Minecraft SSG Speedrun / PB of 8:03.05

  • Datum objavljivanja: 7. Sij 2019.
  • Well, after not running this category for over 3 and a half years, I managed to get this run in only 2 days after returning. Neato.
    SSG stands for Set Seed Glitchless.
    Minecraft Speedrun Leaderboards: www.speedrun.com/mc
    RTA: 8:10.30
    IGT: 8:03.05
    Mineacraft Version: 1.6.4
    Seed: -2063810908146531904
    RTA timer: livesplit.org/downloads/
    IGT timer: www.speedrun.com/mc/resources
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  • SMGMario
    SMGMario Prije 25 minuta

    0:48 yeah fucking sure. This wasn't a new world. You've set a seed or some shit

  • Adam Hassi
    Adam Hassi Prije sat

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem

  • Burak GÜL
    Burak GÜL Prije 2 sati

    You used xray right ? How could you find the end portal and all the cehsts without it.

  • Tofu Tasty
    Tofu Tasty Prije 2 sati

    Wtf am I still playing Minecraft when this guy beat the final boss in 8 minutes

  • Kasser Khoder
    Kasser Khoder Prije 3 sati

    Pewdiepie needs to see this

  • Kasser Khoder
    Kasser Khoder Prije 3 sati

    How did he find the lava pool and the nether mansion and the sponner that quickly?

  • Blake
    Blake Prije 4 sati

    How did he know where is the portal to the end?

  • Keith Klimczak
    Keith Klimczak Prije 4 sati

    Idk if yk know this but press Ctrl then w and u auto run without having to press it twice, I only use that no matter what

  • Mega Tech
    Mega Tech Prije 6 sati

    *me and him playing mine craft together*
    *10 minutes in*
    Me: aye bro I got my house built
    Him: oh cool me to I killed the dragon btw

  • masked german
    masked german Prije 9 sati

    And you mined 2 block's off a tree ._.

  • masked german
    masked german Prije 9 sati

    You started the game and it said nether entry when you were in the overworld

  • skeptik
    skeptik Prije 11 sati

    One for the history books.

  • skeptik
    skeptik Prije 11 sati

    I didn’t know this was possible

  • sdr super deegan ryan/animations

    Yo i want to see this dude beat the game on a random seed instead of having a seed that he knows

  • MornixZ -
    MornixZ - Prije 11 sati +1

    Pro Minecraft bhopper

  • Damian Tomas
    Damian Tomas Prije 13 sati

    (Sorry for the bad English)

  • TheDSSlayer
    TheDSSlayer Prije 13 sati +1

    would be more impressive on a random gen seed tho

  • Peace&Quiet
    Peace&Quiet Prije 14 sati

    Bests ender dragon in 8 minutes
    Me: Spends half an hour on my house

  • poof foop
    poof foop Prije 15 sati

    how did he know where everything was huh boiissss cuz he put a map he used he made stuff he put stuff in there and cheated

    • DramaAlert
      DramaAlert Prije 13 sati

      He inputted a seed that has been scanned for everything needed

  • Tozey
    Tozey Prije 16 sati

    Him: wanna play minecraft?
    Me: *loading minecraft on slow pc*
    Me: Why are the credits on my screen?

  • Itsthepsycho
    Itsthepsycho Prije 16 sati


  • Wer das liest ist doof
    Wer das liest ist doof Prije 16 sati

    I did it in frickin 2 hours

  • IsaacOfTheRaine
    IsaacOfTheRaine Prije 17 sati +1

    The only thing I hate about speedruns nowadays is they always says ‘damn dude’ or ‘dude’ every time they speak and say something stupid like ‘imagine if that random cloud ruined my snow gathering’ with complete seriousness. And they also say stuff like ‘maybe my old 23:45:56 run could be improved.
    Anyone else or just me?

  • yağızhan sütpınar
    yağızhan sütpınar Prije 17 sati +1

    sen sahtekarsın adiğğğ

  • الــعّنِزي mso
    الــعّنِزي mso Prije 17 sati +2

    الي جاي من مصطفى قيم اوفر لايك

  • Matis_SK
    Matis_SK Prije 17 sati

    try to play on new seed pussy

  • Atalay Ata
    Atalay Ata Prije 18 sati +1

    vay orospu cocu

  • volkan HD
    volkan HD Prije 19 sati


  • numan kaya
    numan kaya Prije 21 sat

    Dude bastighg the youtuber did it in 7:36 minutes

  • Im sory But
    Im sory But Prije 22 sati +2

    this guy: yes

  • Mr. Aberdeen
    Mr. Aberdeen Prije 22 sati

    When Mom says "30 minutes until bed"

  • Roy ロイ
    Roy ロイ Prije 23 sati +2

    I need half an hour to build my house, but this guy only need 8 minutes to finish the game

  • Acrolis
    Acrolis Prije 23 sati +1

    Me: Hey I found a village!
    Him: Hey I found the credits!

  • Jisas krays
    Jisas krays Prije dan

    He's boobies are too hot

  • Slashy Boi
    Slashy Boi Prije dan +1

    Oh man, if he could fastbridge...

    • DramaAlert
      DramaAlert Prije 13 sati

      He can def improve this to a sub 7:00 if he improved all of his movements

  • * Brodz *
    * Brodz * Prije dan

    This... this is beyond science

  • Danny Reising
    Danny Reising Prije dan

    Literally seemed way to layed out for u haha

  • Danny Reising
    Danny Reising Prije dan

    Is this a seed?

  • Jony Jon
    Jony Jon Prije dan +1


  • Jony Jon
    Jony Jon Prije dan +1


  • زيد علي
    زيد علي Prije dan +1

    الي يعرف مصطفى لايك

  • Alex Wonderson
    Alex Wonderson Prije dan


  • Gacha lava kingplayz

    I thought that wuz 8 hours and I wuz like bruh ur trash then I watched thevid

  • Badi Fire
    Badi Fire Prije dan


  • Andi Fahlevi
    Andi Fahlevi Prije dan

    I need beds, lots of beds

  • crazy monkey
    crazy monkey Prije dan

    I saw this and said to myself how to you beat minecraft in 8:00 minutes and then i watched the video and was like oh you have to be john wick nevermind then.

  • Laika
    Laika Prije dan

    v i r g in lookin ass

    SPIDER GAMES Prije dan

    wow wow wow

  • Ransom-Music
    Ransom-Music Prije dan

    Tanks for the seed

  • Dakota-Playz
    Dakota-Playz Prije dan

    This man kill the dragon without armor wepons that its not beds and gaps

  • Speed Cola
    Speed Cola Prije dan

    How was he able to destroy the healing things when there’s iron bars around them

    • Srap_y
      Srap_y Prije 17 sati

      that was added in 1.9 he is on 1.6.4

  • mohamed said
    mohamed said Prije dan

    You are the best

  • cod pro4 v2.0
    cod pro4 v2.0 Prije dan

    Quem veio pelo jazzghost?

  • tritto
    tritto Prije dan

    is this a wr

  • Kareem Adwan
    Kareem Adwan Prije dan +1

    this piece of sht put a seed to the world he knows everything in the world thats not a world record

  • PaltidhsVlogs
    PaltidhsVlogs Prije dan

    fake views

  • BelleDelphine FanNr1

    Belle would have a better time.

  • Der Boi
    Der Boi Prije dan

    How did he find the end portal?

  • Hello Kvao
    Hello Kvao Prije dan +1

    Kod adı caitlyn loading...

  • bat wolf
    bat wolf Prije dan


  • Timmering
    Timmering Prije dan

    Damn dude

  • steve gamer
    steve gamer Prije dan

    I need a month to finish minecraft and this gus finish it in 9 minutes

  • Labedz
    Labedz Prije dan +10

    From now on, i will remember that snowballs and beds are the strongest weapons.

  • Eason Lin
    Eason Lin Prije dan +6

    this guy spent 9 minutes beating the game while i was looking for a tree to punch

  • Manar Ahmad
    Manar Ahmad Prije dan +2

    اجيت من عند مصطفى 😂😂😂💔

    XAPELEET Prije 2 dana

    holy shit thats insane

  • xd Rayly
    xd Rayly Prije 2 dana

    This right here, is a true gamer.

  • Abdul Alim
    Abdul Alim Prije 2 dana

    Give this man a bed. I mean a lot of beds

  • Alexys Jimenez
    Alexys Jimenez Prije 2 dana

    what do the leaves do???

  • Troy Williamson
    Troy Williamson Prije 2 dana

    This guy has huge tits