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    A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during the nine months of pregnancy. The belly is growing so fast and the pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments ever. Somebody changes may be unexpected and catch women by surprise. Every pregnant women and mom will confirm that body does some unexpected things during pregnancy, for example, cravings for food. The taste may change completely and you will have strange food habits like unexpected food combos they have never had before. You can even want to eat non-food items. Be careful and remember that your diet should be well balanced! Moreover, women become more sensitive and the sense of smell becomes stronger.
    During pregnancy, life brings you challenges every single day. Growing belly could bring some problems. For example, you can’t pick up keys from the floor because of the big belly. You need a special pillow for a comfortable sleep or even several pillows; it’s really hard to wear your favorite sneakers as extra fluid in the body cause swelling ankles and feet; people pay a lot of attention to your belly. And the worst moments are that you run to and from the toilet about hungered times a day. On the other hand, you have a lot of benefits everybody cares about you and make your life more comfortable. Moreover, your belly is growing and you can borrow t-shirts and hoodies from your husband.
    As a bonus, you will find a lot of ideas on how to transform your ordinary clothes into pregnancy clothes. Nursing tops may cost a lot and we know how to make a nursing top out of a tank top.
    00:09 Funny pregnancy moments
    01:07 Common pregnancy cravings
    06:34 DIY nursing top
    08:43 Maternity pants
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    Plz pray for my aunt because now she is in hospital and her baby does not response

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    This is birth

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    Not every woman can relate to pregnancy because some women are barren and can have children. Others just don't want children

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    I can't relate I'm only 14 and I don't even have a boyfriend but I happy for you

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    Washing powder cannot be breathed in pregnancy because of the toxins and birth effects

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    Washing powder That woman in video was smelling is toxic to smell during pregnancy

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    You giys are so judgemental to pregnant people

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    But boy or girl
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