The Cast Remembers: Kit Harington on Playing Jon Snow | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

  • Datum objavljivanja: 8. Tra 2019.
  • Harington opens up about which actor was most special to work with, and what he’ll miss most about creating Game of Thrones.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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  • Christy Tanasescu
    Christy Tanasescu Prije 3 dana +1

    What's the name of the last music played?

  • Art Pekarek
    Art Pekarek Prije 5 dana

    D & D destroyed the ending to this major story, and I am sentimental about that.

  • The Vamps Music videos
    The Vamps Music videos Prije 5 dana

    OMG he looks just like Aegon Targaryen

  • Shadi Nik
    Shadi Nik Prije 6 dana

    Emmy Award for the amazing hardworking Kit Harington please🙌

  • Shadi Nik
    Shadi Nik Prije 7 dana +1

    Jon is the best character I've ever known. He's a combination of good look, dignity, honesty, selflessness, bravery, honor, kindness, forgiveness, logic, morality, humbleness, decency, heroism, and anything else good! And Kit Harington himself is super talented, funny, humble, sentimental, caring, and attractive. He's AMAZING. I love him so much♡ He is and will be my all time favorite in the whole show♡

  • Katherine Brown
    Katherine Brown Prije 7 dana


  • Kermit
    Kermit Prije 8 dana

    Role of a lifetime.

  • Thuc Nguyen
    Thuc Nguyen Prije 11 dana +1

    Emilia being goofy while dressing up as Dany is my favorite thing ever

  • Piyush Priyadarshi
    Piyush Priyadarshi Prije 12 dana +1

    One of the Best scene of GOT, when the child's face turns into Jon snow's face

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams Prije 12 dana

    These actors got mad at fans for hating the last season because they put a lot of effort into it but you’re in the entertainment industry and people pay for results not your effort just like a six year old making homemade syrup and breakfast for their parents the parents shudder and eat it out of love but it still sucks ass

  • Fernando H
    Fernando H Prije 13 dana +2

    That's why HE will ALWAYS be my King in the North!

  • Dr. Drater
    Dr. Drater Prije 14 dana

    I don't want it

  • isa madrid
    isa madrid Prije 15 dana +1

    Rose leslie

  • Queen in the North
    Queen in the North Prije 16 dana +5

    “It was special for so many reasons."
    He met Rose there, awwwww

  • Edward Ken way
    Edward Ken way Prije 16 dana

    Aren't rose and kit married

  • J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan

    Where's the re-members for Alfie Allen? I was hoping Theon would be like the North in re-membering.

  • Morpyoto
    Morpyoto Prije 18 dana

    “It’s rare to get complete originality in a show, so much of tv is copying things”
    I mean, GoT is great and all, but it’s been called a copy of Lord Of The Rings so much.

  • Cae Haughton
    Cae Haughton Prije 18 dana +8

    I miss Jon Snow already...I'm so glad his face was the last shown at the end of the last episode. He was the very heart of GoT

  • Evan Page
    Evan Page Prije 20 dana +5

    Great actor, i hope for his speedy recovery.

  • Country Dingess
    Country Dingess Prije 20 dana

    Rose!!!! An amazing actress!!!! Loved her!

  • Vera Areola
    Vera Areola Prije 20 dana

    that wink thoooo 😍

  • Kai’s Messiah Baby
    Kai’s Messiah Baby Prije 20 dana

    Me too Kit 😢 Me too 😔

  • Lherween Lynx Garcia
    Lherween Lynx Garcia Prije 21 dan

    "Loads". Oh Emilia, the difference between her and Daenerys; they're worlds apart ❤️

  • Dianna James
    Dianna James Prije 22 dana

    This is not fair 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man Prije 22 dana

    The cast forgets: Euron Greyjoy on staying hidden

  • Nicole Hansen
    Nicole Hansen Prije 22 dana

    That wink at 3:58 though 😍

  • Aga Khan
    Aga Khan Prije 23 dana +2

    The One True King. 👑

  • Brennan Scarcello
    Brennan Scarcello Prije 24 dana +3

    It is so cute that Keet and Rose Leslie got married in real life.

  • Fabulous Jojo
    Fabulous Jojo Prije 25 dana +3

    "This movie made me feeling quit sentimental" Now he's gone to the rehab. Sorry kit!

  • socks82485
    socks82485 Prije 25 dana

    You truly moved alot of people and that's how you know your one hell of an actor!! Your character and the entire show will whole heartedly be missed !

  • her majesty
    her majesty Prije 25 dana

    Fucking love this guy. I hope he gets back on his feet soon. With talent like his you know he's gotta have a great career ahead of him.

  • Ghost013
    Ghost013 Prije 25 dana +1

    He was our Aragorn.
    The true king

  • Ghost013
    Ghost013 Prije 25 dana

    The greatest character. My favourite character

  • Akhil Dev
    Akhil Dev Prije 26 dana +2

    One True King, The King in the North 😍

  • Rocket Junior
    Rocket Junior Prije 26 dana

    Love to see him alot in other movies (preferably with Kristofer :D)!! !

  • Armin Wayne
    Armin Wayne Prije 26 dana

    hahah.. he said completely originality in tv... he doesnt know its literally a ripoff of The Lord of the rings!! :)

  • Abbs
    Abbs Prije 26 dana +2

    I’m praying for you Kit. I hope you find the peace you truly deserve.

  • Branner
    Branner Prije 26 dana +1

    I think Kit and Emilia are extremely underrated because they folded so well into their characters that people believe that's who they are. I don't think the scripts this last season served either one of them that well - but they're brilliant in these roles, no matter what.

  • James C
    James C Prije 26 dana +9

    "It's affecting me much deeper than I thought it would".
    Wish Kit the best in his recovery. Much like Jon Snow he's honest and true, hope he gets through it.

    • Hanna B
      Hanna B Prije 21 dan +1

      I hope so too.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Prije 27 dana

    Well, I guess he was instrumental in what happened in Season 8, so had he not gone to the Wall, everything would have been different and the White Walkers would have taken Winterfell.

  • rose anne Demadara
    rose anne Demadara Prije 27 dana

    He survived alright. But was he really alive after everything?

  • 高海利
    高海利 Prije 27 dana

    I personally know a real-life man who married his maternal aunt and sired 2 living daughters and a dead son...

  • Miah Thorpe
    Miah Thorpe Prije 27 dana +15

    to hear kit reflect on his ending with gøt and how it's affecting him makes me realise that he's probably mourning the end of this part of his life and this kind of pinpoints aspects of kit's personal life that have caused him to go to rehabilitation

  • Disha v
    Disha v Prije 27 dana +3

    They took the audience for granted and thought shock value is more important to us than good story telling. Kit, you're perfection!

  • Rosannasfriend
    Rosannasfriend Prije 27 dana

    "You're going to the fucked up place, don't do it." Lmao.

  • Brando Tube
    Brando Tube Prije 29 dana +1

    Thanks for destroying his character in season 8 👏👏👏

  • 美的seoulattes
    美的seoulattes Prije 29 dana

    completely unrelated but i wish the directors of game of thrones would work together for a percy Jackson series. Rick riordan’s books deserve justice :)

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset Prije 29 dana +2

    Emilia deserved better 🐲🔥👑

  • Armin T.
    Armin T. Prije mjesec

    Why is the whole fucking cast so great damn it, even the evil ones

  • Teddy Johnson
    Teddy Johnson Prije mjesec

    this makes me even more mad at the ending they had happen

  • Charlie Waiters
    Charlie Waiters Prije mjesec +5

    Thank God Jon snow went to the wall , because that's what made him , if jon snow was a real person he probably be one of the most iconic heroic person in history. Kit Harrington can forget about playing anything else because GOT was about him and hrll forever be jon snow

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown Prije mjesec +2

    Jon Snow the hero archetype of the series.

  • Gina Nicoleta Capriceana

    #jonsnow ❤️ #gameofthrones

  • GreyMeredith
    GreyMeredith Prije mjesec

    His character deserved better.

    DWILL Prije mjesec

    Too bad that the lat season was garbage

  • Edoardo Ferrari
    Edoardo Ferrari Prije mjesec +4


  • bradley lumber
    bradley lumber Prije mjesec

    She's muh kween, I DUN WANNIT

  • suaron 14
    suaron 14 Prije mjesec

    Complete originality??
    Have you seen LORD OF THE RINGS??

    • TheKShow
      TheKShow Prije 29 dana

      Complete originality within TV* And even compared to Lord of the Rings, it's pretty different, aside from the last two seasons which ware pretty standard fantasy - meaning much closer to the style of Lord of the Rings.

  • The Real Trashley Bee
    The Real Trashley Bee Prije mjesec +2

    So tickled by Kit’s advice to Jon. Get the heck out of dodge. Such good advice because as we all know: when you play The Game of Thrones...

  • Ragnaork
    Ragnaork Prije mjesec

    we love you Jon!!!

  • FrootLoop
    FrootLoop Prije mjesec +1


  • Hasin Ishrak
    Hasin Ishrak Prije mjesec +1

    Why does it seems like KIT HARRINGTON will be like DANNIEL RADDCLIFF and EMILIA CLARKE like EMMA WATSON .. where Emilia and Emma still acts on other great movies.. but both Kit and Danniel doesn't get chance in good movies 😅

  • Hasin Ishrak
    Hasin Ishrak Prije mjesec +2

    My man talking to us like he has lived that life.
    Such a pure actor

  • haydorio bro
    haydorio bro Prije mjesec +1

    You know nothing kit harrington

  • youtert
    youtert Prije mjesec

    Thank you, Kit Snow.

  • Turn Around
    Turn Around Prije mjesec

    God I will always love this score 4:27

  • Mrinal Pratap Singh
    Mrinal Pratap Singh Prije mjesec

    U r my fav ❤ bro..

  • Dimitris Papachristos
    Dimitris Papachristos Prije mjesec +3

    Too bad they fucked up his story at the end.. All these prophesies and build up for nothing

  • Şampiyon Cimbom
    Şampiyon Cimbom Prije mjesec

    Game is over but You will be my King till I die.

  • Edgar rivera
    Edgar rivera Prije mjesec

    He has a piece of food on his beard

  • Clip That Shit
    Clip That Shit Prije mjesec +8

    174 Bolton fans disliked this. 🖕🏻

    SAJITH NAIR Prije mjesec

    Jon snow sound feel little different..
    Always liked jon snow.......
    Love from india

  • Thewatcheronthewall
    Thewatcheronthewall Prije mjesec

    Shame the writers destroyed Jon, what was the point of Aegon Targaryen?

  • Gregory Chorchel
    Gregory Chorchel Prije mjesec

    If Jon Snow would have had listen to Kit's advise to not to go to The Wall, The Old Town could have gotten fucked up. Without Jon Snow there wouldn't be an alliance with Wildlings, Deneyrys wouldn't come to the north with her armies and dragons and The Night King army could have advanced all the way to the south.

  • Mo Hawk
    Mo Hawk Prije mjesec +1

    The main character in the show!

  • Sky Threader
    Sky Threader Prije mjesec

    Jon snow first of his name, prince that was promised, hero that gets exiled, watcher of the now safe wall, and rightful king that no one picked or even mentioned in the end.

  • Electric Flesh
    Electric Flesh Prije mjesec

    I'm gonna miss this character. Kit did a great job. And it's so wonderful that he met his beautiful wife on the set.

  • LeoAsc
    LeoAsc Prije mjesec

    Bravo to Kit Harrington for saying that everyone bitching about the final season "can just fuck off".

  • Loki
    Loki Prije mjesec

    Too bad that character got fucked into the ground

  • GhostJedi08
    GhostJedi08 Prije mjesec

    All that character building just to go back to the wall, what a dexter level ending

  • Warren Beer
    Warren Beer Prije mjesec

    Jon got fucked over, he deserved better.

  • Ryan Kassim
    Ryan Kassim Prije mjesec

    The King Of The North!

  • Heather C
    Heather C Prije mjesec +1

    I wanted Jon to have a happy ending. He was such a beautiful character!

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me Prije mjesec

    if you took your own advice,you wouldant be married now,wonder if she will forgive you for saying this... great job john snow but you do know nothing

  • sillyninja65
    sillyninja65 Prije mjesec

    did jon snow ever swear

  • Rahman Khan
    Rahman Khan Prije mjesec

    U always the king the real king which protect innocent including wilding fight for living never greedy for any throne or noble family sur name . You jst want to do right thing for everyone. And those are fool who say you know nothing .
    U know everything how to be good person . Long live JON SNOW🤴 AND GHOST 🐺.

  • Nerd Girl Crystal
    Nerd Girl Crystal Prije mjesec +7

    He has been my favorite character since day one! Thank you GOT & thank you, Kit Harington for being my Jon Snow 💙❄️⚔️

    • TheRealist 811
      TheRealist 811 Prije mjesec +1

      Jon Snow in season 8 was not the real Jon Snow he was a shell of him

  • Silverhorse1970
    Silverhorse1970 Prije mjesec

    I loved the show but they got themselves into some trouble when they just abandoned those wolf pups after they reached a certain age. from what I heard (if it is true) they just released them into the wild to fend for themselves.

  • Laila 94
    Laila 94 Prije mjesec

    The ending didn't do justice to you John snow, you were and always will be our king in the north

  • Rahul Sehgal
    Rahul Sehgal Prije mjesec

    King of the North

  • Amrith Bharadwaj
    Amrith Bharadwaj Prije mjesec

    3:57 he really can't wink

  • Hunbbel Meer
    Hunbbel Meer Prije mjesec +1

    Not many people appreciate it, but Kit Harrington had one of the most physically challenging roles to play. He had to train harder than most, and he had to do action sequences in unforgiving environments. Despite all that, he did such a brilliant job! Even if Game of Thrones is remade 50 years down the road, Kit Harrington will always be the perfect Jon Snow.
    Thank you, Kit!

  • Everyday Carry Gear
    Everyday Carry Gear Prije mjesec

    We will miss you Jon snow we will miss you old friend:(

  • zeromant80
    zeromant80 Prije mjesec

    is there a 'The Cast Remembers' for Aidan Gillen?

  • Pranav Veluri
    Pranav Veluri Prije mjesec

    My favorite character

  • Andre Benacchio
    Andre Benacchio Prije mjesec

    Okay...but you know nothing Jon Snow

  • John Thompkins
    John Thompkins Prije mjesec +1

    "You will always be my queen."

  • Muzzamil Safdar
    Muzzamil Safdar Prije mjesec

    Jon snow is the only character that I am going to miss

  • Paige Foster
    Paige Foster Prije mjesec

    “You’re going to the fucked up place...don’t do that”

  • Paul Garcia
    Paul Garcia Prije mjesec

    4:04 Damn she's so cute. Why kit feels awkward. lol