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Eurovision Top 3 by year (1956 - 2018)

  • Datum objavljivanja: 28. Lip 2018.
  • This video presents all Eurovision Song Contest top 3 by year from 1956 to 2018.
    Thanks for watching!
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    Hot Music Charts  Prije 9 mjeseci +14

    New video hrclip.net/video/IrjjpszUS_8/video.html

    • Jørgen Nielsen
      Jørgen Nielsen Prije 29 dana

      just soo you know 57 3ed was the winner but was depromoted because off a kiss that did go 1sec to long

  • franky raeckelboom
    franky raeckelboom Prije 22 sati

    Awesome upload! Thank you!

  • Eli Cohen - MisterMedia
    Eli Cohen - MisterMedia Prije 2 dana +1

    I Really enjoyed watching until 1998
    this is year music was destroyed.

  • Eli Cohen - MisterMedia

    The good old days, when music was at it's best.
    Thank You.

    MIDNITENOWHERE Prije 2 dana +1

    Now You have to add Duncan Lawrence, Mahmood and Sergei Lazarev

  • ɨ ʟove γou
    ɨ ʟove γou Prije 4 dana

    14:45 You're welcome

  • Albert
    Albert Prije 8 dana +1

    the trouble is that it has become a gimmick contest like the Israel song that won what a load of hogwash 2018 winner what was that all about instantly forgotten

  • Albert
    Albert Prije 8 dana +1

    even in those days, they had lousy songs entries

  • Albert
    Albert Prije 8 dana +1

    the best tune was oh ha just a little be more

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Prije 8 dana

    Sonia was robbed in 1993..

  • Ciprian Maior
    Ciprian Maior Prije 11 dana

    music has nothing to do with this contest, with a few notable exceptions over the years no one even remembers most of these songs; it`s all politics

  • Stijn Klapwijk
    Stijn Klapwijk Prije 13 dana

    What the hell happened in 2018??

  • Nurik Faraonov
    Nurik Faraonov Prije 14 dana


  • Nurik Faraonov
    Nurik Faraonov Prije 14 dana


  • Nurik Faraonov
    Nurik Faraonov Prije 14 dana +5

    Sebnem Paker(Turkey)1997,BEAUTIFULL PRINCESS😘👸😍 and Polina Gagarina 2015. BEAUTIFULL PRINCESS😘👸😍

  • PJ Angels
    PJ Angels Prije 15 dana

    If it's Eurovision how are countries like Israel and Australia allowed to compete?

  • George Smith
    George Smith Prije 15 dana

    What is Celine Dion doing in this?

  • elisma HD
    elisma HD Prije 15 dana

    Eleni Foureira should have won, my favourite eurovision song ever, f*ck Netta and f*ck Israel

  • pausiniforever1
    pausiniforever1 Prije 19 dana

    Grande Gigliola Cinquetti

  • Katherine Evans
    Katherine Evans Prije 19 dana +2

    Sergey Lazarev will win in 2016 😢

  • Vuvuzelo McBubbles
    Vuvuzelo McBubbles Prije 19 dana

    you can easily appreciate how it progressively becomes a circus...

  • Last Dreamer
    Last Dreamer Prije 21 dan +1

    Best Top 3 - 1970

  • Phil igrane
    Phil igrane Prije 21 dan

    Conclusion : En 1988, Céline Dion avait un gros nez.

  • M,J G.
    M,J G. Prije 23 dana

    WHY? do the U.K participate in this farce every year it,s obvious from the voting system that they are saying that they do not want the U.K there, so why do we consistently participate it,s time we pulled the plug, leave them to that clique they are all members of, Please just end this NOW.

  • Jorge Gomes
    Jorge Gomes Prije 25 dana


  • Ryan Rodrigues
    Ryan Rodrigues Prije 26 dana +2

    What nonsense from when Australia is in Europe? 😢

  • Linde Lund
    Linde Lund Prije 26 dana

    We are looking for the best ESC song. You can win many interesting ESC items. Come on and join us.

  • Germinal Montané
    Germinal Montané Prije 26 dana

    41:13 the real winner!

  • harry lloyd
    harry lloyd Prije 27 dana +5

    The Irish have won the Eurovision the most times 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

    • Nabil Massoud
      Nabil Massoud Prije 7 dana

      The lucky leprechauns definitely helped

  • cvetanka777
    cvetanka777 Prije 28 dana

    I didn't watch it in 2019 because, you know, of its location.

  • Emanuel Dor-chay
    Emanuel Dor-chay Prije 28 dana +1

    1:00 - 50:14. the difference in song quality in 60 years is crazy.

    From a beautiful song by a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice

    to a fat feminist girl making chicken noises.

  • Emanuel Dor-chay
    Emanuel Dor-chay Prije 28 dana

    9:39 Austin Powers! Groovy Baby!!

  • Elia Fernandes
    Elia Fernandes Prije 28 dana

    2000, 2001 and 2002 were absolute garbage

  • Life Of Trance
    Life Of Trance Prije 28 dana

    Wow I watched all of this

  • Jacob Pedersen
    Jacob Pedersen Prije 29 dana +1

    The 2018 winner was so weird

  • Leo Leo
    Leo Leo Prije 29 dana +1

    And 2019:
    1. Netherlands 🇳🇱
    2. Italy 🇮🇹
    3. Russia 🇷🇺

    • Leo Leo
      Leo Leo Prije 27 dana

      @Fille Roos Were I blind ? I just said these are the top 3 of 2019 since this video top 3's ends in 2018 and these are the top 3 of 2019 , what do you want from me?

    • Fille Roos
      Fille Roos Prije 27 dana

      were you blind?

  • elisa elisa
    elisa elisa Prije 29 dana

    es gab bessere songs und singers aber ja

  • Tobias Elpelt
    Tobias Elpelt Prije mjesec +8

    Wow, Turkey 1997!

  • Adnan Tuna
    Adnan Tuna Prije mjesec

    1974,1987,1995,1996,2009,2019 real winners.

  • Jaemi
    Jaemi Prije mjesec +2

    Tatu was in eurovision I'm- ..

  • antek236
    antek236 Prije mjesec

    45;02 Sośnierz na flecie xD

  • Max99
    Max99 Prije mjesec

    2009 Norway love

  • Matic
    Matic Prije mjesec

    My god... watching from 50's to modern days it seems like Eurovision failed miserably in the last years...

  • blehh nahh
    blehh nahh Prije mjesec +1

    2007, 2016 and 2018 winners must be the worst

    • propali emos
      propali emos Prije 26 dana

      2007 winner is amazing you probably like shitty English pop songs

  • Mockbaboy
    Mockbaboy Prije mjesec

    *Wowwww what a trip down the memory lane 💖*

  • Izzuddin Idris
    Izzuddin Idris Prije mjesec

    I have came here to see Celine Dion.

  • marlonsalon
    marlonsalon Prije mjesec +1

    90% of the songs are bad, really bad.

  • astroid 9087
    astroid 9087 Prije mjesec

    Amazing work! Thank U

    HUMAN REBEL Prije mjesec +1

    Crap music exept LORDI

  • jj
    jj Prije mjesec +1

    Sir Cliff looks like Austin Powers

  • Hans Müller
    Hans Müller Prije mjesec

    since 2007 one can speak of music

  • Henny van Veldhuizen
    Henny van Veldhuizen Prije mjesec

    Frida Boccara now there is a voice! and Chiara was robbed twice!

  • polski tyton
    polski tyton Prije mjesec

    Celine Dion wow

  • Mj Mcarthy
    Mj Mcarthy Prije mjesec +3

    Ireland won it 3 times in a row

  • Paul Fitzpatrick
    Paul Fitzpatrick Prije mjesec +2

    The only winning songs I really hated were Ukraine in 2016 (I just didn't get it and thought Australia that year should have won) and Israel in 2018 (I just don't like calling people stupid especially half the population it goes against the spirit of the competition. Also the 2nd and 3rd place songs were much much better). There were a couple of songs that its a pity didn't win especially Yohanna from Iceland the that band Manga from Turkey singing 'we could be the same' and I think Italy should have won in 2011 (I liked the Italian song in 2019 too but Im happy Netherlands won also)

    • Paul Fitzpatrick
      Paul Fitzpatrick Prije mjesec +1

      @SheLooksToMe Don't get me wrong Im sure Jamalas song was great (Im not saying anything bad about her or her song). The problem was me - I just didn't get it and then wasn't able to appreciate it. I just thought Dami's song was much MUCH better and her performance that night was amazing, her voice and the high notes was just crazy and she came across in her interviews as a real sweetheart too. As for an Aussie win - technically it is a song contest so the best song should win, I know there are idiots who dont have the cognitive ability to understand this and will moan on about non-European countries winning but who actually cares, if the song is good and the performance was good then that act should win. In fact the competition could probably get rid of the countries names altogether to remove the politics of it

    • SheLooksToMe
      SheLooksToMe Prije mjesec

      I'm Aussie and I really loved Jamala's song, I actually cried when she won lol. I was also a little devastated for Dami but I honestly felt like it would be 'too early' for an Aussie win! (I doubt we'll ever win tbh, some people would say we never should which is fair I guess haha). I am 100% with you on maNga - wish they had won. I miss Turkey :(

  • Rupert Rozells
    Rupert Rozells Prije mjesec

    This contest is for cheating eastern euro cuntries. It stinks & it is only fit for criminals

    • badanka87
      badanka87 Prije mjesec

      Rupert Rozells frustrated much, sir?

  • ImTuty
    ImTuty Prije mjesec +4

    38:13 Sertab Erener - 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷
    43:34 Manga -🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

  • António Rebelo
    António Rebelo Prije mjesec

    It all went downhill from 2000-on...

    DJSOULIS Prije mjesec

    13:10 35:50 38:30 39:50 41:42 49:58 *All These Greek Roots*

  • April Moon
    April Moon Prije mjesec +3

    Johnny Logan is my favorite winner.

  • aureclint1
    aureclint1 Prije mjesec

    Joelle Ursull was 2nd not 3rd

  • Matthew Verbeeck
    Matthew Verbeeck Prije mjesec

    Tu te reconnaitras

  • Ingomar WENZEL
    Ingomar WENZEL Prije mjesec

    35:15 bis 35:17 *Zu Brainstorm* : Wer soll diese Leute in den Himmel bringen? Sagt mir bitte *wer* ? *IDEEN? *

  • Daniel Marret
    Daniel Marret Prije mjesec

    Chaque pays chantait dans sa langue...c'était beau. On découvrait des cultures différentes.

  • E. Peleg
    E. Peleg Prije mjesec

    Diva, Dana International - not the best song, but the most important win for the history of the gay rights

  • E - Paige
    E - Paige Prije mjesec

    I recognised ABBA and Celine Dion.

  • E - Paige
    E - Paige Prije mjesec +1

    I noticed everyone started slowly switching to English.

    • Retrogaming
      Retrogaming Prije 27 dana

      I think that you have to sing in your country language before. Now is optional.

  • Tsunfish
    Tsunfish Prije mjesec +1

    Austria 1966 predicted the future- just win by repeating the same handful of words over and over
    I mean it sounded good but LOL

  • matnados
    matnados Prije mjesec

    Das schönste Lied aller Zeiten war vom Jahre 1984,"TO NIE JA" das Edyta Gorniak gesungen hatte, und das 2-schöne, das die zwei Männer nach ihr am Klavier gesungen haben.

  • Kamil ZIMA
    Kamil ZIMA Prije mjesec

    Edyta Górniak - « To nie ja » in 1994 is my winner !

  • bernard grailly
    bernard grailly Prije mjesec

    Pourquoi vous dénaturez les humains. Ce concours est de plus en plus mauvais! Tout le monde chante en anglais, du moins pour la plupart. Où sont les différents peuples du continent de l'Europe, avec leur caractère. Seuls les effets spéciaux sur scène semblent avoir de l'importance..., dans l'ensemble c'est de la merde! Et c'est casse-couille!

  • Chartok
    Chartok Prije mjesec +3

    Olsen Brothers, always a favourite.

  • Hugo Froux
    Hugo Froux Prije mjesec

    As a French guy I fucking surprised to see so much French musics . Most of songs until 1980’ were in french especially during the 50/60’

  • Jennifer May
    Jennifer May Prije mjesec

    Verka Serduchka Was Robbed 2007

  • nat ship
    nat ship Prije mjesec

    что называется - галопом по Европе!

  • Oz Kir
    Oz Kir Prije mjesec +2

    This is a nice time travel, we see how the music changes, how the styles changes, how the faces of Europe changes, how the technology changes, how the cultures changes I took me to my childhood and teen years.

  • milica lugonja
    milica lugonja Prije mjesec +1

    serbia should've won in 2004 and thats all i have to say.

  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson Prije mjesec

    What can I say, 2019 by far the worst year for ESC. Have been an avid fan since 1987 and although it has always been political, IMO the music was brilliant up to 2015 and always put on a good show ( with the exception of Salvador Sobral, who gave a very moving performance ) the rest of it has been abysmal, if they don't start bringing back the "entertainment" factor then it could well be the ned of this amazing show for me.

    • badanka87
      badanka87 Prije mjesec

      Lee Jackson I think the “show” aspect has improved a lot in recent years and 2019 was one of the best ESCs ever, in my opinion. It is a matter a taste after all so can’t really say you are wrong

  • Damien O Callaghan
    Damien O Callaghan Prije mjesec +1


  • Inyourlap
    Inyourlap Prije mjesec

    Amina in 1991 had such a beautiful song with C’est le dernier qui a parlé. Too bad there was a tie and that she ended up 2nd when they counted the number of 12 points and 10 points the top singers had earned. And Sweden won with a quite basic song.

  • Андрей
    Андрей Prije mjesec

    Since 2003, the winners have been Slovenes (Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan) + Turkey + Sweden = 80% 1-3 places. But there was something wrong with Conchita, Europe and Eurovision went in the wrong tolerant way.

  • Andrew McIlwraith
    Andrew McIlwraith Prije mjesec

    Yeah great - it now embraces the bodily chalenged and sexual ambiguity - but don't be black - cos like Austria and Sweden you will be ignored

    • Andrew McIlwraith
      Andrew McIlwraith Prije mjesec +1

      @badanka87 Hi. Sorry I misherd the result last Saturday. I thought Sweden got 23 televotes against 261 for Nethwerlands. That would have been exceptionally different for two similar songs of countries where politics is not a particular player in their results. It seems the result of the televoting was 107 points for Sweden to 261 points for Netherlands. Still quite a difference but not so large that you could blame it on racism. I withdraw my comment and apologise. I was saying that we shouldn't vote on the basis of skin colour.

    • badanka87
      badanka87 Prije mjesec +1

      Andrew McIlwraith seems a bit unfair to say that since they did get very high in the ranking. Are you saying we should vote based on skin color ?

  • Talyn has time
    Talyn has time Prije mjesec

    Not sure if it was the intent, but at 18:00 it sounds like they're singing "I wanna be your boyfriend" lol

  • Igor Stepochkin
    Igor Stepochkin Prije mjesec

    1956-2018 - less and less songs and music, more and more fricks, gays and politics... it's a pity :((

  • Hircules
    Hircules Prije mjesec +1

    Man I wish there would be more music like Eimear Quinn - The Voice

  • Denice
    Denice Prije mjesec +6

    Alexander Rybak with his song Fairytale will Always be a Eurovision winner

  • zosesayle zosesayle
    zosesayle zosesayle Prije mjesec

    Mocedades and Anabel Conde, the winners.

  • Lisa Helene
    Lisa Helene Prije mjesec +8

    How did Dami Im not win in 2016??

    And how did the epic sax guy not win in 2017??

  • Almudena Carnero
    Almudena Carnero Prije mjesec

    Hola saludos grc grc grc permi personal mundo grc grc grc

  • Miroslav Shagunov
    Miroslav Shagunov Prije mjesec

    Pervert winwer 2016,2017 and 2018.

  • Anatoliy Suprun
    Anatoliy Suprun Prije mjesec

    EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING, BUT I am not sure if the professional jurors are very professional. To be honest: Sergey Lazarev had excellent performance, his vocal possibilities out of the discussion! And LOOK at his low scores from the jurors! I would like to ask all of you guys< is it a political or song contest? Do we have to judge Russians for their exceptional performance or for the wish of people in Crimea to be a part of Russia and run away from Nazi Ukrainian government? Please be honest to yourself!

    • badanka87
      badanka87 Prije mjesec

      Anatoliy Suprun I understand what you are saying and agree, it does get political often. However, if I am honest to myself, and this is just my opinion, Sergey just did not have the best song/show combination and was definitely not better than Italy or Netherlands

  • Eugene Baranov
    Eugene Baranov Prije mjesec +1

    Britain, France, Germany and Spain, pass in the endgame automatically, elite race

    • Bridge 66
      Bridge 66 Prije mjesec

      No, just big money :-)

  • Eugene Baranov
    Eugene Baranov Prije mjesec

    take away the monetization, not your content. Let me hear it properly. Huckster



  • Io & Manu
    Io & Manu Prije mjesec

    SECRET GARDEN (1995)

  • Валерий Давид

    Оказывается на 18.18мин. 1979 год , Franse, снова, Anne-marie David, на высоте , горжусь, что нашу эту фамилию!

  • Валерий Давид

    На двенадцатой минуте 1973 Luxemburg , Anne-Marie David , круто в двойне, красиво поёт , а ещё моя однофамильца!

  • BblTVS
    BblTVS Prije mjesec

    Will you update this video? :)

  • Wictoria Sinnott
    Wictoria Sinnott Prije mjesec

    There is plenty of mistakes here we it's the points and also with the winners, you better check your info...

  • hipsabad
    hipsabad Prije mjesec

    what a tournament of mediocrity!