Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

  • Datum objavljivanja: 9. Lip 2019.
  • Mark your calendars - Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
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  • Kaiba
    Kaiba Prije dan +1

    3:54 funfact : Keavu Reeves singing

  • simeone ruggeri
    simeone ruggeri Prije dan

    Yes, I'm still playing bloodborne

  • Nandoxsniper
    Nandoxsniper Prije dan

    Well they spoiled jackie’s death then Well FUCK

  • TTV_Get_Rekt21 5
    TTV_Get_Rekt21 5 Prije dan +1

    Hey dud what do u mean basal char in the chat with the chat in side the chat boxed up with chat written all over it

  • Hells Divinity
    Hells Divinity Prije dan

    УКРАИНА !!! Отменим срочную армию

  • jackhammertwo1
    jackhammertwo1 Prije dan

    All people: Yo "Chipping in" is the shit
    Me: Yes but i want to find that sick remix of Spoiler that starts around 3:11

  • keikan0407
    keikan0407 Prije dan

    Must game companies put samurai in their games? I’m tired of seeing samurai clothes and katana.

  • Rorty
    Rorty Prije dan

    Hm... Neo is gonna to save a planet))

  • Alexander_OV_8
    Alexander_OV_8 Prije dan

    Cool John Wink is in cyberpunk lol

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard Prije dan

    Cyberpunk was actually released in 2077 but Keanu came from the future to bring it to us in 2020!

    Proof he's a time traveler.

  • Vancetik
    Vancetik Prije dan

    “Wake the f@$& up, samurai. We have a city to burn”

  • Kin Mojamuto
    Kin Mojamuto Prije dan

    Espero que hayan negociado la fecha de lanzamiento con rockstar y su GTA VI por que si salen el mismo año, no recibirán ninguno de los dos los reconocimientos que merecen.

  • Agora2021
    Agora2021 Prije dan

    That was badass.

  • Red Lotus
    Red Lotus Prije dan

    Too much "punk" not enough "cyber".

  • Ghostz
    Ghostz Prije dan

    My graphics card might not make it😥

  • Arkidoui
    Arkidoui Prije dan

    song 0:25

  • Tobias Mckenzie
    Tobias Mckenzie Prije dan

    0:58 Stevie wonder

  • Nic E
    Nic E Prije dan

    Robot Johnny: w e g o t a c i t y t o b u r n


    2077 in real life: man invents first chair that you don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom

  • Carson Lee
    Carson Lee Prije dan

    The only trailer I found with swearing

  • Ned's
    Ned's Prije dan

    MANO esses gráficos tão tão dahora que eu pensei que fosse Free Fire por um momento

  • Mike Gesu
    Mike Gesu Prije dan

    Song at 0:25??? Anyone??

  • WitcherBruce B74
    WitcherBruce B74 Prije dan +1

    I swear the voice actor for samurai sounds like Aaron Paul

    • Nate Silvers
      Nate Silvers Prije dan

      WitcherBruce B74 it is Aaron Paul voice acting

  • Hamza Bashir
    Hamza Bashir Prije dan

    this game on the phone or pc

  • EagleOneoOne
    EagleOneoOne Prije dan

    Lovin' this darn game already, can't wait.

  • Hawk Kira
    Hawk Kira Prije dan


  • mightyvoovoo
    mightyvoovoo Prije 2 dana

    Wondering if they are looking at ways to include a trophy or achievement called YOU'RE BREATHTAKING!

  • Hackin
    Hackin Prije 2 dana

    This Witcher 4 trailer is so cool

  • Simić
    Simić Prije 2 dana

    Is there different story gameplay if u play with male and female?

  • Caftaf//FGstudios Cole Fox

    The, who i assume, main character looks like a cyborg blazkowitz ( Wolfenstein ).

  • THEknight TWIST
    THEknight TWIST Prije 2 dana +1

    ive been following CD Project Red for 5 Years!!!! i Can't believe this is Coming out right on my 18th Birthday! XDDDD

  • Massicato Safino
    Massicato Safino Prije 2 dana

    He looks like Lee Hardcastle lmfao

  • Rebelicious
    Rebelicious Prije 2 dana

    Yes Yes ! Im chipping in There better be the Legendary item : '' The Pencil''

  • Captain Cookie
    Captain Cookie Prije 2 dana

    Comes out a day after my birthday lol

  • Uyur Gezer
    Uyur Gezer Prije 2 dana

    00:15 song name plz

  • Syfi Freak!!!!!!
    Syfi Freak!!!!!! Prije 2 dana


  • bio jinx
    bio jinx Prije 2 dana

    Did someone hear sound effects from far cry 1

  • Ryan Springs
    Ryan Springs Prije 2 dana +1

    Killer Bean reveal next?

  • Xen Enlighten
    Xen Enlighten Prije 2 dana

    Can't wait for this game

  • Hessey Lean
    Hessey Lean Prije 2 dana

    Is the price the same for all platforms? I mean, is this a $30 game? Cause that's the pre-order price on PC (at least on Epic).

  • Robert 'Bob' Ross
    Robert 'Bob' Ross Prije 2 dana +2

    anybody, song?

    • Robert 'Bob' Ross
      Robert 'Bob' Ross Prije 2 dana

      @Ryan Springs Bruh k can't wait for this game

    • Ryan Springs
      Ryan Springs Prije 2 dana

      Robert 'Bob' Ross soundtrack isn’t out yet, we’re gonna have to wait

  • Logan Rose
    Logan Rose Prije 2 dana

    Shit looks like shadow run the video game. I especially felt the part where they were worried about every damn cop in town being after them

  • Wolf
    Wolf Prije 2 dana

    Anyone watching in 2077?

  • Ace of Space
    Ace of Space Prije 2 dana

    Not gonna lie the main guy here looks like a younger version of B.J from wolfenstine...

  • Malcolm Morin
    Malcolm Morin Prije 2 dana

    Here's to hoping Dex's death will be a painful one.

  • Deadbitgaming
    Deadbitgaming Prije 2 dana

    I would buy this game just for Keanu Reeves to tell me to wake the fuck up

  • DPM_ Maczo
    DPM_ Maczo Prije 2 dana

    P O L S K A G R A

  • Synitype
    Synitype Prije 2 dana

    People say it's: ''Wake the fuck up, samurai" I hear only: ''Way to fuck up, samurai"

  • BlackHawky _
    BlackHawky _ Prije 2 dana

    is the first song from ice cube??

  • jdj9
    jdj9 Prije 2 dana

    This will be one of the best games in history.

  • RedLeeFox
    RedLeeFox Prije 2 dana

    Polska gra kurwa

  • cleudy p
    cleudy p Prije 3 dana

    Is this a video-game or like a movie?

    • grumpychris
      grumpychris Prije dan

      It's a video game. Search "Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal" on HRclip if you want to see gameplay.

  • sahand soleymani
    sahand soleymani Prije 3 dana

    What a good day to be alive and enjoying games

  • Annikkah 4Shalom
    Annikkah 4Shalom Prije 3 dana

    Just here for Keanu

  • Foka
    Foka Prije 3 dana +4

    Keanu Reeves: We've got a city to burn

    Cyberpunk 2077: We've got a PC to burn

  • nEon
    nEon Prije 3 dana

    B r e t h t a k i n g

  • JanStraciatella
    JanStraciatella Prije 3 dana

    Oh my fucking god i can't wait

  • Humanoids121
    Humanoids121 Prije 3 dana

    You came for 3:38. Your welcome

  • Akshay Jose
    Akshay Jose Prije 3 dana +1

    3:44 Keanu Reeves glitching ?
    Is he just an imagination... !

  • enesog
    enesog Prije 3 dana

    This game will NEVER come out.

  • Kuba K
    Kuba K Prije 3 dana

    Someone can tell me name of last song?

  • Karsten Brevik
    Karsten Brevik Prije 3 dana +1

    Keanu Reeves

  • star hunter
    star hunter Prije 3 dana

    this game looks awesome when do we get to see game play

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell Prije 3 dana

    imagine The main character (Samurai?) puts the gun in his pants at the beginning and shoots his robot nuts.

  • ECCO
    ECCO Prije 3 dana

    1% Speaks about cinematics
    99% KEANU REEVES !!!

  • fofo friend
    fofo friend Prije 3 dana

    Which platform are you guys buying?

  • sharpshooter33
    sharpshooter33 Prije 3 dana

    Can’t wait to party with Keanu Reeves and his robot thieves

  • Just A Frans Shipper
    Just A Frans Shipper Prije 3 dana

    3:43 for all those looking for it

  • Thanos Thicc
    Thanos Thicc Prije 3 dana +3

    0:17 Song?

  • André Luiz de Moura Jr

    Anyone know the ending song?

  • Plaskah7
    Plaskah7 Prije 3 dana

    5th time I watching this trailer

  • Buff The Nazi Slayer
    Buff The Nazi Slayer Prije 3 dana +18

    Keanu Reeves: We have a city to burn.
    My Computer: I have a graphics card to burn.

  • Henrinator
    Henrinator Prije 3 dana

    Can someone please make a time machine so I can play this game already!

  • B3K xcD
    B3K xcD Prije 3 dana

    I hope that they release the song chippin in

  • TheLegend25
    TheLegend25 Prije 3 dana

    Mom, Dad i know im adult but u have to know that ii spend another money for new game called CYBERPUNK 2077
    And i have to tell u smth mom, thank you that u let me used ur credit card one more time

  • Ray Lee
    Ray Lee Prije 4 dana +1

    I literally didn't know anything about Cyberpunk 2077 until Keanu Reeves anounced it...

  • alan zimny
    alan zimny Prije 4 dana

    Anyone knows the songs in this trailer ?

  • James Heatherly
    James Heatherly Prije 4 dana +1

    No one is saying anything about how tragic Jackie’s death is

  • MattJot
    MattJot Prije 4 dana

    No, You're breathtaking! :D

  • Samuel
    Samuel Prije 4 dana +1

    Wait, he opened the door with enemies blasting their rifles behind him, how didn't he die ?
    Take my money

  • General__memeous
    General__memeous Prije 4 dana +1

    How is “you’re breathtaking!” not the top comment

  • János Kollár
    János Kollár Prije 4 dana +17

    CDPR : *We have a pen*

    Other companies : *And? That's not a big deal*

    CDPR : *But we have someone who can kill with it*

  • Lyle .G
    Lyle .G Prije 4 dana

    This Love, Death and Robots teaser is really good!

  • Barteq
    Barteq Prije 4 dana

    What's the name song from the end?

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati Prije 4 dana +2

    Wtf is up with this Keanu guy? Never heard of him before and suddenly he is everywhere

  • Alan Serpa
    Alan Serpa Prije 4 dana +1

    I don't like keanu reeves


  • JustYourAvarageJoe
    JustYourAvarageJoe Prije 4 dana

    Wait is this live action?

  • Antipater
    Antipater Prije 4 dana +5

    People waiting for Cyberpunk 2077: It's been six years, but we finally have a release date!!!
    People waiting for Bannerlord: ah that must be nice....

  • ImChicken
    ImChicken Prije 4 dana

    Wake the fuck up Samurai

  • Scrub Lord
    Scrub Lord Prije 4 dana

    i honestly thought V was played by aaron paul

  • Забытое прошлое

    0:24 What music is that?

  • Nobody
    Nobody Prije 4 dana +3

    *cyber dog dies*
    Keanu Reeves: "We have a city to burn"

  • 3p1ctr0ll
    3p1ctr0ll Prije 4 dana

    wake the fuck up samurai. we have a gpu to burn...

  • Michael-Dwyer Dorrington

    Looks great....but would someone whos main aim was to be inconspicuous REALLY have a lit up collar that in dark would show his face!!!!!

  • Обычнее Крутого

    Just Keanu

  • Shyraz
    Shyraz Prije 4 dana

    Well im so glad i build me a 1500€ Gaming PC one month ago so i can run this game

  • Scion of Madness
    Scion of Madness Prije 4 dana

    When John Wick tells you to wake up, you wake the fuck up!

  • Patrick Ingold
    Patrick Ingold Prije 4 dana

    Me for most of the trailer: Looks pretty cool, might get it.

  • jom o
    jom o Prije 4 dana

    Looks like I'm saving my money for this