I made a movie in 24 HOURS

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  • AHHHHH IM SO FRICKIN EXCITED AND SCARED RN pls be nice to me. HUUUGE thank you to my brother Brandon who thought of this concept with me and filmed the entire thing with hardly any experience. AND to nick and Cory bc this would NOT have been possible without them!!! and to my mom who I literally can't do anything without ! :D
    love u guys n I really hope u liked it :) xx
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  • Park Claire
    Park Claire Prije 5 sati

    I thought (at first) that the forest scenes were the nightmares and that they were just a part of her maybe like trauma because when she wakes up she like sits straight up out of fear, like maybe she faced that in the past. But then everything was kinda right in the house like the walls were white and she had a carefree life and she didn't have to do anything except for what she pleased. So that was kinda off but it was weird. This story for some people might be confusing but if you pay attention you can see that the house is the dream because the house seemed perfect and in the forest she seemed like scared and like she had a magazine that showed a "dream home" and she was rubbing her thumb against it like it was desired. It seems like she's kinda scared of the place she lives, she's seen running away which plays some in my th thoughts, she breathes harder in the scenes of forest but in the house all that is washed away so yeah I think that it's sad that the thing you desire is what you're far from which is shown in this. We are getting real deep with this but Kennedy you did great

  • Hayden William
    Hayden William Prije 6 sati

    Did anyone else cry or was it only me

  • _catemooree
    _catemooree Prije 9 sati +1

    At first I was like how does lucid connect with this film, so I decided to do some research and I found out Lucid is a dream you have when you can control what you are dreaming and you are fully aware its one. However, I don’t know what the dream is. I’m guessing that the woods part is the real one because the girl is living a not so good life. I noticed that the ripped up magazine had pictures of the perfect bedroom she dreamed to have. I also noticed in the better life she had a better bed, better food, better book; which was better than the ripped magazine, and clean hair and/or clothes. My only question was why did she get the cut. This was because they wanted for you to understand which one was dream or not, so they added things like that to give a better understanding to it. It’s just like if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you wake up and go. This film was so put together and I loved it. I just still don’t know how she got the cut, but it was still a very smart piece to put in there. This is just what I think and what I see from this film. It might not be right, but iddc.

  • 2cute Jennie
    2cute Jennie Prije 12 sati +1

    Yasss Queen! Channel your inner Timothée Chalamet!!!

  • lilly stanley
    lilly stanley Prije 13 sati

    this bitch falls too much

  • Cloutortilla
    Cloutortilla Prije 14 sati

    Who the hell stores their cereal like that?😑🥴

  • jackthemaniac1
    jackthemaniac1 Prije 18 sati

    Looked pretty professional and the acting was good too

  • Joy Mateo
    Joy Mateo Prije 22 sati

    I want more!

  • Millie White
    Millie White Prije dan

    I feel like the perfect, bright, white mansion is the protagonist in some sort of utopia/dream and then the scenes in the woods is reality. Am i also the only one thinking she is trying to run away from her life? Like i think when she says “you cant get me here” is her saying how her real life cant get her in her dream world, i also may be thinking too much into it but the wounds could be a portrayal of how trying to run away from her current life- which is in the woods, can hurt her?
    I dunno i enjoy movies too its fun to guess what the meanings of them are

  • Natasha Morgan
    Natasha Morgan Prije dan +1

    1:10 the movie starts. GRAB UR POPCORN

  • Jaki Poloai
    Jaki Poloai Prije dan

    I’m here before you have an offical acting thingy idk how to spell it

  • Lola Is A Human
    Lola Is A Human Prije dan

    Who else is hiding in the comments..

  • Alex0nMobile
    Alex0nMobile Prije dan

    “When does this scene end” HAHAH ME

  • Alex0nMobile
    Alex0nMobile Prije dan

    “When does this scene end” HAHAH ME

  • yayitsemmy
    yayitsemmy Prije dan

    The skill you have for acting Kennedy, the way the scenes were edited and cut, the plot as a whole. BREATHTAKING!
    As a student in film class this is one of the greatest short-films that I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Never stop doing what you are doing, you are amazing!

  • Olivia Vita
    Olivia Vita Prije dan

    I am confused as hell but it’s so good

  • Holly Taubert
    Holly Taubert Prije dan

    Can you please make a part 2
    This was so good, well done 😍

  • Gabriela S. Ortega
    Gabriela S. Ortega Prije dan

    Make a longer part

  • Graysunit
    Graysunit Prije dan

    I love this so much you did so good

  • Katelyn Anderson
    Katelyn Anderson Prije dan

    I really relate to the part where she runs for like two seconds then has to stop and take a break😂

  • Aiyana Taylor
    Aiyana Taylor Prije dan

    Omg that’s was so good... someone hire Kennedy🤩

  • Kira Kintzer
    Kira Kintzer Prije dan

    I got kind of confused but it was still really good and u should continue to make them for us

  • Elizabeth Sayers
    Elizabeth Sayers Prije dan

    Can u make a part 2 please because it was so good I want to see what happens xx

  • Tejp
    Tejp Prije 2 dana

    just weooow

  • Evelyn Janeidy
    Evelyn Janeidy Prije 2 dana

    Great job! I liked it 😍

  • Sofia Olave
    Sofia Olave Prije 2 dana

    wtf you definitely need to be an actress

  • Screeming Meemie
    Screeming Meemie Prije 2 dana +1

    Honestly? Kennedy got some potential. If she doesn’t already, she should go and audition for projects. Good ones tho

  • Life with Tyler vlogs
    Life with Tyler vlogs Prije 2 dana +1

    This so good I can't wait to see more. My interpretation was that she was homeless and and she wants to be not homeless.

  • Victoria Becker
    Victoria Becker Prije 2 dana +1

    This is waaaaaaay better than gabi demartino's "show"... u rock ken!


    11:39 He finally said ''Action'' like she wanted 😂

  • hailey Carroll
    hailey Carroll Prije 2 dana +1

    I saw something like this were everytime she go to sleep shed go some else

  • Luisa Blossom
    Luisa Blossom Prije 2 dana

    I want more

  • Samantha Encarnación
    Samantha Encarnación Prije 2 dana

    That was really good! Love it! I'll be waiting for your next creation :)

  • bianca araújo
    bianca araújo Prije 2 dana

    i fucking love it

  • Monica S.
    Monica S. Prije 2 dana

    Watch Brandon
    You’re welcome

  • Ryle Castaneto
    Ryle Castaneto Prije 2 dana

    I'm just at the whole thing cause I couldn't funny wierd Kennedy being in suspense movie

  • Meriel Yt
    Meriel Yt Prije 3 dana


  • tiany stevens
    tiany stevens Prije 3 dana

    I literally took some popcorn when i saw this titel and like you’re a really good fking actor😪

  • dsfxmakeup_ x
    dsfxmakeup_ x Prije 3 dana

    Your actually such a good actress!

  • bts kimzrule
    bts kimzrule Prije 3 dana +1

    when she's a better crier than Laura Lee

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Prije 3 dana

    I thought it had something to do with her being mentally ill and being in some sort of hospital but now I just don't know. ;0

  • Barbiedoris
    Barbiedoris Prije 3 dana

    If you dont star in an upcomming movie or series I have no clue why. This is SO good!

  • Ally Kimberly
    Ally Kimberly Prije 3 dana

    I was literally so confused until I saw the scene with the dream home magazine. It's a great short film tho, I wanna see another oneee👌

  • sewercidal
    sewercidal Prije 3 dana +1

    “byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” ahem big mouth

  • Noelle Sung
    Noelle Sung Prije 3 dana

    she deserves an Oscar

  • Ghöst Böy
    Ghöst Böy Prije 3 dana

    Honestly 10/10

  • Tiana Correa
    Tiana Correa Prije 3 dana +5

    This gave me a nightmare on elm street vibe how whenever she falls asleep then She’s in a scary dream that’s realistic

  • Zoel Ismail
    Zoel Ismail Prije 3 dana

    Is there gonna be a part two

  • Valerie V
    Valerie V Prije 4 dana

    So talented! Great team and great acting girl! Keep up the good work 🤜
    ❤️ ❤️

  • Keely
    Keely Prije 4 dana +6

    I definitely get Black Mirror vibes, it's awesome

  • AdidaVlogz
    AdidaVlogz Prije 4 dana

    ok so i saw this as like the "perfect" version of kennedy in this was the dream and the kennedy in the woods was the real life
    anyone else or am i the only one??

  • SWEET Lies
    SWEET Lies Prije 4 dana +49

    my babe running around with her acting skills all over the woods and killing it

  • zozozapptastic
    zozozapptastic Prije 4 dana

    this is amazing

  • Melinda
    Melinda Prije 4 dana

    Esto me recuerda a la noche boca arriba de Julio Cortázar

  • Lady Scarlett
    Lady Scarlett Prije 5 dana +44


  • Léa
    Léa Prije 5 dana


  • maluPEYT XD
    maluPEYT XD Prije 5 dana

    I feel like the real situation was the ons where you were running then to escape the reality u look through the magazines anx sleep then dream (lucid) then the last part in which you said you cant hurt me here or something, that is when you finally decide to just stop living in your nightmares. There. Sorry im not good at explaining myself lol

  • María Georgiana Boncea

    I want a part 2

  • Sarah's corner
    Sarah's corner Prije 6 dana

    I don’t Andre stand

  • reem almansoori
    reem almansoori Prije 6 dana +1

    Okay oh my god this is soo good you’re good at Acting and the movie is amazing like you ❤️❤️🎥🎥 and guys like this soo she can see it