lol

  • Jayden Broad
    Jayden Broad Prije 5 dana

    Have u seen ur self and set 8 kids In a HRclip challenge 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Viper_ Epuusik
    Viper_ Epuusik Prije 5 dana

    *who else is just a random white kid that clicked on this cause it was on your recommendations and doesn’t know what “I rate you means”*

  • Max Torfs
    Max Torfs Prije 6 dana

    ethan be looking like a set 8 student

  • fakesupremme
    fakesupremme Prije 6 dana

    karma is a bitch

  • Mirko Iličić
    Mirko Iličić Prije 6 dana

    ME: what sound does the gun make?
    W2S: 25:58

  • Daniel MacDonald
    Daniel MacDonald Prije 6 dana

    Toby not going for JJ shit lmfaooo told him square up

  • Sandpitturtle
    Sandpitturtle Prije 6 dana

    This would be super entertaining to watch if you guys also tried using lyrics from songs outside of familiar genres that you guys don't really know. Then the sidemen would have to guess the rest of the lyrics as close as possible.
    Got a friend that likes Rock? Metal? Musicals? Perhaps even Viral Skits like "Climbing through your windows".

    I'm just picturing some of you going nuts over some death stuff lol.

  • cesar chavez
    cesar chavez Prije 6 dana

    this is stupid funny bro

  • Dirtbag 610
    Dirtbag 610 Prije 6 dana

    La-Lamborghini has anyone seen JJ’s Lamborghini

  • synco- inspired_
    synco- inspired_ Prije 6 dana

    ITS DAX 😂

  • world tanks
    world tanks Prije 6 dana

    Dude this fuking ksi caracter is just retardead and stop showing your horrible elbows to the camera

  • Apollic YT
    Apollic YT Prije 6 dana

    Ethan just reminds me of a massive chav ngl

  • Conor Mulligan
    Conor Mulligan Prije 6 dana +1


  • madison black
    madison black Prije 6 dana +1

    This is so funny all of them are so careful not to say the n word

    HARRY KANE IS MY DADDY Prije 6 dana

    17:49 I thought that was gonna be Harry’s line

  • LightCeruleanBlue Turtle

    I love how Harry just drank Josh’s water

  • asad jahangir
    asad jahangir Prije 6 dana

    Kinda mad Ethan’s team won

  • LPsoldier
    LPsoldier Prije 6 dana

    Ethan is actually pretty hot...+ single 🔥

  • hunter drees
    hunter drees Prije 7 dana

    when it say la-lamborghini what about harrys diss track

  • MakkieD KaddieK
    MakkieD KaddieK Prije 7 dana

    Harry is a legend (but i'm not biased or anything)

  • Joshua Dockerill
    Joshua Dockerill Prije 7 dana

    20.59 jj climaxes

  • zander allan
    zander allan Prije 7 dana

    I have the same joggers as JJ but I hate my ones

  • Potato BooBoo
    Potato BooBoo Prije 7 dana

    11:15 😂

  • RoyDAboi 808
    RoyDAboi 808 Prije 7 dana

    JJ is actually high

  • Twitch_vTaq
    Twitch_vTaq Prije 7 dana

    Making my way through class, suck my ass to all you dumb ass teachers! Dododododododo

  • menghengvids
    menghengvids Prije 7 dana

    Yo Harry actually says the n word in 4:27