Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Inside the Episode (HBO)

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  • Go inside Season 8 Episode 2 with the Executive Producers of Game of Thrones.
    The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

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  • Andy Alexis
    Andy Alexis Prije mjesec

    The good old days, just when we though that we could finally see the great and powerfull white walkers against the humanity, when we thought that this was going to be the most epic episode in the history of tv, but no, just a pile of fan service garbage and plot armor.

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    Well at least 1/3 of season 8 is only as bad as season 7...

  • Sauvage Sileneux
    Sauvage Sileneux Prije 2 mjeseci

    this is the last video of someones play list called my depression confused deeply but in some ways understand....

  • Dáithí Ó Murchú
    Dáithí Ó Murchú Prije 2 mjeseci

    This was in retrospective the only good episode of this season. And even then it's at best a 7/10

  • gangas gongas
    gangas gongas Prije 3 mjeseci

    What is game of thrones doing here

  • September2004
    September2004 Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    1:49 "She's so used to Jaime taunting her and being the kinda of nasty Jaime Lannister of old."
    WTF? Isn't that way in the past now? Their last two conversations, when he gave her his Valyrian Steel sword and outside of Riverrun was so respectful.
    Plus, he waves her goodbye when he sees her and Podrick rowing away from Riverrun. That was a stupid dialogue.

  • September2004
    September2004 Prije 4 mjeseci

    5:23 Best thing in this episode for me, Brienne's smile when she's knighted. Such joy!

  • Victor Thulani
    Victor Thulani Prije 4 mjeseci

    They should have made "king-slayer" a dragon glass hand so he can slap those white walkers.

  • Kaneda Shotaro
    Kaneda Shotaro Prije 4 mjeseci

    It was already shit from here

  • jessie vanderstam
    jessie vanderstam Prije 4 mjeseci

    I understand her. After everything she had lost. She was finally there, ready to release the hate and anger that grew inside her. But then.. Cersei and everyone who follows her, surrendered. She was sitting there on Drogon watching over the city from his back. She had won.. But her enemy's where stil alive unpunished, and she still felt that anger and hate. She heard the bells telling her it's over fueling the anger and hate growing even stronger now, realizing the only victory is ultimate victory, and so it happend.. She flew up on Drogon releasing the hate and anger wanting only but ultimate victory. Burning every civilian, innocent people, John Snow see's his former lover is going crazy seeing the horror in his face. We should not forget the love he felt for her, even after what she's done he was stil sort of protecting her. Tyrion talked to him telling him he knows whats good and he knows what has to be done. He did it. Not because he wanted it. Because he had to for the realm of men. Iknow many poeple are mad he was sended to the nightswatch again. But he never wanted to be King, i agree he would be a good King but i was not what he wanted. He wanted to be free, he wanted to be in the North and live his life.. And you know what? That is exactly what happens.

  • Deni
    Deni Prije 5 mjeseci +6

    I really liked this episode, never would I have guessed it's the last good episode of the show, I mean there's a consensus that the quality decreased after season 4 but nevertheless I still regarded it as the best tv show ever by far..

  • Gaya
    Gaya Prije 5 mjeseci

    I've made a cover of "Jenny of Oldstones", it's on my channel if you're interested 😊

  • JexoneSW
    JexoneSW Prije 5 mjeseci +3

    I came back here when there was no hate 😭

  • Samaru onesixthree
    Samaru onesixthree Prije 5 mjeseci +2

    "For Brienn, she is in love with someone who doesn't realize that she is because that kind of experience hasn't been a part of her life." I guess her love and devotion to Renly Baratheon just doesn't exist in the show's history anymore?

  • Mavro Polyhromo
    Mavro Polyhromo Prije 5 mjeseci

    They haven't mentioned that Jaime loves her.. So sad.

  • Peđa Miličević
    Peđa Miličević Prije 5 mjeseci +4

    Fuck you both. You talentless pieces of shit.

  • Al Vere
    Al Vere Prije 5 mjeseci

    even all real knews the such called surprise since times ! Love that conclusion

  • clxjyr ytb
    clxjyr ytb Prije 5 mjeseci

    dany would love to kill jaime for what he did to her father but didn’t she burned alive sam’s brother and his father as well, didn’t she saw her own brother viserys died right in front of her and the only thing she had done to the man who killed him was loving him and being pregnant with him
    talk about justice cunt

  • Tyler Hansen
    Tyler Hansen Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    This show sucks now

  • Roly-Poly Panda
    Roly-Poly Panda Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Jon Snow: "The Night King made them all. They follow his command." "...We'll put you in the crypt, where it's safest."
    Have you forgotten what happened in Hardhome Jon Snow?!

  • Dwayne de Kort
    Dwayne de Kort Prije 5 mjeseci +4

    This episode lost all the emotional impact after watching episode 8.3. Damn, sad to see a bad episode ruin such a powerful build-up.

  • A.Almulla
    A.Almulla Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    I loved this episode so much. However, after watching ep3 it made no sense wasting an hour on it.
    Especially after having fans waiting two years for 6 final episodes.

  • Alison H
    Alison H Prije 5 mjeseci


  • jay23cr
    jay23cr Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    This series is a whole lot of garbage 🗑

  • Ann Shalamova
    Ann Shalamova Prije 5 mjeseci

    It's hurt to watch this Inside Episode knowing that most of this characters are dead.

  • Karakuioshi
    Karakuioshi Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Podrick can do EVERYTHING!

  • Avanindra D
    Avanindra D Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    I remember a time when "inside the episode" used to mean putting out their creative choices and ideas. This is just d&d explaining what we've already seen and what we know

  • Hollywood Hicks
    Hollywood Hicks Prije 5 mjeseci

    Some of the dopest television I've ever seen. GOT is the GOAT

  • blackclothesblackcat
    blackclothesblackcat Prije 5 mjeseci

    Who I think will die: Dany, Jaime, Theon
    Who I think will survive: Sansa, Jon, Samwell
    Idk what will happen: Arya, Tyrion, Bran, Night King (Idk he might not die and mught transform back to his old self or some shiz),

  • jayendra khandayat
    jayendra khandayat Prije 5 mjeseci

    Wrost scene is arya...

  • maroonmacaroons
    maroonmacaroons Prije 5 mjeseci

    14 fooking hours

  • Маша Левина
    Маша Левина Prije 5 mjeseci

    They had to film such videos not only for 8 season, it helps to understand the show better

  • Melina
    Melina Prije 5 mjeseci +13

    The moment Jamie said this to Brianne: "...if you'll have me". It's like as if he's proposing her to marry him. It's like he's DECLARING (finally!) his love to her, weather he realizes his feelings towards her or not. Sooner or later I hope he will.
    I sometimes forgot how I hated Jamie in the beginning of the GOT serries, because he was such an asshole. A JERK and a spoilded little BRAT that I wish someone would finally knock his teeths out, but never could I expect any women could take his heart away from his so called "true love" cerssie. It's just beautiful. Brianne trully made a man out of Jamie and I ship them anytime, no matter what the end holds for them both. They deserve each other, they complete each other, they need each other. They are meant for each other in this life or the next.
    GO JAMIE & BRIANNE!!! 😍😍😍

  • Mr roy
    Mr roy Prije 5 mjeseci

    When the night king somehow makes it to the world of man you will be there waiting for him

  • kWoN oUjO
    kWoN oUjO Prije 5 mjeseci +2

    Love this episode; lots of Jaime and Brienne sweet moments, funny moments for Tormund, Arya FINALLY is no longer virgin, and heart breaking moment for the new Couple Jon and Dany...
    its like the calm before the storm...

  • Daniel
    Daniel Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Sad its coming to an end but happy it was birthed into existence and was able to witness such an amazing show

  • Tutytok
    Tutytok Prije 5 mjeseci

    this will be the saddest season, because its the finale season 😭

  • Piranha Fish and Friends
    Piranha Fish and Friends Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Piranha Fish and Friends
    Piranha Fish and Friends Prije 5 mjeseci


  • Piranha Fish and Friends
    Piranha Fish and Friends Prije 5 mjeseci


  • l JK l
    l JK l Prije 5 mjeseci


  • D Mur
    D Mur Prije 5 mjeseci

    Jon: Knew nothing
    Brienne: Became something
    Jamie: will do anything
    Pod: Been singing
    Melasande: Glammoring
    Tyrion: thinking
    Sansa: Whining
    Sam: Pooping
    Dany: Throneing
    Tormund: Stareing
    Davos: Aging
    Greyworm: Dying
    Arya: killing

  • MovieSeries Trailers
    MovieSeries Trailers Prije 5 mjeseci +4

    EP 3 HERE

  • Nikki Dolce
    Nikki Dolce Prije 5 mjeseci

    No one thinks to have Melissandre send a shadow baby to assassinate the night king?

  • yannick930
    yannick930 Prije 5 mjeseci

    The complete destruction of Tyrion's character is too much for me. I can't buy it. It's forced and not natural. He trusting Cersei to help is a travesti ! Specialy since he knows her.
    Cercei is a mastermind, Jaime a genius in strategy, Euron is the Joker (The only thing i can accept because we didn't knew him before). Everything felt so wrong in season 7 and 8 so far. I've to come to term that it's a parallel universe.
    It's not even about what i want it's just make no sense. But i'm gonna watch it anyway just to see how it ends.

  • Nafiz Imtiaz
    Nafiz Imtiaz Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Pod's song "Never wanted to leave" oh, the things that are coming!

  • Qobamo Q
    Qobamo Q Prije 6 mjeseci

    We don't need suspense, just slain each other and end this series forever

  • Rinmoo zara2
    Rinmoo zara2 Prije 6 mjeseci

    How many of you didn't like the scene when lady sansa was f**k up by ramsay Bolton ,i really hate that moment 😑😑😑

  • Leslie Shevalier
    Leslie Shevalier Prije 6 mjeseci

    Please note: the HBO GOT site is the only for sure safe site about the show. There is a person who even after being blocked and reported to you tube, can ban anyone without cause, from multiple sites, be abusive, admittedly trolls, and has threatened me. Who has that kind of power... I will give you his screen name if there's a safe way to do so.

  • Ryan Kenny
    Ryan Kenny Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    Night kings secret weapon?? Living dead Hodor.

    • Ally Katt
      Ally Katt Prije 5 mjeseci

      Ryan Kenny Definitely. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this mentioned more. Plus there will be at least 4 undead direwolves that Ghost & Nymeria will have to fight. It’s going to be ugly. And heartbreaking.

  • Jaycob Reich
    Jaycob Reich Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    John Daenerys AND the Night king have rode dragons, only 3 beings that have rode dragons

    • Ally Katt
      Ally Katt Prije 5 mjeseci

      Jaycob Reich Targaryens.

  • Queefland Brown
    Queefland Brown Prije 6 mjeseci

    Jenny of Oldstone. More like Dany of Dragonstone

  • Aleksa Momcilovic
    Aleksa Momcilovic Prije 6 mjeseci

    Their war plan was kinda stupid they should of done the same as hannibal did at canne

  • Tenth Man
    Tenth Man Prije 6 mjeseci

    I wrote a song, an anthem. I wrote it on behalf of my mission in Music. Game of Thrones gave me the access to a music environment I wasn't aware existed. Here is the song:

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Prije 6 mjeseci

    Safe to say that Brienne is about to get Sean Bean'd officially peaked lol

  • Matt012763
    Matt012763 Prije 6 mjeseci

    Any plans for battle in the past have usually gone to ahut cuz of Jon. Why should this one be any different?

  • Matt012763
    Matt012763 Prije 6 mjeseci

    Jon's problem, he ain't a soldier. He hasn't fought in wars or enough battles to be one either.

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 Prije 6 mjeseci

    If Theon is guarding Bran then we're all fucked. He is obviously the weakest member of that war council and now he's guarding the most important. Cool, good call

  • milkdud4444
    milkdud4444 Prije 6 mjeseci big mistakes has Tyrion made for Dany???? Other than trusting his sister, what other mistakes???

  • Matt012763
    Matt012763 Prije 6 mjeseci

    All that planning and they still have no clue about what is coming. They have a piss poor plan and no back up plan. Pretty shitty mulitary strategy to not have a back up in case the primary one goes tits up.