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    Get ready for Halloween and create cool accessories and costumes for themed parties. Moreover, you can decorate your home for a party. For example, you can create a spooky ghost, wall decorations and more!
    If you want to dress up like an elf we share an easy tutorial on how to create elf ears in 5 minutes. There are a lot of ways to create a pair of elf ears, we choose a quick project where all you need is a band-aid. Check out an easy tutorial.
    My favorite project is a zip tie crown that is perfect not only for themed parties. You will need only three items: zip ties, a plain headband, gold spray paint. Check out an easy tutorial on how to attach zip ties. Cover your Crown with spray paint. You will look fabulous in this crown!
    Do you love pirates? You will love the next project! You can easily make a pirate hook from a plastic cup and an old hanger. Cut the hook off the hanger and attach it to the plastic cup.
    Vampire look is not complete without fangs and instead of buying them at a party store make them with your hands. Make cheap fangs using drinking straws.
    Check out a lot of decoration ideas for your home! You can make a spooky decoration that will surprise your friends and make a party memorable. Cement is a cool material for crafting Let’s start from cement pumpkin! It’s a quick project that is totally cute! You will need cement, old tight and rubber bands. You can paint your pumpkin in any color you like! Watch full tutorial in our video!
    00:09 Zip tie crown
    00:26 DIY Pirate hooks
    01:06 DIY Elf ears
    03:34 Spooky decorations for your house
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    Camila Patino Prije dan

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    Your Local Killer Prije dan

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  • Kelsey Davis
    Kelsey Davis Prije 4 dana

    Ok you needed the rest of the costume you have the money go buy them

  • Ava Hoglin
    Ava Hoglin Prije 8 dana +1

    they photoshopped the cover of the vid

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  • Kelly Leung
    Kelly Leung Prije 13 dana

    Why this girl is sreamer?

  • Ros Mitchell
    Ros Mitchell Prije 21 dan

    01:11 Because that’s soooooo believable 😄😄

  • boris kordis
    boris kordis Prije 24 dana

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    Barcaben Prije 29 dana

    How did you get the fangs to stay on your teeth?

  • Ryan
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  • Waffle & Iris
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    8:13 yeah cuz everyone has cement lying around in their home 😂

  • Jenny Elleson
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    This is Awful😖😖😠

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  • Mangalthoiba Yumnam
    Mangalthoiba Yumnam Prije mjesec

    the best of Halloween party

  • Banshi Singh
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  • Victoria Menefee
    Victoria Menefee Prije mjesec

    The girl who did the vampire teeth should go get her teeth whitened.Lol

  • slime girl
    slime girl Prije mjesec

    they cant even afford headband

  • slime girl
    slime girl Prije mjesec

    they cant even afford masks

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    slime girl Prije mjesec

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    Destiny Wright Prije mjesec

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    Anna Saunders Prije mjesec

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    FARHAT S Prije mjesec

    Cheapest gold market

  • Rachael Kenney
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    Zombies aren't green -_-

  • ashvenraley Viray
    ashvenraley Viray Prije mjesec

    I amaze in this video ☺☺☺☺ i so much love 5 minute crafts

    • ashvenraley Viray
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      5 minute crafts is an beautiful examples of beautiful crafts .

  • Shane Hoffman
    Shane Hoffman Prije mjesec +1

    As much as I love you guys 5-minute crafts I wish that you wouldn't repeat the same song as the beginning and the same ideas as last video

  • Hamad Sbaghy
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  • Dhruvi Bhatt
    Dhruvi Bhatt Prije mjesec

    This video is not really useful there are many more and useful thing and you have made this video on the 11 things but no one is going to try them

  • Familia diamond Fan
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  • Daria Georgieva
    Daria Georgieva Prije mjesec

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  • Rozalia Bielat
    Rozalia Bielat Prije mjesec

    poor Spiderman

  • Cup Of Tea
    Cup Of Tea Prije mjesec

    3:32 *bootleg spiderman*

  • Croc345
    Croc345 Prije mjesec

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  • Christine Webb
    Christine Webb Prije mjesec

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    Vikas Chavan Prije mjesec

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    Grace D Prije mjesec

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  • Visothmony S
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  • O_m_g
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    6.1 mil views as of the 19 of october 2019 and 61.5 mil subs...

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    A toilet roll judge
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