GIRL PROBLEMS WITH CLOTHES || Fashion struggles by 5-Minute FUN

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  • You never know when your clothes are gonna fight back and make problems.
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    Clothing problems every girl will recognize:
    0:03 The tags are rubbing the skin
    0:19 Panties stick out
    0:29 Hands get stuck in the sleeves
    0:32 The sweater sat down after washing
    0:54 Girl has nothing to wear
    1:13 White dyed after washing
    1:26 The clothes fall off the hanger
    1:48 Bought a dress at an online store
    2:06 Put a hoodie backwards
    2:25 The button unbuttoned
    2:32 Callus on the foot after not comfortable hills
    2:49 Too tight jeans or too wide jeans
    3:07 The rock got stuck in the door
    3:20 Wrinkled short
    3:50 Say hi to Anna, Lea and JOEY ;)
    Which of this relatable situation has happened to you? Answer in the comments.
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