Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

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  • ZabavaZabava

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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  Prije 17 dana +64223

    Subscribe or I’ll kick chandler

  • mỹ trần thúy
    mỹ trần thúy Prije 16 minuta

    Chandler is a loser

  • Bárbara Lapa
    Bárbara Lapa Prije 51 minute

    Unfortunately to buy a Mr. Beast hoodie the total would be $169.29 (duty and tax + shipping) and I'm from Brazil so in my currency it would be R$643,00 and I only made $61,00 this month on HRclip. And I even added the Honey extension, but there are no coupons.

    Please send me a hoodie.

  • Raheem Tornato Jones

    Oh chandler 😥

  • jacob wesley
    jacob wesley Prije 2 sati

    Chandlers just so bad at things lol

  • Evelyn Westsparrow
    Evelyn Westsparrow Prije 2 sati

    Mr.Beast:last on to eat wins 9999999999999999999
    Chandler:orders pizza

  • Evelyn Westsparrow
    Evelyn Westsparrow Prije 2 sati

    Mr.Beast: last one to fall asleep wins 9999999999999999999
    Chandler: takes sleeping pills

  • Allaina Co
    Allaina Co Prije 2 sati

    who wants to try to beat Marks High score 1:37 1:37 1:37

  • Pailabb Yt
    Pailabb Yt Prije 3 sati

    MrBeast i wanna Try and i am 13

  • hannah ely
    hannah ely Prije 4 sati


  • VoltaixLux
    VoltaixLux Prije 4 sati +2

    This is how many people want Chandler to win a challenge:

  • Alfonso Gallego
    Alfonso Gallego Prije 4 sati

    Poor Chan Chan

  • Magsie
    Magsie Prije 5 sati

    Noo Chandler

  • code gamer
    code gamer Prije 5 sati

    Chandler you whir this close this close

  • The Mantis Shrimp
    The Mantis Shrimp Prije 5 sati

    MrBeast: First one to die loses
    Chandler: *sprints towards cliff*

  • Christian Bryant
    Christian Bryant Prije 5 sati

    Jee Zus what happened to them at 12:34

  • Jaelyn Leyva
    Jaelyn Leyva Prije 6 sati

    NOOO CHANDLER 😥😥😥😥😥😭😭

  • Avery Is awesome
    Avery Is awesome Prije 6 sati

    Poor Chan he needs a break from these challenges

  • Yourboss 8000
    Yourboss 8000 Prije 6 sati +2

    Chandler pisses me off

  • Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G
    Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G Prije 6 sati +1

    Come on Chandler!!!!!

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez Prije 7 sati +1

    I will still win the vr challenge even though I have eye ligma

  • Lumi Official
    Lumi Official Prije 7 sati

    Hey Chandler ia officially a meme now

  • Drawing Donuts
    Drawing Donuts Prije 7 sati

    *morgz has joined the chat *

  • The dos Friends Rad and Gab

    Chandler please win we want you to win

  • Lili's Singing World
    Lili's Singing World Prije 9 sati

    Why do I find this so sad! Chandler deserves to win🥺

  • flamingflare 101
    flamingflare 101 Prije 9 sati

    Poor Chandler 😢

  • Samuel Ren
    Samuel Ren Prije 9 sati

    Chris always shares the prize money XD

  • Sabrina Dimech
    Sabrina Dimech Prije 9 sati

    There should be a challenge with all of chandlers family in it and see which one last the longest

  • Carlos Nieto
    Carlos Nieto Prije 9 sati

    No don't let him win once dude just tell the people that to go or jump out and let Chandler win for the first time and make this blue if you want Chandler to win😉

  • Gohan Kurosaki
    Gohan Kurosaki Prije 9 sati +3

    This how many people think Chandler is cute

  • Alberto Gonzalez
    Alberto Gonzalez Prije 9 sati

    MrBeast: Everyone who is alive wins $90k

    Chandles: *sUiCiDeS*

  • pastel panda
    pastel panda Prije 10 sati

    waer you guys useing vr chat?

  • Dominick Papa
    Dominick Papa Prije 10 sati

    Great job me beast you should tell everyone to lose just so chandler can finally win please

  • Louie Lobster
    Louie Lobster Prije 11 sati

    I subscribed

  • Crystal Yensko
    Crystal Yensko Prije 12 sati

    I'm so glad becca is back

  • Big PUNISHER2004
    Big PUNISHER2004 Prije 12 sati

    Me is very sad because chandler never wins... Me wants chandler to win!

  • Epic Gamer Snake :D
    Epic Gamer Snake :D Prije 12 sati

    Omg I LOVEEEE super hot

  • Talking Orange Blob
    Talking Orange Blob Prije 12 sati +1

    What an *amachandler.*

  • just a suigeneris fan here

    🤣 🤣 🤣 Chandler is funny.

  • Sophie biddulph
    Sophie biddulph Prije 12 sati

    Chandler for gods sake please just when a challenge

  • Abdallah Musafir
    Abdallah Musafir Prije 12 sati

    Do a "First to leave gets 30k"
    Chandler will be happy

  • Toney
    Toney Prije 12 sati

    These Chandler comments have me rofl ohhh my god guys

  • Jayline’s Life
    Jayline’s Life Prije 13 sati

    Go chandler

  • Dan Kalal
    Dan Kalal Prije 13 sati

    1:37 what ís name of this song? :D

  • Jeni Kirk
    Jeni Kirk Prije 14 sati

    In the Ruskin hotel

  • Paul Rubio
    Paul Rubio Prije 14 sati

    Idea: last to leave wins but you can’t tell when anyone else leaves.

  • Commander Tommy Swordguy
    Commander Tommy Swordguy Prije 14 sati +2

    MrBeast: You breath you win.
    Chandler: Suffucates himself

  • Kimi Vazquez
    Kimi Vazquez Prije 14 sati +1

    I was for real crying when chandler started crying 😭😭😭

  • Jason R Rich
    Jason R Rich Prije 14 sati

    3:38 why did chandler remind me of a default skin from Fortnite

  • Daria Figueroa
    Daria Figueroa Prije 14 sati +1

    Poor chandler pobresito

  • Fortnite trolling
    Fortnite trolling Prije 14 sati

    When chandler was spitting his water out it was halrious

  • Mjay
    Mjay Prije 15 sati +1

    This is how many challenges chandler won
    See it has no likes

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez Prije 15 sati


  • Ebony mayle and Quad vlogs

    Do last to eat

  • Minimum cinnamon
    Minimum cinnamon Prije 17 sati

    Last to stop eating wins.
    Bet Chandler would be good at that.

  • bloodbath 2006022
    bloodbath 2006022 Prije 17 sati

    Canler is afraid of Santa claus

  • Virus the glitch hog
    Virus the glitch hog Prije 17 sati

    21 mill congrats

    ♠HAMBONEZ♠ Prije 17 sati

    MrBeast: We're just fucking giving Chandler 10k

    George: Sorry man I got my name changed a while back

  • Xhemile Temaj
    Xhemile Temaj Prije 17 sati

    I will give everyone money on earth

    Chandler : becomes an Enderman and teleports to Mars

  • Almighty Savage
    Almighty Savage Prije 18 sati

    Chandler a fucking pussy all he have to do is just stand in the sand box or keep the vr on all those challenges are hella easy

  • Adrian Vang
    Adrian Vang Prije 18 sati

    Next challenge: First to be Chandler wins
    Chandler: I’m Jake.

    CLAY JACKSON Prije 18 sati

    One more please

  • Danielle Fenton
    Danielle Fenton Prije 18 sati +1

    Do first one to get off the toilet challenge .

  • Two Facedgamer
    Two Facedgamer Prije 18 sati

    Mr beast: first one to play the challenge wins the challenge

    Chandler: doesn't play the challenge

  • Judys Lopez
    Judys Lopez Prije 18 sati


  • XxGacha_ rocKxX
    XxGacha_ rocKxX Prije 19 sati

    Poor Chandler 😔😔😔😔

  • Victoria :D
    Victoria :D Prije 19 sati

    Chandler is good at pooping

  • Sarah Veine
    Sarah Veine Prije 19 sati

    I love how chandler got hit in the face with a ball

  • Justin Ambrosio
    Justin Ambrosio Prije 20 sati

    If I’m honest he would won the Lamborghini challenge BUT IF YOU INFANTS DIDNT SCARE HIM

  • Itz Sunflower
    Itz Sunflower Prije 20 sati

    Why does everyone want to kick Chandler?

  • Itz Sunflower
    Itz Sunflower Prije 20 sati

    Is chandler actually quitting??

  • Zeke Shrull
    Zeke Shrull Prije 20 sati


  • Logan Katz
    Logan Katz Prije 21 sat

    What if I watched this inn VR...

  • Minecraft Memes
    Minecraft Memes Prije 21 sat

    Plz dont kick chanler

  • Ryan Noonan
    Ryan Noonan Prije 21 sat

    Mr Beast:I’m giving everyone in the world money. Chandler: goes into space

  • KanKaroo aka CraZy NinJaZ

    2:29 why are we still here

  • Peli Mato
    Peli Mato Prije 21 sat +1


  • enlightened light
    enlightened light Prije 21 sat

    Mr beast: whoever stay 24 hours on earth win 20,000
    Chandler abduct by alien

  • Boboy Abucay
    Boboy Abucay Prije 21 sat

    Subscribe to Mrbeast or I'll kick Mrbeast.

  • Kj bang bang channel
    Kj bang bang channel Prije 22 sati

    At 1:49 what the song

  • Carolina Yang
    Carolina Yang Prije 22 sati

    I wanted chandler to win

  • Dr m33m
    Dr m33m Prije 23 sati

    MrBeast: if you’re names chandler you win
    Chandler:*changes name*

  • BlaDE Pros
    BlaDE Pros Prije 23 sati

    poor chandler :(

  • Hayden Perry Rosales

    Lol mr beast used a copyrighted music in the back ground

  • Abdul Qadir Haider
    Abdul Qadir Haider Prije dan

    I love mr beast

  • Xaveon Washington
    Xaveon Washington Prije dan


  • TriHardBoi dubs
    TriHardBoi dubs Prije dan


  • Nella Zavaglia
    Nella Zavaglia Prije dan

    Hey mr best r.i.p Chantler

  • Esaul Valenzuela
    Esaul Valenzuela Prije dan

    12:23 poor chandler

  • Tunes.Mp3
    Tunes.Mp3 Prije dan

    😭he wanted the biggest prize, and misses this 50 k

  • Serina Ramirez
    Serina Ramirez Prije dan

    I’m so sad chandler lost all of the challenges :(((

  • ohthatspretty personalised baby clothes bouquets

    Do last to leave the house and chandler will propally win

  • connor durglo
    connor durglo Prije dan

    RIP chandler

  • Charlotte Aquilina
    Charlotte Aquilina Prije dan

    Chandler sucks at these challenges no effervescent

  • Lily coco Coco
    Lily coco Coco Prije dan


  • Daedric Bane
    Daedric Bane Prije dan

    What vr set is that

  • heyo 1
    heyo 1 Prije dan

    Hey you should do an eating contest so Chandler can FINALLY win something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ithink- ItsBBK
    Ithink- ItsBBK Prije dan

    Do a challenge that you have to lose to win. Chandler would finally win but he'd lose because he'd win

  • Amar Singh
    Amar Singh Prije dan

    Help me

  • Animal lovers
    Animal lovers Prije dan