I Bought The World's Most Expensive Colored Pencils!

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  • ZHC
    ZHC  Prije 18 dana +5927

    I made the video 9:59 so u guys dont hafta watch more ads
    I bought the most expensive colored pencils in the world for your entertainment lol
    subscribe and click on another one of my vids in recommendations or imma go broke :((
    Also thanks to James for helping me test them!
    Subscribe to him! He is 30k away from 1 mill! hrclip.net/user/TheBoxOfficeArtist

    First comment: The Mobile Player

  • BEan Eater
    BEan Eater Prije 13 minuta

    You r phat

  • Melisa Cansu
    Melisa Cansu Prije sat

    You should NEVER use THEM!

  • Z and L Do Stuff
    Z and L Do Stuff Prije sat +1

    Maybe the pencils are worth like $3 and the case is $997.


    I prefer a Nintendo switch instead of this
    Who agrees?

  • karma 4you
    karma 4you Prije 2 sati

    I wish you did a scenery, where you could test the blending of these pencils, half crayola and other half LV. Maybe even the sea, with a purple orange background/sky. Would've loved to see it used to the max, I didn't feel the wolverine drawing really pushed it to that degree.

  • Calvin Tan
    Calvin Tan Prije 2 sati

    I guess most of the price on that product is the casing. It's probably made of high end leather.

  • [Mallow.Beans]
    [Mallow.Beans] Prije 4 sati

    2:50 smells like the morning wood

    *Dirty boi*

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez Prije 4 sati

    I have the same crack on my phone screen 😭

  • Natasha Romanoff
    Natasha Romanoff Prije 4 sati

    I want them 😫😫😫😫😫

  • Lam Ka
    Lam Ka Prije 4 sati

    I have the same one but it's a little cheaper

  • Vincentplayz
    Vincentplayz Prije 4 sati


  • Senpai- Alex
    Senpai- Alex Prije 4 sati +1

    ...wow i just go to Walmart and buy them for like 4$.

  • Gacha Layla
    Gacha Layla Prije 5 sati

    I think those pencils are $1000 bucks cuz of the case not the actual pencils 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Arnaud Roger
    Arnaud Roger Prije 5 sati

    This is the world's most expensive colored pencils --> hrclip.net/video/B1BqlubncWE/video.html

  • Ansen R3980
    Ansen R3980 Prije 5 sati

    Me: Louis voton

  • EvilCODrays
    EvilCODrays Prije 6 sati

    Here in Britain we say colour pencils as well XD

  • calvin yip
    calvin yip Prije 6 sati

    Every scribble is $2.5

  • Alice With a touch
    Alice With a touch Prije 7 sati

    The things people do for HRclip 🤦‍♀️

  • Jm Teruel
    Jm Teruel Prije 8 sati

    ZHC + BOA = Perfect💕

  • b00tl3g tut0r1al5
    b00tl3g tut0r1al5 Prije 9 sati

    Nani Steven from danplan?

  • The Adventure Ohana
    The Adventure Ohana Prije 11 sati

    smells like morning wood say whatttttt

  • Fizzy Tea
    Fizzy Tea Prije 11 sati

    Can I have money I really want copics ;-;

    • Fizzy Tea
      Fizzy Tea Prije 11 sati

      They are expensive but they are LESS expensive

  • Kyle Dela Torre
    Kyle Dela Torre Prije 11 sati

    Packaging: $100
    Colors: $50
    Bag: $850

  • Spork Pasta
    Spork Pasta Prije 12 sati

    Louis Vuitton: Smooth and creamy.
    Prismacolors: Am i a joke to you?

  • sienna puppyplayground
    sienna puppyplayground Prije 13 sati

    This was made on my BIRTHDAY 🎂

  • KK Chan
    KK Chan Prije 13 sati

    ribbon these days are originally 2.69 or 5.60 and some are worth more. the pencil case looks like it was made with leather and artists helped decorate the case.

  • Anny The cat
    Anny The cat Prije 13 sati

    *buys pencils from Walmart for 5 dollars*

    *sees this video*

    Me: yeah I’m still not paying five dollars

  • Blaze R3con
    Blaze R3con Prije 13 sati

    If mr beast did art

  • DaNiii Xx
    DaNiii Xx Prije 13 sati

    Can you learn me have to draw?😂 I am so bad at it

    • DaNiii Xx
      DaNiii Xx Prije 13 sati

      Sorry I am tired so I wrote it wrong

  • Miss B.
    Miss B. Prije 14 sati

    Can you get a refill pack of pencils?

  • BlissfulSunset
    BlissfulSunset Prije 15 sati

    *That one kid who always comes to school with the most amazing colored pencils...*

  • Tuhix Master
    Tuhix Master Prije 15 sati

    I mean, yeah....pencils

  • DarK - Memes
    DarK - Memes Prije 15 sati

    Hey Zach can you please give me $61 cuz I need to get a case for my iPad that has a keyboard and this is for school. So please??

  • Skittles s
    Skittles s Prije 15 sati

    i could’ve bought an iphone x with that money

  • Skylar the werewolf
    Skylar the werewolf Prije 16 sati

    I would share the money with my family

  • Gacha ??
    Gacha ?? Prije 16 sati

    5:49 XD 😄😂

  • beautiful skies
    beautiful skies Prije 17 sati

    I bet Jeffree Star doesn't have this!

  • sporadicdev
    sporadicdev Prije 19 sati

    i lol'ed when the phone got cracked.

  • Patricia
    Patricia Prije 20 sati

    the pencils look exactly like caran d'ache aka swiss colored pencils except that it says Louis Vuitton instead of swiss made (normally 47$ for 40 pencils)

  • Raw Meme
    Raw Meme Prije 20 sati

    Omg u watered ur grass

  • lemon juice
    lemon juice Prije 21 sat

    They do have the paintbrush on them so I’m pretty sure they can also be used as watercolor pencils. So, i’d try that out too!

  • Luca Onip
    Luca Onip Prije 21 sat

    Im thinking that crayola is still the wave.

  • Anaëlle Mw
    Anaëlle Mw Prije 21 sat

    At 5:01 and 5:18, this is the same girl. Why did i saw that ? xD

  • Arty Crayon
    Arty Crayon Prije 22 sati

    It costs 1000 dollars cuz of the leather case, yea the pencils dont cost that mu ch

  • Blixer Playz
    Blixer Playz Prije 22 sati


  • Mallory SF
    Mallory SF Prije 22 sati

    Nice to be rich

  • Meher 04
    Meher 04 Prije 23 sati +1

    I had a dream about these colored pencils...... I literally have the weirdest dreams

  • Fortnite Sucksclub
    Fortnite Sucksclub Prije 23 sati

    Just buy a regular one

  • TheRegart
    TheRegart Prije 23 sati

    Suddenly those Caran dAche Luminance pencils don't seem so expensive now...
    Who am I kidding, no they don't!

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Prije 23 sati

    What you should have done is buy the worlds most expensive colored pencils and then shave them to a nub

  • DDR Sammler
    DDR Sammler Prije 23 sati


  • Sumaira Shams
    Sumaira Shams Prije 23 sati

    Still they are just colours

  • ANNA Lewis
    ANNA Lewis Prije dan

    kool what ever

  • Noah Mikk
    Noah Mikk Prije dan +1

    I dare you to not punch turkey

  • EmmyRyan !
    EmmyRyan ! Prije dan

    7:02 fan art ZHC is Chubby

  • Demonic F Gaming
    Demonic F Gaming Prije dan

    Wtf i bought it for 10$

  • TheMtrohner
    TheMtrohner Prije dan +1

    Is it time to cry yet???
    *Looks in wallet*
    yUp ItS tImE tO cRy!

  • Vintage babii's life

    Prismacolor cult wya

  • Galahad
    Galahad Prije dan

    That would be max like $200

  • Elisa Van Mechelen
    Elisa Van Mechelen Prije dan

    Did u notice that 16 was the same as one of the ones before it? I forgot which one tho.

  • 1 subscriber with no videos

    roses are red
    pizza sauce is too
    i order a large
    but none is for you

  • so yo
    so yo Prije dan +1

    Hilarious trying to make use of every single thing that came with the LV colors so you use the whole $1000 you paid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Faux TaterbugMDx
    Faux TaterbugMDx Prije dan

    Until next time on the mr beast of art

  • gorg gorginand
    gorg gorginand Prije dan

    Inspiration mr beast

  • Sagisu
    Sagisu Prije dan

    Still more useful and better price tag than Apple Stand that cost 999 USD :D

  • Henry French
    Henry French Prije dan


  • Princessgamer %
    Princessgamer % Prije dan +1

    He sees it.
    He checks price.
    He wants it.
    He buys it.

  • Kloak Storm
    Kloak Storm Prije dan

    Zhc: sniffs pencil ............ SmELLs LiKE MoRnINg WoOd

  • Evelīna Krieva
    Evelīna Krieva Prije dan

    I think each pencil is like 0.5$ i think the whole point is in the packeging lol

  • Celestial Melodies
    Celestial Melodies Prije dan

    LMAO "smells like the morning wood"

  • Sulaf Alghamdi
    Sulaf Alghamdi Prije dan

    James: Hey Zach!
    no one:
    Zach: *tHoWs lUiS viOtTiOn cOlOrEd pEnCiLs OuT tHe wInDoW*

  • Sulaf Alghamdi
    Sulaf Alghamdi Prije dan +2

    James: Hey Zach!
    no one:
    Zach: *tHoWs lUiS viOtTiOn cOlOrEd pEnCiLs OuT tHe wInDoW*

  • Aya Awad
    Aya Awad Prije dan

    They are solo cool they have different shades.

  • iWrykEz
    iWrykEz Prije dan

    Your the mrbeast of the art world

  • Rapsi Кошка
    Rapsi Кошка Prije dan

    Faber Castell :D Crayola are Bad.....and people who buy Louis Vuitton stuff are stupid

  • santiago hernandez
    santiago hernandez Prije dan

    You know.. Hitting the pencils
    On a table or together can create small cracks. Inside the pencil
    So when you sharpen it
    The point just slips out or breaks

  • Aurora prs
    Aurora prs Prije dan

    I wouldv spent 2k on fabercastel 250th year edition not this bullshit!

  • Chris Ri Art
    Chris Ri Art Prije dan +1

    Omg so much for pencils???? Damn

  • Junlie Galvez
    Junlie Galvez Prije dan

    Sana all may pera :,,

  • LifeWithNicolas
    LifeWithNicolas Prije dan

    Please everyone knows Crayola has the heart's of many girl's as for Loui well that's where you get them gold diggers at so you won't have anything there 🤣

  • Zoey Zahler
    Zoey Zahler Prije dan

    what I say:envolpe
    what Zach says:ONVOLPE

  • Saeed Akbar
    Saeed Akbar Prije dan +1

    He will be next mr Beast

  • nok1888
    nok1888 Prije dan

    You dont know Faber Castell?

  • Diamondcat Meow
    Diamondcat Meow Prije dan +3

    Me:MOM!!! All my color pencils are short can i buy a new one!!!

    Mom:Ohh hell no!!!

  • Singh Hanjra
    Singh Hanjra Prije dan +1

    1 Louis Vuitton pencil = about 4-5 copic markers.

  • x MilkTeaa
    x MilkTeaa Prije dan

    Where is my coulour pencil

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Prije dan

    He didn't put a single ad!

    Oh wait : I have HRclip premium

  • Cliché the Cat
    Cliché the Cat Prije dan

    Now, I can tell my mom that her favourite bag brand makes colour pencils! These colour pencils are more expensive than her LV bag

  • Zane Kun
    Zane Kun Prije dan

    What can you expect its Louivuitton OoF I think I didnt spell right ._.

  • President Uchiha
    President Uchiha Prije dan

    Dude Perfect IS SHOOK

  • Cliché the Cat
    Cliché the Cat Prije dan

    Little did you know, they’re just Prang-branded colour pencils in an expensive box

  • Shiranova
    Shiranova Prije dan

    From the logo printed on the pencils (the golden brush) I am pretty sure those are just Caran d'Ache prismalo pencils that have Louis Vuitton printed on them. You can get them for like 30 bucks for the same amount here.

  • I love traps, but I'm not gay

    What's a bigger flex?
    Louis Vuitton Colored Pencil set
    Apple Mac Pro stand

    • sweetberries
      sweetberries Prije 23 sati

      you can use first as chopsticks though

  • rainbow steve
    rainbow steve Prije dan +1

    many youtubers try to make videos of minimum 10 minutes he zack realy doesnt care look at the time of the video😂😂😂

    ANG JIA HUI - Prije dan

    ~A~ nvolope


  • Nicholas Grubb
    Nicholas Grubb Prije dan

    Number 4 and number 16 are the same people

  • Zion Salazar
    Zion Salazar Prije dan

    Watching 2 adds at the end of the video is my thankyou to your awesome video bro 👍💪

  • trxley
    trxley Prije dan

    i didn't feel like watching so i skipped to the end to give you that ad money🤪🤪