World of Amazing Modern Technology and Skilful Workers Making Construction Simple and Effective

  • Datum objavljivanja: 13. Lip 2019.
  • World of Amazing Modern Technology and Skilful Workers Making Construction Simple and Effective.
    In this video:
    1. Laying Stone carpet fast and easy:
    2. Install Electric underfloor heating systems:
    3. Dokadek 30 Element ceiling formwork:
    4. Construction wall and pillars with SAS Blocks:
    5. Easy installation Naray 2L2 Shower Enclosure:
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Komentari • 50

  • Ze Martins Reis
    Ze Martins Reis Prije dan

    Really innovative.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Prije dan

    Any sort of plastic trim and hardware on glass showers get covered in an orange yogurt looking slime.

  • Ezhumalai k
    Ezhumalai k Prije dan

    Interlocking bricks where its available in tamilnadu

  • jebner
    jebner Prije 5 dana +1

    Shower is a neat idea but it looked cheaply made and hard to keep clean. I could see mold and mildew forming behind the semi-clear rubber trim pieces pretty easily.

  • Rene v
    Rene v Prije 5 dana

    At 6:42, those are scaffolds? Pretty neat!

  • yellooh
    yellooh Prije 7 dana


  • Enrique Sablan
    Enrique Sablan Prije 7 dana

    The working man/woman keeps the world glued together.

  • Вентиляция кондиционирование

    отмостка щебень с клеем круто

  • Гордей Ларионов

    Супер! отличная идея и сильная команда

  • Vagabond Feet
    Vagabond Feet Prije 11 dana +1

    This is gold

  • xMokerslag
    xMokerslag Prije 12 dana +1

    Would you give me a shoutout for my channel? i'm started making satisfying octo-timelapses

  • Hardhats & Tools
    Hardhats & Tools Prije 12 dana

    Very Cool! 💪 👷🏻

  • Nguyen Tanthien
    Nguyen Tanthien Prije 13 dana

    Anti Feuchtigkeit....

  • Волго град
    Волго град Prije 13 dana +1

    Белые блоки из какого материала?

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 14 dana

    Mengajarlah terus!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 14 dana

    Mengajarlah untuk indonesia!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 14 dana +2

    Berjuanglah untuk indonesia!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 14 dana

    Bekerjalah terus!!!

  • rusia w
    rusia w Prije 14 dana

    Beramallah untuk indonesia!!!

  • Flavius Nita
    Flavius Nita Prije 15 dana

    One nail in the flooring and You are dead!

  • taranTula leGos
    taranTula leGos Prije 16 dana

    Why are they all men? Where are all the supposedly underprivileged and oppressed women slaving away and doing dirty filthy backbreaking work like this? No wonder men die younger :P

    PC GAMER Prije 16 dana +6

    I don't know why, but the shower installation part irritated me

    • jareeq
      jareeq Prije 8 dana

      yes, multile producers still make this complicated fungus-ready things

    • john doe
      john doe Prije 14 dana

      @Killber Amazuki The model looks great, if thats the only purpose of the video.

    • Killber Amazuki
      Killber Amazuki Prije 14 dana +1

      john doe It's inside a hardware or home depot I guess, it's just a sample model of the product. So no need for a water drainage.

    • john doe
      john doe Prije 15 dana

      where does the water drain out

    • Dragos Daniel
      Dragos Daniel Prije 16 dana

      yah on the wooden parket

  • Chief Hawkeye
    Chief Hawkeye Prije 16 dana +14

    Shower install was great but where's the water?

  • 5 Ken3
    5 Ken3 Prije 16 dana

    Building this house is very fast and sure.

  • حبيب كريم
    حبيب كريم Prije 17 dana +1


  • Wayne Rainey
    Wayne Rainey Prije 17 dana +2

    You don't seem to understand the difference in skilled and unskilled workers. These are all unskilled workers doing jobs that anyone can do with 10 mins of training. After 3 years of doing these jobs you get good at it but you're still making minimum wage lol.

    I skilled worker is someone who's gone to school and taken years to learn how to do it. Like a machinist, an Engineer or a Doctor.

    • Brian Preston
      Brian Preston Prije 4 dana

      In my area, masons start untrained at 20 bucks

    • SneekySmurf
      SneekySmurf Prije 17 dana +1

      You are so right @Wayne Rainey great workers are so very hard to come across nowadays and then when companies or people that are hiring them don't Appreciate them. Bosses need to overpay the worker that deserve it and believe you me they will break their backs for them .....FACT!!!

  • Gm Shek
    Gm Shek Prije 17 dana +1


  • Тигран Великий
    Тигран Великий Prije 19 dana +1

    душевая на ламинате огонь

  • שילת שילתי
    שילת שילתי Prije 20 dana +1

    מחליקים על זה בזמן גשם או רטוב

  • Phoebe L.
    Phoebe L. Prije 20 dana +2


  • George Owino
    George Owino Prije 23 dana +7

    Great one

  • Александр Жуков

    На двухстороннем скотче

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen Prije 28 dana +2

    All great technologies. Fascinating. But the bottomline for both business and consumers is cost. So often, such technological improvements which should bring down installation costs actually increase the cost to the point it is prohibitive. In the end, consumers eat it.

  • Ewerton Coqueiro
    Ewerton Coqueiro Prije mjesec +5


    • SneekySmurf
      SneekySmurf Prije 17 dana +1

      Brazil in the house..... yaeeeeee!!

  • Ewerton Coqueiro
    Ewerton Coqueiro Prije mjesec +3

    Deus abençoe a todos em nome de Jesus!

  • سليمان تك
    سليمان تك Prije mjesec +3

    Great 🌸🌸🌸👍🏼

  • Family Tech HD
    Family Tech HD Prije mjesec +4

    Keep it up. *More new videos like these on my channel everyday. Techies support each other*✌🔥

    • SneekySmurf
      SneekySmurf Prije 17 dana +2

      I'm subscribing right after I end this sentence with a period.