Talking to Strangers

  • Datum objavljivanja: 7. Lip 2019.
  • I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • Jesse Clay
    Jesse Clay Prije 24 minuta +1

    James needs to remake his ASMR video

  • Zupids
    Zupids Prije 35 minuta


  • Max Edward
    Max Edward Prije sat

    Woah the animation.

  • lolbit plush Productions

    🈵🈹🈲🈵🈹🈲🈵🈹🈲🈹🈹🈵🈲🈹🈹🈵🈲🈲🈵🈹🈲🈵🈵🈲🈹🈲🈵🈹🈲🈵🈹🈲🈵🈹🈹🈲🈹🈵🈹🈹🈹🈵🈹🈹🈹🈵🈵 haha haha! 🉐㊙️㊗️🉐㊙️㊙️㊙️㊙️㊙️㊗️㊗️㊗️🉐㊙️㊙️㊗️🉐㊙️㊗️🉐㊙️🉐㊗️㊙️㊙️㊗️🉐㊙️🉐㊗️🉐㊗️🉐㊙️㊙️🉐

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  • RavenRoseProductions
    RavenRoseProductions Prije sat +1

    Social anxiety is crippling.

  • tobi rotimi jacobs
    tobi rotimi jacobs Prije sat

    3:44 Jojo reference🤣👌

  • gacha_girl1000
    gacha_girl1000 Prije 2 sati

    Heya peep i just bought your book and its WEIRD FUNNY EXTRA WEIRD thank you thats all

  • Polishing Trắng
    Polishing Trắng Prije 2 sati


  • J's Channel
    J's Channel Prije 2 sati

    Stranger - *Looks away from James*

  • TheRealCanHD
    TheRealCanHD Prije 2 sati

    0:36 I feel bad for RushLight :(
    1 Like=1 Prayer for RushLight

  • Lucamok 12
    Lucamok 12 Prije 2 sati

    U Blu Furry Dog Ub Cut

  • Isaiah Gonzalez
    Isaiah Gonzalez Prije 2 sati

    James talk about your dumb lies you said

  • Venom the Rainwing
    Venom the Rainwing Prije 2 sati

    In australia we only have 2 seats instead of 3 sooooooo.....

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn Prije 2 sati

    Do you know life noggin

  • Orange Wheels
    Orange Wheels Prije 3 sati

    S tR aN g E

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith Prije 3 sati

    Took me a few years to find out that when a boy pees he can’t stop midstream.

  • StickMan Hype!
    StickMan Hype! Prije 3 sati +2

    Stranger: Hi.
    James: How.
    James: *jumps out window and dies*

  • Maxolen 0
    Maxolen 0 Prije 4 sati

    Mi magyarok nagyon jól tudjuk, hogy mi történik, ha a boltba megkérdezel egy eladót. "Úr isten, hát oda van írva"
    (már ha vannak itt magyarok, bár miért ne lennének)

  • Arda Baki
    Arda Baki Prije 4 sati +1

    Me: Hello
    The same James : How

  • Lucia Murphy
    Lucia Murphy Prije 4 sati

    Where I live our buses only have 2 seats, then an isle break - so no hard choices! ;)

  • Нурислам Алиев

    Привет Джеймс я из Дагестана и даже здесь смотрят твои видео

  • Absurd Kraken
    Absurd Kraken Prije 4 sati

    i just realized james kinda roasts morgz in this video..

  • let ALJACK explain Studio AL

    can you put Timtom in one of the drawing games video

  • Mikey mad
    Mikey mad Prije 4 sati

    Thanks james for making me laugh on the saddest days

  • Shauna Anthony
    Shauna Anthony Prije 4 sati


  • Terlik63style
    Terlik63style Prije 4 sati

    Play gartic io with Jaiden Domics something else yt and İtsAlexClark

  • mirahsan2
    mirahsan2 Prije 4 sati

    Stay quiet and move when you can

  • Amiwitos Lop
    Amiwitos Lop Prije 4 sati

    Hola james tengo una duda existencial ¿entiendes el español?

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Prije 4 sati

    Lol the duck song 😂

  • Tyler Powers
    Tyler Powers Prije 4 sati

    You don't work on your birthday month!? Damn, where can I get an application?

  • Roseann George
    Roseann George Prije 4 sati


  • Brian Ponce
    Brian Ponce Prije 4 sati

    Is 3:46 a Jojo reference

  • Dana Vargas
    Dana Vargas Prije 4 sati

    Yooo MRBEAST's friend BOUGT UR BOOK!!!!! and it was inthe wild in the walmart wild

  • Extreme Demolition
    Extreme Demolition Prije 5 sati

    1: I kissed a girl
    2:I went to bed i dreamed
    3: I woke up
    4: I realised
    Now read it 4,1,2,3

  • Hey It's Mckenzie
    Hey It's Mckenzie Prije 5 sati

    Hey James. I'm just starting 8th grade and a beginner (and horrible) when it comes to Animation and drawing online. Got any advice for me?

  • Tatiana Baptiste
    Tatiana Baptiste Prije 5 sati

    I saw you on a target add

  • lalo- kera
    lalo- kera Prije 5 sati

    Max dubs :v

  • Candy Pop
    Candy Pop Prije 5 sati +1

    haha very funny the video, the truth is that something happened to me so I remember that I sit in the middle of two people and when the guy on the low side I get off at the next stop to avoid that uncomfortable moment ... the truth is that I am not very sociable and I prefer to be alone, and good that's my anecdote goodbye :3

  • doom 76
    doom 76 Prije 6 sati


  • Zaid Asif
    Zaid Asif Prije 6 sati

    My favourite jokes in the video:
    -Duck Song
    -James is a Furry
    -Alex v James Chess Boxing

  • Lwicko 123
    Lwicko 123 Prije 6 sati

    My birthday is MAY 14 TOOOO AHHH.

  • Lucy Griffiths
    Lucy Griffiths Prije 6 sati

    I can relate to this.🤪

  • Ellen Sullivan
    Ellen Sullivan Prije 6 sati +1

    But what if you were I’ll seat guy then middle seat guy goes do you move or not. Then if you moved that says you like them wow I’d jump out the window I mean you would do that

  • chleana loretcha
    chleana loretcha Prije 6 sati

    the duck songs

  • Andrenaline Studios
    Andrenaline Studios Prije 6 sati +1

    1:52 is morgz

  • Hashtag Special
    Hashtag Special Prije 6 sati

    I loved this.

  • some user k
    some user k Prije 6 sati

    May is my birthday month :0

  • Dragon Ball Super Duper

    0:16 I remember that shirt you wore and you said it came from good will

  • PewterWalnut2
    PewterWalnut2 Prije 6 sati

    James just to say idk if this is something it could be you but
    I got an ad thats next to the video I’m watching and it said and it was clothing and it looked fake
    Just to notify

  • gacha kitten
    gacha kitten Prije 7 sati

    James are you going to vidcon if you are be aware of the reed hood she or he is planning something big

  • Eveangleion Morrow
    Eveangleion Morrow Prije 7 sati

    Can you meet gamethery

  • Chaz Alicea
    Chaz Alicea Prije 7 sati

    When are you going to talk about the pinewood derby

  • Eveangleion Morrow
    Eveangleion Morrow Prije 7 sati

    Hi oddonesout I subscribed

    P.S. I'm 10yearsold and I'm allmost starting puperty hears my name Evangelion you can call me Evee for short :).

    P.S. My big brother uriel and he hasint even started puperty and he is 11

  • wogi playzs
    wogi playzs Prije 7 sati

    Yooooo! You ve had 11m sub you grown alooooooot

  • lolbit plush Productions
    lolbit plush Productions Prije 7 sati +1

    *JuSt StOp TuChIng My ShOlDer*

  • Jordon Logan
    Jordon Logan Prije 7 sati

    John Doe is the name you would give a BOY who is unnamed and Jane Doe is the name you would give a unnamed GIRL

  • Mr. Hoxworth
    Mr. Hoxworth Prije 7 sati

    Hey janes could you post all of the go pro from the airsoft battle royale please

  • Ved Matai
    Ved Matai Prije 7 sati

    Hey james why isn't your dad in any of your videos

  • Firetwins Fan!!
    Firetwins Fan!! Prije 8 sati

    0:53 When I’m Poor

  • Josh Krahn
    Josh Krahn Prije 8 sati

    theres a game called painted plummet and u are in it u also have a theme song (not life is fun) just search wear your seatbelt! + math attack

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Prije 8 sati

    I got your book from Barnes & Noble the odd ones out

  • Jeremy Gerena
    Jeremy Gerena Prije 8 sati


  • Amanda Luna
    Amanda Luna Prije 8 sati

    U know how u made that dark crystal episode im pretty sure on netflix there making a new one just to let u know if u don't. and if u see it can u make a video on it

  • Jeremy Gerena
    Jeremy Gerena Prije 8 sati

    Why does James talk about his father James tell us

  • themanwhoPlays y
    themanwhoPlays y Prije 8 sati


  • themanwhoPlays y
    themanwhoPlays y Prije 8 sati

    The captions make it lowkey funnier

  • Amber B.
    Amber B. Prije 8 sati

    you were on snapchat. On try not to. 😰😱 im shook

  • ItsUwUsaladgurl Salad face


  • Eva Batchelor
    Eva Batchelor Prije 8 sati +1

    Sooo, is nobody gonna talk about the duck song reference? Ok then...

  • HenWithaPen
    HenWithaPen Prije 8 sati

    7:35 "I don't work on my birthday month"
    James is GOALS 👌🏾

  • Keeley McKenney
    Keeley McKenney Prije 8 sati

    But i wear anime shirts in public-

  • Shawn Perez
    Shawn Perez Prije 8 sati +1

    Window seat guy:why

  • Mark Bomm
    Mark Bomm Prije 8 sati


  • Avalon RayAwesome
    Avalon RayAwesome Prije 8 sati +1

    James, Your an amazing artist, And your sosoooooooo funny. I just wanted to say, but I think I may be your biggest fan! Please pin this comment, thumbs up it, or even reply or post your thoughts on it on the reply’s.

  • lopezgaming the og
    lopezgaming the og Prije 9 sati

    James is SomethingElseyt your brother

  • Reilly
    Reilly Prije 9 sati

    I got your book and it’s SO good so far

  • Thesuperheroworld Mc
    Thesuperheroworld Mc Prije 9 sati

    my b day is may 7

  • Hudson Hery
    Hudson Hery Prije 9 sati +2

    i love the part where you are like " Then I jumped out a window and fell to my death."

  • Hudson Hery
    Hudson Hery Prije 9 sati +1

    your so funny i love your vids ( also how much does the animation drawing thing that you have to make these videos cost )

  • Mariogamer64/fortnite pro

    But theodd1sout is my favorite Anime

  • Clutch InHD
    Clutch InHD Prije 9 sati

    The mighty mar- I mean oddonesout

  • kyle mellor
    kyle mellor Prije 9 sati +1

    Is James a... FLAT EARTHER?!

  • Braian Regalado
    Braian Regalado Prije 9 sati

    Soy de Argentina dale like(a este comentario) sabes hablar español

  • Konoha
    Konoha Prije 9 sati

    2:04 Hello My
    Name is
    John Doe

  • Dustin Whitaker
    Dustin Whitaker Prije 9 sati

    Watch Endigo

  • ColeBrosEnt
    ColeBrosEnt Prije 9 sati

    Mr.James I Love Your Vids And I Actually Made A Character Named Danny Also How Can You Tell Me How To Send Pictures On HRclip

  • Firestream11
    Firestream11 Prije 9 sati +1

    When James gets old will he call himself

  • Naruto Uzamaki Of The Hidden Leaf Village

    But I wear Dragonball shirts in public..

  • Issa Ahmed
    Issa Ahmed Prije 10 sati


  • artjet1
    artjet1 Prije 10 sati

    James I have been so lonely I also have my birthday on may

  • Aden Jeremiah white
    Aden Jeremiah white Prije 10 sati

    You should play a game on app store called Roblox please ill sub to you

    PICKLE RICK Prije 10 sati

    Wait. Think for a moment if you don't know someone they probably don't know who you are. So that makes both of you strangers. Strangers are bad so.....


  • Sans Van
    Sans Van Prije 10 sati

    Haha not

  • Karel Adam
    Karel Adam Prije 10 sati


  • Wolf Mastermind88
    Wolf Mastermind88 Prije 10 sati

    6:07 my favorite

  • Mom Sanchez
    Mom Sanchez Prije 10 sati


  • Jimena Jimenez
    Jimena Jimenez Prije 10 sati


  • G Man
    G Man Prije 10 sati

    Happy late B-day James, thank you so much again for what you do.