Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5: Ser Davos and Gendry (HBO)

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  • Watch a clip of Ser Davos and Gendry in "Eastwatch."
    Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Komentari • 987

  • scowlistic
    scowlistic Prije 2 mjeseci


  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Prije 6 mjeseci +1

    ... and rowing ⛵...

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard Prije godine

    the stark girl was kidnapped and raped danyfags

  • Ellie Gaston
    Ellie Gaston Prije godine +1

    “I don’t know much about swinging swords . . .but this ? *holds up war hammer* This I know”
    Gendry Out !!!

  • Chaitanya Chennupati
    Chaitanya Chennupati Prije godine +2

    Nothing fucks you harder than time
    -ser Daavos

  • S. Armstrong
    S. Armstrong Prije godine +1

    "I don't know much about swinging swords, but this ... [shows the hammer] ... this I know" Gendry is just like his father.

  • alex thelizardking
    alex thelizardking Prije godine

    Gendry just took the world's longest coffee break.

  • Vanessa Dawn
    Vanessa Dawn Prije godine +1

    Gendry is so damn sexy.

    PACSA PRODUCTIONS Prije godine +1

    I also reacted to this episode ;)) check it out.

  • kylekrb1
    kylekrb1 Prije godine

    why did davos even bother finding gendry? was it because he's a blacksmith? I'm confused

  • Wael Haboush
    Wael Haboush Prije godine +2

    Ser Davos: The Fremented Crab Knight

  • Mathis Lambert
    Mathis Lambert Prije godine

    Terms project elementary Muslim racial about claim ready.

  • Juan Juri
    Juan Juri Prije godine

    i love that gendry's a ride or die bitch for davos

  • Nicolas U
    Nicolas U Prije godine

    Gendry looks like John Connor hahaha.

  • Angelos Sanguinum
    Angelos Sanguinum Prije godine

    See old man, I've made me a hammer from Warhammer fantasy battles.

  • ah-in-nist sipes
    ah-in-nist sipes Prije godine

    Pooped my pants so hard when this happened

  • LittleFilms
    LittleFilms Prije godine +1

    Gendrys arm strength must be insane

  • Abhilash `Nox` Baruah
    Abhilash `Nox` Baruah Prije godine

    So finally Gendry comes back to the scene, and not like how we thought that he was probably circling the shores of king's landing for 1 and a half season, or was it two?

  • G Romester
    G Romester Prije godine +3

    Guess who's back
    Back again!
    Gendry's back
    From rowin'

  • Ares99999
    Ares99999 Prije godine +1

    A large warhammer. Robert would be proud!

  • Kripto
    Kripto Prije godine +3

    He looks like Christian Bale in the Terminator.

  • Rocky Sharma
    Rocky Sharma Prije godine +3

    Anyone else kinda disappointed with the way his hammer looks. Kinda looks like a rubber mallet with a bigger handle :/. Kinda wish it looked more like Roberts

  • Subhash Bayireddy
    Subhash Bayireddy Prije godine

    They are gonna kill him in the next episode

  • whoisdamaris
    whoisdamaris Prije godine +1

    I literally started yelling when I realised it was Gendry. Please don't kill him, I missed the guy so much.

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev Prije godine

    I wish it's Gendry who sits on the iron throne, with Arya. :)

    KING ROBERT BARATHEON Prije godine +2


  • Dimka Lie
    Dimka Lie Prije godine +5

    Robert Baratheon was probably the strongest fighter ever to live in Westeros . And his favourite weapon was the hammer .
    Gendry is following his father's steps . A great warrior in making .

    • Nick Martin
      Nick Martin Prije 11 mjeseci +1

      A good comparison, but remember, Robert lived and loved to fight whereas Gendry has no love of fighting and is a bit smarter and perhaps kinder than Robert who was hot tempered but then he did have his moments of kindness such as the moment on his deathbed he asked Ned to lift the order for Daenerys's death

  • Daniel Szeman
    Daniel Szeman Prije godine

    Shouldn't he be called 'Gendry Storm' ?

  • Christian James Salazar

    "Thought you might still be rowing." hahahahaha :)

  • uncle skeeter
    uncle skeeter Prije godine +1

    My favorite line ever in GOT.
    "Nothing fucks you harder than time".

  • Xded
    Xded Prije godine

    And a big fucking warhammer

  • Hasan Palas
    Hasan Palas Prije godine

    'Nothing Fucks You Harder than Time ' ...

  • Arne Marušič
    Arne Marušič Prije godine +1

    Bear Grylls be like: "thats my boy, survived days in a boat without water"
    Me: "They even look the sam.."

  • Bioshock Menolly
    Bioshock Menolly Prije godine

    Did anyone else notice Gendrys hammer has a stag head on it?

  • ThinkAdvantage
    ThinkAdvantage Prije godine

    Gendry looks a hell a lot "Michael Fassbender-esk" ...

  • Rundur
    Rundur Prije godine +3

    Gendry be like
    Davos: Look, we shou..

  • danimourinho
    danimourinho Prije godine

    HBO thanks for the spoiler in the title!

  • Jennifer Lim
    Jennifer Lim Prije godine +1

    Gendry: You came to get me? You want me to come with you?
    Ser Davos: The only thing you need to understand is...(getting ready for a big convincing explanation)
    Gendry(interrupts): I am ready. Let's go.

  • EL34 XF2 LiFe
    EL34 XF2 LiFe Prije godine

    Fermented crab!

  • NapoleonBonaparte
    NapoleonBonaparte Prije godine


  • soundslave
    soundslave Prije godine

    Gendry is the 'red shirt' of the team going north. Can't have a good or important character die on that mission. Get Gendry in and he'll die. it'll inject terror into the situation without actually killing off someone that matters.

    • Mark LT
      Mark LT Prije godine +1

      He lives through the next episode

  • Kev
    Kev Prije godine

    My boy Gendry is looking like Christian Bale lol

  • SoukEye
    SoukEye Prije godine

    You can just tell the hammer is made of plastic by the way it shines and the way he holds it is so unrealistic. I get that this is a fantasy show but come on, that was just unprofessional and stood out so much it pulled me out of this episode immersion-wise.

  • Nina Claes
    Nina Claes Prije godine

    Peeps, daily I think deeply handsome $ handful

  • Kasey Hughes
    Kasey Hughes Prije godine +24

    If he doesn't get reunited with Arya I swear...

  • m I o . o I m
    m I o . o I m Prije godine

    Starring Christian Bale as Gendry.

  • Raviraj Bl
    Raviraj Bl Prije godine

    Is it only me who thinks Gendry resembles Christian bale

  • Jan Šinkovec
    Jan Šinkovec Prije godine

    You mean Ser Davos and Bear Grylls? That survival mofo aint fooling nobody

  • OriHadar
    OriHadar Prije godine


  • ByronRaver
    ByronRaver Prije godine

    Hammer time.

  • Laura Jacobs
    Laura Jacobs Prije godine

    Rofl beautiful I really like this one qightily stress . .

  • Armando Bloom
    Armando Bloom Prije godine

    Thought you might still be rowing :D

  • sicheng's head lice
    sicheng's head lice Prije godine

    I missed this guy so much

  • Supergrover
    Supergrover Prije godine

    I'd have still taken some nice extra weapons and maybe a helmet or two

  • Maximus
    Maximus Prije godine

    RIP Ser Meryn never forget

  • k3 note Lenovo
    k3 note Lenovo Prije godine

    Its not gendry...its batman

  • Jonty Lewis
    Jonty Lewis Prije godine

    "fuck it"

  • Yu Narukami
    Yu Narukami Prije godine

    I thought you'd be still rowing.

  • Nate Stewart
    Nate Stewart Prije godine

    Not gonna lie. He pulled out that warhammer and I got a chub. Half mast.

  • Jake
    Jake Prije godine

    Lol Davos is basically like Nick Fury recruiting for the avengers

  • Sean Rhead
    Sean Rhead Prije godine

    I knew we would see Gendry this episode. It was spoiled for me by seeing his name in the opening credits. Didn't make his return any less awesome though.

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon Prije godine

    I now support Gendry, true heir. Wield that hammer like your father did kid. Just when I was about to lose hope on this show.

  • Rebecca Kabwe
    Rebecca Kabwe Prije godine

    I want Gendry and Arya to reunite and fall in love

  • Sarah Usman
    Sarah Usman Prije godine

    The fangirl in me is like, "GENDRY WHY DIDN'T YOU GO TO WINTERFELL TO ARYA?!?!?"

  • Christomir Rackov
    Christomir Rackov Prije godine

    "Thought you might still be rowing"
    Priceless ^_^

  • JeppyAMV
    JeppyAMV Prije godine

    Gendry chooses a war hammer (a weapon that Robert himself has used) is wearing the Baratheon colors and has a stag on his hammer.

  • Ketki Kundawar
    Ketki Kundawar Prije godine


  • E Cz
    E Cz Prije godine

    "You come to get me! I'm ready lets go" - Gendry gwahahaha

  • Ahmedica
    Ahmedica Prije godine

    I thought Christian Bale was Gendry for two seconds.

    DAVID RAMASES Prije godine


  • Alexei Wolkoff
    Alexei Wolkoff Prije godine

    I thought it was Christian Bale

  • Ryner Lute
    Ryner Lute Prije godine

    Gendry... SMASH!

  • Sebastian Pascagaza
    Sebastian Pascagaza Prije godine

    Dude, Davos could've said "Gendry I need you to fuck a rotten turkey" and he'd have been "I'm game, let's go."

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise Prije godine

    And here lies the final resting place of the Gendry meme.

  • Conor Tague
    Conor Tague Prije godine

    Oh hey Gendry, where have you been? No seriously, *WHERE THE FLYING FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*

  • Tt Hh
    Tt Hh Prije godine

    Can't wait until he meets up with Arya again.

  • Karl Rus
    Karl Rus Prije godine

    That warhammer looks so stupid, it was such a dissapointment for me, plus it looks like it's made out of rubber. And in the episode it just seems weightless and in reality that contraption would weight over 10kgs and would be practically imposible to fight properly with it on a extended duration of time, and we're talking literally minutes of swinging that angry goose.

  • Michael Jacquart
    Michael Jacquart Prije godine

    Nothing would make me laugh and cheer harder than if Jon and Dany do actually get together and become king and queen and then Jon legitimizes Gendry and declares him king of the South while he goes back up north.

  • Zachary Van Hooser
    Zachary Van Hooser Prije godine


  • Alex_2g
    Alex_2g Prije godine

    I swear to god if they kill gendry off next episode....

  • Soter
    Soter Prije godine

    I knew it !!!!!!! Yeeesss fucking yesss Gendry is the ONLY and True King of Seven kingdoms!

  • endefisto123
    endefisto123 Prije godine

    Love how they implemeted the meme.

  • ThorosOfMyr
    ThorosOfMyr Prije godine

    Love the new Gendry "no fucks givin" Baratheon .. guess that mean's he's gotta die.

  • LaughS0L0ud
    LaughS0L0ud Prije godine

    Man, he looks so much like Renly in season 1

  • Plafintarr
    Plafintarr Prije godine

    "I think you need to understand what you're..."
    "I'm ready, let's go, because we only have 9 episodes left!"

  • Joey7321
    Joey7321 Prije godine

    *shhhhh* Let us not tell Gendry that steel doesn't work on the undead! I mean, who cares, we have only been talking about dragon glass for the whole season now.

  • Jon McPicogram
    Jon McPicogram Prije godine +8

    Gendry focking Baratheon! Back at it again with the big rowing arms!

  • Jakub Hejna
    Jakub Hejna Prije godine

    We deffinitely needed less character development and more fan service, thank you!

  • mike dixon
    mike dixon Prije godine

    Nothing fucks you harder than time!

  • Jon92311
    Jon92311 Prije godine

    Gendry is Robert's true born son bro he even used a fucking hammer with a stag head on it what a FOOKIN LEGEND.

  • PaulThrashu
    PaulThrashu Prije godine

    I hope there will be a great duel between Gendry Baratheon and Euron Greyjoy next season!

  • The Dude Man
    The Dude Man Prije godine

    This quote from Davos, and especially the way it was shot is very interesting to me at 00:30. "Why should they recognize me, sometimes I hardly do" The way it was shot was to show Davos in the flames. WTF does this mean? Davos is the most interesting character to me ever since the actor Liam said GRRM told him a very private secret. What was that damn secret?

  • Die Hohepriesterin
    Die Hohepriesterin Prije godine

    Omg Gendry😆😍
    And Davos made the rowing joke😂

  • mita0404
    mita0404 Prije godine

    "i thought you might still be rowing"
    best line in the episode, by far, no competition
    also, make the Jon/Gendry bromance the next big thing
    and if Jon is supposed to fuck Danny at some point, by any chance, make him double team her with Gendry
    that's the only thing that'd make it bearable

  • MajorRoe
    MajorRoe Prije godine

    Yeah that motherfucker's gonna die.
    We all know what this show is.

  • Perri Mitchell
    Perri Mitchell Prije godine

    fuck yeah

  • Callum Jay Abbott
    Callum Jay Abbott Prije godine

    It's cool that they got Christian Bale to replace the original actor

  • Nathan Friesen
    Nathan Friesen Prije godine

    Gendry: Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.

  • Hondo Pirat
    Hondo Pirat Prije godine

    Am I the only one thinking Gendry is no bastard and maybe he could be that "dead young boy with black hair" they have been referencing to since season one ? Cersei and Robert true son ?? The one Cersei and Jaime tried and thought they had killed, so only one of their own children would access the throne ?!?

  • Ant Howe
    Ant Howe Prije godine

    Wow am I the only person who thinks Gendry looks like Christian Bale when he turns round and sees Davos??