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  • Datum objavljivanja: 31. Kol 2017.
  • Rep the Realm is a seven-part streetwear collection bringing together top designers to create limited-edition, micro-collections celebrating Game of Thrones.
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  • Delia456t Kidd
    Delia456t Kidd Prije 6 mjeseci

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  • Ryjox
    Ryjox Prije godine

    Think I'm gonna barf.

  • heymisterderp
    heymisterderp Prije godine

    They didn't even put the right hand on the shoe.

  • 왕겜덕후
    왕겜덕후 Prije godine


  • Sarah Mitcheson
    Sarah Mitcheson Prije godine

    why ?

  • yesthisiscat_
    yesthisiscat_ Prije godine +1

    Everything golden is now inspired by Jamie lannister
    - my golden watch
    - my golden earrings
    - my golden bracelet
    - even my fu**ing golden retriever

  • benedict vivaz
    benedict vivaz Prije godine

    I don't see how this shoe is really inspired by GOT aside from the "very special accessory on the laces" thing. I mean that was a very normal looking shoe. We've seen thousands of that design, its just that this one is shouting GOLD!!! It doesn't even look like it came from GOT's era.

  • Razz Berry
    Razz Berry Prije godine

    i love it!

  • Billy Billy
    Billy Billy Prije godine

    Since when was it unconventional to spray shoes gold

  • Lille P
    Lille P Prije godine

    wtf is this?

  • saucysoviet
    saucysoviet Prije godine

    the fuck do these ugly ass plain looking shoes have to do with Game of Thrones...

    DRGIZMO29 Prije godine

    it's a reasonable promotion strategy for a new fashion brand. i'd say it's a good strategy to approach game of thrones to promote your products and brands. but, if you're given a great power which is a game of thrones level of endorsing, you have to take the responsibility to make a great product. maybe you have all that philosophy behind that plain golden shoes, but you have to do better than that. to us, you're not capturing the golden hand of jaime lannister, you just spray gold the whole shoes and slap a really small golden hand pin on the laces. i hope for the best to KOIO and i hope this criticism would improve your brand.

  • Björn Pettersson
    Björn Pettersson Prije godine

    HBO, stop. That's enough.

  • cogollento
    cogollento Prije godine

    This is the first video that i want to dislike more than one time.

  • Ken Ferm
    Ken Ferm Prije godine +1

    Wtf is this shit

  • Yasmine Alice
    Yasmine Alice Prije godine

    Dafuk is this

  • kittenpawsbb
    kittenpawsbb Prije godine

    Why not put the hand on one shoe only.

  • Sarah
    Sarah Prije godine

    I mean, they do have Jaime's golden hand on the laces, which you can see at 1:25, so they're not totally unrelated like some comments are saying.

  • MonsterTeegs
    MonsterTeegs Prije godine

    Honestly I'm just waiting for Drop Deads GoT selection. Couldn't care less about anyone else.

  • EerieEcho
    EerieEcho Prije godine

    Your crappy shoes have nothing to do with GoT, go advertize with Gossip Girl or something.

  • Jin Seon
    Jin Seon Prije godine

    " don't go down a conventional path" then makes golden fucking shoes....

  • Jin Seon
    Jin Seon Prije godine

    Instead of some golden shoes, how about actually selling Jamie's golden hand by the dozens. I have two hands but I'd still buy it.

  • Jin Seon
    Jin Seon Prije godine

    Fucken shouldve just sold us wigs, outfits and even SWORDS modelled from the GoT universe. Not some golden shoes who could be just some jordans or idk from Italy.

  • Yu Yu
    Yu Yu Prije godine

    Did this channel got hacked?

  • Henry C
    Henry C Prije godine

    wtf is this garbage?..

  • JoeBlow
    JoeBlow Prije godine

    The shoe captures the hand 'element'? BAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. how do these people even manage to breathe.

  • Stan V
    Stan V Prije godine

    They gave up on doing good writing and focused on marketing instead.
    This has stopped being art and has become a product.

  • King of Everything
    King of Everything Prije godine

    All I see in the comments are haters and no one who can come up w/ anything better. I think they're cute and they should send a pair to Nikolai

  • Marco Nemesio
    Marco Nemesio Prije godine

    click bait much?? what does this gay ass shoe have in common with got? fuck off with this garbage

  • Arzex
    Arzex Prije godine

    Da heck?

  • Ann-So Thomas
    Ann-So Thomas Prije godine +1

    Lol they're from germany

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II.
    Kaiser Wilhelm II. Prije godine

    The Hounds respond to this video would be:

    Fuck off!

  • Kaizy
    Kaizy Prije godine

    This is just so random. I am affraid fans will rather buy various T-shirts, posters, maybe sword replicas than this. You should have sent this vid just to people like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kanye West etc. they may need another pair of golden shoes, but regular fan I am affraid needs something like more BTS, interviews or anything show related.

  • Sally99
    Sally99 Prije godine

    I thought Johannes introduced himslf as 'Your highness' at first....

  • Rihkuazo Yord
    Rihkuazo Yord Prije godine


  • Carlo Fajardo
    Carlo Fajardo Prije godine


  • Yeah0bviously
    Yeah0bviously Prije godine +10

    These shitshoes look as garbage as what HBO did with Littlefingers character's development in s07

  • Blacknred Bomber
    Blacknred Bomber Prije godine


  • Marco Misheff
    Marco Misheff Prije godine

    what the fuck is this shit???

  • Joseph Calandria
    Joseph Calandria Prije godine

    So ugly

  • Karne Asada
    Karne Asada Prije godine

    STUPID wth is this crap

  • Anindita Das
    Anindita Das Prije godine
    Plz checkout my HRclip channel

  • Lisa Austa
    Lisa Austa Prije godine

    A shoe for game of thrones??? That's like the Elsa backpacks or this shit and nobody wants them

  • Paul Snow
    Paul Snow Prije godine

    +HBO is there a link for purchase?

  • اصابات رياضية والعلاج

  • alpha B maybe G
    alpha B maybe G Prije godine

    When is the trailer of season 8 commong?

  • MerkinMuffly
    MerkinMuffly Prije godine

    Wtf is this?

  • brendan007
    brendan007 Prije godine

    They sound like Hodor

  • manuel mercado
    manuel mercado Prije godine

    fucking ugly shoes

  • Youssef Massak
    Youssef Massak Prije godine

    I will buy it,, when you BEND THE KNEE!!

  • Tegnet
    Tegnet Prije godine

    So... Inspired by Jaime's hand... And you just make it plain golden?
    That is some lazy ass "designing".
    How about putting some of that awesome detail from his hand on it? Then it would at least have some minimal reason to be connected to GoT.
    HBO, contact me for some awesome white t-shirt designs (Meaning, just white). We can say they're inspired by the White Walkers and sell them for like 200$ a piece!

  • André Silva
    André Silva Prije godine

    "KOIO is a brand for people (...) that don't want to go down a conventional path". Proceeds showing convention shoes.

  • RaffTail
    RaffTail Prije godine

    So spray painted common projects

  • Tyler Harris
    Tyler Harris Prije godine


  • Gwizdo
    Gwizdo Prije godine

    wake me up when season 8 start

  • Octavius
    Octavius Prije godine


  • Natalie Gayle
    Natalie Gayle Prije godine

    This is a joke right?!

  • John S
    John S Prije godine

    And this is related to GOT how exactly?

  • Macra Bill
    Macra Bill Prije godine


  • Jonathan Frakes
    Jonathan Frakes Prije godine

    Chris Wichert and Johannes Quodt are fags. Everyone should just boycott whatever gay shit they're peddling. Who's top, who's bottom? No one knows. All I know is that I'm irritated seeing these kinds of videos on HBO's Game of Thrones channel.
    Anyway, time to unsub. I suggest everyone to do the same until GoT Season 8 arrives. Til next year. :)

  • James VanValkenburgh
    James VanValkenburgh Prije godine

    This is terrible

  • Hayley
    Hayley Prije godine

    A cow died for that shit?

  • Cristina Elena
    Cristina Elena Prije godine

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts Prije godine

    can HBO just fuck off with pushing this shit that no one likes or will ever buy?

  • Dave Reyez
    Dave Reyez Prije godine

    Jesus Christ, is the show not making enough money for HBO?

  • Денис
    Денис Prije godine +1

    Гомики, кыш с нашей полянки!

  • Diviš Dobrý
    Diviš Dobrý Prije godine

    Just ugly ass golden shoes lol, nothing to do with Got, GTFO with this shit

  • Aussie Comedy
    Aussie Comedy Prije godine

    I came on the dislikes

  • Maria Colls
    Maria Colls Prije godine

    All these videos showing different product lines wanting to promote their work through the show seem so divorced from anything to do with Game of Thrones. I personally have found the products fairly uninspiring other than their detail in creating a quality product. These shoes are no different. They pretty much look like so many trainers done before and the small ankle boot trainer looks like its been ripped off from the 80's.

  • Longshank Lockwood
    Longshank Lockwood Prije godine

    Creamy meme dude

  • xorinzor
    xorinzor Prije godine

    I could just spray paint a sneaker in gold and I'd have the same result, don't see whats so special about this (or why you'd even want to wear such an ugly shoe)

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker Prije godine

    Just whose idea was this series?
    We're not Philistines for disliking your abstract art piece.
    You just don't know your audience.

  • A Geek of One
    A Geek of One Prije godine

    These are "top designers"? All of these "artists" have been horrible, seriously. These "designs" are like something from a SNL parody commercial.

  • Billboard Braggins
    Billboard Braggins Prije godine

    3k dislikes....not surprising. What's surprising is the 1k likes.

  • Onivelle
    Onivelle Prije godine


  • korpakukac
    korpakukac Prije godine

    Fuck you HBO.

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person Prije godine

    Stupidest fucking shit ive seen, please fucking stop sponsoring scam artwork for the love god, HBO

  • Bradley Dalton
    Bradley Dalton Prije godine

    This reminded me to unsubscribe until next season, thanks.

  • Potatis 1337
    Potatis 1337 Prije godine

    I swear to you, the creative director of the youtube channel is incompetent. Didn't you learn ANYTHING from the rap thing you ran into the ground for several years in a row? Oh my GOD. HOW are you UNABLE to understand content that the community loves and adores, and how are you with your resources and people unable to even have a SHRED OF A CLUE what people really want? Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  • Clockwork Man
    Clockwork Man Prije godine

    companies really don't understand their audiences anymore, either that or they're just forcing shit on us. sorry ill never wear golden boots, im not justin beiber

  • minationis sapientiae
    minationis sapientiae Prije godine

    ha, GAAAY!

  • Smazey Vapes
    Smazey Vapes Prije godine

    meh shoes are nice but I don't care. Hope HBO actually makes money of this though, I want to see those GOT spinoffs.

  • HordeOnYourTube
    HordeOnYourTube Prije godine

    Lol "GoT" shoes... worst advertising ever

  • SpookyGhostBoY
    SpookyGhostBoY Prije godine

    HBO just look at the amount of views and like/dislike ratio. Take a fucking hint!

  • Pal Dali
    Pal Dali Prije godine

    These shoes are better looking than that ugly bomber jacket

  • Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration

    These shoes have no relation to Game of Thrones like at all..I have a gold filing does that make me family to Jaime Lannister? lol

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez Prije godine +1

    But will there be a free giveaway?

  • 50kT
    50kT Prije godine


  • Jacket
    Jacket Prije godine +3

    Buy these sell-out, overpriced shoes to "live out your life creatively" and to "Persue your passion" these shoes will also help you "figure out what truly inspires you."

  • Max D
    Max D Prije godine

    UNSUBBED! This is straight trash.

  • Roberto González
    Roberto González Prije godine

    This shoes are horrorfull

  • viviana santos
    viviana santos Prije godine

    boi all this hate comments i actually think its a cool idea. specially that little hand

  • Scrooge
    Scrooge Prije godine

    Fucking hipster looking trash

  • Marcos Tadeu
    Marcos Tadeu Prije godine

    I can't see GoT on this.

  • George Hibbard
    George Hibbard Prije godine

    it just looks like gold shoes, it doesn't look GoT related at all. I fell like with a property like GoT they could have been way more creative.

  • Martin Bezecný
    Martin Bezecný Prije godine

    The only reason I clicked the video was to dislike it instantly and close it without watching more than 2 seconds.

  • Skeptical Simmy
    Skeptical Simmy Prije godine +1

    So do these hideously tacky shoes enable the super fast travel and rushed plot lines that we've been seeing in Westeros?

  • Victor Barrios
    Victor Barrios Prije godine

    hey, this is cancer

  • kiriko the smug
    kiriko the smug Prije godine

    yo are those people for real wtf is this man ?

  • Roger Romero
    Roger Romero Prije godine

    Ugly AF!