"Winter is here" #ForTheThrone Clip | Game of Thrones | Season 7

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  • Winter is here #ForTheThrone.
    The final season of Game of Thrones returns in April.
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  • Zack Amig
    Zack Amig Prije mjesec +1

    It was actually a pretty mild winter. Guess even Westeros isn't immune to climate change

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Prije mjesec +2

    And then winter lasted for 5 minutes....

  • Budz buddington
    Budz buddington Prije mjesec


  • Tania S
    Tania S Prije mjesec +1

    If only they kept it about the night king and not cersei

  • ThePariahDark
    ThePariahDark Prije mjesec +3

    Feels hollow to watch this now.

    • shenron
      shenron Prije 26 dana

      sad that this season had such a good ending to only disappoint us with season 8.

  • Sangin Park
    Sangin Park Prije mjesec +3

    After s8e3 this means nothing. What a joke

  • NixionTM
    NixionTM Prije mjesec

    this is just a glimpse of what is to come in S8. Oh wait...

  • Tikus Keriting
    Tikus Keriting Prije 2 mjeseci

    the night king should be arrives in winterfell two years ago with that dragon.

  • Murmad Man
    Murmad Man Prije 2 mjeseci

    3:00 t hey should have CGI'd a cat in there

  • ah559881
    ah559881 Prije 2 mjeseci

    This new lord of the rings sure does look great!

  • sayed sam
    sayed sam Prije 2 mjeseci

    People of North winter is coming
    Le Jon Snow:Bitch Winter is here..😂😧

  • Dhananjay Raghuvanshi
    Dhananjay Raghuvanshi Prije 2 mjeseci

    Wish they had used Ambuja cement.

  • erin rossi
    erin rossi Prije 2 mjeseci


  • Joe Torres
    Joe Torres Prije 2 mjeseci

    At this moment he knew he fucked up

  • Guneshwor Naorem
    Guneshwor Naorem Prije 2 mjeseci

    What happens if Ser touches white Walker with his stone hand?

  • Vanessa Realrose
    Vanessa Realrose Prije 3 mjeseci

    God damn this gives me Goosebumps so bad, I have no hair on my arms anymore.

  • bayaraa bayar
    bayaraa bayar Prije 3 mjeseci

    4:00-4:40 like world of warcraft wrath of the lich king cinematic :D

  • Zombie_Corp
    Zombie_Corp Prije 3 mjeseci


  • Nico Kleemann
    Nico Kleemann Prije 3 mjeseci

    I can only see the Rise of the Lich King #World_of_Warcraft

  • Games 4 Days
    Games 4 Days Prije 3 mjeseci

    The dead was marching in the shape of starks banner at the end. Wtf? That's 100% thier shit. The night king is a stark. Confirmed. So close to April!

  • jutumaterojo1
    jutumaterojo1 Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Hola gente yo salí de zombi en esa e sena

  • Ethan Mazarire
    Ethan Mazarire Prije 3 mjeseci

    *FBI OPEN UP!*

    JEON CENA Prije 3 mjeseci

    Winter came.

  • Hans
    Hans Prije 3 mjeseci

    Anyone else get the WOW Wrath of the Lich King cinematic scene vibe?

  • Martin Christian
    Martin Christian Prije 3 mjeseci

    its a fucking cheat

  • Mr. Mavz
    Mr. Mavz Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    One of the best scenes ever

  • Danuel Soedjar
    Danuel Soedjar Prije 3 mjeseci

    Looking for Hodor

  • Reza Mahendra
    Reza Mahendra Prije 3 mjeseci

    Dragon? why?

  • la lia
    la lia Prije 4 mjeseci

    when i watched first time this scene feels full of fears

  • Chico Chic
    Chico Chic Prije 4 mjeseci

    So when they said Bran the builder built the wall with some magic, what exactly can that magic withstand?

  • Paladin Demo
    Paladin Demo Prije 4 mjeseci

    Come on Boyz! Dem freezie Boyz is ready fer a scrap! WWWWAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Jialu Han
    Jialu Han Prije 4 mjeseci

    Not good...

  • Stranger Resuello
    Stranger Resuello Prije 4 mjeseci

    *Guys take care of yourselves at least until April 14th so you can watch GOTS8*

  • Studio Ss7
    Studio Ss7 Prije 4 mjeseci

    Aegon Targaryen(Jon Snow) will fight against the night king riding Rhaegal. I hardly doubt Daenerys will give him Drogon. Whatever, we're in for an exciting season.

  • Muhammad Khiyam
    Muhammad Khiyam Prije 5 mjeseci

    I also watched twice & now start again third time.

  • Protofx 原型
    Protofx 原型 Prije 5 mjeseci

    Viserion :(

  • Peaky Blinders
    Peaky Blinders Prije 5 mjeseci

    Gaand faad di mco ne

  • Arthur Lecomte
    Arthur Lecomte Prije 5 mjeseci

    Wildlings don't have an easy life. First they wanted to reach the south, to escape from the Night King. Then they've got slaughtered at Hardhome. And now they've finally made it beyond the wall, the Night King is like: hold my beer.

  • Elias 09
    Elias 09 Prije 5 mjeseci

    Can Someone Tell where to watch GoT legally for free.Or is IT on Netflix or Amazon prime?

  • MrTrago269
    MrTrago269 Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    4:34 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the LIch king vibe :D

  • Rohan Reddy
    Rohan Reddy Prije 5 mjeseci

    Fucking curiosity😤

  • Blackrew
    Blackrew Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Oh look its the migrants from Africa and the Middle East

  • A J
    A J Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    It's funny how people forget that they are not making these plots from time to time, it's all been leading to this.

  • Adra Adam
    Adra Adam Prije 5 mjeseci

    thanks to daenarys who brought the dragons

  • SEOArkonte
    SEOArkonte Prije 5 mjeseci

    Qué ganas de que empiece la última temporada!

  • Lords of the Long Box
    Lords of the Long Box Prije 5 mjeseci

    Watched then entire series for 2nd time last season when I get my lady hooked on it, now she wants to watch entire series again leading up to season 8 premiere. It will be 2nd time for her, 3rd time for me. Trust me, you when you rewatch it from beginning you catch so many things

  • YASH Raj
    YASH Raj Prije 5 mjeseci

    Danereyes said once that dragon is not a slave.🤔

  • Darren Butterworth
    Darren Butterworth Prije 5 mjeseci

    'Spring is coming' in season 8 then...

  • Sami Motaghedi
    Sami Motaghedi Prije 5 mjeseci

    I'm so sad about the dragon dying and becoming a whitewalker! That death was hardest for me because I loved the dragons. Does anyone think the dragon can be changed back and returned to Dany?

  • Anand Tiwari
    Anand Tiwari Prije 5 mjeseci

    Gendry is going to seet on the iron throne. Note this on your dairy. It is 100% true.

  • Yuriy Gayevskiy
    Yuriy Gayevskiy Prije 5 mjeseci

    Sometimes I think that maybe they should've made dragon firing loads of ice. Can't stop imagining how the Night King builds an ice hill over the top for the Walkers to climb! :D

  • Vaishnavi Gupta
    Vaishnavi Gupta Prije 5 mjeseci

    Season 1 : Drogo killed viserys
    Season 8 : drogon will kill viserion

  • Simeon Yordanov Grancharov
    Simeon Yordanov Grancharov Prije 5 mjeseci

    I remember that line from Tormund at Hardhome. "If they get through, everyone dies!!" So true.....

  • Brett Bourg
    Brett Bourg Prije 5 mjeseci

    always wanted to watch this series and never stuck with it, started on thanksgiving and was hooked after the first 3 episodes, best series by far

  • THs l Nspire
    THs l Nspire Prije 6 mjeseci


  • Delia456t Kidd
    Delia456t Kidd Prije 6 mjeseci

    Vaya video más falso! Aquí tienen la pelicula,visiten este enlace => #swedishmoviesnews.blogspot.com
    También hay que verlo Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo.

  • Jugkrit Pothikaewkritsana
    Jugkrit Pothikaewkritsana Prije 6 mjeseci


  • crystal guardian
    crystal guardian Prije 6 mjeseci

    Are there even any girls in this army

  • crystal guardian
    crystal guardian Prije 6 mjeseci

    I feel like viserion is going to be the one who kills deanarys

  • Not Alfie
    Not Alfie Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Hope HBO drops the Season 8 trailer tomorrow. That would be the best Christmas present ever.

  • Omiunity
    Omiunity Prije 6 mjeseci

    Game of thrones X Death note

  • Hans
    Hans Prije 6 mjeseci

    Basically the WoW: Wrath of the Lich King trailer

  • Hiccup Hufflepuff
    Hiccup Hufflepuff Prije 6 mjeseci

    Picturing Jamie Lannister on the front lines at Winterfell: Wildlings to his left, Dothraki to his right, two dragons fly overhead, ten thousand wolves come running out of the woods, and these guys show up on the horizon... "What the fuck have I signed up for here?"

  • hazem hussein
    hazem hussein Prije 6 mjeseci

    Waiting season 8

  • z khaleesi
    z khaleesi Prije 6 mjeseci

    Everything about got just perfect

  • Sansa Stark
    Sansa Stark Prije 6 mjeseci

    *Last time a tyrell came to dorne*
    Is olenna talking about Alerie Garlan or Willas because it's only 1 person means 2 of the tyrell survived Garlan or Willas or alerie
    Cause the other tyrell and MAIDS Got burned down in the sept with cersei That's Why Every tyrell is dead but Only 2 Tyrells survived so who Margaery mentioned Alerie But didn't mention The 2 brothers So Who died in the scorpion attack

  • mocaxu
    mocaxu Prije 6 mjeseci

    .... music continues...

  • G K
    G K Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    as a russian, tbh the least believable thing is northerners and wildlings not wearing hats when its obviously below -10c. yall gonna get head colds and freeze yer ears off overnight

  • Gloria Axel
    Gloria Axel Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    All men must die, So i guess they’ll all die except women hahaha
    Niah IM JOKING

  • Var r
    Var r Prije 6 mjeseci

    Lol it's all Jon Snow's fault.

  • Raqa Edits
    Raqa Edits Prije 6 mjeseci

    Marvel fanboys be like: game of thrones is too dark

  • luqman riting
    luqman riting Prije 6 mjeseci

    I Just imagine that the Dragon's wing Will rotten and it cant fly anymore 😀😀😀

  • Danielle Alves
    Danielle Alves Prije 6 mjeseci

    Clickbaiting at its best

  • TheClarkBark
    TheClarkBark Prije 6 mjeseci

    So what was the plan to get past the wall before they got the dragon?

    • Hiccup Hufflepuff
      Hiccup Hufflepuff Prije 6 mjeseci +1

      That's the genius of the Night King: the plan was always to get a dragon. Taunt and scare the humans until they send the best weapon in the world against them... then steal it.

  • zemzy piru
    zemzy piru Prije 6 mjeseci

    I'm sure thier are more than a million soldiers

  • nick bajas
    nick bajas Prije 6 mjeseci +18

    Game of thrones ruined me. Made everything unwatchable.

  • Rami Ali
    Rami Ali Prije 6 mjeseci


  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    HUGE "news" about the final season popped up on my Google card today!
    (This comment is dark and full of **SPOILERS**)
    According to "Mashable," the Slovakian actor who plays the Night King let it slip at a Hungarian fan event that the massive final battle we're all anticipating and that we’ve heard so much about, (you know, the one that reportedly took more than 55 days and nights to film, and cost more than the GDP of a small country,) will NOT be happening in the 5th or 6th and final episode, like most of the penultimate battles of previous seasons.
    (Battle of the Bastards, Blackwater Bay, Battle for Castle Black, etc.)
    (Huh, there's alot of "B" word battles in Game of Thrones, isn't there?!)
    Instead, actor Vladimír Furdík has revealed that the enormous, world-altering battle between the living and the dead will take place at the halfway point of the concluding six-episode arc.
    “In the third episode of the last season, there is a battle that the creators intended to be a historic moment in television,” he stated while appearing at a fan convention in Hungary.
    Clearly, that's a pretty definitive announcement.
    One that he most likely wasn't cleared to make.
    Anyway, you can find the Hungarian fan event transcript fairly easily with a simple Google search.
    And naturally, there are a number of options for translation into your mother tongue if you don't speak Hungarian.
    Enjoy! 👍

  • john Cannabis
    john Cannabis Prije 6 mjeseci

    Melhor série

  • Krish
    Krish Prije 6 mjeseci

    Why don't these comments have any dislikes?

  • Laura L
    Laura L Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    the army of the dead is a shit play off of the army of Jesus Christ who will come with the dead to punish all living.. but He is king of the living.. the dead are the twice dead who sold their soul and destroyed their TRUE betters for materialism, whilst getting their true betters to CALL them the "betters"

    Jesus Knows AMEN
    can't wait for that quickly coming day
    as per usual the spell casting scryers screen makes good bad and the bad good
    AMEN (so be it)

  • shashank shetty
    shashank shetty Prije 6 mjeseci

    When is season 8 coming. Plzz tell me

  • Salim Huerta
    Salim Huerta Prije 6 mjeseci

    This episode of Pokémon where Super Saiyan blue Goku uses blue eyes white dragon is my favorite anime

  • Myrsa ミリア
    Myrsa ミリア Prije 6 mjeseci

    Eeeee...so cazzi

  • Marek xxx
    Marek xxx Prije 6 mjeseci


  • Hasan Abir
    Hasan Abir Prije 6 mjeseci

    April gonna be a busy schedule Marvel movies and Got. 😄

  • Leah Abrams
    Leah Abrams Prije 6 mjeseci +1


  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar Prije 6 mjeseci

    This is could be the only meaningless thing GOT has done so far, I mean what's the point of releasing 5min clip of season 7 end... We all watched it and still remember, don't we?! ;)

  • Tom4z
    Tom4z Prije 6 mjeseci

    0:23 it has begun....run

    NAFISA NASSIR Prije 6 mjeseci

    I can't wait for season 8.....

  • preetika ray
    preetika ray Prije 6 mjeseci

    Wait , given that he's dead shouldn't viserion breath ice now ? Also that should make the wall stronger.

  • Mrityunjay Dixit
    Mrityunjay Dixit Prije 6 mjeseci

    The beat switch in the track just after this scene gives me CHILLS.

  • Kuma Hague
    Kuma Hague Prije 6 mjeseci

    Season 8 please.... Bran Stark fans is here

  • Aria Pringle
    Aria Pringle Prije 6 mjeseci


  • Nolan Powell
    Nolan Powell Prije 6 mjeseci

    4:14 Direwolf?
    Yeah that's definitely a direwolf theres even teeth.

  • PepperonyIsBack
    PepperonyIsBack Prije 6 mjeseci

    Who`s in #TeamNightKing? He is one of my favorite characters because he is just a fucking bad ass and I love this

  • 1234killer 56789
    1234killer 56789 Prije 6 mjeseci


  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh Prije 6 mjeseci


  • Lyra Snow
    Lyra Snow Prije 6 mjeseci

    Those 3 blows on the horn gave me chills even though I was staring right at the white walkers 😛

  • Lyra Snow
    Lyra Snow Prije 6 mjeseci

    It literally took me 15 seconds to realise it was the last episode 😂