When The Assist Is More Beautiful Than The Goal

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  • jose carlos
    jose carlos Prije 39 minuta


  • éh o Roger!!!
    éh o Roger!!! Prije sat

    E a do marcelo sinistro na final da copa do Brasil?

  • Atheist With brain
    Atheist With brain Prije sat

    Golo? What the fuck is that ?

  • Sunvir Rahman Sobuj
    Sunvir Rahman Sobuj Prije 2 sati


  • Khalid Moosa
    Khalid Moosa Prije 4 sati

    Probably sum of the greatest moments in world football history maybe perhaps you may never know. But some great stuff ...no doubt...

  • Ikenna Smash
    Ikenna Smash Prije 4 sati

    I don't even watch sports but the asists have always been my sole favorite part about soccer. Good job recommending this, HRclip.

  • Andrés Piñeros
    Andrés Piñeros Prije 5 sati

    Oh my God, Firmino...

  • Министр Российская Федерация

    اكثر من رائع !!
    ويبقى الأسطورة كرستيانو نجم مدريد

  • Doom Dub
    Doom Dub Prije 6 sati

    When the assist is beautiful but you don't score goal *RIP*

  • JA
    JA Prije 6 sati

    Muito bom 👏👏👏👏

  • Mohammad mamun
    Mohammad mamun Prije 6 sati


  • Gangsta Grampa
    Gangsta Grampa Prije 7 sati

    It's crazy how the assists never gets the credit even when the shooter knows it wouldn't be a possible without them. SELFISH BASTARDS!

  • king Dong
    king Dong Prije 8 sati

    terrible collection, are so many better ones out there, obviously a messi fan.

  • Toko Loko
    Toko Loko Prije 8 sati

    very unselfish from Neuer. He could have easily scored himself 07:01

  • Toko Loko
    Toko Loko Prije 8 sati

    good video but why the music?

  • der_Echte
    der_Echte Prije 9 sati

    Why did this get recommended to me now?

  • Trolliixz
    Trolliixz Prije 10 sati

    I don’t even like soccer. I enjoyed this though

  • Dimitrije Mijalkovic
    Dimitrije Mijalkovic Prije 10 sati

    5:15 srbija 😍🇷🇸

  • Yami Lekë
    Yami Lekë Prije 12 sati

    I heard Navi say listen

  • The Dr
    The Dr Prije 13 sati

    I’m sorry but 2:12, how does one do that. De Bruyne is mad.

  • Melon Bread
    Melon Bread Prije 16 sati

    Past Present Future Comment

  • gumunan ndeso
    gumunan ndeso Prije 17 sati

    7:11 paling suka deh

  • gumunan ndeso
    gumunan ndeso Prije 17 sati

    Keren Abizzz

  • Nubian Proud
    Nubian Proud Prije 18 sati

    2nd goal is sick

  • Alcantar Alcantar
    Alcantar Alcantar Prije 20 sati

    No se como se atreven a decir que el béisbol es el rey de los deportes yo creo que el fútbol es lo mejor

  • Juanfer Quinterito
    Juanfer Quinterito Prije 20 sati +1

    Forlan to Aguiar vs Liverpool

  • AllKineHawaiian
    AllKineHawaiian Prije 21 sat

    this video is put together well

    OS MAHLUVIDOS Prije 21 sat

    Deslike só pq na foto aparece Roberto Carlos e no vídeo ele não está

  • Sheikh Saeyd Al Noman
    Sheikh Saeyd Al Noman Prije 22 sati

    Halar pot

  • 공씨포차
    공씨포차 Prije 23 sati

    한국사람 여기있습니다~~
    구티가 나올줄 예상하고 있었지!

  • BreadHead Fr
    BreadHead Fr Prije 23 sati

    5:17 everything is crazy here( exept the scorer who is not recognizing the others^^)

  • Marcelo Azevedo
    Marcelo Azevedo Prije 23 sati

    annoying background noise, new generation think this is music nowadays, terrible

  • Entxrz
    Entxrz Prije dan

    song 4:20 ?

  • Борис Попов

    6:27 Legend has it, he is still saying goal to this day.

    ALL ROUNDER Prije dan

    Thumbnail referee loook like yogi Adityanath

  • Mr Karate
    Mr Karate Prije dan

    Where is Ronaldinho making no looking passes, or passes with his back? Big mistake.

  • Bagus Setiaji Darmawan

    Missed Guti so much!

  • Mena Griego
    Mena Griego Prije dan

    I hate it when people do not give any credit to the defense and the people who assist

  • GabePWNZ
    GabePWNZ Prije dan +1

    Thank you for this recommendation

  • Thore
    Thore Prije dan

    That moment when the goalkeeper gives you an assist. Two legends, Neuer and Klose!

  • Jiikk Heinz
    Jiikk Heinz Prije dan

    Ahora entiendo por qué mi esposo amas este deporte.

  • mo asesorias
    mo asesorias Prije dan

    No entiendo por qué entre bellas asistencias aparece un feo y desganado pase de messi. Es un error de quien editó seguramente no se dio cuenta del error de incluirlo.

  • Berk Akdaş
    Berk Akdaş Prije dan

    really!! where is ronaldinho?

  • Atharv Negi
    Atharv Negi Prije dan

    Best assist, Awesome

  • Dalember Montaño
    Dalember Montaño Prije dan

    Since I started to see the video I was expecting to see Ronaldinho's assistance. He deserves more than one here!

  • Gavarmma mades
    Gavarmma mades Prije dan


  • Patricio0611 7
    Patricio0611 7 Prije dan


  • Nando Capo
    Nando Capo Prije dan

    Riquelme a palermo boca vs real madrid pase de 60 metros

  • Deecky Rizzo
    Deecky Rizzo Prije dan

    No está aquí, pero busquen la asistencia de Andrés Guardado a Joaquín, en el Betis vs La Coruña.

  • Pablo Perez Bruna
    Pablo Perez Bruna Prije dan

    hrclip.net/video/O-drj-ZVfS0/video.html esta asistencia y gol es mejor que varios...

  • Sunzi
    Sunzi Prije 2 dana

    where is Beckham?

  • Bikash konwar
    Bikash konwar Prije 2 dana


  • Te llama mi contestadora

    3:43 song?

  • Breno Lima
    Breno Lima Prije 2 dana

    Nunca vou comprar na MOBLY só por causa dessa propaganda chata em todos os vídeos do HRclip.

  • Mushy Ali
    Mushy Ali Prije 2 dana

    Sometimes the assist is beautiful but that rarely happens

  • Rodger Prado
    Rodger Prado Prije 2 dana

    Põe a do Jadson pro Jô em 2017

  • Galo York
    Galo York Prije 2 dana

    Fact that there are two Zidane assists here that are just ok and no King Ronaldinho tells me whoever put this together knows nothing of nothing.

  • Marianna M
    Marianna M Prije 2 dana


  • 主动先
    主动先 Prije 2 dana

    For travelers from the future, please reply in 3 years.