"The North Remembers" #ForTheThrone Clip | Game of Thrones | Season 7


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  • Danny O
    Danny O Prije mjesec

    God Damnit this show was sooo fucking good before season 8. Damn you D & D you greedy cocksuckers.

  • Rex Rafael Collado
    Rex Rafael Collado Prije mjesec

    Are these idiots all Walder's sons?
    I thought there is Black Walder and Lothar.

    Maybe, included here is not only his sons, maybe nephews, grandsons and bastards.

  • Skm3r
    Skm3r Prije 3 mjeseci

    I wouldn't be surprised if that old fucker would actually poison them it's always scary to be around him lmao

  • TheButtonguy10
    TheButtonguy10 Prije 3 mjeseci +2

    the sheep are never safe

  • Nick C
    Nick C Prije 3 mjeseci

    Leave one wolf alive.....

  • Frankie Olaya
    Frankie Olaya Prije 3 mjeseci

    Arya for President

  • タダレード光
    タダレード光 Prije 3 mjeseci

    Arya we love you

  • Srija Jha
    Srija Jha Prije 3 mjeseci

    literal f*cking goosebumps

  • Harrison T
    Harrison T Prije 3 mjeseci


    Anyone saying her assassin powers lead nowhere, they enabled her to avenged the red wedding and kill the Night King so ya know

  • CG
    CG Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is the only reason why Arya became a faceless man......

  • PeppersGrand
    PeppersGrand Prije 3 mjeseci

    I love the look on Arya's face after she kills.

  • Kanellos
    Kanellos Prije 3 mjeseci +2

    "I've gathered every Frey who means a damned thing" it was then I knew.

  • Abu Tahir
    Abu Tahir Prije 3 mjeseci

    There is no throne

  • Abdul Aden
    Abdul Aden Prije 3 mjeseci

    The North rememberers #letsgoraptors

  • Bruce Flynn
    Bruce Flynn Prije 3 mjeseci

    leave one hound alive and the chickens are never safe

  • Panagiotis Papatheodorou
    Panagiotis Papatheodorou Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    We were so hopeful back then.

  • Cheater 123
    Cheater 123 Prije 3 mjeseci

    One of 3 good scenes in whole season 7.

  • gokce yesildag
    gokce yesildag Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    The only time aryas training was actually put to use in the way it was meant to and made sense. Fuck hbo

  • Shaun Campbell
    Shaun Campbell Prije 3 mjeseci

    How did she do his voice?

  • Ernest Ross Wyatt
    Ernest Ross Wyatt Prije 3 mjeseci

    Okay but how did she do his voice though why is no one asking this

  • Osama Bin Ishrat
    Osama Bin Ishrat Prije 3 mjeseci

    Who is still watching it after season finale?

  • Carina
    Carina Prije 4 mjeseci

    Winter came for House Frey

  • Leon Kilat
    Leon Kilat Prije 4 mjeseci +3

    And in Season 8 we've had bricks.

  • hyue t
    hyue t Prije 4 mjeseci +2

    When game of thrones is still worth to watch...

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose Prije 4 mjeseci +2

    “you should rip them all out root and stem”
    “we wil rip her out root and stem”

  • Abhinav Garg
    Abhinav Garg Prije 4 mjeseci +3

    This is my favourite scene in game of thrones 🤩🤩🤩
    The north remember...

  • Marem Pascual
    Marem Pascual Prije 4 mjeseci

    this episode is so satisfying... aaaagh! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Denis
    Denis Prije 4 mjeseci +2

    You have to love Arya for this, the most satisfying scene in the whole series. The north remembers !

  • Melanoya
    Melanoya Prije 4 mjeseci

    This is so satisfying shemay

  • rakshit mittal
    rakshit mittal Prije 4 mjeseci +4

    Arya is the true avenger of GOT😋

  • Areli Das
    Areli Das Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    This still is one of the best scenes in the history of series! Goosebumps!!

  • hnyflvr
    hnyflvr Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    Game. Set. And Match 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Pratham Nandha
    Pratham Nandha Prije 4 mjeseci +9

    Who’s here after dany said “ rip them out, root and stem “

    • Magenta
      Magenta Prije 4 mjeseci

      Isnt it rip her out? Referencing Cersei

  • David Elías
    David Elías Prije 4 mjeseci

    Arya, the true avenger.

  • Anton Dunst
    Anton Dunst Prije 4 mjeseci

    Now the Frey girls are stuck with cleaning up the bodies oops

  • Godasen
    Godasen Prije 4 mjeseci

    The amount of dislikes indicates the amount of house frey remnants.

  • Ghost013
    Ghost013 Prije 4 mjeseci

    Now this was the most satisfying death. Amazing how happy I was to see all these evil fuckers choke to death and die

  • matthew forbes
    matthew forbes Prije 4 mjeseci +3

    "am I dying?"
    "No. You're just chokeing. You'll get used to it."

  • Low Gu
    Low Gu Prije 5 mjeseci

    the only badass mf of the Stark family

  • Johnathon Haney
    Johnathon Haney Prije 5 mjeseci

    And darkness and decay and Arya Stark held illimitable dominion over all.

  • John C.
    John C. Prije 5 mjeseci

    my fav clip

  • Nhey CRz
    Nhey CRz Prije 5 mjeseci

    So satisfying.. love it.

  • Akshay garg
    Akshay garg Prije 5 mjeseci +5

    Damn..these wolves know how to take revenge..!! House Frey, Boltons and then Littlefinger.. Each wolf took his enemy..!! And the half wolf, half Dragon is yet to start...!!
    Feeling of satisfaction..!!

  • frans Sa
    frans Sa Prije 5 mjeseci

    this is one of the missing plot ignore from the series when northern lords assemble, they dont mention anything about it. The other one is jon not commenting anything to brianne for saving sansa's life.
    *just personal observ, maybe more

  • Melissa Barragan
    Melissa Barragan Prije 5 mjeseci

    👑😉👌Sansa the future queen of the iron throne. Arya commander of the Royal Guard or the Queen of the North.🙌And forecast that ALL die.💀🔥
    Sansa la futura reina del trono de hierro. 🙌Arya comandante d la guardia Real o la reina del Norte.👑😉👌Y pronóstico q TODOS mueren.💀🔥

  • Colt Todd
    Colt Todd Prije 5 mjeseci

    he got mean since harry potter .

  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Payback is a Bi/@)

  • feuerzwerg9
    feuerzwerg9 Prije 5 mjeseci

    Still can't watch this without shouting a loud "Ha Haaaa" at the end 😂

  • LazyJackson Micheal
    LazyJackson Micheal Prije 5 mjeseci

    In the red wedding, the starks and the forresters fell

  • makz villanueva
    makz villanueva Prije 5 mjeseci

    easy kill for arya demn

  • Guneshwor Naorem
    Guneshwor Naorem Prije 5 mjeseci

    What happens if Ser touches white Walker with his stone hand?

  • raghipati lama
    raghipati lama Prije 5 mjeseci

    True revenge

  • B. Howard
    B. Howard Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    0:42 -- "So I can tell you my plans for this great house NOW THAT WINTER HAS COME"
    ...Holy crap, that as the first hint at what was about to happen but I missed it the first time. :O

  • basic how to basic ? tutorial

    3:06 the north remembers...

  • Anne Traut
    Anne Traut Prije 6 mjeseci

    The thing that bothers me about this is that Arya is NOT ripping them out root and stem. She is only killing the adult men. All this will do is create problems down the road because the women and children she didn’t kill will want revenge. Just like she did.

  • RangerDanger
    RangerDanger Prije 6 mjeseci

    What a total bad ass this Arya!

  • Jhoemer Labso
    Jhoemer Labso Prije 6 mjeseci

    Who came here after the latest trailer? ✋✋✋

  • Anandito Cakra Dwipa
    Anandito Cakra Dwipa Prije 6 mjeseci

    Best season opening ever

  • redrust3
    redrust3 Prije 6 mjeseci

    Just like that scene where future sister-in-law Daenerys kills all the khals.

  • lwgoinghome
    lwgoinghome Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    This might be my favorite scene from the whole series...so far.

    • lwgoinghome
      lwgoinghome Prije 5 mjeseci +1

      @Virgo Queen Yeah, that bit was unforgettable and hilarious One of the best bits ever on the show.

    • Virgo Queen
      Virgo Queen Prije 5 mjeseci +1


    • lwgoinghome
      lwgoinghome Prije 5 mjeseci

      @Virgo Queen and the bit between Tormund and the Hound

    • Virgo Queen
      Virgo Queen Prije 5 mjeseci +1

      this one and the entire Spoils of War episode