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  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Pukki POTM
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Komentari • 505

  • Sam Austin
    Sam Austin Prije 13 dana

    Pukki vs vardy, zaha or jesus?

  • O K
    O K Prije 16 dana +1


  • Mo Asim
    Mo Asim Prije 18 dana

    Thanks this helped a lot

  • Michael Metzler
    Michael Metzler Prije 21 dan

    YES the next SBC Cunt who will be played one whole year and is overpowered as hell and everyone plays him... great...

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan Prije 21 dan

    Liked the video - thanks

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan Prije 21 dan

    I have about 35,000 coins . Could I do this objective from buying most from transfer market ? I don’t have enough 82 or more rated squad

    • FourScorpion 873
      FourScorpion 873 Prije 19 dana +1

      Arif Ramzan yes I got him for 25k and when u get him you should put the hawk card on him 👌

  • Liam ansell Ansell
    Liam ansell Ansell Prije 22 dana +1

    Wtf I made this team and the Chem is 70

  • Joseph -topic
    Joseph -topic Prije 23 dana +1

    I got Kane outta the packs from getting pukki

    • FourScorpion 873
      FourScorpion 873 Prije 19 dana

      Joseph -topic I got walker out of the first squad

  • Itzwill _g
    Itzwill _g Prije 27 dana

    How many coins does the SBC cost in total?

  • Ross Barlow
    Ross Barlow Prije 27 dana +8

    Stuck a Hunter card on him, & my god, he’s an absolute beast 😂 20 games played, 32 goals scored

    • iTz xM1k3
      iTz xM1k3 Prije 15 dana +1

      @Nathh Hawk,but i have a hunter on him now.

    • Nathh
      Nathh Prije 16 dana

      Hawk or Hunter?

    • FourScorpion 873
      FourScorpion 873 Prije 19 dana +2

      iTz xM1k3 that’s what I have

    • iTz xM1k3
      iTz xM1k3 Prije 20 dana +2

      I have hawk on him and hes got 82 in 49 games😳 either way hes unbelievable

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - Prije 27 dana

    danny GARTHIA

  • OmniFilmDK
    OmniFilmDK Prije 28 dana

    Lol... Pukki is such a tool. He must have had 5 good chances to head it in and he either puts it one the bar or just besides the post x(

    • OmniFilmDK
      OmniFilmDK Prije 22 dana

      @S R imo yes... but chance also gave me Mertens 87 who is insane still... but when the special packs came out I sold Mertens at full price and invested in packs. Ended up with Aguero instead... so I maybe only got around 20 matches with Pukki. Aguero took his spot. But if he is tired I sub him with Pukki.... for the price of that sbc he's definitelt worth it.
      Smack a hunter on top, get him in behind and he will win those one on ones with power.

    • S R
      S R Prije 22 dana

      OmniFilmDK so Is he worth it?

    • OmniFilmDK
      OmniFilmDK Prije 22 dana

      @S R yes thats true :)... but his knockle kicks will fly in like the wind on the other hand.

    • S R
      S R Prije 22 dana

      OmniFilmDK might just be that ur bad

  • William Polano
    William Polano Prije 28 dana

    It’s a shit card

  • Jack F
    Jack F Prije 28 dana

    how do i get concept players?? help quick please!

  • Ådne Mellum
    Ådne Mellum Prije 29 dana

    Fifa sucks my balls

  • Lucas Hopper
    Lucas Hopper Prije 29 dana

    Pukki is an absolute nut

  • Jöpö
    Jöpö Prije mjesec

    Suomi perkele

  • Matthew Ciolfi
    Matthew Ciolfi Prije mjesec

    Press RB/R1 to go to club on the selected squad position that then lets you RT/R2 like youre looking for however it wont tell you which position you are going to be putting the player just the players position

  • Cars And Blades
    Cars And Blades Prije mjesec

    RT and LT whilst in player menu.. You can see the little icon in top corner

  • Rob Kjellbe
    Rob Kjellbe Prije mjesec +3

    Love this card so far! Just feeding through balls and Pukki just slots everything.
    Great video

  • Jack Wheeler
    Jack Wheeler Prije mjesec

    I love how ea have added financial fair play

  • OJOk
    OJOk Prije mjesec

    WHY ARE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!

  • GeM StReTcH
    GeM StReTcH Prije mjesec

    Cheap my ass 2 days later I had 30k and now I’m down 2k

  • Sander Moe Havnaas
    Sander Moe Havnaas Prije mjesec

    If you go to club first. then you can add players the old way, Nep!☺️

  • Bruno Tanushi
    Bruno Tanushi Prije mjesec

    He’s fuming

  • archiebutler11
    archiebutler11 Prije mjesec

    Ive been using 41212, for me much better than 4231, and it is extremely effective

  • Marino van der Zalm
    Marino van der Zalm Prije mjesec

    "The thing about Pukki is very cheap, because the players right now are very cheap" job well done...

  • LILTEE775
    LILTEE775 Prije mjesec

    So far I've figured out if it's gonna be a board the 2 lights on the floor are a lot further from the camera, but for a walk out I'm not sure how you tell, also if the door shows black on an upgrade pack that is literally because it's untradeable because I got hyped thinking it was an IF but its just because its untradeable that's all

  • Truenerd99
    Truenerd99 Prije mjesec

    Where is pukki’s gameface?

  • Aate Knuutila
    Aate Knuutila Prije mjesec


  • Pyry Terä
    Pyry Terä Prije mjesec +25

    Pukki literally means goat in finish, check google translater if you don’t believe me

  • Tripla V
    Tripla V Prije mjesec

    As a finn i am surely going to get him!

  • Nubwo
    Nubwo Prije mjesec

    I hate the new sbc setup

  • Yakie69
    Yakie69 Prije mjesec

    If you go on the bench and press RB or whatever the PS4 version is you can just place them in with out having to go on and off the menu, saved me a lot of time on the advanced sbcs

  • all Fifa All Fifa
    all Fifa All Fifa Prije mjesec

    is he good worth the money?

  • MrFj3rm1
    MrFj3rm1 Prije mjesec

    I have POTM Pukki, he is a beast, but he can’t head to save his life.

    NK4ILVES Prije mjesec

    He should have 4*weak foot, better stamina, better defending, better aggresion, bettet pace and better shooting c'mon EA

  • temeteus ss
    temeteus ss Prije mjesec


  • mancityfan 2005
    mancityfan 2005 Prije mjesec

    I hate the pack animations tbh. Anyone else?

  • Sam Gill
    Sam Gill Prije mjesec

    He said he’s on a rtg but he had like 8k fifa points

  • Wes Hoolahan
    Wes Hoolahan Prije mjesec

    If you told me last year our original 3rd place striker would go on to become a Premier league player of the month i would have called the police for harassment.

  • Ya boi Big penis
    Ya boi Big penis Prije mjesec

    Jees, nep loves the excuses

  • Ehsan Rahravan
    Ehsan Rahravan Prije mjesec

    Already added Fifa Points.....🖕🏼

  • I’m not a Rapper
    I’m not a Rapper Prije mjesec

    I don’t like the look of this game

  • elias elovainio
    elias elovainio Prije mjesec

    Teemu Pukki baby, Pukki baby, Pukki oooh

  • Osku Laurila
    Osku Laurila Prije mjesec

    Suomi mainittu, TORILLA TAVATAAN! #pukkiparty

  • ZzzZzzZzzZ
    ZzzZzzZzzZ Prije mjesec

    Should i do pukki and sell vardy or keep vardy

  • Nicholas Løkken
    Nicholas Løkken Prije mjesec

    HELP! How can i log out on my EA acount on my psn account? So i can log in on my NEW fresh RTG EA account?!?!?!?!

  • SJK94
    SJK94 Prije mjesec +1

    Pukki is a beast. I know that im not a good player (4 wins-1 draw-7 losses atm) but Pukki has scored 8 goals and assisted 6 for now 💪🏻 Btw Nep, great videos as always 👍🏻

  • Ali Wakkas
    Ali Wakkas Prije mjesec

    Nep I just want to say that I love the combination of you playing with the SBC player straight after you've completed him. Loved it!!

  • Tony Darbyshire
    Tony Darbyshire Prije mjesec

    Kick off glitches are back great job EA

  • Leo Sellei
    Leo Sellei Prije mjesec +4

    Nep:”if your on a road to glory like me” has 8.7 thousand fifa points. Me:🤦‍♂️

    • Leo Sellei
      Leo Sellei Prije mjesec

      RAGERZ xX ViBe Yeah i know. I was just joking.

    • RAGERZ xX ViBe
      RAGERZ xX ViBe Prije mjesec +1

      he has a separate road to glory on his second channel

  • steiny1994
    steiny1994 Prije mjesec +1

    Cazorla and Garcia... Like if you know.

  • Its G
    Its G Prije mjesec +2

    not for me bad dribbling pace isnt great 3 star combo isnt ideal there will be better players to get after a week people probably do this sbc for the card design

  • Bad Dub
    Bad Dub Prije mjesec

    You need to change your view on the game at the start. 17k is not cheap.

  • Thomas David Cross
    Thomas David Cross Prije mjesec

    Time to put more money in your acc

  • Auto Culture
    Auto Culture Prije mjesec

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, as we can see, nothing much has changed from FIFA19. Glad I'm not buying this game this year.

  • Tomas Matheson
    Tomas Matheson Prije mjesec +1

    What time should I buy Nicolas Pepe because he was 18k when the web app dropped but i didnt have the cash and now hes 50k

  • Alfie Lidbury
    Alfie Lidbury Prije mjesec

    Can anyone help me please, I got the ultimate edition but didn’t receive the loan icon or the 25k packs but everyone else did?

    • Dylan Farrell
      Dylan Farrell Prije mjesec

      You don't get any ot that until the ultimate edition is out on the 24th on the console

  • Mr. Avatar
    Mr. Avatar Prije mjesec

    Has FIFA 20 released only in UK?