Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Game Revealed (HBO)

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  • The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • Arwen Undo
    Arwen Undo Prije dan

    Respect for the people behind scene,for the actors,and thimbs down for two idiots who ruined everything with the end!!!

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  • hayder alrubaiai
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  • Aaron Moktan
    Aaron Moktan Prije 2 dana

    I want to watch everything from the beginning can anyone help me out. I cant find a squence

  • M T
    M T Prije 3 dana +1

    when will they reveal the episode 6 part of "game revealed"

  • T. Saruman
    T. Saruman Prije 3 dana

    Where's Inside the Episode 6?

  • Lautaro Soria
    Lautaro Soria Prije 4 dana

    Esta llena de sexo su serie me tienen arto

  • Arieff :'V
    Arieff :'V Prije 5 dana


  • Remo Valitutto
    Remo Valitutto Prije 6 dana

    I'm so sad and angry, too. You will be in Italy (Gaeta) in the next days for prequel shoots and There isn't a casting call for Italian guys. 👹👹👹👹👹

  • Cute Girl
    Cute Girl Prije 7 dana

    asco de final

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

  • Hugo Daniel Zamorano Gil

  • Stranger Things happen in Riverdale

    I always imagined that Sam was the narrator. Since Jon was basically a hero to him maybe this was the reason the Starks were so great in the point of view.

  • Gonaddabarbarian
    Gonaddabarbarian Prije 8 dana

    what a waste of all those other great seasons. this show will now be remembered as a Disturbing Flop.

  • Zm Nuñez
    Zm Nuñez Prije 9 dana


  • Kostas Gur
    Kostas Gur Prije 10 dana

    Shoot the 8th season from the beginning. Enough with this bullshit. We did not stuck for 10 years to see this end. It is not worth it, neither for the characters, nor for you as creators.

  • FrykeMike
    FrykeMike Prije 10 dana

    It really is breathtaking how much time is put into the set of GoT.
    I have so much respect for the whole crew.
    This is the best series ever made!

  • Vimal Bz
    Vimal Bz Prije 10 dana

    Its a way of justifying dany's actions that she was carrying out the last wrds her father yelled repeatedly before dying. "Burn them all" . Madking felt betrayed so did dany..He wanted to burn them all and so did she..
    Jaime is kingslayer and jon is queen slayer..jaime did it to protect ppl and his father, jon did it protect possible future innocent victims and his fmly..jaime loved his sister, jon loved his aunt unknowingly of course (Inter-family). We dont get to choose whom we love. J&J

  • Matheus Paschoim
    Matheus Paschoim Prije 10 dana

    sete anos esperando um final tao ruim !!!

  • bigmac muffin
    bigmac muffin Prije 11 dana

    holy shit that was amazing! B-E-A-utiful episode
    oh wait i thought this was stranger things!

    Fuck you! you smug writer! you made me wait two years for dog shit!

  • Panthera
    Panthera Prije 11 dana

    Disliking this video seems a tad unfair; sure the episode was a dumpster fire, but is there really no other way to went one's disappointed? These people (minus the writers) put all they've got into making this episode, show the respect *they* deserve.

  • Bishari Thomas
    Bishari Thomas Prije 11 dana


  • Asbjørn Meldgaard Grentzmann


  • TayTay Flex
    TayTay Flex Prije 11 dana

    Omg 😮 this is so entertaining

  • Sumit Bhushal
    Sumit Bhushal Prije 12 dana please check out this video. Its game of thrones theme cover.

  • Mohammad Siddiqui
    Mohammad Siddiqui Prije 12 dana

    Episode 5 should be called shit

  • Jodiann Walker
    Jodiann Walker Prije 13 dana

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  • Skm3r
    Skm3r Prije 14 dana

    Salute to the set producers
    And dracarys to show writers

  • Rian Beegles
    Rian Beegles Prije 15 dana +1

    Dany is very clearly shown as pregnant at 5:18. Just more evidence that D&D changed things last minute to sUbVErt exPecTaTionS. I don't believe for a second that even half of the main characters endgames are true to the books. I think the closest to an accurate endgame D&D did with Dany was having her die, but that's it.

  • daniel lebovsky
    daniel lebovsky Prije 15 dana

  • Le Réalisateur Tristan & BenPasSolo

    Énorme !

  • L Don
    L Don Prije 15 dana

    My face when I forget about the iron fleet

  • Karim
    Karim Prije 16 dana

    2nd World war as a reference as usual

  • Agusta Sister
    Agusta Sister Prije 16 dana

    5:18 danny is pregnant!!!!

  • Agusta Sister
    Agusta Sister Prije 16 dana

    Theae idiots ruined perfection.

  • Metal God
    Metal God Prije 17 dana +1

    This is exactly how democrats will always act they will tell you how awesome socialism is then they will gain power and make your life miserable.

  • jackson beardsley
    jackson beardsley Prije 18 dana

    34:46 what the score of this music?

  • Michael Sparrow
    Michael Sparrow Prije 18 dana

    not for the last episode ?

  • Okafor innocent
    Okafor innocent Prije 18 dana


  • blubu R
    blubu R Prije 18 dana

    Game Revealed s8 e6???????????????????????????

  • Reactions SRL
    Reactions SRL Prije 18 dana +42

    Look at Dany at 5:17. She WAS PREGNANT! And also where is episode 6 Game revealed? We need explications.

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor Prije 16 dana +8

      It definitely did look like it I think they decided to change certain things because they definitely kept hinting that she'd end up pregnant in season 7. Lena Heady said in an interview that she filmed a miscarriage scene thst got cut from season 7 finale changing her storyline drastically.

  • I kinda forgot
    I kinda forgot Prije 19 dana

    Reveal episode 6 coming soon

  • Talen White
    Talen White Prije 19 dana

    Fuck you DUMB and DUMBER fuck you

  • sinkiy
    sinkiy Prije 19 dana

    Can’t wait for the prequel. HBO has been making great shows lately G.O.T, Big little lies, Chernobyl, euphoria, years and years, soon watchmen, his dark materials, demimonde. I just wish they would make more and let you binge watch them.

  • Ronen DZ
    Ronen DZ Prije 19 dana

    fuckk seasion 8

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire Prije 19 dana +1

    17:32 Huh? The bloodlust of the Starks? The Starks don't go around murdering women and children for no apparent reason. They're honorable. This crap isn't anywhere near it. You people don't even know the character of the people you've been writing about for years.

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire Prije 19 dana +1

    16:29 Which is also nonsensical, especially for the Northmen... Like what? These guys have been under Jon's command for a while now. They aren't freaking Ironborn, they aren't Bolton troops. What the eff is wrong with them that they are just ignoring Jon's orders and massacring innocent bystanders?

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire Prije 19 dana +1

    14:54 But she's not taking anything... She's destroying a perfectly good city and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people. Apparently she doesn't want to actually have subjects to rule or any sort of economy to support her existence.

  • ScorchHellfire
    ScorchHellfire Prije 19 dana +2

    13:55 Oh really? Is that what she felt? Because you guys sure as hell didn't convey that on the screen. All we saw is Daenerys staring at the Red Keep and then going all twitchy-faced for a moment before turning from a benevolent freedom-fighter into a psychotic mass-murderer in a matter of a few seconds.

  • Stephanie Rob
    Stephanie Rob Prije 20 dana

    Even the bts stuff is emotional. So sad to see this show go.

  • Nikita Shevtsoff
    Nikita Shevtsoff Prije 20 dana +2

    RIP GOT.
    RIP Star Wars - Benioff and Weiss coming.

  • Wave Potter
    Wave Potter Prije 20 dana

    These writers did not deserve such an amazing cast and crew. What a waste of potential.

  • the ford
    the ford Prije 20 dana +5

    5:17 uhhh are y'all seeing what I see?

  • Arya Filnet
    Arya Filnet Prije 20 dana +1

    I miss GOT so much :-(

  • Charlie Greaves
    Charlie Greaves Prije 20 dana +1

    Why is nobody talking about the fucking huge baby bump?? She was PREGNANT. D&D are a fucking joke. Everything they cut would’ve made this season 10x better.

  • Chococats Style
    Chococats Style Prije 21 dan +4

    look closely at 5:15 you guys, its there...

  • Katie Pyle
    Katie Pyle Prije 21 dan +4

    zoom in on Daenerys around 5:10. is that a baby bump??!!?!??!??

  • TheSasa 007
    TheSasa 007 Prije 21 dan +1

    Game of Thrones is the worst!!! Even Spongebob is better!!!!!!