34 Kills in Arena Trios

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  • 34 Kills in Arena Trios
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  • Dektor 1311
    Dektor 1311 Prije 4 dana

    You are noob

  • Tristan Nijs
    Tristan Nijs Prije 4 dana

    Trash tfue

  • سعود
    سعود Prije 4 dana


  • Enhancer 123
    Enhancer 123 Prije 5 dana


  • Peyton Scogins
    Peyton Scogins Prije 5 dana

    4:15 wall btw

  • kristine scholl
    kristine scholl Prije 7 dana

    #TFUEIs theBestPlayerInTheWorld

  • Stop scamming Bro
    Stop scamming Bro Prije 7 dana

    Fake Tfue people you can’t even see his subscriber count

  • Aspa xD
    Aspa xD Prije 8 dana

    Tfue dude you play a lot! It's our sniper bullets is very good. congratulations bro 😃

  • Enea FT
    Enea FT Prije 9 dana

    Fake tfue 😂

  • SikFlick
    SikFlick Prije 11 dana +1

    Me (10 Kills in Trios): Yo let's go we are goated. 10 Kills!
    Tfue: Hold my beer....
    Btw I am trying to reach 1k Subs

  • Fortnite Gamer
    Fortnite Gamer Prije 11 dana

    Bot ninja is better

  • ftyuseygh
    ftyuseygh Prije 11 dana

    Yall do realize that this isnt tfue real HRclip channel right?

    PETER BALL VLOGS Prije 12 dana +1

    Roses are red violets are blue if you like tfue then make this blue

  • Nocadleeeee
    Nocadleeeee Prije 12 dana

    hey Tfue Do you drive a Tesla?

  • Luca SOUTH
    Luca SOUTH Prije 14 dana +1

    Tfue you have the same settings as me

  • Martina Delgadova
    Martina Delgadova Prije 15 dana

    me : *skips 15 seconds*
    tfue : *has 16 kills*

  • amirulhakim lothfi
    amirulhakim lothfi Prije 15 dana

    THAT FPS !!

  • Pedro Editz
    Pedro Editz Prije 15 dana

    Meh You’re the best Bruh

  • the king master
    the king master Prije 16 dana

    True why do you watch yoboy pizza

  • Joseph Faulkner
    Joseph Faulkner Prije 16 dana

    Defaults rock dedelia few dew dew dew do do cc dew noodedodetunew dedianinu do do do do do

  • Jayden Farr
    Jayden Farr Prije 16 dana

    Can you please friend me my name is tornado-medic

  • itsKMC
    itsKMC Prije 17 dana

    This man is not a beast he’s a monster

  • Wigan Council
    Wigan Council Prije 18 dana

    True you are the best we all love you 😍

    NASSAR AL-SADOON Prije 18 dana


  • Leo Mendez
    Leo Mendez Prije 18 dana +1

    I'm also mexican

  • Leo Mendez
    Leo Mendez Prije 18 dana +1

    Hi Tfue Im a big fan and just want to say that keep trying to get better better and even better 👋 by

  • Angel Espi
    Angel Espi Prije 18 dana

    Hacker: how much aimbot do you want?
    Tfue: yes

    • Angel Espi
      Angel Espi Prije 12 dana

      Jackson DeVore ok its a joke

    • Jackson DeVore
      Jackson DeVore Prije 15 dana

      Angel Espi ETF bruh ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏ ᴜ ᴍᴇɴ ʙʀᴜʜᴛʜᴇʀ ɡɡɡ ɓɾմհ -.-.-..-.-.-

  • dead ghost
    dead ghost Prije 18 dana

    You suck tfue you a snitch

  • Fahad aied
    Fahad aied Prije 19 dana


    xXxXB4TANGXxXDR0G4H Prije 19 dana

    Bruh 40 dpi on Tfue's mouse

  • kristine scholl
    kristine scholl Prije 20 dana

    Hey TFUEHow are you so good at fortnight

  • El Jizu
    El Jizu Prije 20 dana +1

    Is this the mode aydan got 40+ in??

  • rolando veraza
    rolando veraza Prije 20 dana

    What are the keybinds?

  • WaysPK
    WaysPK Prije 21 dan +1

    Tfue you are my most favourite HRclipr and I was just wondering why you need to swear so much, maybe if you try to tone the swearing down younger kids can watch you and, maybe you’ll be more positive 😁👌

  • XxRoyale Contxler
    XxRoyale Contxler Prije 21 dan

    I miss default tfue

  • Antho713
    Antho713 Prije 21 dan

    Y’all come to sub to me to and show love 🤣😅I stream and all that

  • Degan Pierce
    Degan Pierce Prije 21 dan


  • Lil Rakss
    Lil Rakss Prije 21 dan

    Jarvis is way better lol

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    شرك جمر SARK_GMR Prije 22 dana


  • علي الحربي
    علي الحربي Prije 22 dana

    أفضل واحد يلعب فورتنايت

  • Tr1ppie
    Tr1ppie Prije 23 dana

    Fake tfue

  • CraZe_ SCOrp
    CraZe_ SCOrp Prije 24 dana

    lol good video bud bud

  • Juan Felipe Villamizar
    Juan Felipe Villamizar Prije 24 dana

    They killed literally more than the half of the lobby...

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  • Think BIGA
    Think BIGA Prije 24 dana

    1:54 player said YEETTTTTT

  • Hossam Mansor
    Hossam Mansor Prije 25 dana

    Fack you tufe

  • Renato Rojas
    Renato Rojas Prije 25 dana +1

    Tfue is the best of the world

  • GoCrazy Mirishikiari
    GoCrazy Mirishikiari Prije 25 dana

    *W H E R E W E B O U T T O E A T A T ?*

  • English By N. Fatma
    English By N. Fatma Prije 26 dana

    Tfue not getting kills

  • Waldemar Fabiański
    Waldemar Fabiański Prije 26 dana +1

    laser xddd

  • Henrry Yair Vázquez
    Henrry Yair Vázquez Prije 26 dana


  • Joey Heemskerk
    Joey Heemskerk Prije 27 dana

    je bent slecht man

  • Dain Marley
    Dain Marley Prije 28 dana

    Can you give me a skin at Sleep345all please I’m your biggest fam

  • Sarvasen Naicker
    Sarvasen Naicker Prije 28 dana

    you are poo

  • Sweaty Tryhard
    Sweaty Tryhard Prije 28 dana +1

    can ya guys please subcribe to my youtube channel i play fortnite

  • Dragon_vlog VI
    Dragon_vlog VI Prije 29 dana

    I love you setup but I can’t afford it 😭

  • Alexander Darling
    Alexander Darling Prije 29 dana

    whats the new keyboard you use?

  • Plplom Plppmj
    Plplom Plppmj Prije mjesec


  • Freddie Suddons
    Freddie Suddons Prije mjesec

    Hey TFUE it's me from live stream

  • Vertix
    Vertix Prije mjesec +1

    If your a savage like this comment