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    I'm 99% sure that your favorite place in the house is your bedroom! Am I right? So let's make it the ultimate comfort zone! In this video I'll show you how how to make reading place with perfect temperature, how to change linens like you’ve been doing it your entire life, stylish night lights and night stands using balloons, hydrogel beads, no sew blanket, knit blanket without knitting needles as well as incredibly beautiful macramé ideas just for you! Enjoy the life hacks and sleep tight!
    These hacks may come in handy every day!
    Find out about crazy uses of syringe. I'll show you how to make delicious canape and Nutella banana, or you can use syringe to cut food neatly.
    It's also perfect if you need to apply glue neatly.
    I'll show you how to make awesome mini cinema so no one could bother you when you watch your favorite TV show or HRclip channel!
    By the way you can easily turn your phone into a stylish lamp or your phone case into a cash/card holder.
    I'll show you how to make popcorn bowl from your hoodie and keep your dishes clean without washing up.
    You can make awesome wall shelves with the chairs. You can put your clothes hangers there as well as boxes with your stuff!
    And let's talk about smell hacks. Dry shampoo will help you banish unpleasant smell from your shoes. Tea tree tampon can ease your unpleasant sensations if you've got blocked nose. Coffee beans will spread wonderful scent if you place them nearby candles.

    1:20 Racing table
    2:52 How to deal with linen
    6:01 Lazy ironing
    8:15 Can cookie cutters
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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  Prije godine +72

    Wow! Hack at 13:45 is so cool! No more torture with a knife when cleaning carrots ;) And what kind of hack did you appreciate? Will you try something from this in the near future?

    • Carolyn Byrd
      Carolyn Byrd Prije 6 dana

      Nah... I already knew most of them.

    • SherylSmiles
      SherylSmiles Prije 2 mjeseci

      @Jane Limah -- WTH??

    • Jose Lopez
      Jose Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci


    • Tell Meg
      Tell Meg Prije 3 mjeseci

      Roving Punster - but what about the primitive spork @0:16? lol

  • T Käyttäjä
    T Käyttäjä Prije 5 dana

    The lady spends so much energy placing the sheets like that she have to take a nap af terwards every time?

    IT'S CRUNCH TIME Prije 9 dana

    Very creative new friend here can u check my channel out aswell 😊

  • FROY
    FROY Prije 16 dana

    Strawberry pit was already cut off before inserting the straw

  • FROY
    FROY Prije 16 dana +1

    Hot wheels under table legs= dumbest idea ever

  • Jonathan Dough
    Jonathan Dough Prije 20 dana

    Hard to decide which one is most lame.

  • Brittane Corbin
    Brittane Corbin Prije 20 dana

    To be honest some of these hacks seem cool

  • Adam Hardcourt
    Adam Hardcourt Prije 23 dana +1

    Give up watching after you stuck a plastics fork onto the spoon, If that was the first one I can only imagine how bad they got after that

  • April Hall
    April Hall Prije mjesec +1

    Do not skin your carrots with a steel sponge or brillo. That's dangerous.

  • Donald Schofield
    Donald Schofield Prije mjesec

    totally useless....

  • Colette Mompoint
    Colette Mompoint Prije mjesec +1

    You can wrap a potato in wet paper towel and microwave it for HALF that time

  • Marjo
    Marjo Prije mjesec +2

    I clean everything in the house, love to do it, especially bathrooms.....BUT I hate folding fitted sheets. I hate it.

    • Marjo
      Marjo Prije 7 dana

      Carolyn Byrd - I hear ya girl. Floors are important. People fail to realize there’s a difference with “untidy” and “dirty”. There may be a basket of laundry that needs to be put away, but my floors, bathrooms, sinks are spotless. I tell my husband, one day he’ll retire, but women, our work never ends. Even in retirement, there will be cooking, cleaning, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, making beds, etc.

    • Carolyn Byrd
      Carolyn Byrd Prije 7 dana +1

      lol. I hate peeling potatoes and messing with onion's. Most of all. A dirty floor in my house. I'm a bare foot girl. I want my floors to be clean enough to eat off of.

  • Kassim Khan  Khan
    Kassim Khan Khan Prije mjesec

    Definitely rate on the genius scale

  • Miksmissus
    Miksmissus Prije mjesec

    That coke one... did no one che k what Celsius actually means.
    That can was hot AND frozen????

  • LA WhispersASMR
    LA WhispersASMR Prije mjesec

    Click bait. Where’s the hack in the thumbnail?!!! Btw most of these are ridiculous

  • lourens4711
    lourens4711 Prije mjesec +1

    Terrible music.

  • hairdoohell
    hairdoohell Prije mjesec +1

    Let's all get real about the t-shirt quilt hach. Really. What was that even? Especially by hand. As f-ing if.

    • hairdoohell
      hairdoohell Prije 7 dana

      @Carolyn Byrd Ha ha ha. Yes! I have quilted before too and I was utterly baffled by this!

    • Carolyn Byrd
      Carolyn Byrd Prije 7 dana +1

      I make quilts. That was something a teenager would pull. Cut up all the family tee's and whip stitch them in a big mess. You couldn't even hang them wall if you did this.

  • David Dietz
    David Dietz Prije mjesec

    RE: 2:20, I can't believe every boy on Earth doesn't know that one...in the 70s I slept every night in my Super Space-Fan Inflated Sheet Capsule.

  • Sheri Weaver
    Sheri Weaver Prije mjesec +1

    A great title for your vid of hacks.... Russian Roulette with Aluminum Cans; The Case of the Missing Digits

  • Nicky Pittbull
    Nicky Pittbull Prije mjesec +2

    you want a new watercooker? Destroy the one you have by cooking noodles in it. And you have a reason to buy a new one!!!!! And have you noticed the air under your sofa matress is not the best. Why would you store your shirt under it and sit on top. And shower caps ( made to cover hair) will put your friends off, when they come to visit and eat. ( Hiding liquor bottles behind your office files is a smart trick , I hope the alcoholics have noticed.) (kid = Mommy have you seen my toys that i got for christmas?? Mom = ammmmmmm... i have to get ready for work.. bye........) (hanging up your plates with rubber bands is a really good idea.... if you want to buy new ones). Smart? well some of the hacks make you look like a fool and hobo.

  • Dan Eggleton
    Dan Eggleton Prije mjesec

    The cucumber hack isn't on this video.
    Here's a link to one of interested.

  • T Toes McGee
    T Toes McGee Prije mjesec +1

    For my cheesey snacks, I use a toothpick 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🤗

  • ace koolio
    ace koolio Prije mjesec


  • Riley Lucas
    Riley Lucas Prije mjesec +2

    Cooking noodles (7:25) in the kettle is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and the cookie cutters made out of aluminium cans (8:15) is pretty fricken ghetto

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Prije mjesec


  • Dogwood
    Dogwood Prije mjesec +2

    I often wondered what simpletons do all day.

  • m a
    m a Prije mjesec

    Well, let's see. You can go to an expensive little shop to buy the tools. Or go to DollarTree to buy the actual product. Hmmmm. Those cookies were BURNT, by the way. Ugh. Just so typical.

  • calene cochran
    calene cochran Prije mjesec

    some really dumb hacks

  • Anders Rapp
    Anders Rapp Prije 2 mjeseci

    Almost ALL of these are SO bad! Terrible terrible terrible!

  • Spiderhead
    Spiderhead Prije 2 mjeseci

    You get no credit for the spork.

  • Brian Eno
    Brian Eno Prije 2 mjeseci

    How to slice your fingers up while cutting up a coke can... lol.

  • VioletSkye19
    VioletSkye19 Prije 2 mjeseci +2

    Stopped watching at 1 min something and amazed I made it that far, the ads at the beginning were more interesting, sticking children’s toy cars to coffee tables ?! WT....

  • Jen Blob
    Jen Blob Prije 2 mjeseci

    These really make u smile, plus some are REALLY useful, tks the upload! 😁

  • Angela Ponder
    Angela Ponder Prije 2 mjeseci

    Stopped at 1:36 seconds... What a waste of time.

  • aaronUK2006
    aaronUK2006 Prije 2 mjeseci

    Videos like this I even delete from history to save the embarrassment to myself that I even watched 30secs of it 😩

  • Fp Chauvette
    Fp Chauvette Prije 2 mjeseci

    Plastic not recommended over socks in boots or shoes. Potential for nail fungus... especially very bad for diabetics.

  • 1One Won
    1One Won Prije 2 mjeseci

    Is that even a comforter @ 5:10

  • Mary Beers
    Mary Beers Prije 2 mjeseci

    Some really good shortcuts.

  • Dodgy Dogz
    Dodgy Dogz Prije 2 mjeseci +3

    should be called 30 things you will never do ..

  • Caerwyn Isabella
    Caerwyn Isabella Prije 2 mjeseci

    I do like the idea of using a carabiner to carry all the groceries with a single trip. Link a bunch of carabiners as a looped chain and attach all of the bags to all the carabiners. Carry by hand the eggs and bread. Tactical groceries! XD

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez Prije 2 mjeseci

    This is ghetto AF n smart lol I would of never though of this bacc in the hood

  • zakvstheworld
    zakvstheworld Prije 2 mjeseci

    Aren't furniture sliders cheaper than HotWheels? Side benefit to furniture sliders is that you don't seem extremely weird to visitors.

  • Sabeena T
    Sabeena T Prije 2 mjeseci

    Why is there a thumbnail pic of a cucumber being cut/spiralled used with an empty, and cut plastic bottle of coke if it’s not going going to be in the five minute food hacks?!
    I have been led up the garden path without a paddle... 😂
    My last sentence makes as much sense as the anticipation of how I can save time spiralling my veg.
    I’ve clearly wasted 7 minutes of the time - five mins on the video and two compiling this message... 😂😂😂

  • Gangster Kermit
    Gangster Kermit Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    I thought it is 5 minute craft but it's 15:14 minutes

  • Camille Funk
    Camille Funk Prije 2 mjeseci

    these are great

  • goonbait1
    goonbait1 Prije 2 mjeseci +2

    ya lets stick my spoon/ fork with glue in my hot soup. dono about you but I don't like eating glue.

  • Eric Lav
    Eric Lav Prije 2 mjeseci

    report the video like I did why is this so hard?

    • Zosia
      Zosia Prije 2 mjeseci

      Why would you report it?... It's not nice to be like that... Don't like it, don't watch it.

  • koolgirl1235
    koolgirl1235 Prije 2 mjeseci

    Some of these are nice but I don't want metal shards on my carrots. Those things hurt my fingers when they start shredding. Can't imagine ingesting it

  • koolgirl1235
    koolgirl1235 Prije 2 mjeseci

    How fast did that plant grow

  • V Blondin-Smith
    V Blondin-Smith Prije 2 mjeseci

    Omg how have I been living without these!

  • Roy Soliz
    Roy Soliz Prije 2 mjeseci

    5 minutes that I will never get back. Waste of time and money

  • Aristotelis Savas
    Aristotelis Savas Prije 2 mjeseci

    Dumbest thing I've ever seen on HRclip.

  • Shelly Richard
    Shelly Richard Prije 2 mjeseci

    This has to be satire right? I feel trolled

  • Walrus with Legs
    Walrus with Legs Prije 2 mjeseci +2

    Ya I'm not eating chicken with hair clips that have been in someone's hair 😔👎

  • 我是龙Jay
    我是龙Jay Prije 2 mjeseci

    Is this a troll video, so many dumb "hacks"

  • American spices
    American spices Prije 2 mjeseci


  • Teresa McCarty
    Teresa McCarty Prije 2 mjeseci +1


    • Caerwyn Isabella
      Caerwyn Isabella Prije 2 mjeseci

      I would just use the slushy way by putting the can in a bowl filled with ice and kosher salt, but kind of a waste if you're not going to have ice cream. Lol

    • Mark Radcliffe
      Mark Radcliffe Prije 2 mjeseci +1

      A wet paper towel. And this actually does work, but in the fridge, not freezer.

  • Minh Mai
    Minh Mai Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    Hot glue in hot soup is going to mix real well.

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle Prije 2 mjeseci

    the fan in duvet was amazing idea .

  • Enerl Diwa
    Enerl Diwa Prije 2 mjeseci

    I like the video