G.C.F in Osaka

  • Datum objavljivanja: 30. Tra 2018.
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  • Jarni And Charlotte

    Song: F**k a happy ending.
    Me: Does Kookie know that he just used an english swear word?

  • GachaBoi
    GachaBoi Prije sat

    0:37 Gay?

    -İm idol 😏
    1:06 look at jiminie LOL 😂😂

  • Leigh Pagaran
    Leigh Pagaran Prije sat

    Vminkook people be dying

    Aka - me

  • Sofi Torrejón
    Sofi Torrejón Prije 8 sati

    Is art

  • anizha dita
    anizha dita Prije 8 sati

    I miss this GCF, i'll waiting you comeback GCF 💜😭

  • aishath shamra
    aishath shamra Prije 21 sat

    Jungkook is soo good at this
    I love it
    And i love bts

  • Brianna Hiciano
    Brianna Hiciano Prije 23 sati

    3:41 enserio v ❤️😂😂

  • Angel
    Angel Prije dan

    Not @ how that man following them ( friend or staff ) was hot as hell....

  • Mlaa. ust
    Mlaa. ust Prije dan

    Es verdad la coreografía de boy wiht luv aparece ahí :"V

  • Mlaa. ust
    Mlaa. ust Prije dan

    Amo tu gran edición Jungkook:""3 💜💜💜💜

  • Lunmae
    Lunmae Prije dan

    am i the only one wondering what editing software he uses?

  • Kookie Jung
    Kookie Jung Prije dan

    01:33 Jimin tung hits Boy with luv từ 2018 ư?

  • Lule h
    Lule h Prije 2 dana

    tae as grandpa

  • Lule h
    Lule h Prije 2 dana

    ohh the scenes with jiminie ohh, he is beautiful

  • JayV MyanmarARMY
    JayV MyanmarARMY Prije 2 dana

    Can anyone tell me the song including this G.C.F ?

  • scarlet C.S
    scarlet C.S Prije 2 dana

    Jikook 100% I love you💛💙

    BLINK Y ARMY Prije 2 dana +1

    Jungkook baby te amo

  • park Habiba
    park Habiba Prije 2 dana

    cookie we need more gcfs

  • nomi tet
    nomi tet Prije 2 dana

    Jimin is so cute with that signature step

  • Samriddhi adig
    Samriddhi adig Prije 3 dana

    0:16 namjoon smile😍😍

  • Jimin c
    Jimin c Prije 3 dana

    These are so cute dont even...

  • Raylie Bug
    Raylie Bug Prije 3 dana

    3:11 boom now you get to see all three of them thank me later

  • Fani Rahma
    Fani Rahma Prije 3 dana +2

    Jungkook please make GCF video again. I very like watch you video 🥰🥰

  • Maria Park
    Maria Park Prije 3 dana

    1:32 😱

  • Andrea Molina
    Andrea Molina Prije 3 dana

    tell me jimin wasn’t dancing to boy with luv

  • lisa vargas
    lisa vargas Prije 3 dana

    BTS had "airpods" before they were even cool 0:11-0:15

  • Vintage Queen
    Vintage Queen Prije 3 dana +5

    ok lets show 6% of my bffls
    annnnnnnnnnnnd 94% of my boyfriend jimine

  • kpop and pizza
    kpop and pizza Prije 3 dana

    What clothing store were they in????

  • huyen nguyen thi
    huyen nguyen thi Prije 4 dana

    JungKook Oppa made Magic Shop MV (G.C.F)

  • Mayar Mayar
    Mayar Mayar Prije 4 dana


  • Starlight
    Starlight Prije 4 dana

    1:51 Song?

  • Parallina Illina
    Parallina Illina Prije 4 dana

    jungkook multitalent 😌

  • estelius
    estelius Prije 4 dana +1

    can yall leave apart ships??? god yall really annoying move on

  • cosmosflw
    cosmosflw Prije 4 dana +1

    vmin soulmates :)

  • giada_
    giada_ Prije 5 dana

    osaka? no!! OSACAR, VROOM VROOM VROOM!!!

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Prije 5 dana

    V so handsome❤

  • Arima Kousei
    Arima Kousei Prije 5 dana

    0:26 AP 🤯 i think it cost more than 100k dollar

  • Eirra Manuel
    Eirra Manuel Prije 5 dana

    This become my habit already!! I will not end my day without this, when i was a kid i need a lullaby before i sleep, now i need a gcf before i sleep 💜✊

  • inix ARMY
    inix ARMY Prije 5 dana +2

    I just realised what G.C.F stand for..I know I'm so stupid

    • Ady Booh
      Ady Booh Prije 3 dana +1

      Oh shit that's okay I understand

    • Ady Booh
      Ady Booh Prije 3 dana

      I still don't know help me

  • inix ARMY
    inix ARMY Prije 5 dana +1

    Aww the MAKNE line are adorable

  • havana _
    havana _ Prije 5 dana +2

    okay listen, i love you, i'd die for you but this ain't about you dude drop the editing app

    • Ady Booh
      Ady Booh Prije 3 dana

      His brain is the editing app :-)

  • mel yan
    mel yan Prije 5 dana +1

    I love this type of slow to fast motion aaaaaa~~~ I love this so much it's my favorite

  • Courtney Shortis
    Courtney Shortis Prije 5 dana +1

    Im rewatching these videos. These boys have taught me so much and I can't thank then enough. only love towards them all. Thank you

  • Madeline Armand Taylor
    Madeline Armand Taylor Prije 6 dana +2

    you could literally mistake this vlog for a music video.

    AMELIA WINNING Prije 6 dana

    Jungkook cam

  • Rebekah Sellers
    Rebekah Sellers Prije 6 dana


  • Lulama Mhlanga
    Lulama Mhlanga Prije 6 dana

    another amazing video from JK😊

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson Prije 6 dana +2

    1:01 who else noticed jimin on his phone while everyone else is eating 😅

  • Patricia Johnston
    Patricia Johnston Prije 6 dana

    Maknae line being little kids is the cutest thing

  • _ Ju-ri
    _ Ju-ri Prije 6 dana


  • cosmosflw
    cosmosflw Prije 7 dana +3

    crying for vmins beauty

  • viki zabecka
    viki zabecka Prije 7 dana +2

    As always filming Jimin the most

  • Mohd Morpi
    Mohd Morpi Prije 7 dana

    Imagine we watch this when they disb-
    I'm sorry ;-;

  • Destiny Joy
    Destiny Joy Prije 7 dana

    I love this

  • meli ibarra
    meli ibarra Prije 7 dana

    este video es muerte para las vkookmin shipers y yo lo soy

  • Skr Skr
    Skr Skr Prije 7 dana

    I just rewatch it and i notice that someone is wearing a around 30-40.000 $ Watch jesus. The Audemars Piguet is no joke🤣

  • Proffesor Fiddywinkle
    Proffesor Fiddywinkle Prije 7 dana

    Literally the airplane part 2 dance

  • Yazi07 L
    Yazi07 L Prije 7 dana

    I just realized the body guard/ manager with them the whole time 😂

  • Trieu mai gia
    Trieu mai gia Prije 7 dana


  • Chasing theUnknown
    Chasing theUnknown Prije 8 dana

    is this the normal bangtan? L O L

  • Jezzy the J
    Jezzy the J Prije 8 dana

    What camera does this boi use like damn

  • cerealstudies
    cerealstudies Prije 8 dana

    Jungkook is one hell of an inspiration for my editing career.

  • Sweet CupCake88
    Sweet CupCake88 Prije 8 dana

    Vminkook istg

  • Adália Alencar
    Adália Alencar Prije 8 dana

    G.C.F in Osaka "2"?????????????????

  • TheLazy生活
    TheLazy生活 Prije 8 dana

    This is 1 year ago, but it's still cute uwu

  • Сандра Лиянаге

    Kookie simply can't help filming Jimin

  • abrar a
    abrar a Prije 8 dana


  • Lamar Only
    Lamar Only Prije 9 dana +1

    Jungkook needs a special video of hemself

  • Lamar Only
    Lamar Only Prije 9 dana +1

    Talented maknae