Jungkook is and always will be bangtan’s baby boy

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  • Bts are so weak and whipped for Jungkook. They love and take care of him so well and it makes me really emotional. He must be the most loved maknae on earth.

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  • mysterious girl
    mysterious girl Prije dan

    Jungkook is my bias and will ever be

  • Fatoumata Jarrai Jallow

    They raised him well it inspires me to do more for my siblings 💜💜💜💜

  • manahil qaiser
    manahil qaiser Prije 2 dana

    suga was taking pics of kook like dad.
    they are a great family and always will be

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar Prije 2 dana +1

    Jin and jhope:-Mommy's
    Suga:-savage daddy
    RM:-Big bro
    Jimin:-Cute brother
    Taetae:-evil brother

  • Namugenyi Hanifah
    Namugenyi Hanifah Prije 5 dana

    Jhope really cares

  • Alisia Jongeneelen
    Alisia Jongeneelen Prije 6 dana

    In the title it says “BABY boy” altough, Jungkook doesn’t like to be called baby

  • Fiyah Samplidan
    Fiyah Samplidan Prije 6 dana

    Ahh so sweet

  • Kaiunkook •
    Kaiunkook • Prije 6 dana

    Young Jungkook looks almost exactly like Soobin😦

  • Gacha Alex
    Gacha Alex Prije 10 dana

    At 6:29 yoongi and jimin are the parents means they are married??

  • Rawr Loud
    Rawr Loud Prije 10 dana


  • speedcutegirl /plays
    speedcutegirl /plays Prije 11 dana

    I love you jungkook so much 😍😍😍😍

  • Alina Kamran
    Alina Kamran Prije 12 dana

    plz change bangtans bby boy to bighits bby boy becuz no matter how many more groups come after ( TXT) no matter how old he gets personally I feel he will always be bighits bby boy

  • Sav. 394
    Sav. 394 Prije 13 dana

    When they surprised jk with a birthday cake, I was crying and it was so cute, and also reading that he was sorry how he was towards Hyung, that just brought me to tears 😭😭

  • ɪɴsᴏᴍɴɪᴀ
    ɪɴsᴏᴍɴɪᴀ Prije 13 dana

    I can see V's jealousy 👀

  • xXxABCxXx
    xXxABCxXx Prije 14 dana +2

    Literally their lives are a 24/7 reality show lmao

  • Jocelyn Thompson
    Jocelyn Thompson Prije 14 dana

    so sweet!

  • celina calles
    celina calles Prije 14 dana

    0:48 the girls in the back looking at him I don't know I think it's cute 🥰

  • Sofia Alvarez
    Sofia Alvarez Prije 14 dana


  • aj ambrose
    aj ambrose Prije 15 dana +2

    Even tho they all love and care for him, I still feel Suga is the protective one out of all of them

  • Asli Işık
    Asli Işık Prije 16 dana

    Lutfen run btsin bolumlerini full olarak yayinlar misiniz ?

  • bts Forever
    bts Forever Prije 16 dana

    2:50 eu chorei com ele kkkk💗😍😅

  • Scarlett Niu
    Scarlett Niu Prije 16 dana +1

    to be honest, you could've put the entire 'For You" MV in this thing

  • shraddha
    shraddha Prije 16 dana +1

    Yoongi is the guardian angel of our baby junkookie ❤❤

  • Jimin ssi
    Jimin ssi Prije 17 dana

    3:01 JH:Thank you for being Born!
    Soooo cute 😭😭😭

  • Anushka Music
    Anushka Music Prije 17 dana

    I want to squish his cheeks so bad. Cutestttttt little 🐰.. My heartttttt

  • 미로
    미로 Prije 18 dana +1

    Who is cutting the onions?
    I'm tearing up😭😭

  • Metro Metro
    Metro Metro Prije 18 dana

    But did u know that he does not want to be seen as a baby he wants to be seen as a man if u do not believe me look it up than 😊

  • Elica Shin
    Elica Shin Prije 19 dana

    @9:00 everyone was worried then 😂😂😂😭
    I have a personality like this. Like... something's off or you're just not in the mood. Everyone would think that you are angry, mad or something and they will all go like cheering you up or protecting you 😂
    I studied in an early age so whenever I have circle of friends I always ends up being the maknae hahahaha

  • NaRu nArU
    NaRu nArU Prije 20 dana +1

    I desperately need a part 2 😭😭

  • A Tender Riot
    A Tender Riot Prije 20 dana

    1:03 ok but did you notice jks *muscles*

  • Mochi_ KookieBunnie
    Mochi_ KookieBunnie Prije 20 dana

    When Im watching this it’s my birthday and then they were singing Jungkook happy birthday

  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin Prije 21 dan

    I love the last part 💓

  • Shooky4ever 2008
    Shooky4ever 2008 Prije 21 dan


  • fatma Muhamad
    fatma Muhamad Prije 21 dan

    My baby boy 😍

  • Ružica's dance
    Ružica's dance Prije 21 dan

    2:33 awwwwwww😭😭😍😍😍😭😭😭😍😭😍😍😭😍😭😭😭😭😭😍😍

  • Renata Maran
    Renata Maran Prije 22 dana

    Nyebelin bat mentang" paling kecil y kan 😂😂😂😂💖

  • Taehyungie's girl
    Taehyungie's girl Prije 22 dana +1

    02:51 Aigooo he's in tears....
    *My hearteu* 💜

  • tear is my bop
    tear is my bop Prije 22 dana

    Im devestated

  • tear is my bop
    tear is my bop Prije 22 dana


  • UsoNOOB
    UsoNOOB Prije 22 dana

    5:36 jimin is like a dad to jungkook

  • Pink Sparker
    Pink Sparker Prije 22 dana

    Who is the one who put the blankie on jungkook

  • Lydia Hssn
    Lydia Hssn Prije 22 dana

    nobody is gonna talk about how namjoon's voice at the beginning is hella deep? OK then

  • Anjali Jacob
    Anjali Jacob Prije 23 dana

    No one:
    Literally not a soul
    Kookie: My name...
    Hyungs: **nods vigorously** **fights back tears**

  • Samia Benmbarek
    Samia Benmbarek Prije 23 dana


  • Aeesh Rahman
    Aeesh Rahman Prije 23 dana

    0:56-1:01 taekook is so cute ♥️😭

    YOONMIN FANS Prije 24 dana

    Yoonmin proud parents

  • Evie X
    Evie X Prije 24 dana

    Jungkook: hyung
    *all six turn towards him*

  • Sushanta Biswas
    Sushanta Biswas Prije 24 dana +1


  • Zahra Rezaei
    Zahra Rezaei Prije 25 dana

    8:00 💙 when yoongi helped jungkook was really cute 💚💚💚

  • NarathKH 0979060459
    NarathKH 0979060459 Prije 25 dana

    Iove joongkook

  • NarathKH 0979060459
    NarathKH 0979060459 Prije 25 dana

    Iove joongkook

  • Gravity C
    Gravity C Prije 25 dana

    "Thank you for being born" - JHope
    My heart

  • Adamdaniel Lim
    Adamdaniel Lim Prije 25 dana


  • Manav Ram
    Manav Ram Prije 25 dana

    At 6:21 so adorably cute

  • Gazpacho Soop
    Gazpacho Soop Prije 26 dana +1

    Awww, that was so beautiful! He really is teh baby **cries**
    Edit: his parents must feel so reassured that their son is being looked after all these years

  • Nikita Bhatt
    Nikita Bhatt Prije 26 dana

    I just love love love him❤❤

  • Moon_draws
    Moon_draws Prije 27 dana

    Jungkook was prop a normal kid at school before he became an idol. Just think about how many people in his school where Bts fans and Maybe got to know this little bunny! We army purple you jungkook! 💜💜💜😊😊

  • Kshamashree K
    Kshamashree K Prije 27 dana

    0:47 the way girls looking at him

  • sk
    sk Prije 28 dana

    tae :( chose :( jungkook:( over :( one :( of :( his :( best :( friends :(

    I forgot how to breathe : (

  • sk
    sk Prije 28 dana +1

    the way BTS busted so many uwus at jungkookie’s graduation day


  • twinkle cherry
    twinkle cherry Prije 28 dana +1

    2:08 is the proof of hw hs hyungs love hm so much💜❤️💜

  • mikaela sarmiento
    mikaela sarmiento Prije 28 dana

    He has 4 borthers you know why?
    RM is the dad and the mom is Jin😂😂

  • Christina Vo
    Christina Vo Prije 29 dana +3

    Lady: what is your hidden talent
    *-no one-*
    Some one: *HE SO CUTE!*

  • Sukaina Qasim
    Sukaina Qasim Prije mjesec

    Junkook is also my bad boy

  • Uma Army Jikooka
    Uma Army Jikooka Prije mjesec +1

    Eles crescem tão rápido 😍kkk

  • Barina Fatima
    Barina Fatima Prije mjesec +1

    He's just so cute and adorable, Live u BTS

  • Esmeraldito Prishka
    Esmeraldito Prishka Prije mjesec

    Tipota den einai apolyto gia mena ( christiza thn dikh ths den thn thelw).’ ❌👄👄👄👄👄👄🇨🇳

  • chanthy sar
    chanthy sar Prije mjesec

    Awww.. his birthday get to me.. he so lucky to have his own family.. his brothers loves him

  • Blue MonkeyLady
    Blue MonkeyLady Prije mjesec

    In the beginning at his school when his hyungs were talking to him to talk to his friends all the girls where staring at Jung-kook or staring and whispering

  • Angie James
    Angie James Prije mjesec

    when i first got into kpop in general i always thought making a big deal about the youngest memeber in each group was a superiority thing but from stuff like this i realise it’s more of a caring thing