World of Amazing Modern Technology and Skilful Workers Making Construction Simple and Effective

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  • World of Amazing Modern Technology and Skilful Workers Making Construction Simple and Effective.
    In this video:
    1. Laying Stone carpet fast and easy:
    2. Install Electric underfloor heating systems:
    3. Dokadek 30 Element ceiling formwork:
    4. Construction wall and pillars with SAS Blocks:
    5. Easy installation Naray 2L2 Shower Enclosure:
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Komentari • 105

  • SHH
    SHH Prije 14 dana

  • Aden Haris Cijeruk
    Aden Haris Cijeruk Prije 15 dana


  • kim daewoo
    kim daewoo Prije 23 dana

    방수욕실,엄청 실용적.

  • Marcia Mc Clean
    Marcia Mc Clean Prije mjesec

    The fir6st feature I noticed they didn't use a level. What about drainage / runoff?🤔

  • creator Space
    creator Space Prije mjesec

    It's done well.

  • Neil Francis
    Neil Francis Prije mjesec +2

    what is the music ?

  • Herman Man
    Herman Man Prije mjesec +1

    kable ist for what?

  • احمد علي
    احمد علي Prije mjesec

    نريدشرح باللغه العربيه

  • Paul Booij
    Paul Booij Prije 2 mjeseci

    what a nice video of common building methods.

  • mikyam2
    mikyam2 Prije 2 mjeseci

    El de roca pega el perfil a la pared en vez de atornillarlo muy bonito para la venta pero en el futuro no aguantara ni un dia sin que se empiece a mover y salirse el agua por las rendijas lo digo por experiencia

  • thomas
    thomas Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    Guy cement brick layer don’t use gloves for many year. Wait until he get a girlfriend every time he touch her, she be saying your Calluses scar hands feel lIke sand paper don’t touch me. LOL

  • Inspection Technique
    Inspection Technique Prije 2 mjeseci

  • Marko176 Schneider
    Marko176 Schneider Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    Super Video.Danke !

  • SouthernWulf
    SouthernWulf Prije 2 mjeseci +2

    Around the 6:00 mark what are those bricks called

    • Castor 99
      Castor 99 Prije 20 dana

      I'm not sure, but i think it's a variant of hollow block. In german we say "Schalstein" ^^

  • Андрей Николаев


  • Hooligan
    Hooligan Prije 2 mjeseci

    Какого хуя это в моих рекомендациях?

  • Regina Côrtes
    Regina Côrtes Prije 2 mjeseci


  • elmer967
    elmer967 Prije 2 mjeseci


  • Emje
    Emje Prije 2 mjeseci +3

    wonderful! also music ;)

  • GoodTimeTraveler
    GoodTimeTraveler Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    That shower install is a joke.
    Flimsy, too many parts, and what happens if the water overflows over that ridiculous, cheap, stick on 1/4 inch bead on the bottom?
    jhc, just say no...

  • Ather Radwi
    Ather Radwi Prije 2 mjeseci +4

    This is in developed countries and with professional building companies. The rest of the world is oblivious to what’s right, let alone efficiency!

  • Sutarno Construction
    Sutarno Construction Prije 2 mjeseci

    Good 👍👍😍😍

  • lambu khan
    lambu khan Prije 2 mjeseci +3

    what kind of chamical are you using

  • rob379
    rob379 Prije 2 mjeseci

    Heya. On the last video... how does the dude get wet? where does the dirty H2O go? Why is the shower floor... the floor?

  • بزوغ الشمس
    بزوغ الشمس Prije 2 mjeseci

    Very good👏👏👏👏

  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    Its amazing videos i i love all of your sharing thank you so much,,😉👌♥️

  • maga balgarin
    maga balgarin Prije 2 mjeseci +1

    Душевая на скотче это что то с чем то😁

  • Apichai Eungprasert
    Apichai Eungprasert Prije 2 mjeseci


  • passtime for civilwar
    passtime for civilwar Prije 2 mjeseci +7

    Where's the chemical that mixes with the gravel in the first video available?

  • OneMadGypsy
    OneMadGypsy Prije 2 mjeseci +7

    The last guy installed the shower in a corner with no plumbing. I guess that family is trying to save water or something.
    "Whew, what a workout! I need to go stand in a shower stall and dry off."

    • Castor 99
      Castor 99 Prije 20 dana

      But you know this is just a demonstration video and not a real installation?

    • 00AmericanTrash00
      00AmericanTrash00 Prije mjesec

      Don't know why he even bothered to caulk around the glass....hahaha!

  • Matheus Favarini
    Matheus Favarini Prije 2 mjeseci

    Um ventin deve derrubar tudo

  • hamza sabah noor
    hamza sabah noor Prije 2 mjeseci +2

    جيد جدا

  • Umer
    Umer Prije 3 mjeseci

    Legit investment site
    Min invetment: 1$

  • Latiffesa Esa
    Latiffesa Esa Prije 3 mjeseci

    where do u buy the glue for the pebbles? what is the brand?

    • John Auld
      John Auld Prije 3 mjeseci

      search for "gravel bonding resin"

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Prije 3 mjeseci

    This is so un green ,,,, is all oil based chemicals .

  • TruthSerum
    TruthSerum Prije 3 mjeseci

    Sorry, Peeble Tech sucks. Try walking on it sometime without shoes.

  • Ze Martins Reis
    Ze Martins Reis Prije 3 mjeseci

    Really innovative.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Prije 3 mjeseci

    Any sort of plastic trim and hardware on glass showers get covered in an orange yogurt looking slime.

    • Daver G
      Daver G Prije 2 mjeseci

      Have you trued it? Actually tastes more like peach.

  • Ezhumalai k
    Ezhumalai k Prije 3 mjeseci

    Interlocking bricks where its available in tamilnadu

  • jebner
    jebner Prije 3 mjeseci +2

    Shower is a neat idea but it looked cheaply made and hard to keep clean. I could see mold and mildew forming behind the semi-clear rubber trim pieces pretty easily.

  • Rene v
    Rene v Prije 3 mjeseci

    At 6:42, those are scaffolds? Pretty neat!

  • yellooh
    yellooh Prije 3 mjeseci


  • Enrique Sablan
    Enrique Sablan Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    The working man/woman keeps the world glued together.

  • Вентиляция кондиционирование

    отмостка щебень с клеем круто

  • Гордей Ларионов
    Гордей Ларионов Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Супер! отличная идея и сильная команда

  • Vagabond Feet
    Vagabond Feet Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    This is gold

  • xMokerslag
    xMokerslag Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Would you give me a shoutout for my channel? i'm started making satisfying octo-timelapses

  • Hardhats & Tools
    Hardhats & Tools Prije 3 mjeseci

    Very Cool! 💪 👷🏻

  • Nguyen Tanthien
    Nguyen Tanthien Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Anti Feuchtigkeit....

  • Волго град
    Волго град Prije 3 mjeseci +4

    Белые блоки из какого материала?

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 3 mjeseci

    Mengajarlah terus!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Mengajarlah untuk indonesia!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 3 mjeseci +2

    Berjuanglah untuk indonesia!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Bekerjalah terus!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 3 mjeseci

    Beramallah untuk indonesia!!!

  • Flavius Nita
    Flavius Nita Prije 3 mjeseci

    One nail in the flooring and You are dead!

  • taranTula leGos
    taranTula leGos Prije 3 mjeseci +1

    Why are they all men? Where are all the supposedly underprivileged and oppressed women slaving away and doing dirty filthy backbreaking work like this? No wonder men die younger :P

    PC GAMER Prije 3 mjeseci +25

    I don't know why, but the shower installation part irritated me

    • Faust Von Barley
      Faust Von Barley Prije 2 mjeseci

      @yo dasxi Are you sure? Many planes have glued parts to reduce drag, but not in this, probably. Installation was indeed irritating though.

    • yo dasxi
      yo dasxi Prije 2 mjeseci +2

      Super glued to the walls and floor, no screws. Not gonna last with my kids around.

    • Ian Chauhan
      Ian Chauhan Prije 3 mjeseci

      PC GAMER yes, but not as much as the advertisements in between

    • jareeq
      jareeq Prije 3 mjeseci

      yes, multile producers still make this complicated fungus-ready things

  • 5 Ken3
    5 Ken3 Prije 3 mjeseci

    Building this house is very fast and sure.

  • حبيب كريم
    حبيب كريم Prije 3 mjeseci +1