Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5 Preview (HBO)


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    A 2019 comment here

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    I swear, Varys and Tyrion had both better honor the vows they pledged to Daenerys promising to look her in the eyes and tell her if they think she's failing, rather than conspire behind her back.
    They've been talking alot of SHIT, and Tyrion has been shooting some pretty shitty looks Dany's way lately, too!
    A hell of a lot of people are going to be hella disappointed if they don't remain loyal to her, like they said they would!

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      Well then....

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    Best move ever made

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    GoT stars Salary

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    What's the name of background theme

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    Why can’t this be on Netflix ☹️

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    full episod ia here

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    It would be better to end this with a movie not a Season 8.

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    cool ! I also reacted to this episode ;)) check it out.

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    Dany is nothing without her Dragons she already lost one of them. She also has Night King as her Enemy. Cersei has the upper hand at this moment.

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    game of trones o que aconteceu todos temporadas 7

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    She's so full of herself

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    What's the name of this theme?

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    It was fucking awesome

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    I dont care if u r in my recommendations.i'm only gonna watch you when i have all the episodes

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    Genuine question, which actor/actress will have the best post-game of thrones career? (excluding Dinklage and Headey because they had strong pre-GOT careers)

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    Episode 6: The death now have a dragon and daenerys has a new nickname Dany.

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    Spoiler Alert... One of the dragons was killed...

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    This episode was dope!

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    get episode 6 before i get banned!96ZFQCRb!zBPIM9SMql7-F9RZdVA2-g

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    That thumbnail's spooky

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    "Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die" wow, where did all that talk about freedom go dany?
    God, I hate how D&D just butchered Danys character in these last two seasons, she's so much better in the books.

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    Dragons are gay.

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    Have you ever thought about the size of the poop of this dragons?

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    I'm just here for the dragons

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    is it just me or this music is amazing?

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    Benjen & Jon reunite. Calling it.

  • Michelle Arthur
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    Best part of episode 5 is when Tormund asks if Jon has brought "the big woman"(Brienne) with. lost in the serious moments he always adds much needed levity.

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    wow and people actually watch this crap?

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    Ed sheeran singing "I see fire..."

  • Nishant rai
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    That look in the eyes of dany when jon said "they won't have to"

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    guys link me through..wanna watch so badly..some say episode was out..?

  • Erik Arnald
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    Inb4 Jon dies north of the wall and comes back and has sex with daenarys as a white walker and they give both to an incest white walker dragon

    COOL KID Prije 2 godina

    Lol...8 yrs of struggle...i could have got the throne by now...only by telling my carpenter to make tht throne for 10$

  • Rentijer E.pošta
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    Episode that disappointed me most of all, how the man in a metal armor can swim and dive in water?? He even kept a his sword?! Why they must convince Cersei about the existence of a walkers? They go to catch one, what a stupid idea?The worst episode ever.

  • Arfen Malik
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    Got is usually good at dropping hints that thay r about to killoff a major character, since season1 they have been droping lil hints n i think they r about to killoff another one. I just hope they dont touch the dragons n since cersei seems to cheat death i think she will die on the hands of a white walker n then b raised back to become an army of the dead n then Jaimie will kill her n probably kill himself.

  • jhjfss
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    too bad night king kills one of her dragons and turns it into a wight :(

  • Richard Parauri
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    It's called game of thrones for a reason, What are you willing to do take the iron throne. Cercei's quotes will haunt watchers.“When you play the game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” Honour will get you killed she will plot to kill Danny, she sees a cease fire as weakness and will exploit that. Whether Jon Snow brings back a walker will mean nothing to her it's a wasted effort. Will Jon and Daenerys make it out alive????

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    Here's my preview of Episode 5 Eastwatch:

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    Plz download link

  • Bright Eyes
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    Daenerys needs to die Asap i am sick and tired of that bitch...she has been using dragons to create fear and chaos and burning men alive because they won't bend the knee..the fight is not fair when you're the only one with dragons ...All you gross dany fanboys can choke!!! don't even @ me uglyasses 😒