Best Fails/Wins of April 2019

  • Datum objavljivanja: 1. Svi 2019.
  • Best fails and wins from last month. Enjoy :)

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  • Faiza AMS SV
    Faiza AMS SV Prije 2 dana

    #1 Electric Fence Dealer Nemtek
    AMS Security Vision
    Divine 1 Plaza ,2nd Floor Office #4, Lahore Pakistan

  • The DeclaredStraw
    The DeclaredStraw Prije 3 dana


  • Lightning241_Playz
    Lightning241_Playz Prije 7 dana

    11:00 This idot dont know what to do
    Juste get a
    Gloves and grab the rat there easy !

  • Anthony Kerry
    Anthony Kerry Prije 8 dana

    Very nice without music

  • Gon Prad
    Gon Prad Prije 9 dana

    6:46 dont show it on todays Kids they knows how U do it by watching on Utube U can only fool a blind man 🤣

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W Prije 10 dana

    0:40 gods word guy super funny 😂 2:48 see what happens when driving a chevy. 4:31 how could that happen? 🤔🤔😲

  • Boneshaker GB
    Boneshaker GB Prije 10 dana

    Must be Donald Trump driving that rig, says best in class on the trailer.

  • Gabo 6500
    Gabo 6500 Prije 13 dana

    8:56 congrats reCAPTCHA congratssss!!!!

  • amarjeet bhatia
    amarjeet bhatia Prije 13 dana

    Already seems most one !!

  • Frank Heuvelman
    Frank Heuvelman Prije 18 dana


  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke Prije 19 dana

    Why the fk is that dog wearing underwear

  • Mike Mullay
    Mike Mullay Prije 19 dana

    Chevy death wobble!

  • Mike Mullay
    Mike Mullay Prije 19 dana

    Yup, another Swift driver!!

  • mrlpn2
    mrlpn2 Prije 20 dana

    gal at 8:07 yummy

  • Javistrike
    Javistrike Prije 20 dana

    0:41 gods love 100% right there

  • Bocbo
    Bocbo Prije 23 dana +2

    Sure Wish I'd Finished Training
    Student With Idiot For Trainer

    • Blarg Kliggle
      Blarg Kliggle Prije 20 dana

      I'm shocked at how few Swift trucks I see in these, but it's always a show when one makes it in...

  • gamers unite with Beau
    gamers unite with Beau Prije 24 dana

    yo im a goat

  • Germes Персей
    Germes Персей Prije 24 dana

    6:24 вопрос почему они хотят за стол !?
    И не любят миску !?))

  • Laiza Lott
    Laiza Lott Prije mjesec

    0:41 oh hey there Chattanooga, nice to see you in the compilation

  • TikToks compilations every monday

    MrMrMike1337 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 STAR RATING**

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Prije mjesec

    Am I the only one who would find proselytizers more tolerable if they behaved as clownishly as the one in the video above?

  • kakytoo69
    kakytoo69 Prije mjesec +1

    2:46 either that guys tires are all unbalanced, his differential is going bad, his engine mounts are bad, or his tie rods are loose. Not good to be driving around.

  • Kevin Toine
    Kevin Toine Prije mjesec

    Did anyone else think of the simpsons at 10:10? Krusty the clown

  • Tho tho
    Tho tho Prije mjesec

    How tf can you get a free burger like that?

  • Mysteriiious Aj
    Mysteriiious Aj Prije mjesec


  • Logan Meline
    Logan Meline Prije mjesec

    This channel and “police activity” channel are the on two that are done right. Props!

  • Logan Meline
    Logan Meline Prije mjesec

    That truck wasn’t very swift.

  • BWA xl
    BWA xl Prije mjesec

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    I came for the alligator and so
    did you 5:08 😊 your welcome x

  • Windows Infinity
    Windows Infinity Prije mjesec

    8:59 a robot clicking “im not a robot” what

  • Ray Blackburn Outdoors
    Ray Blackburn Outdoors Prije mjesec

    From what I hear if your IQ is bigger than your shoe size Swift will not hire you and this video @ 1:54 sure proves that point LOL

  • Austin Daigle
    Austin Daigle Prije mjesec

    0:42 when the coffee kicks when😂😂

  • Sara Delano
    Sara Delano Prije mjesec

    German Shepherd wearing a diaper 👌

  • Rabbitflyer5
    Rabbitflyer5 Prije mjesec

    2:14 Runescape style

  • Iupiter Bong
    Iupiter Bong Prije mjesec

    3:07 cane con pannolino 😊

  • jakub konecny
    jakub konecny Prije mjesec

    2:54 it seems like serious problem :D

  • Amber Stewart
    Amber Stewart Prije 2 mjeseci

    Someone should have just taken their shirt off to grab the squirrel out of the girls hair.

  • MadIIMike
    MadIIMike Prije 2 mjeseci

    When she said she has the hairdresser on the phone I almost spat my drink at the monitor...

  • Erthan
    Erthan Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    It's nice to see the best and worst of humanity side by side. At least hope is destroyed and restored in equal measure.

  • lopendepaddo
    lopendepaddo Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    someone just missed getting one awesome pet...

  • celeryg66
    celeryg66 Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    those two kids that end up falling in the shrubbery, makes me laugh everytime

  • geekdiggy
    geekdiggy Prije 2 mjeseci

    the squirrel was trying to crawl deeper into her hair because it was scared by the stick and the retarded noise.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Prije 2 mjeseci

    I wish I had a squirrel in my hair

  • Sir Nydor Gonzalez
    Sir Nydor Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci

    8:00 Really? You are more concerned for your stuff than yourself? Hahaha

  • Lyle Waller
    Lyle Waller Prije 2 mjeseci

    "O my God", pleads the atheist.

  • Star Boy 696
    Star Boy 696 Prije 2 mjeseci

    A I M. F O R. T H E. B U S H E S.

  • Rod Serling
    Rod Serling Prije 2 mjeseci

    1:09 video game glitch

  • OneHairyGuy
    OneHairyGuy Prije 2 mjeseci

    I’ve gotta give it up for the girl who had a squirrel 🐿 stuck in her hair. Unbelievable. OMG 😮 !! Girl 👧, you’re my hero for not totally freaking out. Everyone bow down to her.

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville Prije 2 mjeseci

    7:45 Arrma Limitless

  • Nadine El Nour
    Nadine El Nour Prije 2 mjeseci

    Poor Becca, she’s brave

  • Nadine El Nour
    Nadine El Nour Prije 2 mjeseci

    bahahah the try hard chic at the pool

  • Ajay Dhameja
    Ajay Dhameja Prije 2 mjeseci

    So... we're just going to all ignore 3:05, where the dog is wearing a pair of panties...?

  • 黄鸿杰
    黄鸿杰 Prije 2 mjeseci

    Oh my god 玩的 真的很好玩很好笑

  • kayumust
    kayumust Prije 2 mjeseci

    that squirrel is the reason i don't understand women..
    first they be like oh cute i want one
    and then you see this..

  • Jim Bowers
    Jim Bowers Prije 2 mjeseci

    Dog at 3:06 has pants on lol

  • Mi 28
    Mi 28 Prije 2 mjeseci

    6:27 cats hate slate water, geez, buy them a flowing bowl and change their water 3 times a day.

  • Morse Code
    Morse Code Prije 2 mjeseci

    Was there a kid in that cart?

  • Nebojsa Bobic
    Nebojsa Bobic Prije 2 mjeseci

    I will NEVER look on I AM NOT THE ROBOT fraze ,the same way

  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Prije 3 mjeseci

    11:00 hairdresser giving instructions like she’s done this before, like she has an ebook about getting animals out of hair

  • SpaceMonkey033
    SpaceMonkey033 Prije 3 mjeseci

    1:40 "decided to record this", too bad he didn't decide to stop the driver or warn him in any way

  • James Smith
    James Smith Prije 3 mjeseci

    7:10 i was way more impressed with the guy kicking the trash can lid closed.