Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 1 | Game Revealed (HBO)

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  • "This is the last time we're ever going to be doing this." The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • aneemray shail
    aneemray shail Prije dan

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  • Nur Alisya Nizarrozani
    Nur Alisya Nizarrozani Prije 4 dana

    Lol kit

  • A Chahande
    A Chahande Prije 6 dana

    1:10 😂

  • john vincent Manangan
    john vincent Manangan Prije 7 dana

    This is an awesome video

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  • be kind to yourself and others

    kit and emilia have the cutest friendship omg 💘

  • be kind to yourself and others

    yo george lucas holy shit

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  • Hemel Hasan
    Hemel Hasan Prije 14 dana

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  • Le Sakpa Officiel
    Le Sakpa Officiel Prije 16 dana +1

    it'is verry GooD

  • AP Wong
    AP Wong Prije 16 dana

    watched the first season on the plane,my fav character is tyrion!

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini Prije 17 dana

    thanks for invite me-

  • Free Gift Point
    Free Gift Point Prije 17 dana

    I watch already

  • Free Gift Point
    Free Gift Point Prije 17 dana

    very nice

  • Smith David
    Smith David Prije 17 dana

    I see it too

  • Aimee_Autumn
    Aimee_Autumn Prije 18 dana

    Kit dry heaving after kissing Emilia tho hahaha

  • darkriderJC
    darkriderJC Prije 19 dana

    13:51 Why did he gagged??

  • Игорь Шенцев
    Игорь Шенцев Prije 19 dana

    поцелуй на 13.40 . Кит настолько крутой актер что я правда поверил, что его тошнит )))

    a kiss at 13.40. Keith is so cool actor that I really believed that he was sick

  • ErdsGange
    ErdsGange Prije 19 dana

    For anyone trying to find the kissing scene its on 13:38, I added several seconds before for context.

  • Elsa Debroglie
    Elsa Debroglie Prije 19 dana

    13:50 Why did he get sick after kissing her?

  • Kevin Snyder
    Kevin Snyder Prije 23 dana

    its so refreshing watching these. Seeing the actor play lord umber smiling as they're placing blood all around him on the set is such a contrast to the horror that I myself as an audience member felt when he was found murdered and left the way he was.

  • Junabelle Sucab
    Junabelle Sucab Prije 27 dana

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  • cute panda
    cute panda Prije mjesec

    it was an amazing show till 7th season and 8th season ruined everything worst season and ending. it's not even bearable. I think writer did not get paid on time so he decided to ruin the whole series by fucking the 8th season and ending. Very Very Very..... big Disappointment

  • colton cephas
    colton cephas Prije mjesec +1

    TF why was George Lucas there also just gonna casually dis kit like that TF 4:30

  • Ryver Wilde
    Ryver Wilde Prije mjesec

    I remember watching the first episode when it premiered...its an amazing fantasy world that I drown myself in when I needed it. Thank you to the cast, the crew, and the author.

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  • FHVNR 1
    FHVNR 1 Prije mjesec


  • Chicano
    Chicano Prije mjesec

    Daenerys shouldn't have been back stabbed and killed if it wasn't for her everyone would've died before.

    SCREAMヘGOD-1 Prije mjesec

    The one reason Bran become the king was becasue he was the only one with a chair after drogon melted the iron throne 😂 😂 😂

  • Shahida SterolineRKBieberMC

    Masterpiece! Going to miss this so much 😭❤️ 14:55 😂😂 fucking loved this episode!

  • Jan Berkemeier
    Jan Berkemeier Prije mjesec

    He's the Eyehole Man
    He's the only one allowed to have Eye Holes

  • xavier why
    xavier why Prije mjesec

    14:00 why did he gag

  • cliffedward
    cliffedward Prije mjesec

    Well,f++k me. All those years and at the final step they screw the pooch. Damned show was so dark it was hard to see what the hell was happening. also felt like I was watching Lord Of The Rings meets The Walking Dead.

  • LevelUpLifting
    LevelUpLifting Prije mjesec +1

    Kit’s story about his right testicle getting trapped was hilarious 😂😂

  • Binish Alamgir
    Binish Alamgir Prije mjesec


  • Prabhat Adhikari
    Prabhat Adhikari Prije mjesec

    2:11 WAITTT, the second man from the left has got some notch in his hairstyle!!!

  • The manuel uhuru
    The manuel uhuru Prije mjesec

  • Entertainment
    Entertainment Prije mjesec

  • Juan Martin Lorenzo
    Juan Martin Lorenzo Prije mjesec


  • flex sat
    flex sat Prije mjesec Game of Thrones | Season 8

  • Hasti
    Hasti Prije mjesec

    what? who said there is any elephant in the show? erase it in the script right now. what? jon hugging ghost say goodbye? noooooo. no money anymore. erase it from the script right now. ghost should be far away from everyone. what? a person on fire on the wall? ok. this one can be done with small amount of money. :) lets not erase it.

  • Humyrah Fatima
    Humyrah Fatima Prije mjesec +1

    Anyone else find david really hot?

  • Punjabi Music
    Punjabi Music Prije mjesec

    Full episode here

  • Jerca Kočevar
    Jerca Kočevar Prije mjesec

    Can we just talk abt what Kit did after kissing Emilia??? I'd fucking die for that kiss wtfff 🙄😻

  • Lassuki L.A.
    Lassuki L.A. Prije mjesec +1

    4:31 Oh same

  • jingsu huang
    jingsu huang Prije mjesec +7

    Dany and Jorah playing are so cute 0:36

  • Moondance Jackson
    Moondance Jackson Prije mjesec

    This show makes me GASP constantly. I'm not normally a gasper; but Sam telling Jon he is the TRUE freaking king almost knocked me off my chair and I had to remember to start breathing again. Jon's facial expressions when he finds out he's NOT a bastard are the reason I have always loved Jon Snow -- He is Aegon Targaryen. He is the King!!! Did not see that coming. Neither did his Aunt.

  • Teodora Radivojcevic
    Teodora Radivojcevic Prije mjesec

    Is it just me or Gendry’s costume looks torn in the interview? Or is it fur, hm Idk

  • TheGavalanche
    TheGavalanche Prije mjesec

    Military Trainer?! Did they fire him before eps 3 & 4?

  • Sara G.B.
    Sara G.B. Prije mjesec +3

    can someone make Richard Dormer read the game of thrones audiobooks? yes? thank you

  • Blackboy Blackie
    Blackboy Blackie Prije mjesec
    #Cliquer_____ci_dessus 👆🏿👆🏿
    Du Nouveau Sur #HRclip😱😱😱

  • Sheisun
    Sheisun Prije mjesec +1

    Gotta love hearing the story of Kit's right bollock getting stuck on a buck.
    Quality content.

  • Bell Salvatore
    Bell Salvatore Prije mjesec

    3.36 ok this is hillarious 🤣
    5.33 Alfie 💗🙁
    7.10 MY BABIES!! MY BABIES!! 💗💓💗💓
    13.54 What was that Mr Jon?🤣
    14.10 Oh here we go again... Batman 😂🤣

  • Solar Panel
    Solar Panel Prije mjesec

    Eat it up sheep... keep consuming massive amounts of entertainment while your children's futures are snatched from them...

  • ZeroEight
    ZeroEight Prije mjesec

    0:17 Maybe now that GoT is going to be over, Billy Corgan can go back to making good music.

  • Fredie Jun Buena
    Fredie Jun Buena Prije mjesec

    oh my WOW! so shocking revealed about Jon Snow... it's really totally completely unexpected to me.... so surprising...

  • nathan whittle
    nathan whittle Prije mjesec

    Wow, old man George throwing shade at Kit. smh

  • Anna Glin
    Anna Glin Prije mjesec

    whats the difference between Game Revealed and Inside The Episode?
    I love BTS stuff but the videos on this channel are kinda hard to navigate ... a lot of redundance :/

  • Grana 555
    Grana 555 Prije mjesec

    I wonder if the night king had the same problem 14:52

  • miz laal
    miz laal Prije mjesec

    john and danny will be dead and sansa will sit on the iron throne !!!

  • LeDelleMond Mond
    LeDelleMond Mond Prije mjesec +1

    Looking at these episodes in a whole new light these people really work hard... I mean I respect the crew

  • Taran Singh
    Taran Singh Prije mjesec +2

    Can any body tell that it is the starting of a new story or we have to see last parts

    • Gunda Leine
      Gunda Leine Prije mjesec +1

      You must have some general knowledge, but it is enjoyable even without much context :)

  • Lady Satine
    Lady Satine Prije mjesec +1

    Love the big redhead wilding he's cool

  • Swkos Sarris
    Swkos Sarris Prije mjesec

    1:54 game of trones spartans

  • Susanna Hellmuth
    Susanna Hellmuth Prije mjesec +1

    Never noticed that Bran is the only one who knows that Jamie krippled him. I just assumed it was common knowledge.

    • Susanna Hellmuth
      Susanna Hellmuth Prije mjesec

      Thanks✌🏼, im no native speaker.

    • yude beats
      yude beats Prije mjesec +1

      Crippled*. And Jamie did tell Catelyn but i guess that never got to spread out

  • E douard
    E douard Prije mjesec

    seems like Daenarys got a silver armor on her horse

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee Prije mjesec +19

    "This is how it ends....on this buck swinging around by my testicles...Literally". It takes him another 20 seconds to realize Opps! TMI.
    My kind of guy. Wait till he gets old. He's going to get pretty raunchy.

  • rangeelah
    rangeelah Prije mjesec +2

    I love how gently Sam tells Jon Snow the news about his parents, he was the perfect person to do it

  • Jacob Dahlbeck
    Jacob Dahlbeck Prije mjesec

    Why didn't they use the 1:54 shield formation during the battle?

  • Mlleツ
    Mlleツ Prije mjesec

    I need to watch bloopers, season 8 ep 3 got me fucked

  • Andrea Carpenter
    Andrea Carpenter Prije mjesec +1

    9:33 OH MY GOD 🤣🤣🤣

  • Federico Palavecino
    Federico Palavecino Prije mjesec

    Que ganas de que este subtituladoooo

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen Prije mjesec +46

    Stunt people don’t get appreciated enough, props to them

  • Phil Wilson
    Phil Wilson Prije mjesec

    I must admit, I am a bit concerned about Episodes 1, 2, & 4, being as you've GoT a Nutter directing them !

  • AdnanDrift
    AdnanDrift Prije mjesec +1

    Arya kills the night king at the end of the episode whiles he tries to kill bran (three eyed raven). There you go, spoiled it :)

  • Ikram Kano Mai Waqa
    Ikram Kano Mai Waqa Prije mjesec

  • Alhannah Ampuan
    Alhannah Ampuan Prije mjesec

    Jon snow😊😊😊

  • Wendigooooo
    Wendigooooo Prije mjesec

    9:34 that's it. that's just it

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  • Jacki Sears
    Jacki Sears Prije mjesec

    Jon & Danaerys should rule together as King & Queen. He didn't know he was the rightful heir before.

  • I'm all about my money
    I'm all about my money Prije mjesec

    George Lucas on the set!!! What a honor!!!👏👏👏👏

  • Dare Ostag
    Dare Ostag Prije mjesec

    What happened to Silver?

  • net movies
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    watch the curse of Liorona

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  • Bobby B
    Bobby B Prije mjesec

    *My bastard and the Stark girl next King and Queen*

  • ana arias
    ana arias Prije mjesec

    god i hope nothing happens to sansa because why is sophie wearing that? 9:01

  • mZingarelli
    mZingarelli Prije mjesec

    Beric is is using a different armor and is covered in blood in this video. I wonder if they interviewed him during episode three...

  • MovieSeries Trailers
    MovieSeries Trailers Prije mjesec +2

    EP 2 Here

  • Tawanda Mukaro
    Tawanda Mukaro Prije 2 mjeseci

    No wonder why this show takes over 2 years to shoot

  • Zeko Gong
    Zeko Gong Prije 2 mjeseci

    Pain Pills available @ +19()9435O3O4

  • Oksen Lyhne
    Oksen Lyhne Prije 2 mjeseci +3

    I just realized something by watching this... The secret that Sam tells Jon, must've been what Ned tried/wanted to tell Jon about his mother all way back in season one, before they part ways... I always wondered when we would get to know what it was

  • Alice Chan
    Alice Chan Prije 2 mjeseci

    Where can watch full season?

  • Paul Ft
    Paul Ft Prije 2 mjeseci


  • Alba
    Alba Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    "You want them to like you, goddammit!" I died xD And the testicle bit hahahahahahaha TOO MUCH information xD

  • Tin Rojo
    Tin Rojo Prije 2 mjeseci

    13:52 😂😂😂 as if