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  •  Prije 11 sati

    Vik must be a mermaid.

  • Hush Bby
    Hush Bby Prije 20 sati

    The casual shrug 🥺😂

  • Hush Bby
    Hush Bby Prije 21 sat

    It’s not even nigahiga vs KSi it is just the team vs one person.

  • Hush Bby
    Hush Bby Prije 21 sat

    Gotta admit I subscribed to nigahiga before this and even then I never subscribed to this I’m still deciding.

  • Megan Roderick
    Megan Roderick Prije 22 sati +1

    Ok but...Derrick winning at arm wrestling was the most nerve racking thing in this video😂

  • Zak Zak
    Zak Zak Prije 23 sati

    Ksi is trying so hard not to swear

  • Dank Diggly
    Dank Diggly Prije dan

    Harry u had 1 job

  • Kemidor
    Kemidor Prije dan

    [7:30] KSI said that the round was for 2 points but they got only 1.

  • Yeetster VIP
    Yeetster VIP Prije dan

    That is good

  • Dauntless Nicholas
    Dauntless Nicholas Prije dan

    I can hold my breath 40 seconds after they both give up at the second it normal that I can do this but everytime I try my legs stop working for the rest of the day?

  • Paskids
    Paskids Prije dan

    Ryan looks so suspicious of everything 💀

  • Bella Laura
    Bella Laura Prije dan

    Ryan looked so pissed the whole time

  • Omar Alvarez
    Omar Alvarez Prije 2 dana

    i died at 17:03 at the fact that those two guys were they only ones to actually laugh at jjs sarcasm

  • Nebuash Tan
    Nebuash Tan Prije 2 dana

    Power struggle between KSI and Ryan, Ryans losing

  • GioTheOne
    GioTheOne Prije 2 dana

    Funniest times, 20:23 and 20:32

  • Berd Berd Uchiha
    Berd Berd Uchiha Prije 2 dana

    man looks like toothpaste

  • NO WiFi
    NO WiFi Prije 3 dana

    I don't know much about arm wrestle but I don't think ur elbow is supposed to lift up the ground or whatever. Saw ksi did that like twice. Against Ryan which he won and against Derrick which he lost.

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix Prije 3 dana +1

    The Sidemen are all friends that’s what I love about their group.

  • phoboto tran
    phoboto tran Prije 3 dana +2

    About 70 percent of this video was ksi yelling

  • The_Main_Shinobi
    The_Main_Shinobi Prije 4 dana

    I like the shrug


    It looks like all the running from the sidemen paid off for Vik

  • Qubit
    Qubit Prije 4 dana

    ksi had it hard that was kinda unfair they could use there body

  • Nana Hargrove
    Nana Hargrove Prije 4 dana

    On the arm wrestle the other guy used his whole body to win

  • PUBG lord
    PUBG lord Prije 4 dana

    Technically USA vs uk

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva Prije 4 dana

    The guy in the burgendy shirt so awkward bro 😂😂. Just stare at him the whole video.

  • Will Scheib
    Will Scheib Prije 4 dana

    I’m a lifeguard and please for the love of god don’t do the holding your breath underwater challenge. So many people have died because they passed out underwater while doing that

  • Snow Jade
    Snow Jade Prije 5 dana

    There was a puppy

  • Noura Aldakhil
    Noura Aldakhil Prije 6 dana

    What the name of the song?

  • rock
    rock Prije 7 dana

    Ksi won arm wrestling no Hate but d other guy wasn’t fair

  • King San
    King San Prije 7 dana

    Ryan Higa Was Too Serious For This Video

  • Aditya Krishna Malhotra

    Mon wed Friday
    Mon tue wed
    Tue thu sat

  • Lil Reece
    Lil Reece Prije 8 dana


  • Corny Name
    Corny Name Prije 8 dana

    13:03 I seriously thought they sped tobi up

  • YvngMel
    YvngMel Prije 8 dana

    Awe I miss Sean

  • Bonsoir le
    Bonsoir le Prije 8 dana

    Turbo 13:00

  • Matt Ota
    Matt Ota Prije 8 dana

    13:17 LOL poor Chewy

  • Pineapple Chicken wings

    I'm only here for RHPC

  • Wrecking Ball
    Wrecking Ball Prije 8 dana

    Please don't waste man. ;c There are limited amount of tissues and trees.

  • Dhruvil McWana
    Dhruvil McWana Prije 8 dana

    Have match of Parkourse and see who wins!!

  • Venom
    Venom Prije 8 dana

    Derick is shotta spence ?

  • Defusalxd
    Defusalxd Prije 8 dana

    So no ones gonna talk about 8:50

  • Tap Water
    Tap Water Prije 8 dana

    Jj should be a reporter

  • kuro
    kuro Prije 8 dana

    Just came to watch rhpc tbh
    First time I've heard of these folks.

  • Kiko Suarez
    Kiko Suarez Prije 8 dana +1

    Bro, mad respect to JJ, taking TWO arm wrestlers at the same time and somehow almost winning😱

  • Swetha Yalamanchili
    Swetha Yalamanchili Prije 8 dana

    i was cheering for ryan's team so hard like even more than for sports team XD

  • JakeRyanGaming
    JakeRyanGaming Prije 9 dana

    Watching JJ 1v2 them in arm wrestling was low key hype af😂😂

  • Sulev Jõgi
    Sulev Jõgi Prije 9 dana

    13:03 hacker starts

  • N0T D-L
    N0T D-L Prije 9 dana +1

    On The Arm Wrestling JJ put his elbow up so much time
    To sum it up this is how many times


  • Zoe Caldwell
    Zoe Caldwell Prije 9 dana

    Pause exactly at 11.51 and look at Harry's face


    I was here for Ryan...whose the other dude

  • Bomber_240 -_-
    Bomber_240 -_- Prije 10 dana

    The sidemen arnt even on your side

  • Fishy
    Fishy Prije 10 dana

    It’s Asian vs black+white not nigihiga vs sidemen

  • BrotherHood 849
    BrotherHood 849 Prije 10 dana +2

    Do a collab with 2hype

  • Owen Hickling
    Owen Hickling Prije 10 dana

    The arm wrestle wasn’t fair at all

  • Things With Kev
    Things With Kev Prije 11 dana

    JJ vs Derrick And Ryan= Jiren vs Goku And Frieza

  • Oliver Healy
    Oliver Healy Prije 11 dana

    Jk, ur da best u tuber

  • Lena Patho
    Lena Patho Prije 11 dana

    Eddy Wally🇧🇪❤️ 0:10

  • Lau Wing
    Lau Wing Prije 11 dana +1

    Daina being the only girl and Paco just...Doesnt fit at all
    It's sooooo different

  • Franco P.
    Franco P. Prije 11 dana +3

    This is the most unexpected collab I have ever witnessed

  • C003 Plays
    C003 Plays Prije 12 dana +1

    WOW!Black,Asian,White,Caucasian and Mexican people together,never seen this before!

  • My First Anime ART
    My First Anime ART Prije 12 dana

    20:25 good to see there own style

  • Midnighterz
    Midnighterz Prije 12 dana

    That was such a Nigahiga thing to try trickshots lmao.

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez Prije 12 dana +1

    water is vikk's natural habitat

  • Tyborob19
    Tyborob19 Prije 12 dana

    0:24 A boxing match?

  • Gyllen
    Gyllen Prije 13 dana

    20:57 whut.
    HigaTV mfoka

  • Jacob Gabriel
    Jacob Gabriel Prije 14 dana

    My childhood in a video

  • Tuomaaszz -
    Tuomaaszz - Prije 14 dana

    I wouldn't believe that some day I'll hear: - Who's the most fit
    - Ethan

  • WeedSack
    WeedSack Prije 15 dana


  • HXH Derek
    HXH Derek Prije 15 dana

    That boy vik thick

  • Kaitlyn Thomas
    Kaitlyn Thomas Prije 15 dana

    Tall white guy “we all get a chicken” and that’s when I fell in love