Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-7 Marathon (HBO 2)

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  • Go back to the beginning with the Game of Thrones marathon.
    Watch a season a day, December 26-31, starting at noon on HBO2.
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  • ALBP kekekek
    ALBP kekekek Prije mjesec


  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer Prije 7 mjeseci

    Monster live action ?

  • Alexandr Andreev
    Alexandr Andreev Prije 7 mjeseci +1

    хотим трейлер 8 сезона!

  • jamsher ali
    jamsher ali Prije 7 mjeseci

    This game of thrones serials is showing that story of ww3 that all powerful countries fight each other and in all religion books told their was a great battle in world and after battle gog magog will appears.. in serials we will see that all kingdoms Fight each other then they fight night king dead walkers

    • jamsher ali
      jamsher ali Prije 7 mjeseci

      There is biggest wall between gog magog and human

  • Skyberg 101
    Skyberg 101 Prije 8 mjeseci +1


  • Darth Wiffy
    Darth Wiffy Prije 8 mjeseci

    Yo HBO when the fuck is GoT coming back?
    The fuck guys really.

  • Suat Noff
    Suat Noff Prije 8 mjeseci +2

    8 season 223. 08. 11 😀

  • UTV сенин каналың

    Game of Thrones, one of the best ethno covers!

  • Sugondeze
    Sugondeze Prije 8 mjeseci

    Still waiting for season 8

  • PaperPlanesParadise
    PaperPlanesParadise Prije 8 mjeseci

    plot twist, season 8 and 9 is not the final season, because Tony Stark goes back to the past and visit his ancestor to borrow the dragons for an epic boss fight.

  • Kai Rohrbach
    Kai Rohrbach Prije 8 mjeseci

    Is there anyone who watched through the whole marathon? If there is, Respect lol

  • White Boy
    White Boy Prije 8 mjeseci

    Give us the new trailerrrr!!!!!!

  • Brit Mk 2
    Brit Mk 2 Prije 8 mjeseci +3

    9 months since any content how about a little something to keep us hyped for season 8!?

    • Delta
      Delta Prije 8 mjeseci

      the trailer will hype us enough i think

  • Ibrahem Khaled
    Ibrahem Khaled Prije 8 mjeseci


  • 날라리
    날라리 Prije 9 mjeseci

    넷플릭스 원해 .......... 제발 ........ 하 ......

    MIND BLOWN Prije 9 mjeseci +1


  • Something
    Something Prije 9 mjeseci

    Top #1 Game Of Thrones Game on Play Store: Install now and play with your friends. You definitely love it give at try. :)

  • White Walker
    White Walker Prije 9 mjeseci

    Still miss robb and eddard

  • Екатерина
    Екатерина Prije 9 mjeseci

    When will be а new season?

  • Trailers of Films
    Trailers of Films Prije 9 mjeseci

  • Trailers of Films
    Trailers of Films Prije 9 mjeseci

    GAME OF THRONES Season 8 Trailer 2019 Trailers of Films in this video :::::::

  • San V
    San V Prije 9 mjeseci

  • Ajithkumar Muthaiya
    Ajithkumar Muthaiya Prije 9 mjeseci

    Do check ponnyin selvan a Tamil Novel written by kalki...u can take more season and episodes

  • Miklós Kövics
    Miklós Kövics Prije 9 mjeseci +1

  • Miklós Kövics
    Miklós Kövics Prije 9 mjeseci +1

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D Prije 9 mjeseci

    Part one of Season 8 Episode 1 is leaked! Its on my channel, it might get taken down later tho

  • E G
    E G Prije 10 mjeseci +1

    Where is this fucking trailer?!!!!!

  • Isaac Zammit
    Isaac Zammit Prije 10 mjeseci

    I wish Daenerys' hair was a bit more white and had no braids like season 1. I liked it much more than how it is now.

  • Mslaye GaMer
    Mslaye GaMer Prije 10 mjeseci

    where can i watch game of thrones ? i dont see it on netflix

  • Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone Prije 10 mjeseci

    This show is going off the window like Tommen style since those two producer guys took on the writings. The whole season 7 was nothing but a big fucking joke, and the most remarkable death was the 'well written script'.

  • Agniprabha Chakraborty
    Agniprabha Chakraborty Prije 10 mjeseci +1

    When man when?

  • african american vegan
    african american vegan Prije 10 mjeseci +2

    Winter is coming...

  • Mina D
    Mina D Prije 10 mjeseci


  • Nash Al s
    Nash Al s Prije 10 mjeseci

    can we do it again :)

  • Rafael França
    Rafael França Prije 10 mjeseci +1

    Nem quem matar, nem quem morrer, vai matar ou morrer, vai todo mundo morrer, I Love GoT

  • Tudor TM
    Tudor TM Prije 10 mjeseci

    Any season 8 trailer?

  • PowerHouseG
    PowerHouseG Prije 10 mjeseci My Jon Snow impression Lol !

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Prije 11 mjeseci +1

    This show has dragons, a smoking hot fireproof dragon queen, a 300 year old red witch that gives birth to a murderous blood magic shadow baby monster, and an icy undead zombie army, and everyone's bangin' on about "logic"?!
    Is it that far-fetched to expand your suspension of disbelief to; "all-encompassing?"
    Instead of incessantly complaining, everyone should try to just enjoy it for what it is.
    Or, go watch something else!
    There's plenty of more television shows available for anyone who insists on their entertainment having more, "logic."

  • KiNGΤhanV
    KiNGΤhanV Prije 11 mjeseci

    How about after the war between the white walkers and the westerosi a king from far north with huge army will conquer and take the iron throne (he would be a human

  • Aqib Khan
    Aqib Khan Prije 11 mjeseci

    Pls hbo upload all season in hindi

  • L
    L Prije 11 mjeseci


  • Slave Holder
    Slave Holder Prije 11 mjeseci +2

    *It's time for a teaser!*

  • Ozan Vurur
    Ozan Vurur Prije 11 mjeseci

    we all want to see something about season 8 pls give us somethings !!

  • Preacher
    Preacher Prije 11 mjeseci

    The best thing in my life is game of thrones 🙂

  • Angel
    Angel Prije 11 mjeseci

    Take your time and dont fuck up the last season. Like you did with 5-6-7......

  • kingku talukdar
    kingku talukdar Prije 11 mjeseci +1

    please release season 8 soon.its very painful to wait now.i just love GOT the is my daily dose.& PLEASE DONT END THE SERIES AFTER SEASON 8.make this series INFINITIVE.i can watch GOT my whole life.i think everybody can.i am from india but i love GOT more than any hindi series or movie.

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Prije 11 mjeseci

    Greatest.. Unrivaled.. Pure Quailty... Can't wait...

  • Yoge Chekhaliya
    Yoge Chekhaliya Prije 11 mjeseci

    Why are you not making in hindi
    Plsssss make in hindi

  • Vishal Vishwakarma
    Vishal Vishwakarma Prije 11 mjeseci
    Only for GOT fans...😍🎧

  • Hondo Pirat
    Hondo Pirat Prije godine

    Where the fuck is the teaser ???!

  • kian soudagar
    kian soudagar Prije godine +1

    Why is this called "Seasons 1-7 Marathon"; It's just a trailer for season 6 lol

  • Felipe Rocha
    Felipe Rocha Prije godine +1

    I just met the series and good more I just did not like the episode 9 of the 3 season

  • Abhinav S
    Abhinav S Prije godine

    i m Back Khallesi

  • Denyllson Alves
    Denyllson Alves Prije godine +1

    Saudade de game of thrones😞😞😞

  • Eco Sapian
    Eco Sapian Prije godine

    Game of Thrones Season 8 OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER

  • Esther Femi
    Esther Femi Prije godine +1

    Best believe I binged watched the whole season 1-7 in one week😭😭❤️❤️

    • Esther Femi
      Esther Femi Prije godine +1

      example yeah that’s true. I’m rewatching season 1-7 cause I’m waiting for season 8😭😭I don’t know how you waited for the seasons to come out one by one. It’s long to wait😭😭

  • Darkness Black
    Darkness Black Prije godine

    I miss new season 😢

  • Zhenzo
    Zhenzo Prije godine

    Thought I'd let you call know theres a song called Little Girls by Oingo Boingo about liking little girls and peter dinklage is in it 32 seconds in

  • Казбек Жорабеков

    Мое мнение об персонажах Дени и Джона:
    ПЕРЕРОДИЛСЯ на леденой Стене
    От ноживых ранений.., наносившися вновь и вновь.
    Она ПЕРЕРОДИЛАСЬ в пламенном Огне
    Ищя спасения от ранений сердца... без лишних слов.
    Теперь их несвязывает никакие смейные узы или кровь
    Их связывает только одно. ... это - ЧИСТАЯ ЛЮБОВЬ.

  • johnsnow Got
    johnsnow Got Prije godine

    i cant wait for 8 season

  • syarif hidayatullah
    syarif hidayatullah Prije godine


  • Açelya Çobaner
    Açelya Çobaner Prije godine

    bu gün bitirdim7.sezonu 8. sezon 2019 gelcek diyolar ofyaaa 2018 gelseydi iyiydi

  • Ahmet Çakmak
    Ahmet Çakmak Prije godine

    Season 8 trailer ???

  • Ethan Kaiser
    Ethan Kaiser Prije godine +1

    Im afraid that because you dont do videos more often and there is no that good videos on you channel i dont want subscrive your channel anymore but if you do make videos more often i will continue subscriving you again

  • Metin2 • STARKED
    Metin2 • STARKED Prije godine


  • ukeguide
    ukeguide Prije godine

    That's how you play Game of Thrones Theme Music on Ukulele...

  • It's Enya
    It's Enya Prije godine

    The people want season 8 in 2018, or just some episods...please...i can't wait 2019...

  • ByEgido
    ByEgido Prije godine


  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije godine

    hope season 8 they get their act together and not rush the damn show just to end it!

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije godine

    watched season 7 and it was a big let down, so disappointed, up to season 6 you could not guess what would happen, season 7 i pretty much guessed everything, to story line was BAD BAD BAD, they made Tyrion look like a dick, poor Tyrion what do these writers have against him, up to season 6 Tyrion was SMART, then in season 7 Tyrion acts like a fool......very sad, did not like season 7!

  • shaz ahmed
    shaz ahmed Prije godine
    Like and subscribe

  • Caleb Hicks
    Caleb Hicks Prije godine

    i swear if Arya Stark doesn't have her own graphic sex scene in season 8 with the Hound the Whole season will be a waste of Time

  • Reagan Billions
    Reagan Billions Prije godine


  • Johnny Matthews
    Johnny Matthews Prije godine

    FeedBack 5 - Make Season 8, 10 Episodes, at least 90 minutes long and make sure no more dragons get killed, make sure Danny WINS and STOP making Tyrion look like the most stupid person on the show, better writing please!

  • Johnny Matthews
    Johnny Matthews Prije godine

    FeedBack 4 - BAD WRITING AND BAD STORY LINE, the are so many videos on youtube about how Games of Thrones season 7 SUCKED big time and i have to agree with every one of them, shameful!

  • Johnny Matthews
    Johnny Matthews Prije godine

    FeedBack 3 - So many of the scenes just did not make any sense and worst just 8 episodes, Games of Thrones needs to show a little respect for it's fans, not cool!

  • Johnny Matthews
    Johnny Matthews Prije godine

    Feedback 2 - Season 7 was rushed, the story line was CRAZY and it's a real shame for the show to rush to finish it, not happy with Games of Thrones!

  • Johnny Matthews
    Johnny Matthews Prije godine

    FeedBack 1 - Just watched season 7, have to say GAMES OF THRONES SEASON 7 was terrible, BAD writing, terrible story line and ZERO Imagination!

  • Matt Nguyen
    Matt Nguyen Prije godine

    I watched seasons 1-6 in two weeks the month before season 7 aired. I know I'm technically a new fan, but I feel like the show has always been a part of me.

  • Barry Fresh
    Barry Fresh Prije godine

    Here is another beauty, Jamie attacks Danny and the Dragon, the Dragon blows FIRE, he gets pushed into the water by Bronn, the Dragon Fire would have made the water boil so HOT that both Bronn and Jamie would have been killed instantly just by the HOT water, yet they not only not get hurt by the HOT WATER, they someone manage to swim miles and miles away with Jamie wearing such heavy armour and they did all this under, talk about BAD BAD BAD writing. SEASON 7 SUCKED!

  • Barry Fresh
    Barry Fresh Prije godine

    Going to capture a White, another one of Tyrions STUPID ideas, why does the show expect us to believe that Tyrion is so stupid, when he is quiet smart, only a FOOL would advice such a STUPID thing to do, given that Danny could take King's landing at any time, she does not and just stays in Dragon Stone..........I mean SEASON 7 SUCKED so badly, I was so mad to think the show wanted to RUSH season 7 and made it SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK and SUCK!

  • Barry Fresh
    Barry Fresh Prije godine

    It's one thing to have BAD writing but common sense you think would be in plenty supply, take as an example Danny complaining that Cersi now has taken the Reach and she won't be able to feed her army, she then attacks the Lannisters and she BURNS all the food and wine.........HOW STUPID IS THAT, BAD BAD BAD writing, a 10 year old could write a better story line with a little imagination!

  • Barry Fresh
    Barry Fresh Prije godine

    Games of Thrones up to season 6 was great, SEASON 7 well so very badly written and made felt like the show was trying to speed through to the end, so shameful, given that Game of Throne fans have invested so much time into the show.

  • Barry Fresh
    Barry Fresh Prije godine

    Games of Thrones Season 7 SUCKED, the entire season was rushed, the PLOT SUCKED so bad, Tyrion was made to look like an idiot with all his DUMB decisions and besides liking the loot train attack, the ENTIRE SEASON WAS SUCH A BIG LET DOWN.

    BERKANT ÖZTÜRK Prije godine

    Brandon went to the other side of the wall using the three-eyed raven feature at the end of Season 7 season 7, not to see what happened, but to control the ice dragon under the control of the night king, ie the key is Brandon stark night king's jokes and keys, or even the night triple raven. he can use his dragons to control and attack them.

  • Hudson Henrique
    Hudson Henrique Prije godine

    Finalmenteeeeee aeeeee final de semana promete

  • Aegon Stark
    Aegon Stark Prije godine

    s’il vous plaît 🙏 ne faite pas remourir jon snow

  • Lineyer
    Lineyer Prije godine

    Valar Morghulis

  • sergioae
    sergioae Prije godine

    i think the dragons are my favorite characters loll

  • Matteo Manno
    Matteo Manno Prije godine

    Season 7 destroy this

  • Emirhan Ceylan
    Emirhan Ceylan Prije godine


  • Barni Neba
    Barni Neba Prije godine

    Also now lets talk about Bronn, so here when Danny attacks the lannisters, Bronn, is their busy setting up the large arrow to attack Danny, the Dothraki are all around him YET NOT A SINGLE DOTHRAKI sees or attacks Bronn, you can clearly see this in the clip and yet Bronn is left alone.......then in the final scene Bronn comes out of no where to save Jamie, the Dragon fire on the water alone would have boiled or burnt both of them to death, the water would have been boiling yet someone Bronn and Jamie who was wearing such heavy amour manage to swim underwater miles and miles away from the fighting.............ARE THE WRITERS SO CARZY and have ZERO sense of reality. Games of Thrones SEASON 7 sucked, sucked, sucked. Poorly written and hastily produced!

  • Barni Neba
    Barni Neba Prije godine

    Also did you notice when John Snow sends Genery to get a message to Danny, John Snow and his team run right into a Trap, rather than running fast with Genery towards East Watch by the sea, it seems like the show writers have lost any sense of reality, how stupid is John Snow to run right into a trap, he could have gone in any direction but he had to go into the lake, seriously!

  • Abbyz Animate
    Abbyz Animate Prije godine

    Jonh Snow...

  • Sandi Wynn
    Sandi Wynn Prije godine

    I only watch this show for the gay sex scenes...anyone else lol

  • Elios Yun
    Elios Yun Prije godine


  • duda
    duda Prije godine


    MGH ALASKA Prije godine

    2019. Oficial Game of trons sezon 8 Last Sezon

  • R C
    R C Prije godine +1

    Screw you HBO. I am not waiting till 2019 for the last season of GoT and I am no longer paying for HBO.

  • eraseherhead
    eraseherhead Prije godine

    ...but no one's talking about the ice dragon tho.