Game of Thrones: Worlds Collide (HBO)

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  • Go behind the scenes to see the conference at the dragonpit from all sides.
    Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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  • MANLIKE Mwiti
    MANLIKE Mwiti Prije 2 mjeseci

    12:23 Brienne of Fucking Tarth Smoking 🚬

  • HT TV
    HT TV Prije 2 mjeseci

    Game of thrones season 8 review

  • Shannon Fisher
    Shannon Fisher Prije 2 mjeseci

    Why didn't the Mountain jump in front of Cersi to protect her hmmm?

  • Chicken Towel
    Chicken Towel Prije 3 mjeseci

    The best collection of actors/actresses on set. I bend my knee.

  • REVIV Worship
    REVIV Worship Prije 3 mjeseci

    Game of thrones has to be extend until season 10

  • Paddy
    Paddy Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    These were good old times.

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon Prije 4 mjeseci +1

    all these set up...

  • t mac
    t mac Prije 5 mjeseci +1

    Jon can walk thru fire like D!!!!

  • k k
    k k Prije 5 mjeseci

    Soo overrated

    HUSS AIN Prije 5 mjeseci

    This is a really showing

  • FeWdoZenz
    FeWdoZenz Prije 5 mjeseci

    So Gwendolyn is a Smoker? 12:25

  • Lyss0624
    Lyss0624 Prije 6 mjeseci

    Grey worm better not die!!

  • Efur92
    Efur92 Prije 6 mjeseci

    Brienne smoking at 12:25?!?😱😰😵

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu Prije 6 mjeseci

    12:09 Brienne sizing Ser Davos's beard wondering if it'd fit nicely on her jaw
    (Edit: I'd do absolutely the same thing out of sheer love)

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy Prije 6 mjeseci +1


  • Jay Reiter
    Jay Reiter Prije 7 mjeseci

    I didn't know Theon Greyjoy and Podrick were friends...

  • KLES!
    KLES! Prije 8 mjeseci

    7:58 Ahh that background score!! Such a wicked vibe for such an evil villain. Ramsay Bolton ,you fkin legend!

  • Brendan Fogarty
    Brendan Fogarty Prije 9 mjeseci

    haha Theon and Pod in RL

  • şahin offical
    şahin offical Prije 9 mjeseci

    can you subscribe to my channel

  • Cervantes Alighieri
    Cervantes Alighieri Prije 10 mjeseci

  • Kids And Play
    Kids And Play Prije 10 mjeseci Khalesi new

  • LoL LOL
    LoL LOL Prije 10 mjeseci +1

    0:14 no pants guy

  • puttefnask
    puttefnask Prije 10 mjeseci

    12:23 Brienne having a sig like a boss

  • Jon Snow’s ass save lives
    Jon Snow’s ass save lives Prije 10 mjeseci

    *This video cured my depression*

  • Hell Fairy
    Hell Fairy Prije 10 mjeseci

    HBO should make unboxing tutorial about the white walkers

  • Jae- min
    Jae- min Prije 11 mjeseci


  • Liza Zackry
    Liza Zackry Prije 11 mjeseci

    Idc about danaerys lol just plz keep Jon alive and let him rule!!

  • Jayson Cabras
    Jayson Cabras Prije 11 mjeseci


  • TGIC Butterfly
    TGIC Butterfly Prije godine

    game of thrones best best goodluck

  • [D]arth
    [D]arth Prije godine

    Gwendoline is only one who talks irl like she does in the show.

  • Guz Man
    Guz Man Prije godine

    Why did it had to stop at season 8 😭 we want more😭

  • Mathnew
    Mathnew Prije godine

    Brienne of Tarth smoking cigarette in the background 12:24

  • Uden One-Eye
    Uden One-Eye Prije godine +1

    I always want to go into shows like this, and tell people secrets. Or help certain characters survive. The reason I'm saying this is 1.) Because I know other people do this as well. and 2.) It would be a badass video game. Give us the show in it's entirety, as a video game. But let us change things. To see what would happen if say, Ned did not die. Or maybe we can turn Geoffrey into a good guy somehow. I would play the shit out of that game. And I know others would love it, if it were done correctly.

  • SteelStar Productions
    SteelStar Productions Prije godine

    House Greyjoy should swift there words, cause what’s dead can probably die now

  • زيد عباس
    زيد عباس Prije godine

    الجزء الثامن شوكت

  • Vito Corleone
    Vito Corleone Prije godine

    12:25 brienne of tarth smoking in background LOL

  • Pyrography Djura
    Pyrography Djura Prije godine

  • Anand Pallickal
    Anand Pallickal Prije godine

  • Albert Chehade
    Albert Chehade Prije godine


  • Sk Tousif
    Sk Tousif Prije godine

    making a serial with worlds top actors

  • bkzz shzz
    bkzz shzz Prije godine

    12:23 Brienne smoking

  • Roberta V_
    Roberta V_ Prije godine

    5:29 yeaah, that look

  • joliecide
    joliecide Prije godine

    The summit

  • Musical Dreamer
    Musical Dreamer Prije godine

    Hey.. What happens if like the white walkers (cold) U know took the major part of the world in season 8 ..&then the sun don't have any option but to rise in the west 😅...n there are more chances for khal DROGO to come back to life😯,Even if he don't have any body....sothere r many chances to win against white walkers😉.... Just think about it,i mean it's the finale😕..soo anything can happen😊

  • Namrata Kapse
    Namrata Kapse Prije godine

    11:48 Lena and Peter❤

  • Abderrahman Atef
    Abderrahman Atef Prije godine

    5:29 That look!! Lena Headey is such a genius

  • Lonvo
    Lonvo Prije godine

    Can yo please just reference to Jaime and Jon meeting like in season 1 before he went north, it's like a missed connection

  • Jane Furlan
    Jane Furlan Prije godine

    Il gladly pay 15 bucks gotta get a chargecard.

  • aslan Hatun
    aslan Hatun Prije godine

    Artık şu videoların türkçesini istiyoruz ya

  • Mujtaba Gul
    Mujtaba Gul Prije godine

    #GOT 👏👏👏🌙

  • Joel Joseph
    Joel Joseph Prije godine

    Epic ❤

  • Hablo Verdi
    Hablo Verdi Prije godine

    I don't like the new royal guard helmet.

  • Christian Vennemann
    Christian Vennemann Prije godine +2

    I wonder if Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey could stay in the same hotel together, since they literally can't be in the same scene together (since Nikolaj said a bunch of them were in the same hotel), hence Bronn leaving with Podrick to "go to a bar" as soon as the big dragonpit scene began. XD

  • Sebastián Aquino
    Sebastián Aquino Prije godine


  • Вячеслав Тимаков

  • sharvari joshi
    sharvari joshi Prije godine

    bring back ghost and nymeria for S8 please ...

  • 1manuscriptman
    1manuscriptman Prije godine

    Tyrion:"It's Good to see you again".
    Bron:"Yeah, you too."

  • Trevor Moreno
    Trevor Moreno Prije godine

    Am I the only one who thinks LittleFinger is still alive. if you don't know what i'm talking about look up the theory. it makes a lot of sense.

  • Raghav Malhotra
    Raghav Malhotra Prije godine

    Is this the show where siblings screw each other?

  • Methodzss
    Methodzss Prije godine +1

    Season 8 question mark?