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    So I wish I could've been there to support my bro, but unfortunately I couldn't, so here's my reaction
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Komentari • 8 876

  • the great gumboy
    the great gumboy Prije 47 minuta

    I have a mustache and I look good

  • Penelope Waters
    Penelope Waters Prije 4 sati

    Deji's reaction are more bland than the colour white

  • Kian Official
    Kian Official Prije 8 sati

    Logan became gay

  • Kian Official
    Kian Official Prije 8 sati

    This is the uk where the fuck did Logan go france

  • The Three Beaners
    The Three Beaners Prije 13 sati

    Logan Paul mad cringe

  • Lemon-Man Caleb
    Lemon-Man Caleb Prije 14 sati

    I just hate how gangster the Paul brothers try to act🤮it actually makes me wanna throw up

  • Karim Darwiche
    Karim Darwiche Prije 14 sati

    Who do u think is gonna win

  • Kevin Crossgrove
    Kevin Crossgrove Prije 19 sati

    Logan trolling 😂😂😂

  • jeppe Søe
    jeppe Søe Prije 19 sati


  • kevin lin
    kevin lin Prije dan

    This has more views than the stream on Logan’s channel

  • Milly Chapman
    Milly Chapman Prije dan

    One thing Logan is gonna win is best dressed nonce

  • ColourBlind Boi
    ColourBlind Boi Prije dan

    Battlefield vs call of duty 👌🏻

  • ben dover
    ben dover Prije dan

    I ain’t supporting Logan or jake, but fuck you too deji

  • Michael L
    Michael L Prije dan

    Why does logan look so much more older with those glasses. ew.

  • Saints Ss
    Saints Ss Prije dan

    6:46 kills me every time 🤣

  • Moeez
    Moeez Prije dan +1


    Me liking straight away

  • WolfFrost Flame
    WolfFrost Flame Prije dan +9

    Why are both Logan and Jake dressed as gay Hipsters

  • Madi Slocum
    Madi Slocum Prije dan

    My birthday is Nov 10th this is gonna be fun

  • Pedro Soriano
    Pedro Soriano Prije dan

    The number of likes is the number of people who think Logan is on drugs

  • Marcus Rios
    Marcus Rios Prije dan


  • Zander Conder
    Zander Conder Prije dan


  • Bailey Taylor
    Bailey Taylor Prije 2 dana

    Deji a loss is loss but when someones much bigger tougher you cant say bearly mabe it was a miss match joe would of bein better for you

  • New age
    New age Prije 2 dana

    Deji you should be fighting god dammmmittt!

  • A
    A Prije 2 dana

    BaReLy BEat mE!!!!

    • 1D fan
      1D fan Prije dan

      Its true tho..

  • Grace Burton
    Grace Burton Prije 2 dana

    imagine if they draw again 🤣🤣😭

  • Big Fan of MrBeast
    Big Fan of MrBeast Prije 2 dana

    Logan will win i have a predictions

  • Big Fan of MrBeast
    Big Fan of MrBeast Prije 2 dana

    Imagine the fight would be a draw

  • Dot Com
    Dot Com Prije 2 dana

    Was Logan on LSD, wtf?!

  • VX1L
    VX1L Prije 2 dana

    I rather watch E3 2019 Than this mad cringe

  • Gachaverse S
    Gachaverse S Prije 3 dana

    Logan just doesn’t take it seriously 😒 he just goes on about winning and doesn’t actually have a proper answer to any serious questions

  • Courtney Payne
    Courtney Payne Prije 3 dana

    Where is it ? "Yo what's up its comedyshortgamer here " ??

  • Accuracy.
    Accuracy. Prije 3 dana


  • Mr Monster The man
    Mr Monster The man Prije 3 dana

    Logan is the suicide recorder

  • Alla nassea aldein
    Alla nassea aldein Prije 3 dana

    Deji react .......
    Lest setdown and watch this togther😐😐😐

  • KrisTheRisk
    KrisTheRisk Prije 3 dana +1

    Did Logan hit his head while training or?

  • GhOsTsH4dOw 12
    GhOsTsH4dOw 12 Prije 3 dana

    Are you going to la to watch the fight

  • #GotoHell
    #GotoHell Prije 3 dana

    Logan on drugs ??🤷🤷

  • LIL K
    LIL K Prije 3 dana

    this was mad cringe

  • NoOne
    NoOne Prije 3 dana

    Still leaching off his bros name....

  • The Ikonik
    The Ikonik Prije 3 dana

    Jake paul has booty 😂

  • Long Shine Gold Man
    Long Shine Gold Man Prije 4 dana

    ive been watching when your name was COMEDYSHORTSGAMER btw why did you change your channel to deji i liked comedyshortsgamer

    MESUT OZIL Prije 4 dana


  • the live greenex yeet
    the live greenex yeet Prije 4 dana

    logan is guy

  • George Brockett
    George Brockett Prije 4 dana

    This is wet

  • Harmeet Singh Ramela
    Harmeet Singh Ramela Prije 4 dana

    hey deji im gonna follow you on insta please accept me

  • Patch of Afro
    Patch of Afro Prije 4 dana

    It still amazes me how quickly everyone forgot that Logan literally recorded a dead guy. Like damn.

  • franciscomiamor games
    franciscomiamor games Prije 4 dana


  • M1CH43L L4DUK3
    M1CH43L L4DUK3 Prije 4 dana +6

    Logan clearly didn't train, he couldn't have had enough time to learn to box AND learn those *epic* dance moves.

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson Prije 4 dana

    Logan Paul gonna win

  • Mr UK
    Mr UK Prije 5 dana

    Um no disrespect to Deji but he is gust up there and says 5 sentences

  • RxtrFN
    RxtrFN Prije 5 dana


  • Swizzyss
    Swizzyss Prije 5 dana

    Logan gonna win 100%

    XD MINIMALISER Prije 5 dana +8

    "All the support we gave u in world war 2" as if logan, Shannon and jake were there defending all of our nation I would have made sure I was on hitlers side

    • ndn mdm
      ndn mdm Prije dan


  • Ajan Gashi
    Ajan Gashi Prije 5 dana

    🤬🤬🤬 Logan Paul is a ninja💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🌎

  • Losgaming YT
    Losgaming YT Prije 5 dana

    Somtimes i think logan is Artistic

  • Daniel Desmond
    Daniel Desmond Prije 5 dana +1

    Jake destroyed you fam. What you talking bout

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly Prije 5 dana

    Deji Weji

  • Jacob Mirabella
    Jacob Mirabella Prije 5 dana

    deji should train really hard and have a rematch with jake if gibber doesnt get to fight him and so then beat the sht ouatta that preety boy bitch

  • Allz Menthol
    Allz Menthol Prije 5 dana

    subscribe Me

  • Daniel Garib
    Daniel Garib Prije 5 dana +6

    This mf Logan either on coke, mdma or adderal.

    • Daniel Garib
      Daniel Garib Prije 3 dana

      Explosive Dolphinz yea actually I do the way Logan was dancing around randomly with no music is what someone on md would do.

    • Explosive Dolphinz
      Explosive Dolphinz Prije 3 dana

      Maybe adderoll but coke and mdma no way lmfao u clearly know nothing about drugs

    • AR - 08PM - Edenwood MS (1564)
      AR - 08PM - Edenwood MS (1564) Prije 3 dana

      Sober 4life stfu dickrider

    • Sober 4life
      Sober 4life Prije 5 dana

      Not a fan of Logan but no he's not on shit lmfao