Minecraft SSG Speedrun / PB of 8:03.05

  • Datum objavljivanja: 7. Sij 2019.
  • Well, after not running this category for over 3 and a half years, I managed to get this run in only 2 days after returning. Neato.
    SSG stands for Set Seed Glitchless.
    Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc
    RTA: 8:10.30
    IGT: 8:03.05
    Mineacraft Version: 1.6.4
    Seed: -2063810908146531904
    RTA timer: livesplit.org/downloads/
    IGT timer: www.speedrun.com/mc/resources
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  • Cvize and Hector
    Cvize and Hector Prije 18 sati

    you could have improved this by speed bridging or god bridging. just a suggestion

  • Dimitrije Uzelac
    Dimitrije Uzelac Prije 22 sati

    wait how did he find end portal wiithout ender eye?

  • el gatito dulce
    el gatito dulce Prije dan

    Tramposo de mierda

  • gx Mr diefalco
    gx Mr diefalco Prije 2 dana


  • Watercraft
    Watercraft Prije 2 dana

    mom: 10 mins before bed

  • Kou Tanaka
    Kou Tanaka Prije 2 dana +2

    Him: finished the game within 8 minutes
    My computer: finished loading the game within 7 minutes
    Not bad

  • Emerson Castillo
    Emerson Castillo Prije 2 dana

    Alguien que hablé español

  • CreeperInATux101
    CreeperInATux101 Prije 3 dana

    *_Beats ender dragon without finding diamonds_*

  • CreeperInATux101
    CreeperInATux101 Prije 3 dana +3

    Me: **starts video**
    Video: **not too many minutes later: **
    *_Nether fortress_*

  • 1 1
    1 1 Prije 3 dana

    WoooooW you gooooood 😆😆

  • Official memgodYT
    Official memgodYT Prije 3 dana

    Bruh you used a mod, it doesn't count

  • Beakyy Lmao
    Beakyy Lmao Prije 3 dana

    He got lucky that his dragon was a cold blooded insomniac that can’t handle the cold and doesn’t get sleep, fukin dies to 6 beds and a stack of snowballs... final boss my ass

  • LukeReacts
    LukeReacts Prije 3 dana

    Congrats on your Peanut Butter

  • لوسي القطه اللطيفه

    من طرف مصطفى كيم اوفر لايك

  • ملك بوبجي
    ملك بوبجي Prije 3 dana

    ابو الصوف

  • Gong
    Gong Prije 4 dana

    Him: *Beats minecraft in 8 minutes*
    Me: *Beats minecraft after 8 years*

  • tri poloski
    tri poloski Prije 4 dana

    0:48 th heck?

  • Valera Subaihin
    Valera Subaihin Prije 4 dana

    А ключ к спид хакер прохождение дракона за 1 сек

  • MinecraftContent23
    MinecraftContent23 Prije 4 dana

    Me was slain by killer bunny
    Enderdragons whole family tree was chopped down by This guy

  • ahmad alami
    ahmad alami Prije 4 dana


    JOKER 『GAG』 Prije 5 dana +1

    الي من طرف مصطفى كيم اوفر لايك😂

  • IM Finxr
    IM Finxr Prije 5 dana

    Somone already make it in 4 minutes

  • Awkward Cat
    Awkward Cat Prije 5 dana +2

    okay man, it seems like u gotta bed the ender dragon to win minecraft

  • Nandor Homolya
    Nandor Homolya Prije 6 dana


  • Lorygames
    Lorygames Prije 6 dana

    No social life stupid

  • Thatguy Lego
    Thatguy Lego Prije 7 dana

    He is using old version?

  • memphis
    memphis Prije 7 dana

    It takes me 8 minutes to get wood lol

  • touyakurama :v
    touyakurama :v Prije 7 dana +1

    Like x darik

  • Kalob Pratt
    Kalob Pratt Prije 7 dana

    Minecraft is dead it’s dead that the queen go back to playing fortnight

  • Soni eriksson
    Soni eriksson Prije 7 dana

    So easily

  • Soni eriksson
    Soni eriksson Prije 7 dana

    How you find portal

  • Derox :D
    Derox :D Prije 7 dana

    You are fucking user

    AMINE H Prije 8 dana

    omg wtf

  • Бульбулятор
    Бульбулятор Prije 8 dana

    Почему у меня это в рекомендациях?

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Prije 8 dana +4

    It’s cause he typed in a seed
    And he knows where everything is

    • Eiahfou
      Eiahfou Prije 3 dana

      @Perrito Perkin he never said it was easy, he just said that the player already knew the seed beforehand
      Also the run was 8 minutes not 5 but okay

    • Perrito Perkin
      Perrito Perkin Prije 5 dana +1

      Whoa Sherlock, hold Up, i dare you to do an speedrun of 5 minutes with this seed, its easy after all right?

  • SPOON 89
    SPOON 89 Prije 8 dana +1

    Bruh you put your own seed lol, you probably know where everything is

    • Funderful_
      Funderful_  Prije 6 dana

      SPOON 89 exactly. That is the point of this specific speedrun. People are so surprised that there are both random and set seeded runs 😣

  • Mohamed777
    Mohamed777 Prije 8 dana

    Your Nice

  • ailenchu556 Coronel
    ailenchu556 Coronel Prije 8 dana


  • Crazy
    Crazy Prije 8 dana

    you're soo damn good

  • Alan christopher
    Alan christopher Prije 9 dana

    All other speedrunners after completing the task: holy sh** holy yess ONG YASS FINNALLLYY
    This dude: huh.. Neat.

  • Матвей Балабушко


  • The edison Show
    The edison Show Prije 9 dana


  • Patricia - GAMING
    Patricia - GAMING Prije 9 dana

    You’ve been beat

  • Shayce
    Shayce Prije 9 dana

    the fact that he calls it a PB instead of A PR triggers me

    • Shayce
      Shayce Prije 3 dana

      Personal Record

    • RichConnerGMN
      RichConnerGMN Prije 3 dana

      literally everybody calls it a PB

  • Juan Bautista Pappano
    Juan Bautista Pappano Prije 9 dana

    Like si lo ves en 2020 ahre

  • Valery Peltier
    Valery Peltier Prije 9 dana

    Trot cool

  • M4tth3w
    M4tth3w Prije 9 dana

    Bruh stfu and play the game we don’t wanna hear your life story

  • Паша Орешкин
    Паша Орешкин Prije 10 dana

    Ой бля так не интересно по кардинатом играть когда всё знаеш

  • Scorpions lair
    Scorpions lair Prije 10 dana

    Do it on random seed you cheater

  • Tyrone Gaming
    Tyrone Gaming Prije 10 dana +1

    U see this guy finish the game in 8 mins and you see me finish this in 8 weeks

  • nona chan
    nona chan Prije 10 dana


  • AJTheFloppyDog
    AJTheFloppyDog Prije 10 dana

    what version does he play on

  • BALLFISh Channel
    BALLFISh Channel Prije 10 dana

    That's me when i play trial mode on minecraft

  • Razal Lazar
    Razal Lazar Prije 10 dana

    I try this and beat game in 30 mins its still good

  • Cain1 Hargreaves
    Cain1 Hargreaves Prije 11 dana


  • веселчак подпишись

    0__0 wow

  • pro geimer
    pro geimer Prije 11 dana

    What ??????????????????!!?!?!!!?!!!?!?!?!!

  • CG el kasky
    CG el kasky Prije 11 dana

    Luke si viniste por oscurlod

  • Ghaith xd4
    Ghaith xd4 Prije 11 dana +1

    الي من مصطفى قيم اوفر لايكك