The Cast Remembers: Isaac Hempstead Wright on Playing Bran Stark | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

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  • The actor opens up about the lasting friendships he’s made working on Game of Thrones, and the moment in the series that shocked him the most.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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  • Axel
    Axel Prije 11 dana

    I’m glad he became king instead of Jon snow

  • Axel
    Axel Prije 11 dana +1

    You will always be bran

  • Bernardo Seixas
    Bernardo Seixas Prije 26 dana

    King of the six kingdoms I guess

  • Ahmad Ahdani Dzikron
    Ahmad Ahdani Dzikron Prije 27 dana

    Cute Baby Bran. :)

  • pugness
    pugness Prije 27 dana

    Broken King

  • Ignacio Perez
    Ignacio Perez Prije 27 dana

    Who knew one day he will be king.. ..

  • Franzi Love
    Franzi Love Prije 28 dana

    Ne new King of six kingdom's 😍

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown Prije mjesec +2

    Beandon does not deserve to be the king of the Westeros

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown Prije 25 dana

      @klausweasley one wears the ring and no gets the throne. It would make sense if every kingdoms declares independence. We all know this would only lead to more conflicts and disputes.

    • klausweasley
      klausweasley Prije 25 dana

      @books from Windblown If you don't get why Bran is the most logical choice for king, you completely missed the point of "Game of Thrones". It's like watching "Lord of the Rings" and wondering why no one wielded the One Ring in the end.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown Prije mjesec

      @Sylvia Octariani as your mean suck up to their bullshit logic that makes no sense.

    • Sylvia Octariani
      Sylvia Octariani Prije mjesec

      He is a king already,like it or not,suck it up

  • nintendokings
    nintendokings Prije mjesec

    I forgot how cute he was as a kid

  • Joe McMahon
    Joe McMahon Prije mjesec

    Heavy hint in this interview for how it would all pan out.

    • Joe McMahon
      Joe McMahon Prije mjesec

      @Josh Raposo Yep 😊

    • Josh Raposo
      Josh Raposo Prije mjesec

      Joe McMahon is it how his character has always been granted everything? :)

  • Joe McMahon
    Joe McMahon Prije mjesec

  • Adam Lemus
    Adam Lemus Prije mjesec

    Anyone else thinks that the tittle phrasing
    “The cast remembers” makes it sound like he died

  • Leslie Lizaga
    Leslie Lizaga Prije mjesec

    ughhh my crush😍

  • al9wjt
    al9wjt Prije mjesec

    Bran’s rain is over

  • al9wjt
    al9wjt Prije mjesec

    Ew is that the little devil who took Jon’s rain??

  • Wal Does
    Wal Does Prije mjesec +5

    And he's on the Iron Throne.

  • luddite OT
    luddite OT Prije mjesec

    Baby Isaac is everything 😍😘

  • TheUnP0ssible
    TheUnP0ssible Prije mjesec

    "climbing accident"

  • Somil Bisht
    Somil Bisht Prije mjesec

    Any1 here after he become king of fu*king 6 kingdoms ?

  • Joshitha R
    Joshitha R Prije mjesec

    Anyone here after he becomes king?

  • Kyubey Manface
    Kyubey Manface Prije mjesec +1

    All hail Bran the Broken, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

  • Sÿdnëÿ Ïs Äwësømë

    what is the song in this? it’s sooo good.

  • PA2002
    PA2002 Prije mjesec

    Hold The Door scene still gives me chills....that writing was some of the best GOT...what happened??

  • Angel CG
    Angel CG Prije mjesec

    The fact that this is a really full-stop... is sad because I think everyone's been so invested in this history... that we never want to see this come to a close, BUT IT MUST AND IT WILL BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!
    again predict

  • Maha Mohamed
    Maha Mohamed Prije mjesec

    OMG he was so cute and he changed a lot 😍😍🙌

  • Brigitta Michelle
    Brigitta Michelle Prije mjesec +1

    awww little isaac and maisie were so adorable!!!

  • WhitnAle01
    WhitnAle01 Prije mjesec


    It's so weird watching this and watching Game of Thrones knowing that he ends up King of the Six Kingdoms. Good choice by Tyrion. All Hail Bran the Broken!

  • Ronnie 2k
    Ronnie 2k Prije mjesec +1

    “Everything was predestined for him” I think I know what he meant now 😅😅

  • カサンドラ
    カサンドラ Prije mjesec +3

    I dearly love Isaac's work as Bran, my favorite in the show and the books. I love the course his character has gone and where he ended up. Bran the Broken... definitely the kind I stand behind. Bran’s whole story was about his transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven. This transformation tragically ended the story of Bran Stark, but in his ending comes the beginning of other stories. Someone else put it beautifully, that "he ceased to walk so that others could run." And now he and Tyrion, two 'broken' things (Season 1, episode 4: "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"), will spend the rest of their lives rebuilding Westeros. That's a lovely, poetic conclusion to be drawn. It's the kind of result that the realm deserves.

    Bran isn't king because he wants the title; he is king because it is what he knows has to happen. He alters a course when it's supposed to happen, as he's merely an observer and keeper until he has a role to interfere. He is not really man anymore, simply put. He can't be swayed by power. He is more than that. I only see that as a good ending--good and interesting for so many reasons. I wish more people thought this way now. I hope more will in time!

    Anyway, thank you, Isaac, for portraying this enigma of a character so wonderfully! I can't wait to see what you'll do next!

  • crampton16
    crampton16 Prije mjesec

    "but it must come to a close. And it will be good."
    narrator: it wasn't

  • klausweasley
    klausweasley Prije mjesec +6

    Long may he reign.

  • Queen Solomon
    Queen Solomon Prije mjesec

    He knew he was goin' to be the King, declined the Lord :D

  • we woot
    we woot Prije mjesec +3

    Bran is the king.

  • The Critic
    The Critic Prije mjesec +1

    The puberty change to his voice, sheesh 😂

  • Arry Young
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    All hail King Bran the Broken

  • bobbiin1
    bobbiin1 Prije mjesec

    It wasnt good tho

  • Terry Forde
    Terry Forde Prije mjesec +1

    Pause it at 3:38 for the best image you'll see of the Stark children.

  • Karla Bostic
    Karla Bostic Prije mjesec +4

    Watching him grow into a man with such great accomplishments. It was a pleasure to be a part of

  • EvilsinsMagic
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    Behold! Bran the broke, first of his name, king of the six kingdoms, guilty of Hodor's dead.

  • David Andersson
    David Andersson Prije mjesec

    "it must come to a close and it will be good" says the guy who ends up as king

  • Tres Pas
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    Now you are king!!

  • Flo
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    my favourite character and favourite actor! underrated

  • Āðexe
    Āðexe Prije mjesec

    Thank you so much Isaac Hempstead Wright.

  • janekx1 x
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    King 👍👍👍

  • Avinash Prabhakar
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    The King in the Six Kingdoms, the protector of the realm!!

  • carlymusic
    carlymusic Prije mjesec

    Stop showing summer and hodor, watching this is sad enough

  • ida frøby
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    He actually won the game of thrones... good for him

  • Troll23face
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    Hail the King Bran the Broken 🗡

  • ThedaveV28
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    This man knew all along...

  • Jobart Benedito
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    "It must and it good."
    Bran knew all along. lols

  • indah arbazein
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    All hail to the king of six kingdoms 🤴

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    All hail King Bran the Broken

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    King Bran 👑

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    Who’s here after brans on the throne? 😂

  • Big meme
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    Hail the King

  • rohith r
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    Who is here after the final episode?😀

    • Oybek Niyazov
      Oybek Niyazov Prije mjesec

      How would you describe the final episode in one word? ))

  • Andrew Mertes
    Andrew Mertes Prije mjesec

    "It's too bad nothing my character did mattered whatsoever in the end."

  • DontDoSadness91
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    Ugh the kids' videos are the hardest to watch!

  • Tanner Howell
    Tanner Howell Prije mjesec

    3:39 The last thing the Night King sees before he dies

  • Cyrene Sumayao
    Cyrene Sumayao Prije mjesec

    i can do the eyes of bran

  • Kimba
    Kimba Prije mjesec

    Long Live The...

  • Nina Ross
    Nina Ross Prije mjesec

    I love bran!!!!

  • Jigar Patel
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    He is going to seat on Iron throne, voted by the council.

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYou Prije mjesec

    Order 66. It's treason then! (Number of downvotes this video has at this time)

  • Andi amo
    Andi amo Prije mjesec

    the Bran character was one of my favorite characters through the first 4 seasons...he was the only Stark who the show really let explore their Warging ability. Yet, never really had his "moment" in the show...his wolf, brother, friends, protectors all died save Meera, yet he never really got a chance to redeem them. It's a shame Arya is running around killing everyone and everything, and Sansa is dishing out justice to Ramsay and Littlefinger...and Bran's big moment is fucking up Hodor's entire life by accident. Side characters like The Hound and Brienne have completely eclipsed him on the show, Missandei gets more screen time....sure you expect the show to forget about people like Varys or Littlefinger. But Bran was a major character from S1 / E1.

    You could argue that his point was discovering Jon's true lineage, but Sam did way of a private journal documenting an official secret marriage (lol).

  • alan arkham
    alan arkham Prije mjesec

    Hey guys... What is the background music name please

  • Dan
    Dan Prije mjesec

    Isaac is so feminine. His lips are so naturally rouge? haha

  • Diptesh Sarkar
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    The Baby direwolf is real!

  • Fabian Huber
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    "climbing accident" :D

  • Patricia Ocso
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    Bran is controlling everything. He’s like playing chess.

  • özlem
    özlem Prije mjesec

    i promised myself i wouldnt watch any of these until im emotionally ready to say goodbye but here i am....... bad idea

  • gronkhfp
    gronkhfp Prije mjesec

    when the three last episodes don´t explain what bran did with that raven I´ll be disappointed

  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt Prije mjesec


    • klausweasley
      klausweasley Prije mjesec +1

      How was he "useless"? His plan to kill the Night King worked.

  • Amanda Lazaro
    Amanda Lazaro Prije mjesec +1

    Puberty hit him hard. Only a few seconds ago he's voice was so deep then they played the clip when he was younger and his voice was so cute 😆 Bran is really one of my favorite characters and Isaac is one of my favorite actors😊

  • CadillacJak
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    Perfect casting

  • Barry Britcher
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  • may
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    omg baby Isaac was too cute! it's strange to see clips from season 1.. ah simpler days.

  • Tyler Richard
    Tyler Richard Prije mjesec

    He is my favorite character I love him and his story

  • It ‘sA_RealGamer
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    2:37 wtf impossible to not die

  • matjuud
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    omg baby isaac interview

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    "Climbing accident"

  • Howard Landswood
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    0:38 ohh my goodness seven hells

  • 512dancergrl
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    watching these make me thing how interesting a panel or interview of got child actor and harry potter child actors would be, they probably have a lot of good advice and similar stories to share

  • Jens Lyhne
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    God.. I would give so much for a chance like his...

  • It ‘sA_RealGamer
    It ‘sA_RealGamer Prije mjesec

    Ok ok this movie is crazy . That’s why I love it AAAAAA LOL

  • firsttimecaller longtimelistener

    He hasn’t been Bran since the 6th season he’s the three eyed raven

  • soniccinos
    soniccinos Prije mjesec

    Honestly the moment I cried most in all of Game of Thrones was that Hold the Door/Hodor moment, man it was so emotional, even now It still gets me.

  • Maureen Sayah
    Maureen Sayah Prije mjesec

    Honestly Bran would be a good actor if in any chance they start another Harry Potter . He would be a good Harry potter

  • Маша Левина
    Маша Левина Prije mjesec

    He changed so much for this time! I watched all seasons one by one and couldn’t understand how this boy is so much different and at thr same time so much the same. Sad to come to the end. Hope he will have new great roles

  • evangelιne мargaυх
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    BBY BRAN 😫😫💕💕

  • Subham Kumar
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    2:34 oh my cutiee

  • ISuru Upadya
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  • 4cMaiden
    4cMaiden Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    That ''Hodor moment'' was the most heart breaking scene of the whole show, and there's been many! Not ashamed to say that got me teary!

  • Emmanuel Martin
    Emmanuel Martin Prije 2 mjeseci

    If you listen to the older commentaries on the series, Isaac always had a very deep understanding of Bran and how he felt and that truly shows in the TV show. He was a very intelligent and empathetic kid and he has grown into a mature and well-spoken man and it makes me feel so happy knowing that such an important role was not lost on someone who didn't appreciate it. Hiring child actors for a long-standing series like this would be so hard because you can never predict what kind of a person they will be, and they seriously couldn't have found a better Bran. I don't care what Isaac plans to do in the future, I will support him no matter what. He did an incredible job playing a role that many people overlook which is a metaphor in the entire series. People are so captivated by the battle for the Throne, whilst he was collecting the pieces of the puzzle that actually matter. He said it best in the most recent episode with "we don't have time for all this." Tell em Bran!!!! The OG.

  • Vidisha Roy
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    Baby Bran is muah muah....

  • Ryan Kelly
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    he's just like bran

  • M
    M Prije 2 mjeseci

    I love his voice! it's so kind and gentle

  • A Boydude Reviews
    A Boydude Reviews Prije 2 mjeseci +5

    Out of all the characters in this show, Bran truly changed the most. He looks completely different now. Great dude. :)

  • Nolan Powell
    Nolan Powell Prije 2 mjeseci

    I wonder what a knight Bran would have been. Limber and Agile.

  • Avery Bui
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    When you were a child, you were damn cute.... and then you've grown...