Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Datum objavljivanja: 13. Svi 2019.
  • With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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  • ZabavaZabava

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  • Rich vitamin Dさま

    Bill Nye, The Fucking Science Guy.

  • Brojuice Underfoot
    Brojuice Underfoot Prije dan

    He's a strange mix of british and american comedy personality. The worse parts of each maybe, or it could just be that he's bad and cringey himself

  • Donnie Yeager
    Donnie Yeager Prije dan

    Safety glasses off, motherfuckers

  • Stimub Lu
    Stimub Lu Prije dan

    Oh come on, the gobal warming science predictions never come ture. Remeber Al Gore and the in 12 years polo bears die out? Hey there are still polo bears. So now the wolf aint coming, you have to make me care.
    If anyone really care about this gobal warming, he shouldnt make it a political issue via shit with nothing other than DNC slogans like this AOC bill and trying to sneak commie agenda in it.

  • Das Macht
    Das Macht Prije dan

    What's sad is how easily the audience is trained and played. Every episode, flash of Trump taken completely out of context with no substantial political commentary. Then a quick barb joke, then move on before the audience can stop to process it. Again and again, for 20 minutes. It literally trains people to associate derisive laughter with the opposition. No wonder there is increasing violence against anyone with a MAGA hat. Look at the way the viewers respond to Trump simply saying "the Green New Deal" after 20 seconds of random anchors and politicians saying it. People laughed and booed. Before John even said a word. Just showing Trump makes these people react. Pitiful. "If it is booed at a Trump rally, it's probably good." That garbage bill would add over 42 TRILLION dollars to the debt in one decade. Nor would it address even half of the problem in the U.S. Nor would it dent even 5% of global emissions.
    People need to do independent research. Both sides are evil. Dems and the GOP are all working together to enrich the rich and impoverish everyone else. Open borders means lower wages and higher unemployment. No demographic is more affected by illegal immigration than black men. Doubling the minimum wage only increases unemployment and drops the value of a dollar. The one thing I disagree with Trump on is tax cuts, although 70% of Americans DID benefit from them. The rich don't need tax cuts. And corporations should not be taxed to death like under Obama, that's precisely what hurts the black business community. Corporations should pay taxes with job growth or wage increases for lower and middle positions as write offs. Buybacks do help people with a 401k, but executive bonuses help nobody.

  • unknownamus
    unknownamus Prije dan

    I love how he glosses over the fact that democrats and republicans alike voted the Green New Deal down 62 to 0 for its sheer lunacy.

  • Adrian Sosa
    Adrian Sosa Prije dan

    Plastic factories need to Fuck off!!!

  • EinChris75
    EinChris75 Prije dan

    You know that those bubbles in coke are .... CO2!

  • Plack morty
    Plack morty Prije dan

    Do one on Indian elections...
    The right wing conservatives will be _pissed_

  • Sharan Jhaveri
    Sharan Jhaveri Prije dan

    Saftey glasses off motherfuckers

  • Sharan Jhaveri
    Sharan Jhaveri Prije dan

    John Oliver is stewie Griffin

  • Manny Carrillo
    Manny Carrillo Prije dan

    Funny guy, but politically biase

  • kerry quinn
    kerry quinn Prije dan

    when i was a kid me and my brother would watch bill nye, but at the same time another goofy scientist kid show was our favourite and i think it was called beakman's world. i wonder what happened to beakman, and he had a guy in a rat suit , not 100% why besides a lab assistant but there was a girl who was definitely a lab assistant, where in the world is beakman ...sandiago?!?!?

  • Amando Marques
    Amando Marques Prije dan

    UK decreased CO2 emission mostly by replacing coal, ask the French what do they think about carbon tax.

  • Psychic Gregory
    Psychic Gregory Prije dan

    John Oliver, Soros shill.

  • Sak Boun
    Sak Boun Prije dan

    DEM: Implement gun control and back ground check, REP: The Dem is coming to get your guns. DEM: Green New Deal, REP: the Dem is trying to ban planes, trains and cars, and cows....Do republicans care about anything other than money and color of their skins? I don't understand if they don't want to be part of the solution, why become part of the problem?

  • Aurtisan Miner
    Aurtisan Miner Prije dan

    Bill Nye’s part was perfect in so many ways.

  • Samantha Rivera
    Samantha Rivera Prije dan +1


  • Z Mo
    Z Mo Prije dan

    If we can get some dam public transportation that is not shxt in this country and keep running out of budget by like 10 folds before even begin building it.... ppl dont have options other than driving in shxt traffic.

  • Robert matheny
    Robert matheny Prije dan

    How it works. The rich get a tax. Pass it on. The middle class pay the tax. And the poor receive a tax break. This is why important bills fail. You need to tax the corporation and limit profit based on a income verses profit. Once they reach a non threat level then they can gouge the middle class.

  • Goodly Vibes
    Goodly Vibes Prije dan

    Bill Nye is a national treasure



  • crashoverride93637
    crashoverride93637 Prije dan

    Carbon pricing is just wealth distribution, he said it himself if you offset to carbon creators to low income users your subsidiaries are going to be able to afford more carbon products increasing them so what is your goal less carbon or shifting money because carbon tax only does one

  • tonyo lo
    tonyo lo Prije dan +1

    Bill Mutha #@$%ing Nye, is done with the debate.

    Now he's shoving hot science straight up your @$$

  • John Ledee
    John Ledee Prije dan

    Nice to see John Oliver spreading the bullshit lie that AOC accidentally published a draft of the Green New Deal on her website.

  • Skia Sailing
    Skia Sailing Prije dan

    For the tragic backstory, it’s at 6:10. Makes me wonder if ‘she’ found out

  • Andrew Kelley
    Andrew Kelley Prije dan

    Why not just air condition your lawn.

  • kc414
    kc414 Prije dan

    boycott Last Week Tonight, the show has killed Jigglypuff and the cartoon bill in just a few weeks

  • Bluehorseshoe43
    Bluehorseshoe43 Prije dan

    “The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer, and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.”
    - The Washington Post, Nov. 2, 1922

  • WC 'Strawberry' Fields

    Millions of views? Is this laugh-tracked?

  • Leviathis Krade
    Leviathis Krade Prije dan

    Russians eat pie instead of cake on their birthdays, therefore John Oliver is a russian spy

  • Bluehorseshoe43
    Bluehorseshoe43 Prije dan +1

    Hard to believe the global warming nonsense is still going on all these years after every prediction failed to come true. CO2, CH4, and H2O are not greenhouse gasses. They have a cooling effect by making our atmosphere more efficient at shedding heat back to space. NASA even admitted this in 2012.

    • Andrew Donaldson
      Andrew Donaldson Prije dan

      Hard to believe there are people dumb as you in this world. Reading is hard though :(

  • Colby
    Colby Prije dan

    just came here for cursing bill.. that’s it

  • Middle Finger U
    Middle Finger U Prije dan +1

    Right wingers are dumb as fuck

  • Eric L
    Eric L Prije dan +1

    "It was booed at a Trump rally therefore it is probably a) famous and b) probably good" 😂😂😂

  • Moe Shouse
    Moe Shouse Prije dan

    being stupid reached a new high, i mean low

  • John Echols
    John Echols Prije dan

    Carbon trading markets is a scam.

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez Prije dan


  • Christene Pinter
    Christene Pinter Prije dan

    Bill Nye, Bill Nye, Bill Nye. 4everandeverandever.......

  • t v
    t v Prije dan

    "If it gets one degree hotter I'm gonna kick yer ass!"
    --Bill Nye, 2019

  • Poppen
    Poppen Prije dan +1

    Haha sad how ignorant and misleading this show is. Only question is intent of the individuals involved. Malicious or just dumb?

  • smith david
    smith david Prije dan

    How bout America pay what Europe pay in emissions tax and drive 1.2 or 1.6l cars.

    • Eric L
      Eric L Prije dan

      +smith david hahaha. That was pretty funny

    • smith david
      smith david Prije dan +1

      +Eric L well you have no problem paying your carbon tax then if you got the money for that tiny di*k extender.

    • Eric L
      Eric L Prije dan

      No I like my 7 liter v10 truck jk

  • Keith D Gurgick
    Keith D Gurgick Prije dan

    pure fear propaganda

  • FiatDuster
    FiatDuster Prije dan

    Bad facts, bad comedy......lame

  • come at me
    come at me Prije dan

    If John Oliver reads this comment, I'll TP the White House dressed as Sexy John Oliver.

  • northsoutheastwest
    northsoutheastwest Prije dan

    Bill Nye is not a scientist.

  • Tee Jay Are
    Tee Jay Are Prije dan

    The BS meter in this episode is on level red. The green new deal actually says it will outlaw flight and opt for ground transportation. Go look at AOC videos try to explain why it is in there; it is hilarious. It was no joke, nice try dork. But, JO couldn’t make fun of the “other”, if he couldn’t lie about everything. He is such a spaz propagandist that at this point he is just a joke himself.

    • Andrew Donaldson
      Andrew Donaldson Prije dan

      You still talking about this random bill that failed. Wanna talk about some emails while we are at it?

    • Stuff Stuff
      Stuff Stuff Prije dan

      Tee Jay Are can you provide me with a link so I can read through the whole Green New Deal please?

  • northsoutheastwest
    northsoutheastwest Prije dan

    Obama was the most racist and suckiest president ever.

  • northsoutheastwest
    northsoutheastwest Prije dan

    Earth will burn up when the sun swells in 4 billion years +/-, so why try to save it? Lets kill the earth before the sun can kill it!

  • John Dillinger
    John Dillinger Prije dan

    Lol I hope Democrats run on Carbon Tax. It's a loser.

  • American Flag
    American Flag Prije dan

    10:00 the reason is corporate lobby

  • Mia Wrannert
    Mia Wrannert Prije dan

    So if I understand this correctly; In just 21years we will experience floods, food shortages, fires etc of proportions previously unheard of, if we don't do something NOW. But noone would ever suggest something as crazy as banning cows or airtravel. You are simply going to develop low co2 jetfuel, rebuild the powergrid etc. Raise taxes of course, but only for the rich, low income families will benifit but they would never use their benefits in a way that would be non enviromentally friendly, right? And if it wasn't for AOC and her new deal then nobody would care about new technology! I mean it's not like scientists have been working on this for years or anything.
    Lay of the tweets, Elon, and develop things! Utopia is ordered. Why do people hate peace,love and harmony?

    GOOGLE TAQIYYA Prije dan +1

    If you are stupid enough to fall for the leftist propaganda you have an excuse until you hear the truth. People like Oliver have heard the truth yet they shill for evil. You shill for Satan and you pay the price for it. Your soul will be slowly consumed with the bile you make and you will live a life of desperation and emptiness. You may have fame and cash but once you get it, it will just be your boring norm again soon enough. Then you will still have the mirrors to deal with. remember to keep your eyes from looking into your eyes. It will help. 100 Bentley's is just one more than 99 and not REALLY much at all. [In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make and virtue signalling and hating yourself (Nation/race,etc) is not love. Not creating hate in the first place is the key.]

  • magikot
    magikot Prije dan

    Bill, dont get mad at us. We know it's a crisis. That's why our generation introduced the Green New Deal and are trying to change things. It's YOUR generation that thinks everything is great, climate change is a myth, and too busy sucking the dicks of oil lobbyists to do anything about it. Get mad at your peers, not the 20 and 30 year olds trying to do something about it.

  • Cord J
    Cord J Prije dan

    Great episode, John Oliver!

    There is a concrete U.S. legislative proposal to address climate change: the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA; H.R. 763; This bipartisan legislation will charge a fee on carbon-producing fuels at their point of entry into the U.S. economy (when they come out of the ground or through customs). The money collected will be kept separate from other federal assets and will be returned to households through a dividend. (Here is a website with more information: By putting a clear and predictable price on carbon, this legislation will spur the market to research and use carbon-free energy solutions without putting specific regulations on industry.

    Furthermore, there is an organization that is almost exclusively focused on advocating for a carbon fee and dividend proposal to be passed by Congress: the Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL; CCL is "a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change." CCL works towards this legislation in a cooperative approach, involving Republicans, Democrats, business leaders, faith groups, economists, scientists, and citizen lobbyists. Economic studies have shown that, with the dividend, carbon fee and dividend generates economic growth and creates more jobs than it destroys. It really is a win-win solution. Here is a collection of "Laser Talks" that explains the economic impacts and a host of related issues:

  • Harry Nguyen
    Harry Nguyen Prije dan

    I just donno if this is gonna be that affective at the moment. If you charge people extra to drive their cars people are going to lose their shit. The whole point is to get people to switch to 0 emission cars. But if there aren't any then no one would switch. When more affordable 0 emission cars are on the market then putting the price on carbon emission will surely make people switch to 0 emission cars.

  • GuillotineStare
    GuillotineStare Prije dan

    Damn that bill nye skit was so sad..... hate to see that

  • christiaan hetzner
    christiaan hetzner Prije dan

    People make light of the cow element, but it is caused by feeding them grain (which causes the indigestion) instead of grass to cut costs as part of factory farming.

  • fanfare100
    fanfare100 Prije dan

    Yes! You DID get to break Bill Nye!! Because two years ago I wanted to take a selfie with him and he asked me to pass on that because he was a bit tipsy (we were at a social) and he "didn't want to be a bad role model to his following". I guess the literal existential threat that is Global Warming is more important than being a well-mannered role model. lol

  • Mihail Stevcev
    Mihail Stevcev Prije dan

    There is this initiative where you can have impact on lowering the CO2 footprint worldwide. will plant a tree for each booking you make starting from their web site.

  • Prince Macho-Velli
    Prince Macho-Velli Prije dan +1

    Your writers are not very funny, what happened?

  • Adrian Vera
    Adrian Vera Prije dan

    I want this real bill

  • Shuhei Hisagi
    Shuhei Hisagi Prije dan

    OMG< Nmv in my LIFE WOULD I thought that I would get to hear BIll Nye drop a F Bomb! and Yes, I remember him from my days of School and his show was on.
    LOL, For long time I thought cows farted. I mean I dont know much about other animals farting but this shit was hilarious!
    Esp when NYE, says : " for some reason, you're a 42 man who needs his attention sustained with tricks, here''s some fucking mentos with a bottole of coke"
    OMG< that last bit though! Nailed it Bill!

  • Marie Journ
    Marie Journ Prije dan


  • Lucian Spampinato
    Lucian Spampinato Prije dan

    Bill Nye cursing is amazing.

  • Antigone
    Antigone Prije dan

    Express John Oliver, "You'll love the way you look, like John Oliver." -this statement is not representative of anyone but John Oliver and no claims to the effectiveness of our product was made except John Oliver will like the way you look or you reeeeeally like the way John Oliver looks.

  • matthew ulrich
    matthew ulrich Prije dan

    everyone need to watch this it is the green new deal read out loud--------->

  • Hansn Dew
    Hansn Dew Prije dan

    Bill Nye the motherfucking science guy

  • matthew ulrich
    matthew ulrich Prije dan


  • Reggie Watts
    Reggie Watts Prije dan

    Because gas taxes just went over so well in France, elite idiot Brit wanker:

  • Monk and Goose
    Monk and Goose Prije dan

    Bill Nye swearing? entire childhood has been a lie...

  • ubastich
    ubastich Prije dan

    AOC is retarded. There is no way that she came up with “the green new deal” all on her own. Stop taking credit you dumb bitch for something that other people came up with for you.

  • And the Great Cold Death of the Earth

    Water vapor is the largest percentage of greenhouse gas, not CO2. CO2 is around 30%.

    • abc Co
      abc Co Prije dan

      N when the earth gets warmer there is more vapors in the air.

  • Brice Stinnett
    Brice Stinnett Prije dan

    Largest source of green house gases. Besides water vapor? Which is like 72% of the atmospheres green house gas.

  • Sergey Ovcharenko
    Sergey Ovcharenko Prije dan +1

    He is making fun of people who are better then himself. All he is doing is just opening his mouth and being toxic. Can't even imagine him doing anything useful.

    • Seeed 90
      Seeed 90 Prije dan

      You writte about Trump right? Totally agree

  • Vim Ware2
    Vim Ware2 Prije dan

    Whomever you vote for the hidden-government always gets in. Erol debunks politics 'and' history with his hilarious stand-up comedy ;-

  • Paolo Tumeo
    Paolo Tumeo Prije dan

    thank you, last week tonight !

  • JakeHPlayz
    JakeHPlayz Prije dan

    Admit it. You're here for bill nye 😂

  • Brian Stann
    Brian Stann Prije dan

    when your too stupid to know that co2 is good for plants but you ban it anyway and then call yourself "green"

  • Tara Zahn
    Tara Zahn Prije dan

    I think it might be more supported if they had someone other than that spaz spearhead it. Its like having trump as the mouthpiece for something. There are just some people who no one logical wants to listen to because they are so full of drama.

  • Bruce Long
    Bruce Long Prije dan

    I think Bill Nye is just angry that so many people turn to Neil deGrasse Tyson for answers and he is just a simple astrophysicist.

  • Aintquite Wright
    Aintquite Wright Prije dan +2

    Thank you for mentioning nuclear. We won't get there without it.

  • Bill Barry
    Bill Barry Prije dan +1

    Just remember John Oliver won't have to give up his Godzilla size carbon footprint but you low-life plebs will.

  • Sports Master
    Sports Master Prije dan +1

    The Green New Deal is just another attempt by leftists who know better to control our lives.
    You want good, high paying jobs? Lower the tax and regulation burden on small businesses.
    Also, these businesses will figure out a way to make things more efficient if shit is ever about to hit the fan. They are really competent when it comes to making money. Unfortunately, alot of these lefties (who have never had real jobs involving accountability and profit making) are just too smart and know how best to run our lives.

  • Jensen Analias
    Jensen Analias Prije 2 dana

    im screaming

  • Knightmereman
    Knightmereman Prije 2 dana +2

    OMG waaa sick of this green deal crap. I remember in the 80's when "SCIENTISTS" said we had like 10 years to live if we dont do something. Well i'm still here lol. Plus I say YEAH global warming, I hate the cold..

  • Edward Miller
    Edward Miller Prije 2 dana +1

    John, seems like Australia voted with their pocketbooks and rejected carbon taxing. You were wrong again ya twit.

    • Jim Hresco
      Jim Hresco Prije 2 dana

      Their answer for everything. Tax it.
      They rejected the carbon fuel tax in France too. But in a more concise manner.

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia Prije 2 dana

    I finally like Bill Nye

  • DROP
    DROP Prije 2 dana

    Want something more fun from Bill, wait til you get the bill. LOL

  • El Gordo
    El Gordo Prije 2 dana


  • DROP
    DROP Prije 2 dana

    LOL Lou Dobbs will be dead for 30 years. You crack me up!

  • DROP
    DROP Prije 2 dana

    Uhm, your flat earth was a round tube? LOL

  • Yinan Zhang
    Yinan Zhang Prije 2 dana

    How much cocaine does he take before he went on the show?

    PER SPECTIVE Prije 2 dana

    That bill had a knife!!!

  • wwickeddogg
    wwickeddogg Prije 2 dana

    They should rename it the "Protecting burgers and cars, 'Murica!" bill and then we wouldn't have to hear all the bullshit criticism.

    ORGANIZED CHAOS Prije 2 dana

    OcrazioCaCa's new red deal is nothing more then a government grab of power, climate change is nothing more then weather. bill nye the pedo guy is a psycho" engineer "pretending to be a so called scientist ..and not a damn person in the USA including Occasional cortex believes Global warming is real on a secondary note the original document does state they want to get rid of cows . as well as endorsing paying for those who dont want to work

  • xXAara1Xx
    xXAara1Xx Prije 2 dana

    OMG John said not pay attention to Cow fart & yet the news went with it! please help:

    PER SPECTIVE Prije 2 dana

    And the soft lips of isabella....😔

  • Sarstan
    Sarstan Prije 2 dana

    The submitted bill has had a clean up of idiotic terms from the original proposal (where planes and cows are directly stated to needing to be eliminated).
    Cortez's plan will utterly destroy the American economy while providing questionable benefits. Man made global warming, to date, has no sound scientific support to prove it and plenty to debunk it (nevermind that we've been told we have 10 years or so before the world floods over since the 1970's. Before that, the world was feared to freeze over). And even more so, the world is colder than it was during the 1300's where there was massive agricultural benefit, so this would be a boon to have the world warm. Which it isn't.
    But even if it were the case, the US's impact on carbon emissions and pollution in general (which is a real issue to be concerned about) means nothing compared to other countries.
    Also nice to know Bill Nye suddenly is an economist. I never knew a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering meant you're an expert in so many fields that have nothing to do with your field.