Game Revealed: Season 7 Episode 5: Fire and Bloodlines (HBO)

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  • “Great actors can make you believe what you’re seeing.”
    See how special effects and great acting came together to create the magical moment of Jon meeting Drogon in a clip from the latest episode of behind-the-scenes series, The Game Revealed.
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Komentari • 351

  • Illyasviel
    Illyasviel Prije 7 mjeseci

    this scene invalidated this shit 'emelie isnt a bad actress it was just so hard for her because she had so little to work with' argument. kit shows what GOOD actors are able to do. HE was able to really sell to the audience that he's in front of this giant creature. his body language, his facial expressions; you can FEEL his worry/respect/fear. emelie never was able to make anyone believe that she was interacting with anything but a green rubber dragon head.

  • loka loka
    loka loka Prije 11 mjeseci +1

    "GREAT ACTORS CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE SEEING" This scence is made me belive dat is he really touching a real dragon? that why he is so nervous? anyway congrats kit you're rlly awesome! 💖

  • Oceanxkate
    Oceanxkate Prije 2 godina +1

    By far my favourite scene ever, from anything really.

  • Low Roar
    Low Roar Prije 2 godina +1

    That was one of the best scenes in season 7

  • 15Megaplayboy
    15Megaplayboy Prije 2 godina +1

    one of the coolest scenes this season!

  • Sam Baker
    Sam Baker Prije 2 godina +1

    I want 10 episodes in season 8, not the planned 6 episodes. Season 7 was so short and it SUCKED, the producers can easily have had 10 Episodes in season 7 and PLEASE don't make season 8 short with only 6 episodes, i and all Games of Thrones FANS want 10 LONG episodes in season 8.

  • Brent Crude
    Brent Crude Prije 2 godina +1

    Kit is amazing. He totally sold that scene with his expressions and body language. A great actor indeed.

  • Christian irenge murhandikire

    There's a good one

  • Zak Mik
    Zak Mik Prije 2 godina

    yooooooo they are such a good actors !!! its so hard to act like that and pretending like you see something

  • NerdZtuff
    NerdZtuff Prije 2 godina +2

    What is the title of the song in this?

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith Prije 2 godina

    Sansa will be queen and married to gendry. Arya will be dead. Gendry will always feel empty because he never got to marry the real love of his life (arya). Jon will turn into the new night king. (Bran tells him how the NK was created, so Jon has himself turned in order to stop current NK.) Daenerys will die in child birth or something. Not sure what her fate will be. Not sure what will happen with Jamie. Maybe he kills Jon snow after jon turns himself into the new NK in order to stop the current NK. Then the whole "kingslayer" nickname will have a whole different meaning. Giving him the glory he finally deserves.

  • Brian Botello
    Brian Botello Prije 2 godina +1

    We want Jon touch the dragon
    What about a good writ....
    No, just the dragon

  • samuel livramento
    samuel livramento Prije 2 godina +1


  • Nessie Andrew
    Nessie Andrew Prije 2 godina +2

    Nice fingernails, Jon.

  • Firman H'ghar
    Firman H'ghar Prije 2 godina +4

    A man know nothing touched his aunt's dragon

  • Alpha Solutions
    Alpha Solutions Prije 2 godina

    Game of Thrones Episode

  • lama lamloom
    lama lamloom Prije 2 godina

    Loveeeeeee this seen

  • Omayma Hadiji
    Omayma Hadiji Prije 2 godina

    drogon is like: who are you ?! then he's like : oh cousin !

    MCS_MCS Prije 2 godina +1

    The one and only king I`ll bend my knee to

  • Shadow
    Shadow Prije 2 godina

    when comes the next part ?
    i love GameOfThrones

    • Triumfues
      Triumfues Prije 2 godina

      (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

  • CJLAKE123
    CJLAKE123 Prije 2 godina

    Why is his hair so flaky looking?

  • Tawanda Mukaro
    Tawanda Mukaro Prije 2 godina

    Sick visual effects

  • Ana Ramirez de Warden
    Ana Ramirez de Warden Prije 2 godina

    Lo quiero traducido a Español, por favor

  • omygodwatthehey
    omygodwatthehey Prije 2 godina

    Would've cared more about these videos if they weren't chopped and after the season..

    • Triumfues
      Triumfues Prije 2 godina

      (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

  • Shahzeb Khan
    Shahzeb Khan Prije 2 godina +2

    I'm big fan of Jon Snow.... But unfortunately, Kit is not a great actor....

    • Triumfues
      Triumfues Prije 2 godina

      (GoT) Sandor Clegane || You know who’s coming for you

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado Prije 2 godina

    This kinda reminds me of that charging Gorilla... That man has a balls of titanium.. If anybody can find that.

    • Ilustrado
      Ilustrado Prije 2 godina

      Found it watch?v=KujmrcF0ZxU

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Prije 2 godina

    season 7 was trash

  • agresticumbra
    agresticumbra Prije 2 godina

    I figure Drogon smelled another Targaryen, and that's part of why he approached so quickly. I never, ever saw aggression from Drogon. Even the baring of teeth seemed more like he was taking Jon in with all his senses.

  • Isa Arriagada
    Isa Arriagada Prije 2 godina

    que weón más seco 👏👏

  • frid fröjd
    frid fröjd Prije 2 godina

    Genatacily make a dragon and tame it for filming feed it with pigs duh!

  • Róbert Fekete
    Róbert Fekete Prije 2 godina

    0:38 -Giant *green* dragonhead
    You *colorblind* bro?

  • Wolfgirl
    Wolfgirl Prije 2 godina +5

    He is such a good actor~!

  • Moonman
    Moonman Prije 2 godina

    Did you see the green dragonhead?

  • Meowbeard
    Meowbeard Prije 2 godina

    0:37 "green dragon head".. It's actually blue... :|

  • Lawrepunts Avenius
    Lawrepunts Avenius Prije 2 godina +1

    Not rep the realm... yes!!

  • ni da
    ni da Prije 2 godina

    ตลกดีนะ เบื้องหลัง ในเรื่องสนุกมาก

  • Birgit
    Birgit Prije 2 godina

    Can people stop making the 'what dragons are not real?!?' Joke. It's not funny, it's cringy and annoying and not creative either. Kinda like season seven lol.

  • abcdefg198723
    abcdefg198723 Prije 2 godina

    great acting

  • FATAN82
    FATAN82 Prije 2 godina

    "touch the green dragon head"
    *Show blue dragon head*

  • Megha Malhotra
    Megha Malhotra Prije 2 godina +1

    i'm so glad this isn't one of those rep the realm bullshit

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. Prije 2 godina

    That rendering was superb

  • MUFA -XD
    MUFA -XD Prije 2 godina +1

    It's Aegon Targaryen, not Jon Snow LOL

  • neithealebor
    neithealebor Prije 2 godina

    What's the Name of That Song?

  • blah blah
    blah blah Prije 2 godina +63

    my whole life is a lie

  • lyndsey Rodriguez
    lyndsey Rodriguez Prije 2 godina

    "Reaching out and touching this giant GREEN dragon head" BOI DOES THAT DRAGON HEAD LOOK GREEN TO YOU?!??!?

  • Michael Pierre-Louis
    Michael Pierre-Louis Prije 2 godina +2

    "If you show it bravery it will respond in a different way."
    Tell that to poor Quentyn.

  • Mohammed Chowdhury
    Mohammed Chowdhury Prije 2 godina

    Tried to show a rattlesnake my bravery...didn't end so well.

  • gentry koda
    gentry koda Prije 2 godina

    And Kit pulled it off beautifully!!! He did an excellent job with that fake dragon!! 👏👏👏

  • SriTeja Jeedigunta
    SriTeja Jeedigunta Prije 2 godina

    kit indeed is a great actor. His expressions made everyone believe that he was touching a real dragon. what a great actor!

  • Ben Jefferson
    Ben Jefferson Prije 2 godina

    How did the visual narrative of the ice glinting in the eye of Drogon go past everyone? Like seriously, nobody comments on it. In that scene when Jon touches Drogon the glint in its eye fires with ice! It's so obvious a narrative hook and nobody saw it? Is everyone blind?

    • Ben Jefferson
      Ben Jefferson Prije 2 godina

      But no every actual intelligent guy is commenting on the meme based rep the realm bullshit. If you fuckers had anything valid to say I might pay attention. You thick fuckers. Searching to be part of a meme and not understanding any of the narrative or the themes. Use you fucking eyes, ears and brains rather than just repeat the bullshit you read on blogs you wankers.

  • FTSmichael
    FTSmichael Prije 2 godina

    Game Of Thrones game CONFIRMED 0:53

  • Storm's End
    Storm's End Prije 2 godina

    That wasn't 40-50mph winds. How silly.

    • Frozen Viking
      Frozen Viking Prije 2 godina

      So you can estimate the velocity of wind by looking at them? How silly.

  • Ariel Núñez
    Ariel Núñez Prije 2 godina

    Whats the programs they use to make the effects?

  • I wish I have a pretty name

    What???! The dragons aren't real? 😭😂

    • Frozen Viking
      Frozen Viking Prije 2 godina

      They are trying to fool us with that lump. Dont believe it.

  • Jz6x6
    Jz6x6 Prije 2 godina

    Why didn't they interview the dragon. Don't give a fuck what Jon thinks about the scene.

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo Prije 2 godina

    Why does Kit do that to his hair behind the scenes

  • Facundo Corradini
    Facundo Corradini Prije 2 godina

    yeay! that's enough budget for probably 2 great extra episodes, thrown away on CGI for a totally unnecessary scene.

  • DraYzey
    DraYzey Prije 2 godina

    Damn he's a good actor. I wouldn't be able to make that shit look believable by keeping a straight face rubbing some blue foam thingy

  • May Been
    May Been Prije 2 godina

    Kit was incredible in this scene. To think he had to show all that emotion to a blue foam thing and pretend it was a dragon

  • Simon222
    Simon222 Prije 2 godina

    The little Aeg :)