Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

  • Datum objavljivanja: 7. Svi 2019.
  • Designer Thierry Mugler created Kim Kardashian West's look with the help of the world’s foremost corset maker.

    Directors: Georgia Stockwell, Nikolai Kokanovic
    DP: Jess Dunlap
    Sound: Chris Bennett, Jesse Stormo
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    Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue
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Komentari • 17 864

  • Daniele Panaro
    Daniele Panaro Prije 3 sati

    três homens pra fechar a roupa da mulher! 😄😄

  • Jiya Bhatia
    Jiya Bhatia Prije 5 sati +1

    I really wish I had Kim kardashians butt

  • Q Kounain
    Q Kounain Prije 8 sati

    Her dress was 😢😢so bad.................

  • Nick Hodson
    Nick Hodson Prije 9 sati

    Cousin: comments on her butt
    Out of nowhere: Claire de Lune starts playing
    😂 2:43

  • Clara Grinse
    Clara Grinse Prije 11 sati

    It looks like Kim has dreadlocks

  • Jen Jatherine
    Jen Jatherine Prije 12 sati

    omg that looks like self abuse

  • Roman jalking
    Roman jalking Prije 16 sati


  • Larissa Ferreira
    Larissa Ferreira Prije 21 sat

    Desserviço a humanidade. Tem gente morrendo de fome no mundo, mas a prioridade de VOCÊS É ISSO:

  • Trenten Kunz
    Trenten Kunz Prije 22 sati

    Big bazongas

  • Meylie
    Meylie Prije dan

    She’s so gorgeous

  • Kawaii potato
    Kawaii potato Prije dan

    Kim Is more Friendly then Kylie

  • Cecilia Noriega
    Cecilia Noriega Prije dan

    Apoco por esta negra hacen tanto escandalo?
    Ella debería estar de esclava

  • nothing xpecial
    nothing xpecial Prije dan


  • Geet pandey
    Geet pandey Prije dan

    Oh my God.. how can someone breathe in this dress🤔🤔

  • Marife Ubeda
    Marife Ubeda Prije dan

    Lol cualquier mujer con tanta cirugía en nariz labios pechos culo etc..estaría igual o más guapa..Dios en que Mundo de idiotas vivimos con miles de seguidores..

  • Luna Noel
    Luna Noel Prije dan +1

    Who else got scared seeing the size of her waist? 😳

  • Ganeaa 666
    Ganeaa 666 Prije dan +1

    Not cool

  • Ana Paula Paes
    Ana Paula Paes Prije dan


  • Nights Myst
    Nights Myst Prije 2 dana

    5:35 😏😏😏

  • malulu uu
    malulu uu Prije 2 dana

    This is sick... omg

    KM CHANDANI Prije 2 dana


  • xXShadowKILLAGamingXx
    xXShadowKILLAGamingXx Prije 2 dana +1

    I dont think that looks good

  • Sarah McConnell
    Sarah McConnell Prije 2 dana

    Holy corset

  • Aziz Kareeb
    Aziz Kareeb Prije 2 dana +1

    I dont get it ....why she is so famous coz of that pelvic ........? there are girls 1000 times better then her but unfortunately not so famous...!!!

  • Isabella Lawrence
    Isabella Lawrence Prije 2 dana +105

    Unpopular opinion: I actually like Kim

    • Jack Powell
      Jack Powell Prije 3 sati

      Correct, that’s an incredibly unpopular opinion but you’re entitled to it if you want

    • Fatima
      Fatima Prije dan

      Isabella Lawrence that’s very popular she is amazingggggggg

  • ItzDrake
    ItzDrake Prije 2 dana

    She’s a hoe

  • Fiza Asghar
    Fiza Asghar Prije 3 dana +3

    Kim’s so pretty without

  • Black Rapunzel
    Black Rapunzel Prije 3 dana +1

    The tightness makes me wanna cry of pain

  • Bilal shoaib
    Bilal shoaib Prije 3 dana +3

    The thumbnail looks like kim as a teen and she looks so beautiful

  • TaNki OlYaN
    TaNki OlYaN Prije 3 dana

    navapet hervum tesnumem qamag@

  • Aiana Dutra
    Aiana Dutra Prije 3 dana

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  • Ellen Kay
    Ellen Kay Prije 3 dana

    She is just so gorgeous! Kris Jenner could not have an ugly child if she tried!

  • noe ro
    noe ro Prije 3 dana


  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos Prije 3 dana


  • A S S I A H U N A
    A S S I A H U N A Prije 3 dana

    Guys watch this omgg 😮

  • erinc
    erinc Prije 3 dana

    she looks younger than Kylie

  • erinc
    erinc Prije 3 dana +3

    i've never seen someone as stunning as Kim Kardashian without make up. She is flawless.

  • uma menina ai
    uma menina ai Prije 4 dana +2

    This’s not normal. You don’t see the oppression with woman’s who’s search for a “perfect body”? She influence the girls/woman’s have something that is impossible to have. 👀🧠

  • Ana Paula Maia
    Ana Paula Maia Prije 4 dana

    Nossa ela é linda de cara limpa 😍

  • Dawson McSpadden
    Dawson McSpadden Prije 4 dana

    Not a fan

  • Dawson McSpadden
    Dawson McSpadden Prije 4 dana +1

    This is so discusting!!!:(

  • Joarana libia Ribeiro moreira

    Nao esta bonito, mais bem brega

  • Suraiya Tammi
    Suraiya Tammi Prije 4 dana +1

    Kim is more beautiful without make up...😍😍

  • 쉐어베어케어베어

    So beautiful but it looks so uncomfortable

  • Luna Query
    Luna Query Prije 4 dana

    0.54 MDR le ptit jean baptiste la il est de ouf français 🤣🤣

  • Rcc women
    Rcc women Prije 4 dana

    She was the best

  • #ILovePotatoes Slime, Unboxing, Vlogs, Gaming

    How do u stay in your corset so causally when i cant even put on some skinny jeans 🤔

  • CJ M
    CJ M Prije 5 dana +2

    When Clair de lune played it was a moment and I feel like Kim has gave into her insecurities that held her back and just did and dose everything she dose. She is truly grateful and worked hard and hustled for the life she lives, and it never changed who her core self is.

  • Nasoma NASOM
    Nasoma NASOM Prije 5 dana

    She’s the only person talking

  • Fashion Old School
    Fashion Old School Prije 5 dana

    Cinturinha de café pilao😂

  • Janeah Lim
    Janeah Lim Prije 5 dana +1

    why do people hate on kim? she’s so lovely.

  • R4mpage
    R4mpage Prije 5 dana

    Beauty is pain -alessia cara

  • Oceannaa Anderson
    Oceannaa Anderson Prije 5 dana +81

    She is honestly so beautiful without makeup . She looks just so pure and natural . It's phenomenal ...

    • Sacred Space
      Sacred Space Prije 2 dana +1

      Oceannaa Anderson that’s what I was just thinking

  • maíra b.
    maíra b. Prije 5 dana +1


  • Ma.Wr03
    Ma.Wr03 Prije 5 dana +6

    **Me looking at the thumbnail**
    "Wait, WHO is that?"
    **Me looking at the title**
    "Oh, that's Kim!"
    (No hate, her face is pretty;))

  • iiSimplyTats YT
    iiSimplyTats YT Prije 5 dana

    That”OH MY GOD” 😂

  • Mikaela heny Anugrah
    Mikaela heny Anugrah Prije 5 dana

    she was always look not natural.....

  • LifeWithEllie
    LifeWithEllie Prije 5 dana +1

    Wtf her waist too small 😭

  • Leyton Knox
    Leyton Knox Prije 5 dana

    Why does her butt look cylinder

    SEVND Prije 5 dana

    3:09 what's the name of the song playing on piano?

  • Ejona 33
    Ejona 33 Prije 5 dana

    This is like... This is like... Fainting...

  • Bárbara R
    Bárbara R Prije 5 dana +1

    STOP romanticizing it! Kim needs urgent psychiatric help. This is neither normal nor healthy. I hate when I see women supporting and reinforcing stereotypes of beauty that only IMPRISON us!!!! THIS IS SICK and unreachable.

  • Partaní Adolfo
    Partaní Adolfo Prije 5 dana

    Mario are you jealous😍😂

  • Khriez zee
    Khriez zee Prije 5 dana +1

    I came here after reading news paper... now it’s confirm that people are stupid.

  • Stef Ss
    Stef Ss Prije 5 dana +1

    Her organs okay?

  • Penny Schild
    Penny Schild Prije 5 dana +3

    Kim is taking women back to the 18th century and that is upsetting. I appreciate her soul but not the way she treats her body.

  • margarette rosales
    margarette rosales Prije 5 dana

    Kim's organs left the chat😅

  • Daniela Parada
    Daniela Parada Prije 5 dana

    Am I the only one that sees kind of an akward look like she’s insecure or sum when she turns around ? 2:51

  • Olivia Searle
    Olivia Searle Prije 6 dana

    Surprised she’s still breathing in that outfit