The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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  • Wolfie Foxx
    Wolfie Foxx Prije 7 sati

    Cell division: o 0 8 ○○

  • Wolfie Foxx
    Wolfie Foxx Prije 7 sati

    *clammorkng of angry birb hoots*>>>::[[[[[

  • Vivitsa 13
    Vivitsa 13 Prije 7 sati

    When a bunch of psychotic people take control, 1800s colorized.

  • Greamy Flodetti
    Greamy Flodetti Prije 11 sati

    can I get some merch on amizon?

  • YT_KeltonGaming
    YT_KeltonGaming Prije 12 sati +1

    Louis and Antoinette should have just went as themselves and said “yeah we going to see Marie’s family”

  • Zoilo Cuevas
    Zoilo Cuevas Prije 12 sati

    Robespire Died...

    This enraged his father who punished him severely.

  • Ulgriza
    Ulgriza Prije 13 sati

    Screw the guy who put english captions but removed the subtitles then saved it.

  • Woofy Plays
    Woofy Plays Prije 14 sati

    Why does almost everything happen on June 20

  • James Barnousky
    James Barnousky Prije 19 sati

    I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing content you provide. These videos are a bright spot in my day.

  • Can I get 100 subscribers without any video plz

    Marie Antoinette execution was meaningless

  • Ewen Oliviero
    Ewen Oliviero Prije 23 sati

    The french flag you used on Map démonstration is reversed, it's blue-white-red instead of red-white-blue

  • Paul Mearkle
    Paul Mearkle Prije dan

    Manifest Destiny!! It would be epic!!

  • prunoivo
    prunoivo Prije dan

    This is what true history class should be in high schools. Awesome.

  • Adithya Pradeep
    Adithya Pradeep Prije dan

    *le baguette*

  • DeepDive
    DeepDive Prije dan

    Joseph guillotin didn't actually invent the guillotine. He only wrote that there should be equal and more enlightened punishment.

  • Jimin Cheon
    Jimin Cheon Prije 2 dana

    16:46 17:36

    he actually sounded out "guillotine" with the 'L's

  • Hmmm Hmmm
    Hmmm Hmmm Prije 2 dana


  • Whiskey_ Fox
    Whiskey_ Fox Prije 2 dana

    Was that a star wars quote?

  • Wootermelon
    Wootermelon Prije 2 dana

    The guy with the baguette as a gun 11:55 🤣🤣🤣

  • Berd
    Berd Prije 2 dana +2

    Peasant: _breathes_
    Robespierre: *_TO THE GUILLOTINE_*

  • Joel Strong
    Joel Strong Prije 2 dana +1

    Even if Louis said the man in the passport wasn’t him, he’d still be arrested for impersonating another person and taking their passport.

  • Cybertron the lost Warriors

    Pleas upload more videos next year

  • Angy H
    Angy H Prije 2 dana

    Absolutely amazing video. Recommendation: Colonisation of Australia

  • Doing Something Different
    Doing Something Different Prije 2 dana +1

    Person: *exists*
    Robespierre: To the guilotine!
    People: Guillotine has two Ls.
    Robespierre:But it is pronounced the sa-
    People: To the guillotine!

  • thezombiecreeper
    thezombiecreeper Prije 3 dana +1

    OverSimplified: Sponsors RAID
    Skillshare/NordVPN: Alright imma head out

  • haicommuna
    haicommuna Prije 3 dana

    Russian Revolutions pls

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis Prije 2 dana

      haicommuna that’s the one with Lenin right?

  • The Storm 13
    The Storm 13 Prije 3 dana

    do the russian revolution

    • The Storm 13
      The Storm 13 Prije dan

      @Joshua Willis srry have a communist hammer and sickle ☭

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis Prije dan

      The Storm 13 hey dude no need to be rude 😑

    • The Storm 13
      The Storm 13 Prije dan

      @Joshua Willis do know any other ones?

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis Prije 2 dana

      The Storm 13 the one with Lenin?

    ALEXYA YEET Prije 3 dana +1

    Do the Vietnam war

  • Becca G
    Becca G Prije 3 dana

    I still don't get how that calendar would work😂

  • nathan vizza
    nathan vizza Prije 3 dana

    Q is a letter...

  • Rail Racer
    Rail Racer Prije 3 dana +1

    17:32: " *National Convention Used Uno Reverse Card* It was very Effective" .

  • Linda Oh
    Linda Oh Prije 3 dana

    Her hair is an at at from star wars

  • Salt Bucket
    Salt Bucket Prije 4 dana

    Napoleon looks kinda like Morty with his hat off. 21:06

  • Panhasak T
    Panhasak T Prije 4 dana


  • moo
    moo Prije 4 dana +3

    Jeeze, France was a hot mess.

  • Aiden McFarland
    Aiden McFarland Prije 4 dana

    16:47 in part 2: he says Gullitine

  • Berat Demir
    Berat Demir Prije 4 dana

    Yusuf kayaalpten gelenler

  • Karen Sartor
    Karen Sartor Prije 4 dana

    Pls do the Vietnam War.

  • wade w
    wade w Prije 4 dana

    love the napoleon dynamite reference

  • Anthony H
    Anthony H Prije 4 dana +1

    How about doing American civil war&Chinese civil war next?

  • Kyle ‘n Eric’s Stop motions

    revolution for a revolution

  • juanchoja
    juanchoja Prije 4 dana

    Man, you're good, keep it up.

  • johnsonslawnservice
    johnsonslawnservice Prije 4 dana

    I have a feeling England is next when Queen Elizabeth dies have a feeling they made do away with the monarchy I could be wrong but the government has been wanting to be free for a long time

  • Raine
    Raine Prije 4 dana

    History of Mongolia plz

  • sumit dalal
    sumit dalal Prije 5 dana +3

    God : American revolution wasn't hard core enough. Let's make a R rated version of it

  • sumit dalal
    sumit dalal Prije 5 dana +2

    Someone: sighs
    Robespierre : to the guiltonne
    People to Robespierre : it's ur time to guiltonne

  • sumit dalal
    sumit dalal Prije 5 dana

    Please do Punic wars.

  • Christian Cañas
    Christian Cañas Prije 5 dana

    100% of the time, communism and leftists turn against the same people they falsely claim to fight for. Such evil and people never learn

  • SantiEatsToast
    SantiEatsToast Prije 5 dana

    US Civil War
    Vietnam War
    Korean War
    9/11 which ties in Iraq War

  • Bryce Robinson
    Bryce Robinson Prije 5 dana

    My sanity 15:06

  • Minecraft Marino lol YouTube

    me:math is stupid
    Rouse Pier:to the Guillotine

  • Charlie
    Charlie Prije 5 dana

    The russian revolutions- oversimplified

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    Kidwhocantplay Prije 6 dana

    I would love to see a Bosnian civil war

  • Flames of the Crescent Moon

    The Barbary Wars - Oversimplified

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    Noon moon Prije 6 dana +2

    To the Guillotine segment kind of reminds me of cancel culture..

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    Thereal 727 Prije 6 dana +1

    Make a civil war oversimplified

  • Boring Boi
    Boring Boi Prije 6 dana

    When r the Napoleonic Wars coming

  • Nope No
    Nope No Prije 6 dana

    21:04 when you look on the top of the screen you can see someone teleport to the right of the row of people

  • Santiago Sanchez
    Santiago Sanchez Prije 6 dana +1

    I see you're all pretending to be tax collectors in the comment's section...

    *There's a tax for that*