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  • Datum objavljivanja: 10. Kol 2017.
  • Rep the Realm is a seven-part streetwear collection bringing together top designers to create limited-edition, micro-collections celebrating Game of Thrones.
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  • Kyle Trebble
    Kyle Trebble Prije godine

    Nothing screams GOT like some generic a hip hop beat and trivial douchbag fashion

  • Bubblegum Kush
    Bubblegum Kush Prije godine

    Literally anyone could fucking do this

  • Bubblegum Kush
    Bubblegum Kush Prije godine

    What the fuck kind of illuminati shit is this sellout shit with fucking skateboards seriously dude ?!

  • Alex Fry
    Alex Fry Prije godine

    Because nothing says Game of Thrones like a fucking skateboard.

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd Prije godine

    Should have done decks with the house insignias, this is stupid.

  • DoJoStan
    DoJoStan Prije godine

    Uh so where do I get them .

  • larshoneytoast33
    larshoneytoast33 Prije godine

    grow the fuck up

  • Nikhita Prabhudesai
    Nikhita Prabhudesai Prije godine

    wut? -_-

  • kapil gupta
    kapil gupta Prije godine

    The music is dope af. 🔥

  • Hmm...
    Hmm... Prije godine

    Are we going to see people riding skateboards in Westaros or something?

  • Hmm...
    Hmm... Prije godine

    Well this is random...

  • quantumdominic
    quantumdominic Prije godine

    Looks cool I won't deny, but I think I'd rather stick a fabric map on my wall instead. More authentic from the time it's set in yknow

  • Jack Banker
    Jack Banker Prije godine

    i like it

  • sn12
    sn12 Prije godine

    Anyone know the song??? The opening one before got theme song

  • luck doc
    luck doc Prije godine +9

    these "urban and edgy" collaboration attempts are just pathetic and cringy as fuck. Why are you trying so hard? People watch GOT because it's fantasy and medieval, it's the entire opposite of that shit

  • Kholio Man
    Kholio Man Prije godine

    Another pointless video

  • Rain Storm
    Rain Storm Prije godine


  • Finn Bazz
    Finn Bazz Prije godine

    It's not even the full fucking map of the ASOIF world the fact this "project" is already shit, but it's not even fucking completed.

  • Charles Gabriel
    Charles Gabriel Prije godine

    Why the fuck are they posting shit like this

  • Saad Jaouhari
    Saad Jaouhari Prije godine

    that's lame.

  • Syntaxus Dogmata
    Syntaxus Dogmata Prije godine


  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Prije godine

    Don't pay ransom to hackers..

  • Amjad Mrad
    Amjad Mrad Prije godine

    Go watch my videos thanks

  • Daniel Anthony
    Daniel Anthony Prije godine

    cheya bro

  • SpookyGhostBoY
    SpookyGhostBoY Prije godine


  • Bat Wolf
    Bat Wolf Prije godine

    I can't believe all the assholes in the comment section. If you don't like it don't watch it you fucking shit. 1000 dislikes to 2500 likes? Bullshit

  • suthobay
    suthobay Prije godine +2

    next up: Dothraki surfboards

  • Nana Lu
    Nana Lu Prije godine

    Why do they do this? Trying to fit in with the fellow kids?
    It's a good thing the show is so great on it's own, because if it depended on it's PR...

  • sofiamd1
    sofiamd1 Prije godine

    so dumb... so I can print the GOT stuff on a T shirt.. can you make a video about me?!

  • sofiamd1
    sofiamd1 Prije godine

    really dumb .u can't even use them so why even put it on a skateboard why not just on canvas or poster board

  • sofiamd1
    sofiamd1 Prije godine

    that's so stupid seriously why is this even on this channel

  • Ale
    Ale Prije godine

    Please don't....

  • Virginia Taylor
    Virginia Taylor Prije godine

    Please don't post this crap.

  • Tank
    Tank Prije godine

    Damn, that beat is sick

  • Shane
    Shane Prije godine +6


  • Jaqen H'ghar V
    Jaqen H'ghar V Prije godine


  • xavier
    xavier Prije godine +2

    Fun fact: Stephen Vanasco's boyfriend goes by the name of "Master Kenobi" online, I know because I went to school with him

  • RedTeamReview
    RedTeamReview Prije godine

    So....this is for collection purposes only because If I'm going to dot my wall with this stuff I wouldn't want any scratches or marks on it. Especially if I'm paying for multiple boards to complete the layout. Why not just do a board with each house sigil instead of the map?

  • Kristof's Konnection
    Kristof's Konnection Prije godine

    this is so bad, stop doing shit like this

  • supreme bartas
    supreme bartas Prije godine

    Dear hbo,
    I don't know how did you find your fanbase to be related to skating. If you think this has a happy ending, you've not been paying attention

  • Amelia Hans
    Amelia Hans Prije godine

    A show with a man on the dragon burning female soldiers alive.
    Dear HBO, can you make this happen lol. I just wanna see the reaction of mainstream feminists and people in general.

  • Quinn
    Quinn Prije godine +4

    That moment if you click on a pointless trash video

  • ATornTomkat
    ATornTomkat Prije godine

    B-but with this, you can RIDE THE WORLD

  • Random Movie Guy
    Random Movie Guy Prije godine

    Who else rushed into the video thinking it was a *"Season 7:Recap"?*

  • TakeIt Easy
    TakeIt Easy Prije godine

    Soo a Skateboard freak yeah? ... Because of that we Had a character called *Olli*?

  • Thomas lcyer
    Thomas lcyer Prije godine

    i fucking need to buy this

  • MK.
    MK. Prije godine

    Im no skater but i WILL buy it !!!

  • N.B
    N.B Prije godine

    #Mercchhh 😅😅

  • canal animeiro
    canal animeiro Prije godine

    game of skate

  • Rhae T
    Rhae T Prije godine +1

    Spoiler alert: nobody cares.

  • Marko Boychuk
    Marko Boychuk Prije godine

    And... It's not even the right map

  • yngi
    yngi Prije godine +1

    Idc if you post something about skateboarding but what's the point of posting this if you're not even going to leave a link for the skateboard

  • Darth Wiffy
    Darth Wiffy Prije godine +1

    HBO just stop with this shit.

  • Bia3 World
    Bia3 World Prije godine +2

    Long Life Night king brave and powerful leader
    I love you night king and I support your great and powerful army
    Go brave king kill all those westeros fucking leaders and keep our Lovely Jon Snow safe to be your successor

  • wahbuddy
    wahbuddy Prije godine

    pointless skateboard decks.

  • Onur Bektaş
    Onur Bektaş Prije godine

    so beautiful but I cant ride :)

  • TheGunpowderjunkie
    TheGunpowderjunkie Prije godine

    now this is stupid as fuck

  • Claire Maloney
    Claire Maloney Prije godine

    should've made a row boat for gendry amirite


    like me or you will be Jofri

  • Matt Mackie
    Matt Mackie Prije godine

    Why is everyone so triggered? It's a cool piece of artwork. I see no need to belittle the artist about it, nobody told you to click the vidoe

    • Matt Mackie
      Matt Mackie Prije godine

      Fucking hell spelt video wrong rip

  • Lion
    Lion Prije godine

    Wtf what is this shit
    I wanna see game of thrones stuff and not skaterboards

  • Karin Thorsteinsson
    Karin Thorsteinsson Prije godine

    I thought it was going to be nail vinyls

  • kika91ful
    kika91ful Prije godine

    i can't stand people saying the show sucks because of these kind of videos they post...what's that got to do with the show?!!

  • Cody Lihou
    Cody Lihou Prije godine

    talk about a money grab where gunna sell you an altered frictional map of the uk an eastern europe you just need to buy all five of them first.....

  • Cody Lihou
    Cody Lihou Prije godine

    step a side with your skateboard an be prepared to get judged be prepared to follow be prepared for the police when they come an punch or push you off it an cuff you an watch which property you skate on this day in age can easily land you in a cell losing your home an car....cause this is a free country an skating is freedom...

  • Jamal Parker
    Jamal Parker Prije godine

    God dammit, I'm totally going to buy these. I'm such a sucker, especially for skateboarding and GoT like WUT

  • Nick
    Nick Prije godine

    So how would i get them, also u can do the same with 3 boards like everyone else does look at the trailer park boys boards its only 3 not 5, they better be like $10 each or else no one is gonna buy all 5 boards if u price them like a regular deck($40-$50) coming from someone who likes skateboards and GOT. Also why not a dragon or wolf with house logos that would be 10x better.

  • Cyber Degradation
    Cyber Degradation Prije godine +1

    It's a game of Incest : Jaime / Cersei vs Snow/Daenerys

  • white 103397
    white 103397 Prije godine

    Nobody asked for this

    • white 103397
      white 103397 Prije godine

      10 people asked me actually

    • toh786
      toh786 Prije godine +1

      Nobody asked for your reply either.

  • Silva King
    Silva King Prije godine

    Anyone know the song at the start? i love it!

  • inkitatus1
    inkitatus1 Prije godine

    Skateboard's are cool when you're 14....this has nowt to do with GOT,just some sad old bloke trying to cash in on someone else's success.

    • inkitatus1
      inkitatus1 Prije godine

      Master Kenobi. No worries mate 👍. We're all GOT fans together, and we all have different interests and hobbies - variety is the spice of life. No offence taken & hopefully none given. Enjoy the show 👌

    • inkitatus1
      inkitatus1 Prije godine

      Master Kenobi bless,not intended to upset anyone,I just think its rather embarrassing & fail to see the connection between kid's toys & GOT..there's much better things with a wider appeal they could be selling us. Tony who? lol,just kidding 😉

  • Kévin Winiga
    Kévin Winiga Prije godine

    slt tt le monde, comment je fait pour avoir la version française de Game of Throne?

  • Zertku 'Feer
    Zertku 'Feer Prije godine +1


  • Nessie Andrew
    Nessie Andrew Prije godine

    Black people clothes.

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz Prije godine +1

    Fuck this stupid shit

  • RhythmGrizz
    RhythmGrizz Prije godine


  • Chris B
    Chris B Prije godine

    I share in your feelings

  • HTO
    HTO Prije godine +1

    There's really nothing wrong with this video thousand of you guys clicked on this knowing what it was going to about just to get upset. And complain

    • RowRedRound
      RowRedRound Prije godine

      Or just two voices championing consumption

  • Maurine Emba
    Maurine Emba Prije godine

    I need it

  • Zarrell
    Zarrell Prije godine +1

    These videos are really annoying. I don't agree with his beginning comment, I think it really breaks the illusion and escapism of the time frame and fantasy. I get that succesful brands wanna profit off merch, I'm a graphic designer myself, but this hipster wannabe teen-appealing "Rep the Realm" shit is so off. I guess it would appeal to kids, if it weren't for the fact that this isn't a f'ing kids show!
    I had a LotR merch and ringtone when I was younger, but that doesn't even remotely compare to GoT! Would grown people really buy this stuff? They must be really aiming at a niche demographic of 16-25 year old obsessive fans??!

  • Elsa Cream
    Elsa Cream Prije godine +3

    Can I get em?

    • daze3o5
      daze3o5 Prije godine +1

      idk why they posted this without a link

  • Ryan Violett
    Ryan Violett Prije godine

    Damn that's sick! How do I get them?

  • Cody 'I'm a savage in there' Stephens


  • walkinwithjesus
    walkinwithjesus Prije godine +1


  • KillerQueer
    KillerQueer Prije godine +1


  • Null and Void
    Null and Void Prije godine

    Shouldve been Ollie's face on the board smh

  • Red Tyrant
    Red Tyrant Prije godine +1

    who the fuck cares

  • Jamford
    Jamford Prije godine

    The intro felt like a Casey Neistat vlog intro

  • Пётр Васильевич

    Ну и дерьмоооооооо!!!!

  • Ishaan Chaturvedi
    Ishaan Chaturvedi Prije godine +1

    Dumbest thing I've seen all day.

  • Koiden
    Koiden Prije godine

    Your so original and talented damn. Putting pictures on skateboards and google images..

  • Denstoradiskmaskinen
    Denstoradiskmaskinen Prije godine


  • Der Rögu
    Der Rögu Prije godine +1

    "You can't just have one or two"
    So it's a feature now?!
    I think it's nice to bring some attention to smaller artists, but thats not really the way to do it.

  • Jamie Barrera Nlighten beauty and wellness

    Is it just me or I saw Caitlyn Stark in the Arya and Brienne fight scene. (TWICE)

  • Ojdaweedmane
    Ojdaweedmane Prije godine +6

    What's the point of skateboard decks like I don't understand that crossover

  • Frannah
    Frannah Prije godine +3

    Stop with this garbage!

  • Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi

    You can always adopt grrm's books as you all have intented to

  • Auroramy
    Auroramy Prije godine +1

    i can just fucking diy this shit, why would i spend money buying this?#comeonhbo

  • Satish Jr.
    Satish Jr. Prije godine

    If you are watching this
    You have EYES .

  • Larris Liew
    Larris Liew Prije godine

    decks with the sigils of great houses would have been so much better