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  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara Prije 7 sati +1

    Wow I love you Jb so much
    j'aime Jb

  • ramida ninkrom
    ramida ninkrom Prije 7 sati +1


  • T'J tmZee
    T'J tmZee Prije 7 sati +1


  • GOT7_ MTBB_7
    GOT7_ MTBB_7 Prije 8 sati +4


  • Pornpana Umpaivit
    Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 8 sati +3

    Green Hearts... GOT7&IGOT7..... Fighting!! :)

  • Jummy Jump
    Jummy Jump Prije 8 sati +5

    ใครโหวต got 7บ้างง

  • Daniesh Aqiesh
    Daniesh Aqiesh Prije 9 sati +3

    I'm support GOT7 and Jackson Wang 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • soniya sona
    soniya sona Prije 9 sati +5

    Come on ahgases let's do this damn thing!

  • วริยา อินสุวรรณ์

    ขอบคุณที่เป็นgot7 เป็นตัวของพวกคุณเอง รักเสมอเลยยย💚

  • Josh Jeon
    Josh Jeon Prije 9 sati +6

    Whos EXCITED for another interview in the America???

  • Project! R2
    Project! R2 Prije 9 sati +9

    For those who don’t know, this is jyps channel, but got7 have their own channel that they also release music on, they’re Japanese comeback is coming out soon so subscribe to Got7s channel!!!

  • X Y Z
    X Y Z Prije 9 sati +4


  • Skye Anirudh
    Skye Anirudh Prije 9 sati +8

    any ahgases still spinning ?

  • Gloria L
    Gloria L Prije 9 sati +10

    keep spinning!!!

  • Trixie Ahgase
    Trixie Ahgase Prije 9 sati +10

    GOT7 is in US now! Please give them lots of support and don't forget to str**m Eclipse before their concert in Newark! ♡_♡

  • Trixie Ahgase
    Trixie Ahgase Prije 9 sati +8

    Let's get it to 40M!!!

  • Jane
    Jane Prije 9 sati +6

    As of 6:07pm in my country there are 37.753.498 spins.

    Don't forget to support the world tour!

  • lilyhasgot7 lilyhasgot7
    lilyhasgot7 lilyhasgot7 Prije 10 sati +8

    Ahgaseeess where are you , let's spin harder , we can do this , got7 should be our ult group not the second or third on our list . let us cooperate to make this 60M before July ending , HWAITING

  • applemiffed
    applemiffed Prije 10 sati +5

    love GOT7.

  • Ib Once
    Ib Once Prije 10 sati +6

    Got7 are the best

  • 168sim001 168sim001
    168sim001 168sim001 Prije 10 sati +6

    I love Got7❤

  • Elene Kaldani
    Elene Kaldani Prije 11 sati +6

    That is stunning!

  • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา


    • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา
      ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา Prije 7 sati

      วนไปจร้าา​ก็​รัก​นะทำไงได้​ ^_^

    • Pornpana Umpaivit
      Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 8 sati +1

      กลับมาแล้วว วนต่อได้เลย Spinning / Vote / Trend ยาวๆไปเลยจ้าา :)

    • nid nid
      nid nid Prije 10 sati +1

      ฟังรอนะจ๊ะไปทำงานก่อน เจอกันสามทุ่มจร้า สู้ๆๆ

  • Feodora Angela
    Feodora Angela Prije 11 sati +6

    woi ahgase streaming ajg yaallah

  • nid nid
    nid nid Prije 11 sati +7


    • Pornpana Umpaivit
      Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 8 sati

      กลับมาแล้วจ้าาา สู้กันต่อยาวๆไปเลยย :)

  • uouwai
    uouwai Prije 11 sati +7


  • enyrasinta. 0fficial
    enyrasinta. 0fficial Prije 11 sati +6

    Just love got7🍀

  • Jemay Meili
    Jemay Meili Prije 11 sati +8

    Off topic
    From album teaser, PAGE already got my attention.I wasn't wrong, knowing now it's number 1 in Melon

  • Nida Khan
    Nida Khan Prije 11 sati +10

    We need a music video for Page

  • I got7 loves
    I got7 loves Prije 12 sati +7

    ahgase let's strm love loop too
    it will come out july

  • م-마르와
    م-마르와 Prije 12 sati +3

    يوهه الاغاسيز!!

  • Sana Claus
    Sana Claus Prije 12 sati +8

    You know having a relationship with an ahgase and this is your theme song lol. This is the best song to describe the both of us and our feelings.

  • Aghase Fighting
    Aghase Fighting Prije 12 sati +6

    seven three six

  • Present : Mia
    Present : Mia Prije 12 sati +6

    We need about thousand active ahgases who spin every day

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7 Prije 12 sati +8

    Also remember to buy concert tickets guys

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7 Prije 12 sati +9

    My babies! You guys better take care of them in New York!

  • nonglak kong
    nonglak kong Prije 12 sati +5

    เราจะสนับสนุน​ got7​ ตลอดไป

  • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา


  • veranda vera
    veranda vera Prije 12 sati +6

    Can't believe Got7 in USA

  • myles may
    myles may Prije 13 sati +8

    "the feeling of responsibility is rushing" yes i'm spinning and keep spinning ECLIPSE

  • RedooNaitoh
    RedooNaitoh Prije 13 sati +8

    Got7 are already in the US!!!

  • Miftah Irhan
    Miftah Irhan Prije 13 sati +5

    STAY here for Got7.....
    Support JYP Family

  • Eloise Do
    Eloise Do Prije 13 sati +9

    40M before June ends. Lets get it, aghases? Who's with me? 💚💚💚

  • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา

    Eclipse​ Fighting​

  • Miles D'Silva
    Miles D'Silva Prije 13 sati +14

    K-pop takes yet another step into America's prime-time TV realm as GOT7 becomes the first Korean group to book an appearance and perform on NBC's Today Show.

    Next week, the seven-member boy band will make their debut on the Today Show on Wednesday, June 26. While the group has promoted throughout the U.S. in their five years together in the past, they've only appeared on local television with Today Show marking the group's first nationally televised appearance and performance.

    According to reports, the band is said to be preparing a "special" performance for the appearance. GOT7 is expected to announce other media opportunities during their time in the States soon.

    The appearance comes after a year of GOT7 raising their global profile. The group's 2018 Eyes on You tour hit arenas and stadiums across North America, Asia, Europe and South America, before they repaid their global fanbase with the unprecedented move of releasing their single "Lullaby" in four different languages: Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish. GOT7 also earned a mainstream award-show nod when they were nominated for Top Social Artist at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards alongside the likes of BTS and Ariana Grande.

  • Victor Monterrey uwu
    Victor Monterrey uwu Prije 14 sati +4

    Estos niños merecen mas de 37 Millones de vístas ;')

  • - jc
    - jc Prije 14 sati +5

    37.7 ♡

  • Michal Kaputa
    Michal Kaputa Prije 14 sati +6

    Keep spinning Ahgases! I feel like we slow down... :( We have to support GOT7 with all our hearts! :)

  • MIRACLE RosalineBB
    MIRACLE RosalineBB Prije 14 sati +7

    Got 7&igot7 fighting

  • Jemay Meili
    Jemay Meili Prije 14 sati +10

    I truly love the dark concept on Eclipse MV, Album & the song itself that shows maturity. Colours are perfect choice as they are Icons on kpop now

  • Indah Lestari
    Indah Lestari Prije 14 sati +11

    Who's still here?

  • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา


    GUSBENZ_ CHANNEL Prije 14 sati +11

    38ล้าน ใกล้แล้ววว ไฟติ้งงงง ไหนอากาเซ่ไทย ใครดูอยู่บ้างง

  • Lokam France
    Lokam France Prije 14 sati +5

    What's wrong with the likes man?

  • Malem Thengujam
    Malem Thengujam Prije 14 sati +8

    Proud of them here an ahgase from manipur

  • K-pop GOTTWICE
    K-pop GOTTWICE Prije 14 sati +8

    Keep going

  • FazR 19
    FazR 19 Prije 14 sati +10

    Thank god tht youtube dont hv comment with voice. Im so sure too many scream will be here. Hahahaha. Hwaiting my family!! love yaa

  • Erin
    Erin Prije 14 sati +11

    i'm so happy i can be the part of this familyyyy (green hearts)

  • nid nid
    nid nid Prije 15 sati +7


  • soniya sona
    soniya sona Prije 15 sati +8

    Do well on this world tour :D Got7.
    "JB You are my brightest star in the night sky" keep on glowing we'll be always rooting for you. With lots of luv from India. Fighting Got7.

  • Joyfull Joe
    Joyfull Joe Prije 15 sati +9

    Gud luck with the world tour boys and don't forget to rock the floor on US. Yeah let's do this damn thing. Fighting Got7.

    • soniya sona
      soniya sona Prije 9 sati +1

      Let's do this damn thing!

    • Renuka Sakthi
      Renuka Sakthi Prije 13 sati

      Cool let's do this damn thing buddies. Bravo!

    • Nithya Asokan
      Nithya Asokan Prije 14 sati

      Sure! Let's do this damn thing!

  • العاب روعا
    العاب روعا Prije 15 sati +6

    واو أنهم في قمت الروعة والجمال 🤩

  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rks Prije 15 sati +6


  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rks Prije 15 sati +7

    Can we please get 40M before the Today show 🙏

  • Badral Enkhbat
    Badral Enkhbat Prije 15 sati +4


  • Priyanka Subba
    Priyanka Subba Prije 15 sati +6

    Fighting guys

  • principe jinyoung
    principe jinyoung Prije 15 sati +5

    Se ven tan bonitos apoyando a got7 desde Honduras

    JBMTJSPJ CYBBKY Prije 15 sati +7

    If Lullaby reach 100M before 1year Eclipse can reach 100M within 6 months or even shorter 4 months that is one of our achievements.

  • Le De
    Le De Prije 15 sati +7


  • Le De
    Le De Prije 15 sati +5

    No, just me? It’s okay this song is AMAZING!!!

    JBMTJSPJ CYBBKY Prije 16 sati +11

    Our goal is our goal don't mind the others. Fighting ahgase maybe within 2 months we can reach 80M spin and go to 100M. Heart

    • Le De
      Le De Prije 15 sati

      JBMTJSPJ CYBBKY im helping!!!

  • Deepali Derbere
    Deepali Derbere Prije 16 sati +7

    This song is about a lover being scared to lose his love and how he gets anixity and goes into darkness due his dark thoughts and requests her to stay and accept him the way he is cause he still loves her :")

  • Jemay Meili
    Jemay Meili Prije 16 sati +8

    Appreciate little accomplished counts. Congrats on 37.7 IGOT7

  • Pornpana Umpaivit
    Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 16 sati +5

    Love & Support... GOT7&IGOT7.... Fighting!! ;)

  • Mj Juana
    Mj Juana Prije 16 sati +3

    We're stuck

  • Hannah Defsoul
    Hannah Defsoul Prije 16 sati +10

    40m before june ends? Let's get it ahgase 💚

  • Joy Vithayasab
    Joy Vithayasab Prije 16 sati +3

    จะทำไงดี ตัวเลข ขึ้นช้ามาก แต่ก็จะไม่ยุด

  • Brianna rks
    Brianna rks Prije 17 sati +2


  • nid nid
    nid nid Prije 17 sati +3

    ยังฟังวนไปจร้าอากาเช่ สู้ๆๆ

    • nid nid
      nid nid Prije 14 sati +1

      @ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา จ้าสู้ๆๆ

    • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา
      ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา Prije 14 sati +2


    • nid nid
      nid nid Prije 16 sati +1

      @Pornpana Umpaivit จ้าเดี๋ยวฟังรอนะจ๊ะ สู้ๆจร้า

    • Pornpana Umpaivit
      Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 16 sati +2

      วนไป โหวต วนไป เทรน แล้วก็วนมาดูจ้าาา เดี๋ยวจะไปโรงพยาบาลแล้วน้าา ถ้ามีโอกาสจะแว่บมา
      Spinning / Vote / Trend นะจ๊ะ ;)

  • Trinidad Marcelina Ruiz Figueroa


  • Joy Vithayasab
    Joy Vithayasab Prije 17 sati +6

    Did they make it to LA yet?

    • Derick Josue
      Derick Josue Prije 16 sati

      Joy Vithayasab I think they’re in NY. The concert is not til the 27th, then CA on the 30th.

  • Patcharin GOT 7 Mark
    Patcharin GOT 7 Mark Prije 17 sati +4

    ยังดูกันอยุ่ไหมอากาเซ่ไทยเป้าหมาย 40ล้านต่อไปสู้ๆ

  • Igot 7
    Igot 7 Prije 17 sati +3

    اقاسي ستريييممم

  • khanh vu
    khanh vu Prije 17 sati +4

    Love got7, support got7 and proud of got7

  • Pornpana Umpaivit
    Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 17 sati +5

    Green Hearts all the way... :)

  • Khawla suga
    Khawla suga Prije 17 sati +3


  • nid nid
    nid nid Prije 18 sati +3

    GOT7 สู้ๆนะครับ
    อากาเช่ สู้ๆนะคะ

  • Adriana Dafi
    Adriana Dafi Prije 18 sati +9

    *Lets celebrate got7 world tour and get 40^^ soon fightingggg*

  • Adriana Dafi
    Adriana Dafi Prije 18 sati +7

    Almost 40M gooo keep str^^ming

  • Natu Got7 Pala
    Natu Got7 Pala Prije 18 sati +5

    GOT7 en New York y yo en la otra parte del continente...eso se llama suerte!!!!

  • Paola Rivera
    Paola Rivera Prije 18 sati +2


  • someone s
    someone s Prije 18 sati +4

    Iugh gross

  • got7official wife
    got7official wife Prije 18 sati +3

    Lets get higher

  • nanap kriss
    nanap kriss Prije 18 sati +6

    Keep streaming ahgase fighting!!💚

  • Pornpana Umpaivit
    Pornpana Umpaivit Prije 19 sati +12

    Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening GOT7&IGOT7..... Fighting!! :)

  • ดวงนภา ฤากิจนา


  • Eliana Milagros SEGURA MATOS

    en el coro los agudos de Jaebum son épicos,simplemente perfectos...que hermoso,lo amé
    hermoso comeback chicos
    I LOVE GOT7 :3

  • Sawitree S
    Sawitree S Prije 19 sati +6


  • MIRACLE RosalineBB
    MIRACLE RosalineBB Prije 19 sati +11

    Got 7&igot7 forever